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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

allocution a formal speech or address, esp one that exhorts.
articulate speaking clearly (verb) to give clear and effective utterance to
articulately (Adv.) ARTICULATE, speaking clearly.
assert to state positively.
assertedly (Adv.) ASSERTED, by assertion.
assever (Arch.) to declare solemnly.
asseverate to state positively, emphatically.
asseveratingly (Adv.) ASSEVERATING.
aver to declare positively.
averment the act of averring, or that which is averred.
babble to talk idly or excessively.
babblement babble.
babbly babbling.
babel a confused sound of voices.
babeldom a confused sound of voices.
babelish sounding confused.
babelism a state of confused sound.
backchat impertinence, repartee; (verb) to engage in repartee.
backtalk an impudent reply.
backword a withdrawal of a promise; a retort.
balbutient stammering.
bally a euphemism for bloody; (noun) a noisy uproar.
banzai (Japanese) a warlike shout.
barrack a building or group of buildings used to accommodate military personnel; (verb) to shout at derisively or sarcastically.
bass of a voice, deep (noun) the lowest part in music; (verb) to utter in a deep tone
basser someone who plays the bass guitar.
bassly (Adv.) BASS, of a voice, deep.
bawdy risque (noun) bawdy talk
bawl to shout or cry very loudly.
bawler one who bawls.
beclamor to beset with noise.
beclamour to make a clamour.
bedumb to render speechless.
begroan to groan at.
belch to expel gas through the mouth.
bellock to shout.
bemoan to lament.
bemoaner one who bemoans.
bemouth (Arch.) to mouth about.
bemurmur to murmur at.
beshout to shout at.
besigh (Arch.) to sigh at.
bewail to lament.
bewailingly (Adv.) BEWAILING.
blah pretentious nonsense; (verb) to talk stupidly or insipidly (adj.) dull, insipid
blart to shout loudly and harshly.
blate (Scots) timidly awkward, bashful (verb) to babble
bletheration blethering.
blub to cry.
blubber the fat of whales and other sea animals (verb) to cry
blubberer one who blubbers.
blurt to speak abruptly.
blurter one who blurts.
bobbery (Obs.) a noisy row.
boff a hearty laugh; (verb) to hit, strike.
boffo a hearty laugh.
boffola a hearty laugh.
booh expressing disapproval; (noun) such a sound; (verb) to boo.
boohoo to cry.
brabblement (Arch.) a squabbling.
brannigan a drinking spree; a noisy altercation or quarrel.
brouhaha (Fr.) a fuss, clamour.
bruhaha (Fr.) a fuss, clamour.
bruilzie (Scots) a broil, a noisy disturbance.
bruit (Fr.) something rumoured widely; (verb) to report or spread rumour.
bum wrong, dud (noun) a tramp or sponger; (verb) to cadge
bur a continual humming sound; a prickly fruit (verb) to speak with a bur
burble a murmur (verb) to murmur; to talk incoherently
burbly given to burbling.
burp a belch; (verb) to belch.
cachinnate to laugh loudly or immoderately.
cachinnation loud or hysterical laughter.
cachinnatory like loud laughter.
callithump a noisy, boisterous parade.
callithumpian relating to the sounds of a callithump, a noisy, boisterous parade.
canorousness the state of being canorous.
carfuffle (Scots) a commotion; (verb) to make a commotion.
carryon a fuss, a commotion.
catcall a shrill whistle expressing impatience or disapproval at a theatre, public meeting, etc; (verb) to make the sound of a catcall.
chant to sing.
chantingly (Adv.) CHANTING.
chellup (Dial.) noise.
chitter to shiver or (of the teeth) to chatter.
chortle a chuckle; (verb) to chuckle with glee.
chortler one who chortles.
chounter to mutter, grumble.
chuckle a quiet laugh; (verb) to laugh quietly.
chuckler one who chuckles.
chucklesome full of chuckles.
chucklingly (Adv.) CHUCKLING.
chunner to mutter, grumble.
chunter to mutter, grumble.
clamant calling aloud or earnestly.
clamantly (Adv.) CLAMANT, calling aloud or earnestly.
clame (Spenser) a call, shout.
clamor a loud continuous outcry; uproar; (verb) to make an uproar.
clamorer one who makes a clamor.
