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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bedaggle to soil by dragging in the wet or dirt.
bedaub to cover with daubs.
bedirty to make dirty.
bedraggle to soil by dragging in the wet or dirt.
befoul to foul.
befouler one who befouls.
befoulment the act of befouling.
begored (Spenser) smeared with gore.
begrim to soil with grime.
begrime to soil with grime.
beinked smeared with ink.
bemire (Arch.) to make muddy.
bemoil (Shakesp.) to bemire, bedraggle.
bemud (Arch.) to bespatter with mud.
beray (Obs.) to befoul.
beslime to daub with slime.
beslobber to slobber on; to smear with spittle running from the mouth.
beslubber to slobber on; to smear with spittle running from the mouth.
besmear to smear.
besmearer one who besmears.
besmirch to soil, make dirty.
besmoke to foul with smoke.
besmudge to smudge.
besmut to blacken with smut; to foul with soot.
besmutch (Arch.) to besmirch.
bespatter to soil by spattering.
bestain (Arch.) to stain.
bethumb to wear or soil by handling.
blotty blotted, smudged.
caca (Sl.) excrement.
cacky of or like excrement.
clart dirt (verb) to dirty
clatch (Scots) a splashy, slapping sound; (verb) to dabble or work into a miry matter.
coaldust the dust from coal.
colluvial pertaining to a colluvies, mass of filth.
colluvies (Lat.) accumulated filth; foul discharge.
colly a breed of dog; (verb, arch) to begrime or darken.
conspurcation (Obs.) defilement.
contaminate to pollute by contact or association.
contaminative tending to contaminate.
coom soot; coal dust (verb) to begrime
coomy full of coom, soot; coal dust.
cowpie a cowpat.
cowplop a cowpat.
creeshy (Scots) greasy.
crud anything dirty, filthy (verb) to encrust with dirt
cruddy dirty, unpleasant.
daggy (Aust. coll.) scruffy, dishevelled.
daglock a dirty or clotted lock of wool on a sheep.
dauby smeary, viscous.
defile to make dirty.
defilement the act of defiling.
defoul (Obs.) to befoul, defile.
destain to remove a stain from.
dinginess the state of being dingy.
dingleberry a piece of dried fecal matter clinging to the hair round the anus.
dirt loose earth; any filthy substance (verb) to make dirty
dirtily (Adv.) DIRTY, not clean.
dirtiness the state of being dirty.
dirty not clean (verb) to make dirty
distain (Arch.) to stain, sully.
doodoo (Coll.) excrement.
doody (Coll.) excrement.
drabble to besmear, bedraggle.
drabby sluttish.
draff lees, dregs.
draggle to make wet and dirty by dragging on the ground.
dreggish foul with lees; feculent.
dreggy containing dregs or lees.
dross the scum of melting metals; waste matter.
drossiness the quality of being drossy.
drossy of or like dross.
dungy having the quality of dung.
dustheap a heap of dust.
dustily (Adv.) DUSTY, covered with dust.
dustiness the state of being dusty.
dustlike like dust.
dusty covered with dust.
enwallow (Spenser) to roll about wallowingly.
faecal relating to faeces.
faeces (Lat.) excrement.
fecal relating to feces.
feces (Lat.) excrement.
feculence the state of being feculent.
feculency the state of being feculent.
feculent full of filth or waste matter.
filth foul or dirty matter.
filthily (Adv.) FILTHY, very dirty.
filthiness the quality of being filthy.
filthy very dirty.
flyspeck a speck or stain made by the excrement of a fly; hence, any insignificant dot; (verb) to mark by fly excrement.
foulness the state of being foul.
frass debris or excrement produced by insects.
fullage refuse, street-sweepings, filth.
gaum (ON) a smear (verb) to smear, daub
gaumy dauby, smeary.
germy full of germs.
glaur (Scots) mire.
glaury (Scots) miry.
gormy dauby, smeary.
grime dirt (verb) to make dirty
grimily (Adv.) GRIMY, dirty.
griminess the state of being grimy.
grimy dirty, covered with grime.
grody (US sl.) sleazy, grotty.
grubbily (Adv.) GRUBBY, dirty.
grubbiness the state of being grubby.
grubby dirty.
grufted (Dial.) dirty; begrimed.
grunge dirt, grime; a thrifty fashion.
grungey dirty, messy.
grungy dirty, messy.
guck slimy, gooey muck.
gucky slimy, mucky.
gunge any dirty, messy or sticky substance (verb) to crust with gunge
gungy dirty, messy.
gunk (Tradename) any unpleasant, dirty, sticky material (orig. the trademark of a grease solvent) (verb) to cause something to be gunky
gunky like gunk, any unpleasant, dirty, sticky material.
horseshit horse droppings.
inkstain a stain made by ink.
limous (Arch.) muddy, slimy.
littery covered or encumbered with litter > LITTERIER, LITTERIEST.
maculate to stain or make impure.
manky (Scots) filthy, dirty, rotten.
mephitic poisonous or foul-smelling.
mephitical poisonous or foul-smelling.
mephitically (Adv.) MEPHITICAL, noxious.
mephitis a poisonous exhalation; a foul stink.
mephitism poisoning by mephitis.
mess a mixture disagreeable to the sight or taste (verb) to make dirty or untidy
messily (Adv.) MESSY, dirty, disordered.
messy dirty, disordered.
miasm foul vapours from rotting matter; unwholesome air.
miasma (Greek) foul vapours from rotting matter; unwholesome air.
miasmal of or like a miasma.
miasmatic of or like a miasma.
miasmatical of or like a miasma.
miasmatous of or like a miasma.
miasmic of or like a miasma.
miasmically (Adv.) MIASMIC, of or like a miasma.
