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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adumbral shadowy.
becloud to cause obscurity or dimness to; to cloud.
bedarken to make dark.
bedim to make dim.
begloom to make gloomy.
beshadow (Arch.) to cast a shadow over.
caliginosity darkness, sootiness.
caliginous (Arch.) dark, shadowy.
cimmerian very dark or gloomy.
dark not light in colour (noun) a state of darkness; (verb) to darken
darken to make dark.
darkener someone or something that darkens.
darkish somewhat dark.
darkle to grow dark; to show indistinctly.
darkling in the dark, taking place in the dark.
darklings in the dark, taking place in the dark.
darkly in a dark manner.
darkness the state of being dark.
darksome dark, somber.
dim not bright (verb) to make dim
dimly (Adv.) DIM, not bright.
dimmish somewhat dim.
dimness the state of being dim.
dinge dinginess.
dirke (Spenser) dark; (verb) to darken.
disilluminate to destroy the light of, to darken.
drumly (Scots) turbid, muddy, gloomy.
dusk dark, twilit (noun) the time preceding nightfall (verb) to become dusk
dusken to make dusk or obscure.
duskily (Adv.) DUSKY, shady.
duskiness the state of being dusky.
duskish somewhat dusky.
duskishly (Adv.) DUSKISH, somewhat dusky.
duskishness the state of being duskish.
duskly (Adv.) DUSK, twilit.
duskness duskiness.
dusky shady.
engloom to make gloomy.
fuliginosity the state of being fuliginous.
fuliginous sooty; having a dark or dusky color.
fuliginously (Adv.) FULIGINOUS, sooty.
fuliginousness the state of being fuliginous, sooty.
gloomful full of gloom.
gloomfully (Adv.) GLOOMFUL, full of gloom.
gloomily (Adv.) GLOOMY, dismally dark.
gloominess the state of being gloomy.
gloomy dismally dark.
inumbrate to cast a shadow upon.
loury gloomy, louring.
lowery cloudy, gloomy, lowering.
melanise to make dark.
melanize to make dark.
mirk dark, gloomy (noun) darkness, gloom
mirkily (Adv.) MIRKY, murky.
mirkiness the state of being mirky, dark, gloomy.
mirky dark, gloomy; obscured by fog, dense vapour, etc.
murk dark, gloomy, obscure (noun) darkness, gloom, MURKY; (verb) to murder, defeat convincingly
murkily (Adv.) MURKY, dark, gloomy.
murkiness the state of being murky.
murkish somewhat murky.
murkly (Adv.) MURK, dark, gloomy.
murksome murky.
murky dark, gloomy, obscured by fog, dense vapour, etc.
nightside the dark, mysterious or gloomy side of anything.
obfuscate to darken, make obscure, confuse.
obfuscation the act of obfuscating.
obfuscatory serving to obfuscate.
obnubilate (Obs.) to darken, cloud over.
obnubilation beclouding or obscuring.
obscuration the act of obscuring.
obscure dark, unclear (verb) to make dark
obscurely (Adv.) OBSCURE, dark, unclear.
obscurement the act of obscuring.
obscureness the state of being obscure.
obscurer one who obscures.
obscurity the state of being obscure.
obumbrate to overshadow.
obumbration the act of obumbrating.
oorie (Scots) dingy, shabby.
ourie (Scots) dingy, shabby.
overgloom to cover with gloom.
overkest (Spenser) overcast.
owrie (Scots) dingy, shabby.
penumbra (Lat.) partial shade.
penumbral relating to the penumbra.
penumbrous relating to penumbra, partial shade.
pitchiness blackness, as of pitch.
semidarkness a state between dark and light.
shade partial or relative darkness (verb) to screen from light or heat
shader one who, or that which, shades.
shadiness the state of being shady.
shadow darkness (verb) to make dark or gloomy
shadower one who shadows.
shadowily (Adv.) SHADOWY, full of shadows.
shadowiness the state of being shadowy.
shadowlike like a shadow.
shadowy full of shadows.
somber (US) sombre (verb) to make sombre
somberly (Adv.) SOMBER, sombre.
somberness the state of being somber.
sombre gloomy, dark (verb) to make sombre
sombrely (Adv.) SOMBRE, gloomy, dark.
sombreness the state of being sombre.
sombrous gloomy; somber.
stygian (Greek) of or relating to the river Styx; extremely dark.
tenebrific producing darkness; obscuring.
tenebrious gloomy, obscure.
tenebriousness the state of being tenebrious.
tenebrity gloom, darkness.
tenebrose gloomy, obscure.
tenebrosity darkness.
tenebrous gloomy, obscure.
tenebrousness the state of being tenebrous.
twilit lit by twilight.
umbra (Lat.) a shadow.
umbrageous shady.
umbrageously (Adv.) UMBRAGEOUS, shady.
umbrageousness the state of being umbrageous.
umbral of or like an umbra, a shadow.
umbratic of or pertaining to the shade or darkness.
umbratical of or pertaining to the shade or darkness.
umbratile shadowy, giving shade; (noun) a person who spends his or her time in the shade or shadows.
umbratilous shadowy, giving shade.
umbriferous giving or bearing shade.
umbrose shade-giving; dusky.
umbrous shade-giving; dusky.
uncloud to free from clouds.
uncloudedly (Adv.) UNCLOUDED.
unlightsome (Milton) without light.