clamorous loud, full of clamour.
clamorously (Adv.) CLAMOROUS, loud, full of clamour.
clamour a loud continuous outcry; uproar; (verb) to make a loud continuous outcry.
clamourer one who makes a clamour.
clangor (US) a loud ringing noise or clang; (verb) to make a loud ringing noise or clang.
clangorous full of clangour.
clangorously (Adv.) CLANGOROUS, full of clangour.
clangour a loud ringing noise or clang; (verb) to make a loud ringing noise or clang.
collocutory of the nature of conversation or dialogue.
collogue to converse confidentially; to conspire with.
colloque (Fr.) to hold a colloquy.
colloquial of or relating to conversation.
colloquially (Adv.) COLLOQUIAL, of or relating to conversation.
colloquise to converse.
colloquist a speaker in a colloquy or dialogue.
colloquium (Lat.) a conference, a seminar.
colloquize to converse.
colloquy speaking together; mutual discourse; (verb) to hold a colloquy.
commotion a violent motion or moving.
commotional relating to commotion.
commune a group of people living together; (verb) to converse or talk together.
conclamation a shout of many voices together.
confabulate to chat; to invent past experiences.
confabulatory relating to confabulation.
constate to assert.
conversation communication by talking.
conversational relating to conversation.
converse reversed, opposite (verb) to speak together
conversely (Adv.) CONVERSE, reversed, opposite.
converser one who engages in conversation.
convo (Aust. coll.) a conversation.
cough to expel air from the lungs noisily (noun) the act or the sound of coughing.
cougher one that coughs.
crepitus (Lat.) a fart.
croak a low hoarse sound (verb) to utter a low, hoarse sound
croodle (Scots) to murmur, coo.
croon to sing softly.
crosstalk rapid or witty talk.
cry a sound of pain , grief etc.; (verb) to utter a sound of pain or grief.
cryingly (Adv.) CRYING, lamenting.
cuffuffle a commotion.
curfuffle (Scots) a commotion; (verb) to make a commotion.
debate to argue about.
debater one that debates.
debatingly (Adv.) DEBATING.
decantate (Obs.) to chant or say repeatedly.
declaration the act of declaring.
deen (Spenser) din.
deeve (Scots) to deafen, worry with noise.
dehort to dissuade.
dialog a conversation between two or more people; (verb) to take part in a dialog.
dialoger one who makes things into dialogues.
dialogic relating to dialogue.
dialogise to discourse in dialogue.
dialogist a speaker in a dialogue.
dialogistic relating to dialog.
dialogistical relating to dialog.
dialogize to discourse in dialogue.
dialogue a conversation between two or more people; (verb) to engage in a dialogue.
dict (Obs.) to dictate.
dictum (Lat.) a saying.
din a loud continued jarring noise; (verb) to make a loud noise.
dinful full of din.
dirdam (Scots) an uproar.
dirdum (Scots) an uproar.
discept to dispute, debate.
discoursal relating to discourse.
discourse to talk or converse.
discursion desultory talk.
discuss to talk over or write about.
discussant one who takes part in a formal symposium.
discusser one who discusses.
discussion consideration of a question in open and usually informal debate.
dissert to speak or write at length on a subject.
dissertate to discourse.
dixi (Lat.) I have spoken.
dixit (Lat.) an utterance or statement (quoted as) already made.
drant (Dial.) to drawl, drone.
draunt (Dial.) a droning tone; (verb) to drawl, to drone.
dudder confusion, noise; (verb) to tremble, shudder.
durdum (Scots) an uproar; a scolding; blame.
echoist a person who repeats an echo.
effable (Arch.) utterable; that that can be uttered or spoken.
elocute to declaim.
elocution the art of effective speaking.
elocutionary relating to elocution.
elocutory pertaining to elocution.
emeute (Fr.) a popular rising or uproar.
emparl (Spenser) to hold discourse, to parley.
emparlaunce (Spenser) parleying, conference.
enounce to enunciate; to proclaim.
enunciable capable of being enunciated or expressed.
enunciate to pronounce.
enunciative containing enunciation or utterance.
enunciatively (Adv.) ENUNCIATIVE.
enunciator one who enunciates.
eruct to belch.
eructate to belch out; to emit lava.