miasmous of or like a miasma.
miriness the state of being miry.
miry full of mire.
moit (Dial.) a foreign particle in wool.
motey full of motes (noun) a pigment made from earth
motty (Scots) full of motes or specks (noun) a target at which coins are aimed in pitch-and-toss
mouls (Scots) clods, esp in allusion to the grave.
muck dung, manure (verb) to fertilize with manure
muckheap a dunghill.
muckily (Adv.) MUCKY, dirty.
muckiness the quality of being mucky.
mucky dirty.
muddily (Adv.) MUDDY, covered with mud.
muddiness the state of being muddy.
muddy covered with mud (verb) to make muddy
mudpie a small mass of mud formed into a pie shape.
ordure loathsome dirt or refuse.
ordurous of or pertaining to ordure.
overfoul excessively foul.
pissy soiled with urine; inferior, nasty.
pollutant causing pollution; (noun) a substance causing pollution.
pollute to make dirty, defile.
pollutedly (Adv.) POLLUTED.
polluter one who pollutes.
pollution making dirty, defilement.
pollutive relating to pollution.
rechie (Shakesp.) smoky, grimy.
reechie (Shakesp.) smoky, grimy.
reechy smoky, dirty.
reekie (Scots) smoky, reeking.
reeky (Scots) smoky, reeking.
riley turbid.
roil to make muddy by stirring or to disturb sediment.
roily turbid.
scabrid (Arch.) scabrous.
scabridity (Arch.) the state of being scabrid, scabrous.
schmutz dirt, grime.
scody (NZ) unkempt, dirty.
scroungy dirty.
scum impure or extraneous matter (verb) to remove the scum from
scumlike like scum.
scummily (Adv.) SCUMMY, covered with scum.
scummy covered with scum.
scunge (Aust. sl.) a scrounger, a dirty person (verb) to slink about
scungy (Aust. sl.) dirty, unkempt, sordid.
scuzz dirt, seediness.
scuzzball a dirty, disreputable person.
scuzzy dirty, seedy.
shairn (Scots) cow-dung.
sharn (Scots) cow-dung.
sharny like cow-dung (noun) a person responsible for cleaning a cow-house
shithole a filthy place.
shittily (Adv.) SHITTY, covered with excrement.
shittiness the state of being shitty.
shitty covered with excrement.
shlumpy (Yiddish) slovenly.
skankiness the state of being skanky.
skanky dirty or unattractive.
skeevy repulsive, disgusting.
skody dirty > SKODIER, SKODIEST.
slairg (Scots) to spread or smear sloppily.
slaister (Scots) a sloppy mess (verb) to bedaub, to do anything in a wet, dirty way
slatternliness the state of being slatternly.
sleechy slimy with mud.
sleezy sordid.
slime viscous mud (verb) to cover with slime
slimily (Adv.) SLIMY, covered with slime.
sliminess the state of being slimy.
slimy covered with slime.
slovenliness the state of being slovenly.
slovenry (Shakesp.) slovenliness.
slubber to stain, smear, sully.
slubberingly (Adv.) SLUBBERING.
sludge soft mud or mire (verb) to cover with sludge
sludgy of or like sludge.
slutch (Dial.) mud.
slutchy (Dial.) muddy.
sluttery sluttishness.
sluttily (Adv.) SLUTTY, like a slut.
sluttiness the state of being slutty.
sluttish like a slut.
sluttishly (Adv.) SLUTTISH, like a slut.
sluttishness the state of being sluttish.
slutty sluttish.
smalm (Obs.) smarminess (verb) to smear, gush, make oily
smarm gush, oiliness (verb) to smear, gush, make oily
smearer one who smears.
smearily (Adv.) SMEARY, covered with smears.
smeariness the state of being smeary.
smeary covered with smears.
smirch to soil, besmirch.
smudge a smear of dirt (verb) to smear or dirty
smudgedly (Adv.) SMUDGED, with a smudge.
smudgily (Adv.) SMUDGY, having smudges.
smudginess the state of being smudgy.
smudgy having smudges.
smut a flake or spot of dirt (verb) to soil, make smutty
smutch a flake or spot of dirt (verb) to soil
smutchy smutched.
smuttily (Adv.) SMUTTY, sexually suggestive.
smuttiness the state of being smutty.
smutty sexually suggestive.
snottery filth; abomination.
snottiness the state of being snotty.
snuffily (Adv.) SNUFFY, soiled with snuff.
snuffiness the quality of being snuffy, soiled with snuff.
snuffy soiled with snuff.
soiliness stain; foulness.
soilure (Arch.) stain; pollution.
soily dirty, soiled.
soot carbon residue (verb) to besmear with soot
sootflake a smut of soot.
sootily (Adv.) SOOTY, like soot.
sooty like soot.
sordor (Lat.) refuse, foul matter.
squalid filthy, foul.
squalidity the state of being squalid.
squalidly (Adv.) SQUALID, filthy, foul.
squalidness the state of being squalid.
squalor the state of being squalid.
stayne (Spenser) to stain.
stourie (Scots) dusty.
stoury (Scots) dusty.
sullage filth; refuse; sewage.
sully to soil, make impure.
tainture tainting, corruption.
tash a moustache; (verb, Scots) to soil, blemish.
tocky muddy.
unclean not clean.
uncleanly not clean in person or habits.
uncleanness the state of being unclean.
unmiry not miry.
unpure not pure.
unpurely (Adv.) UNPURE, not pure.
unwashen not washed.
verminy full of vermin > VERMINIER, VERMINIEST.
vutty (Dial.) dirty.
whoopsie a mess, esp a dropping.
yechy disgusting.
yuckiness the state of being yucky.
yucky itchy.
yukky disgusting.
yuky itchy.