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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aboard on base.
assist a play by a FIELDER that makes it possible for a batter or runner to be put out.
backstop a fence or wall behind home plate; also a CATCHER.
balk a penalty for an illegal movement by the pitcher. The rule is designed to prevent pitchers from deliberately deceiving the runners. If called, BASERUNNERS advance one base.
ballfield a field for baseball.
ballyard a baseball ground.
barehand to field the ball with bare hands rather than gloves.
base one of the four points of the baseball diamond (first through third bases and home plate) that must be touched by a runner in order to score a run.
baseball a team game, played nine-a-side with bat and ball, the players on the batting side attempting to score runs by progressing around four bases on the field; a ball used for this.
baseballer one who plays baseball.
baseline the shortest path between two bases.
baseman a player positioned near a base. N.B. no BASEWOMAN* or BASEPERSON*.
basepath a baserunner's path between bases > BASEPATHS.
baserunner a baseball player of the team on bat who is on base or trying to reach base.
baserunning attempting to perform a circuit of the bases.
batboy a boy who minds baseball equipment.
batgirl a girl who works at baseball games.
batter the offensive player who is currently positioned in the batter's box.
battery the pitcher and catcher.
beanball a baseball thrown at the head.
bleacherite one who sits in the BLEACHERS, uncovered seats.
bleachers uncovered seats at a baseball stadium.
bloop to hit (a baseball) so that it only just clears the infield.
blooper a hit that carries the ball just clear of the infield.
bloopy Being a hit that is a short fly ball > BLOOPIER, BLOOPIEST.
box the batter's standing place.
brushback a FASTBALL intentionally thrown near the batter's head or body.
bullpen an area designated for pitchers to warm-up. Generally consists of two mounds and two home plates.
bunt to block a ball with the bat, rather than swing at it, usually to allow a BASERUNNER to advance.
busher a minor league baseball player.
cage an enclosed area used for batting practice.
catcher the defensive player whose position is directly behind home plate.
changeup a type of baseball pitch.
cornerman the first baseman.
cork to illegally put a lighter material inside the bat.
curveball a baseball pitch thrown with spin to make it curve; (verb) to throw such a ball.
diamond a baseball field, or the part between bases.
dinger a home run.
donut a circular shaped weight that slides over the bat, used when loosening up.
double a play in which the batter makes it safely to second base without stopping.
doubleheader two games, contests or events held consecutively on the same program.
dugout the seating area for team members not currently on the playing field.
duster dustoff a BRUSHBACK, a FASTBALL intentionally thrown near the batter's head or body.
fadeaway a type of PITCH.
fastball in baseball, a high-speed, rising delivery from the pitcher.
fastballer one who delivers FASTBALLS.
fielder fieldsman one who runs after the ball to bring it back.
fireballer a baseball pitcher known for throwing FASTBALLS.
fireballing (adj.) denoting a FIREBALLER.
fireman a relief pitcher in baseball.
forceout a play by which a runner in baseball is forced out > FORCEOUTS.
forkball a pitch thrown by placing the ball between the first two fingers, usually resulting in a sinking ball.
fungo a ball struck high into the air to give fielders practice in baseball > FUNGOES; (verb) to toss a ball upwards and hit it as it descends > FUNGOS, FUNGOING, FUNGOED .
gopher a ball hit for a home run.
grounder a ball hit in the infield by the batter that bounces in the infield.
groundout a play in which a batter is given out after hitting a GROUNDER to an INFIELDER.
hardball baseball.
homer a home run; (verb) to hit a home run.
horsehide the ball used in baseball.
infield the diamond-shaped portion of the playing field bordered by the four bases.
infielder infieldsman one who plays in the infield.
inning that portion of the game within which the teams alternate on offense and defense and in which there are three outs for each team. Each team's time at bat is a half-inning.
kickball a child's game similar to baseball.
knuckleball knuckler a type of pitch with an unpredictable trajectory, caused by gripping the ball with the fingertips.
knuckleballer a player who delivers knuckleballs.
midfield a fielding position.
midfielder a player who fields midfield.
mitt a padded leather glove worn by a baseball player.
mound the hill the PITCHER stands on to pitch.
nightcap the second game of a DOUBLEHEADER.
nubber a weakly hit ball.
outcurve a type of pitch in baseball. N.B. not a verb.
outfield the portion of the playing field that extends beyond the INFIELD and is bordered by the first and third baselines.
outfielder a fielder who occupies a position in the OUTFIELD.
outhomer to surpass in hitting home runs.
outpitch to surpass in pitching.
palmball a ball pitched from the palm and thumb > PALMBALLS.
pennant a flag awarded for victory in a game, championship etc.
pickoff a play in baseball.
pitch to throw the ball to the batter.
pitcher the fielder designated to pitch the ball to the BATTER.
pitchout a pitch thrown wide of the strike zone on purpose. A catcher will signal for a pitchout if they think that a runner is trying to steal (I assume this means sneak between bases with nobody noticing).
popout a type of out in baseball > POPOUTS.
putout in scoring, a fielder is credited with a putout if he receives the ball to put out a baserunner or a hitter.
rainout the cancellation of a baseball game due to rain.
ribbie a run batted in > RIBBIES.
sabermetrics the statistical analysis of baseball data.
screwball a ball delivered with spin.
shag to chase after balls hit into the air, as part of fielding practice.
shortstop the fielding position (or the defending player positioned) between the second and third base.
sidearmer one who throws with arm roughly parallel to the ground.
slider a pitch that breaks in a horizontal plane.
slugger a BATTER who specialises in hitting home runs.
slurve a type of pitch in baseball > SLURVES.
softball an American game similar to baseball.
southpaw a left-handed PITCHER.
spitball spitter a baseball pitch in which the ball has been altered by the application of saliva, petroleum jelly, or some other foreign substance.
squibber an infield grounder that becomes a base hit > SQUIBBERS.
stickball baseball adapted for play in streets, using a broom handle and a lightweight ball.
stoopball a variation of baseball.
strike a legal pitch at which the batter swings and misses, or misplays in various other ways.
strikeout an out in baseball resulting from a batsman's being charged with three STRIKES.
tag to put out a runner by touching him or her with the ball or the hand holding the ball.
tater a home run.
triple a play in which the batter makes it safely to third base without stopping.
twinight denoting a set of two baseball games, the first played in the late afternoon and the second in the evening of the same day.
whiff a STRIKEOUT.
wheelhouse a hitter's power zone.
yacker yakker a CURVEBALL.