exclaim to cry out suddenly.
exposit to expound.
express explicit, clearly stated (verb) to set forth in words
expresser one who expresses.
fart an act of breaking wind; (verb) to break wind.
fillip a stimulus, a boost; (verb) to snap the fingers.
fleer to laugh in a derisive manner, to sneer.
fleeringly (Adv.) FLEERING.
forespeak to speak against.
forspeak to speak against.
fracas (Fr.) a rumpus, a to-do.
fremescence growling or muttering.
fremescent growling or muttering.
fremitus (Lat.) a vibration; a rumbling.
galravage (Scots) a noisy frolic; (verb) to behave riotously.
galravitch (Scots) a noisy frolic; (verb) to behave riotously.
garboil (Obs.) a confused disordered state, turmoil.
gargarise (Obs.) to gargle.
gargarism (Obs.) a gargle.
gargarize (Obs.) to gargle.
gargle to rinse the mouth or throat.
gargler one who garglers.
gasp a sharp noisy intake of breath (verb) to breathe convulsively
gaspiness the state of being gaspy.
gaspingly (Adv.) GASPING, breathless.
gaspy gasping.
gaucherie (Fr.) an awkward or socially unacceptable remark.
gefuffle a commotion; (verb) to make a commotion.
gibber to utter senseless or inarticulate sounds.
giggle a foolish laugh (verb) to laugh in a silly manner
giggler one who giggles.
giggling the act of giggling.
gigglingly (Adv.) GIGGLING.
giggly given to giggling.
gillravage (Scots) a noisy frolic; (verb) to behave riotously.
gillravitch (Scots) a noisy frolic; (verb) to behave riotously.
gilravage (Scots) a noisy frolic; (verb) to behave riotously.
gilravitch (Scots) a noisy frolic; (verb) to behave riotously.
glutch to gulp or swallow.
gnash to grind the teeth together.
golias (Tennyson) to play Golias, that is, to behave riotously.
gollar (Scots) a loud inarticulate gurgling sound; (verb) to make this sound.
goller (Scots) a loud inarticulate gurgling sound; (verb) to make this sound.
gollop to gulp greedily or hastily.
golloper one who gollops.
goster to laugh uncontrollably.
gowl (Scots) to cry or howl.
groan to utter a low, mournful sound.
groaner one who groans.
groaningly (Adv.) GROANING.
groin to grunt, groan.
grone (Obs.) a groan; (verb) to groan.
gruff hoarse, guttural (verb) to utter in a gruff voice
gruffily (Adv.) GRUFFY, gruff.
gruffish somewhat gruff.
gruffly (Adv.) GRUFF, hoarse, guttural.
gruffness the state of being gruff.
gruffy gruff.
gruntle (Dial.) to grunt.
grutten (PaP.) GREET, to cry.
guffaw a loud laugh; (verb) to laugh loudly.
gulp a rapid swallow (verb) to swallow rapidly
gulper one who gulps.
gulpingly (Adv.) GULPING, swallowing air.
gulpy marked by gulping.
gurgly making bubbling sounds.
handclap a sound made by striking the hands together.
harangue a loud aggressive speech addressed to a crowd; (verb) to address (a person or crowd) in an angry, vehement, or forcefully persuasive way.
haranguer one who harangues.
harrumph to make a noise as of clearing the throat.
harumph to make a noise as of clearing the throat.
hery (Spenser) to praise, regard as holy.
hiccough the involuntary contraction of the diaphragm while the glottis is spasmodically closed; (verb) to produce a hiccup.
hiccup the involuntary contraction of the diaphragm while the glottis is spasmodically closed; (verb) to produce a hiccup
hiccupy given to hiccuping > HICCUPIER, HICCUPIEST.
hish a hissing sound; (verb) to hiss.
hisser one who hisses.
hoast (Dial.) a cough; (verb) to cough.
holler a yell to attract attention etc; (verb) to call out or yell to attract attention.
hollo a yell to attract attention etc (verb) to call out or yell to attract attention
horselaugh a loud, boisterous laugh.
hoten (PaP.) HIGHT, to command or call.
howl a loud prolonged cry; (verb) to cry like a dog or wolf.
hubbub a confused sound of many voices.
hubbuboo a confused sound of many voices.
huff a fit of anger (verb) to breathe heavily
huffer one who huffs.
hullaballoo a confused noise; an uproar.
hullabaloo a confused noise; an uproar.
hummer one who, or that which, hums.
hurly noise; confusion.
hushedly (Adv.) HUSHED, in a hushed manner.
imparl to hold discourse; to parley.
imparlance parleying, conference.
inaugural relating to, or done at, an inauguration; (noun) an inaugural address or lecture.
incant to utter ritually.
indite (Arch.) to compose.
interject to interpose, throw between.
interjectory relating to interjection.
interlocutor one who takes part in dialogue or conversation.
intonation something that is intoned.
intonational relating to intonation.
intonator one who intonates.
intone to speak in a singing voice.
intoner one who intones.
intoningly (Adv.) INTONING.
jabber to talk rapidly.
jabberer one that jabbers.
jabberingly (Adv.) JABBERING.
jaw a mouth-structure for biting or chewing; (verb) to chatter at length.
jibber to utter senseless or inarticulate sounds.
kafuffle a fuss, a commotion.
katzenjammer (Ger.) a hangover.
keen sharp (verb) to lament esp over a corpse
keener a professional mourner.
keenly (Adv.) KEEN, sharp.
kefuffle (Scots) a commotion; (verb) to make a commotion.
kerfuffle (Scots) a commotion; (verb) to make a commotion.
keynote the fundamental note or tonic; any central principle or controlling thought; (verb) to give the keynote, to set the central theme of a meeting in an opening address.
keynoter (US) one who sets a keynote.
kurfuffle a commotion; (verb) to make a commotion.
lachrymose shedding tears.
lachrymosely (Adv.) LACHRYMOSE, shedding tears.
lachrymosity the state of being lachrymose, tearful.
lamentable deserving or expressing sorrow.
lamentably (Adv.) LAMENTABLE, deserving or expressing sorrow.
lauch (Scots) a laugh; (verb) to laugh.
laugh to express emotion, typically mirth, by a series of inarticulate sounds (noun) an act of laughing
laughable ridiculous.
laughably (Adv.) LAUGHABLE, ridiculous.
laugher one who laughs.
laughful full of laughter.
laughingly (Adv.) LAUGHING.
laughter the act or sound of one that laughs.
laughy inclined to laugh.
leuchen (PaP.) LAUCH, to laugh.
leughen (PaP.) LAUCH, to laugh.
locutionary of or relating to an utterance.
maffick to celebrate with boisterous rejoicing.
mafficker one who mafficks, celebrates with boisterous rejoicing.
mang (Arch.) to speak or talk.
maunder to grumble, mutter, ramble.
maunderer one who maunders.
meane (Scots) to lament, moan.
mein (Scots) to lament, moan.
mene (Scots) to lament, moan.
mensh (Coll.) to mention.
mirth spirited gaiety.
moan a low, mournful sound; (verb) to utter a moan.
moaner one who moans.
moanful full of moaning; expressing sorrow.
moanfully (Adv.) MOANFUL, full of moaning.
moaningly (Adv.) MOANING, making a moaning sound.
monologic relating to a monologue.
monological relating to a monologue.
monologise to engage in a monolog.
monologist one who soliloquizes; esp one who monopolizes conversation in company.
monologuise to engage in a monolog.
monologuize to engage in a monolog.
monology the habit of offering soliloquies or monologues.
monotone a single, unvaried tone or utterance; (verb) to recite, speak, or sing in a monotone.
moot debatable (verb) to debate
mouther one who mouths; an affected speaker.
mumble unclear speech (verb) to speak unclearly
mumblement (Carlyle) mumbling speech.
mumbler one who mumbles.
mumblingly (Adv.) MUMBLING.
mumbly given to mumbling.
mump to mumble, mutter.
murmur a low, indistinct sound; (verb) to speak unclearly.
murmurer one that murmurs.
murmuringly (Adv.) MURMURING.
murmurous full of murmurs.
murmurously (Adv.) MURMUROUS, full of murmurs.
mussitate (Obs.) to mutter.
mussitation muttering to oneself soundlessly; murmuring.
mutter an indistinct utterance; (verb) to speak unclearly.
mutterer one who mutters.
mutteringly (Adv.) MUTTERING.
narrate to tell a story.
neese (Scots) to sneeze.
neeze (Scots) to sneeze.
noiseful loud; clamorous.
noisily (Adv.) NOISY, making loud sounds.
noisiness the state of being noisy.
noisy making loud sounds.
nuncupate to utter as a vow.
obstreperous noisy, unruly.
obstreperously (Adv.) OBSTREPEROUS, noisy, unruly.
oracle a medium or agency of divine revelation; (verb) to utter as an oracle.
orate to speak formally.
oration a formal speech.
orotund marked by fullness and clarity of sound; pompous.
orotundly (Adv.) orotund.
outbawl to surpass in bawling.
outcry a loud cry; (verb) to surpass in crying.
outdebate to surpass in debating.
outsay to say something out loud.
outscream to surpass at screaming.
outshout to surpass in shouting.
outsing to surpass in singing.
outsnore to surpass in snoring.
outspeak to exceed in speaking.
outspokenly (Adv.) OUTSPOKEN, frank.
outstate to surpass in stating.
outsung (PaP.) OUTSING, to surpass in singing.
outtalk to surpass in talking.
outweep to exceed in weeping.
outyell to surpass in yelling.
overtalk to talk to excess.
pandaemonium riotous uproar.
pandemoniac pertaining to pandemonium, general tumult.
pandemoniacal pertaining to pandemonium, general tumult.
pandemonian a noisy and disorderly person.
pandemonic pertaining to pandemonium, general tumult.
pandemonium riotous uproar.
pant a quick gasping breath; (verb) to breathe quickly and with difficulty.
pantingly (Adv.) PANTING, breathing hard.
paraffle (Scots) a pretentious display, a fuss.
parafle (Scots) a pretentious display, a fuss.
parle (Arch.) to talk; to parley.
parley a talk, a discussion; (verb) to hold talks with.
parleyer one who parleys.
parleyvoo (Sl.) to speak French.
patter to talk glibly or rapidly.
patterer one who patters.
pech (Scots) to pant.
pegh (Scots) to pant.
peptalk a talk meant to inspire; (verb) to give a peptalk to.
perorate to speak grandiosely or grandiloquently.
phonate to speak or sing.
phraser one who phrases.
piffle nonsense; (verb) to talk in a feeble or futile way.
piffler one who piffles.
plaint lamentation, complaint.
poep (Afrikaans) a fart; a despicable person; (verb) to break wind.
pontificate to speak in a pompous and dogmatic manner.
pontification the act of pontificating, speaking in a pompous and dogmatic manner.
pontificator one who pontificates, speaks in a pompous and dogmatic manner.
pother a commotion or fuss (verb) to make a pother
pothery confused, in turmoil > POTHERIER, POTHERIEST.
prattlement prattle.
prelect to lecture.
prolation an utterance; the time-ratio of a semibreve to a minim.
prolocution an introductory speech or saying.
pronouncement a statement.
pudder a commotion or fuss; (verb) to make a tumult or bustle.
puffing the act or sound of puffing.
quethe (Obs.) to quote.
quote to repeat the words of.
quoter one who quotes.
quoth 1st and 3rd pers sing, past, of the otherwise obsolete verb QUETHE, said (followed by its subject).
rabblement a tumultuous crowd of low people, a rabble.
racket a commotion (verb) to make a racket
racketer one who makes, or engages in, a racket.
racketry collective racket, uproar.
rackety noisy.
raird (Scots) an uproar.
rale (Fr.) a rattling sound from a diseased lung.
rant empty speechifying, bombast; (verb) to speak in a loud or vehement manner.
rantingly (Adv.) RANTING, hectoring.
rawmaish (Irish) foolish or dissolute talk.
razmataz a to-do, a hullabaloo.
razzamatazz a to-do, hullabaloo.
razzmatazz a to-do, a hullabaloo.
rediscuss to discuss again.
reird (Scots) an uproar.
rellish a musical ornament; (verb, Shakesp.) to warble.
remarker one who remarks.
remurmur to murmur again; to utter back, or reply, in murmurs.
rephrase to phrase again.
rephrasing the act of phrasing again.
resay to say again.
respeak (Shakesp.) to echo.
restate to state again.
reutter to utter again.
rhonchus (Lat.) a whistling or snoring sound heard when the air channels are partially obstructed.
rhoncus a rattling or whistling respiratory sound resembling snoring, caused by secretions in the trachea or bronchi.
riotous characterized by rioting.
riotously (Adv.) RIOTOUS, characterized by rioting.
roar a loud deep sound (verb) to utter a loud, deep sound
roaringly (Adv.) ROARING, proceeding with very great acitivty or success.
romage (Shakesp.) tumult.
roop (Scots) a hoarse sound (verb) to make a hoarse sound
routous (Arch.) like a rout, tumultuous, disorderly.
routously (Adv.) ROUTOUS, like a rout, tumultuous.
rowdedow hubbub; uproar.
rowdydow hubbub; uproar; (verb) to make a hullabaloo.
ruckle (Scots) a rattle in the throat, a gurgle; (verb) to rattle in the throat.
ruckus a disturbance.
ruction a noisy fight; disturbance, uproar.
rumpus an uproar, a disturbance.
sab (Short for) a saboteur; (verb) to act as a saboteur; (Scots) to sob.
saidest (Arch.) 2nd pers. pt. sing. of say.
saidst (Arch.) 2nd pers. pt. sing. of say.
saine (Spenser) 3rd pers. pl. of say.
saist (Spenser) 2nd pers. sing. of say.
say to utter in words, speak ) SEZ, (obs.) SAYST, (obs.) SAYEST, (obs.) SAITH, (obs.) SAYNE, SAYING, SAID, SED, (obs.) SAIDST, (obs.) SAIDEST; to assay
sayable something that can be said > SAYABLES.
sayer one that says.
sayest (Arch.) 2nd pers. sing. of say.
sayne (Spenser) 3rd pers. pl. of say.
sayst (Arch.) 2nd pers. sing. of say.
scream to utter a prolonged, piercing cry.
screamingly (Adv.) SCREAMING.
screech a harsh shrill cry (verb) to utter a harsh, shrill cry
screechy emitting a screeching noise.
screed a long passage, spoken or written; (verb) to tear; to make a shrill sound.
screich (Scots) a screech; (verb) to screech, shriek.
screigh (Scots) a screech; (verb) to screech, shriek.
scriech (Scots) a screech; (verb) to screech, shriek.
scrike a shriek; (verb) to shriek.
sed (Milton) said.
sez (Coll.) says.
shindy a commotion, uproar.
shout a loud cry (verb) to utter loudly
shouter one who shouts.
shoutingly (Adv.) SHOUTING.
shouty given to shouting.
shreek (Shakesp.) a shriek; (verb) to shriek.
shreik (Milton) a shriek; (verb) to shriek.
shriech (Spenser) a shriek; (verb) to shriek.
shriek a shrill cry (verb) to utter a shrill cry
shrieker one who shrieks.
shriekingly (Adv.) SHRIEKING.
shrieky shrill.
shright (Spenser) a shriek.
shritch (Dial.) a shriek; (verb) to shriek.
shush to hush.
shusher one who shushes.
sibilant hissing (noun) a hissing sound
sibilantly (Adv.) SIBILANT, hissing.
sibilator one who sibilates, hisses.
sibilous having a hissing sound.
siffle to whistle, hiss.
sigh a deep, audible breath; (verb) to let out a sigh.
sigher one who sighs.
sighful full of sighs.
sighing making a sound like a sigh.
sighingly (Adv.) SIGHING, making a sound like a sigh.
sighless without a sigh.
sighlike like a sigh.
singult (Arch.) a sob.
skelloch (Scots) to yell.
skreegh (Scots) a screech; (verb) to screech, shriek.
skreigh (Scots) a screech; (verb) to screech, shriek.
skriech (Scots) a screech; (verb) to screech, shriek.
skriegh (Scots) a screech; (verb) to screech, shriek.
skrike (Dial.) a shriek; (verb) to shriek.
slurper one who slurps.
smatter a smattering; (verb) to talk superficially.
smattering a little knowledge of something.
smatteringly (Adv.) SMATTERING.
snarler one who snarls.
sneeze a sudden, involuntary expiration of breath (verb) to make a sudden, involuntary expiration of breath
sneezer one who sneezes.
sneezy given to sneezing.
snicker a smothered laugh (verb) to give a half-suppressed or smothered laugh
snickerer one who snickers.
sniffle a slight cold (verb) to sniff repeatedly
snigger a sly laugh; (verb) to laugh in a sly way.
sniggerer one who sniggers.
sniggeringly (Adv.) SNIGGERING.
snirt (Scots) a smothered laugh, a snicker; (verb) to snigger.
snirtle (Scots) to snicker.
snivel mucus in the nose, a sniffle; (verb) to make a snuffling sound indicative of crying
snivelling snivelling the act of making a snivel.
snivelly given to snivelling > SNIVELLIER, SNIVELLIEST.
snively given to snivelling > SNIVELIER, SNIVELIEST.
snore a noisy breathing in sleep; (verb) to breathe loudly while sleeping.
snorer one who snores.
snort a noisy exhalation through the nose; (verb) to exhale noisily through the nostrils
snorter one that snorts.
snortingly (Adv.) SNORTING.
snot mucus; (verb) to blow the nose
snotter to snivel.
snuffle a snuffling sound; (verb) to sniffle
snuffler a person who snuffles.
snuffly characterized by snuffling.
sob a convulsive catch of the breath; (verb) to cry uncontrollably, taking intermittent breaths.
sobber one who sobs.
sobbingly (Adv.) SOBBING, making a sobbing noise.
sobful full of sobs, tear-jerking.
soliloquise to talk reflectively to oneself.
soliloquiser one who soliloquises.
soliloquist one who soliloquizes.
soliloquize to talk reflectively to oneself.
soliloquizer one who soliloquises.
sowf (Scots) to whistle or hum softly.
sowff (Scots) to whistle or hum softly.
sowth (Scots) to whistle or hum softly.
speak to utter words.
speakable capable of being spoken; fit to be spoken.
speaker one that speaks.
speaking a speech or discourse.
speakingly (Adv.) SPEAKING.
speakout the act of speaking out.
speech human utterance in language; (verb) to harangue.
speechcraft the art of making speeches.
speechful full of speech or words; loquacious.
speechifier one who speechifies.
speechify to make long speeches.
speechless unable to speak.
speechlessly (Adv.) SPEECHLESS, unable to speak.
speechmaking the making of speeches.
spiel a plausible story or line of talk; (verb) to talk glibly.
splutter a rapid inarticulate speech (verb) to speak rapidly and confusedly
splutterer one who splutters.
splutteringly (Adv.) SPLUTTERING.
spluttery given to spluttering.
spoken (PaP.) SPEAK, to utter words.
spruik (Aust. sl.) of a showman, etc., to harangue people in public.
sputter an instance of spitting (verb) to spit, or to emit saliva from the mouth in small, scattered portions, as in rapid speaking
sputterer one who sputters.
sputteringly (Adv.) SPUTTERING.
squaller a person, esp a child, given to squalling.
squawky of a voice, loud and harsh; hoarsely squeaky.
stammer a speech impediment; (verb) to speak with involuntary breaks and pauses.
stammerer one who stammers.
stammeringly (Adv.) STAMMERING.
stashie (Scots) fuss, ado, disturbance.
statement something said formally; (verb) to take a statement.
steery (Scott) a commotion ) busy or bustling
sternutation the act of sneezing.
stertor (Lat.) a heavy snoring sound, as that accompanying breathing in a deeply unconscious person.
stertorous with a snoring sound.
stertorously (Adv.) STERTOROUS, with a snoring sound.
steven (Dial.) a voice; an outcry.
stishie (Scots) fuss, ado, disturbance.
stooshie (Scots) fuss, ado.
stoushie (Scots) fuss, ado.
stramash (Scots) to make a racket.
strepent (Lat.) noisy.
strepitation a clamour.
stushie (Scots) fuss, ado, disturbance.
stutter a kind of speech impediment; (verb) to speak with spasmodic repetition.
stutterer one who stutters.
stutteringly (Adv.) STUTTERING.
subjoinder an additional remark.
subtone a low or subdued tone.
sugh to sigh, hum, as of the wind.
suspiration the act of sighing, or fetching a long and deep breath.
suspire to sigh.
susurrant whispering.
susurrate to whisper.
susurration whispering, murmuring, or rustling.
susurrous full of whispering sounds.
susurrus (Lat.) a whispering or rustling sound.
talk conversation (verb) to communicate by speaking
talkability the quality of being talkable, easy to converse with.
talkable easy to converse with.
talker one who talks.
tchick a sound made by clicking the tongue against the roof of the mouth.
tink to make a sharp, shrill noise; to tinkle.
tirrivee (Scots) a tantrum, a commotion.
tirrivie (Scots) a tantrum, a commotion.
titter a restrained, nervous laugh; (verb) to utter a nervous laugh.
titterer one that titters.
tittering laughing nervously (noun) the act of tittering
titteringly (Adv.) TITTERING.
tittle a dot; the smallest part; (verb) to talk, whisper.
trialogue a discourse or colloquy by three persons.
tumult an uproar; (verb, arch.) to make a tumult.
tumultuate (Arch.) to make a tumult.
tutoyer (Fr.) to address familiarly.
twank a short twang; (verb) to make a short twang > TWANKED, TWANKING.
ululant howling; wailing.
ululate to lament loudly and shrilly.
unmoaned not moaned.
unshoot (Shakesp.) to revoke the shouting of by a contrary shout.
unshout to recall what is done by shouting.
unspeak (Shakesp.) to retract.
unspoken (PaP.) UNSPEAK, to retract.
uproar a tumult, a commotion; (verb, Shakesp.) to throw into uproar or confusion.
upspeak to begin to speak.
utter complete (verb) to give audible expression to
utterable capable of being uttered.
utterance the act of uttering.
utterer one who utters.
vagitus (Lat.) a newborn baby's cry or wail.
verbigeration the obsessive repetition of stereotyped phrases.
vocal uttered by the voice (noun) a sound uttered by the voice
vocalism the exercise of the vocal organs.
vocally (Adv.) VOCAL, uttered by the voice.
vociferate to cry out with a loud voice; to bawl.
vociferator one who vociferates.
vociferous marked by or given to vehement insistent outcry.
vociferously (Adv.) VOCIFEROUS, marked by or given to vehement insistent outcry.
vocular vocal.
voice to express or utter.
voiceful having a voice; vocal.
wail to utter a long, mournful cry.
wailer one who wails.
wailingly (Adv.) WAILING, making a wailing sound.
warbly voiced in a trilling or quavering manner.
wawa (Am. Ind.) to speak.
weep to express sorrow by shedding tears WEEPY.
weeper one who weeps.
weepiness the state of being weepy.
weepingly (Adv.) WEEPING, tearful.
whaisle (Scots) to wheeze.
whaizle (Scots) to wheeze.
wheep (Scots) to give a prolonged whistle.
wheeple (Scots) to cry like a curlew; to whistle feebly.
wheeze a hissing breath (verb) to breathe with a hissing sound
wheezer one who wheezes.
wheezily (Adv.) WHEEZY, given to wheezing.
wheeziness the state of being wheezy.
wheezingly (Adv.) WHEEZING.
wheezle (Scots) to wheeze.
wheezy given to wheezing.
whew an interjection expressing wonder, relief or dismay; (verb) to say whew.
whimper to cry with plaintive, broken sounds.
whimperingly (Adv.) WHIMPERING.
whiney given to whining.
whiny given to whining.
whisper a low hissing sound or voice (verb) to speak softly
whisperer one who whispers.
whisperingly (Adv.) WHISPERING.
whispery like a whisper.
whiss to hiss or whistle.
whistle to make a shrill, clear musical sound.
whistler someone or something that whistles.
whistlingly (Adv.) WHISTLING.
whitter to talk or mutter peevishly or ineffectually.
whoobub (Obs.) a confused sound of many voices.
whoop to give a loud cry of triumph etc.
whoopla a noisy commotion.
witter to talk or mutter peevishly or ineffectually.
yabber (Aborig.) talk, conversation; (verb) to talk.
yaup to yelp or bark.
yauper one who yaups, yelps or barks.
yawl to howl.
yawp to cry hoarsely or harshly.
yawper one who yawps, cries hoarsely.
yell to cry out loudly.
yeller one who yells.
yelloch (Scots) to yell.
yesk (Scots) to hiccup or belch.
yex to hiccup or belch.
yock to laugh.
yok to laugh.
yorp (Dial.) to shout.