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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abram auburn.
achromic achromous colourless.
aeneous aeneus of a shining bronze colour.
albescent becoming white; whiteness.
albugineous like the white of an eye or an egg; white-coloured.
amaranthine of a dark reddish-purple colour.
anatta anatto annatta annatto arnatta arnotto a bright orange colouring matter.
anil indigo, the plant or dye.
archil orchil orchel orchella orseille a dye obtained from certain lichens; lichens yielding this.
ashen of the colour of ash, grey.
atrament blacking; ink; black dye.
atramental atramentous inky black
auburn a golden- or reddish-brown colour, used esp. of a person's hair.
aureity the property of being golden in colour or substance.
azure sky-blue.
azurean azure.
azurine azure; (noun) a blue-black azurine dye.
azurn azure.
azury a bluish colour > AZURIES
badious chestnut-coloured.
bay of horses, of a certain colour > BAYER, BAYEST.
beige a woollen fabric of undyed wool; (adj.) greyish buff with a hint of pink > BEIGER, BEIGEST.
beigy somewhat BEIGE > BEIGIER, BEIGIEST.
bice a pale blue or green paint.
bichrome two-coloured.
bicolor bicolour something having two colours.
bicolored of two colors.
bister bistre a pigment with brownish colour derived from soot.
bistered bistred painted with BISTER, a pigment with brownish colour derived from soot.
black of the darkest colour > BLACKER, BLACKEST; (verb) to make black.
blackish somewhat black.
blackishly in a blackish manner.
blae dark blue or bluish gray; lead-colored > BLAER, BLAEST. [ON blar, livid].
blanco a white substance used for treating uniform belts etc.; (verb) to treat with this.
bleuatre bluish.
bloncket grey.
blond blonde having blond hair > BLONDER, BLONDEST.
blondeness blondness the state of being BLOND.
bloodred the colour of blood.
blue (verb) to impart a bluish colour to, esp. a metal > BLUED, BLUING/BLUEING.
blueish bluish somewhat blue.
blueishness the state of being BLUEISH.
bluely with a blue color.
bluey of a bluish colour > BLUIER, BLUIEST. Also a noun, a swagman's bundle of personal effects.
brazilein a dyestuff obtained by the oxidation of BRAZILIN.
brindle of a brindled colour.
brocked brockit variegated, esp. black and white.
bromeosin another name for EOSIN, a red dye stuff.
bronzy like bronze > BRONZIER, BRONZIEST.
brown > BROWNER, BROWNEST; (verb) to make brown.
brownish somewhat brown.
browny brown or, somewhat brown > BROWNIER, BROWNIEST.
brunet brunette with a somewhat brown or dark complexion or hair.
buff of a yellowish-brown colour.
buffy of a yellowish-brown colour > BUFFIER, BUFFIEST.
caerule cerule blue, cerulean.
caerulean cerulean ceruleous sky-blue; dark blue; sea-green.
caesious cesious bluish or greyish green.
canescent hoary; tending to become white or grey.
canities whitening or greying of the hair. [L. canus, grey].
carmine a deep red colour.
castory a brown colour; a brown dye derived from beaver pelts.
celadon a pale green colour; a kind of pale green glazed pottery. [Fr. Céladon, f. the name of a character in D'Urfé's L'Astrée].
cendre ash-blond (the e has an accent).
cerise a colour, deep to vivid purplish-red.
cerulein a coal-tar dyestuff, producing fast olive-greens.
chica chicha chico an orange-red dye-stuff used by S. American Indians.
chroma quality of colour, hue > CHROMAS.
cinereous like ashes; ash-colored; grayish.
citreous lemon-coloured; lemony.
citrine dark greenish-yellow.
claret a dark red colour.
claybank brownish-yellow; (noun) a horse of this colour.
cochineal a dyestuff consisting of the dried bodies of females of the Coccus cacti, an insect native in Mexico, Central America, etc., and found on several species of cactus, esp. Opuntia cochinellifera.
colorant colourant a substance used for colouring.
colorfast colourfast having colours that retain their original hue without running or fading.
colorful colourful
colory > COLORIER, COLORIEST possessing colour
colourway colorway one of several combinations of colours in which e.g. a patterned fabric is available.
coloury full of colour > COLOURIER, COLOURIEST.
concolor of the same color; of uniform color.
concolorate having the same colour on both sides.
copen a strong light blue colour. [From Copenhagen].
coquelicot brilliant red; poppy red.
corbeau a blackish-green colour.
cramesy cramoisie cramoisy crimson.
creamlaid of paper, cream or white in colour with a laid watermark.
cremosin cremsin crimson.
crimson a deep red.
crimsonness the state of being crimson > CRIMSONNESSES.
croceate croceous saffron-coloured.
crocein crocine a red or orange azo dye.
cudbear a purple or reddish dyestuff obtained from various lichens. [From Dr. Cuthbert Gordon, a Scottish chemist].
curcumin curcumine the saffron-yellow colouring matter of TURMERIC.
cyan a colour, greenish-blue.
cyanin a plant pigment, blue in cornflower but red in roses because of its reaction with acids.
cyano blue or dark blue. No -S hook.
dayglo of a luminous green, yellow, pink or orange. No -S hook.
dealbate presenting a white appearance; whitened.
decolor decolour to deprive of color; to bleach.
dichroic having the property of DICHROISM, i.e. having two colours; as, a dichroic crystal.
discolor discolour to alter the natural hue or color of; to change to a different color.
drab of a dull colour.
drabbish somewhat drab in color.
dubonnet a red colour.
dun greyish brown, mouse-coloured > DUNNER, DUNNEST; (verb) to pursue for a debt.
dunness the state of being dun.
dunnish inclined to a dun color.
ecru (having) the color or appearance of unbleached stuff, as silk, linen, or the like.
embrown imbrown to give a brown color to.
empurple impurple to color or tinge with purple.
encolour to colour or tinge.
encrimson to colour crimson.
engrain to dye in grain, or of a fast color.
envermeil to color with, or as with, vermilion.
eosin eosine a red dye stuff.
eosinic of or like EOSIN, a red dye-stuff.
erubescent growing red; blushing.
erythroid of a red color; reddish.
ethiops a black substance; -- formerly applied to various preparations of a black or very dark color.
favel favell light-brown, chestnut.
fawny of a yellowish-brown colour > FAWNIER, FAWNIEST.
feldgrau field-grey, the colour of German military uniforms.
ferruginous of the colour of rust; impregnated with iron.
filemot philamot philomot dead-leaf colour; dull brown.
flavescent yellowish or turning yellow.
flavin flavine a yellow dye made from the bark of QUERCITRON, an American oak.
flaxen made of or resembling flax; (especially of hair) light yellow.
flushy reddish > FLUSHIER, FLUSHIEST.
framboise raspberry; a shade of pink > raspberry colour.
fuchsin fuchsine an aniline dye.
fulvid fulvous dull yellow, tawny.
fusc fuscous brown, dingy.
gingerous sandy, reddish.
gingery sandy, reddish > GINGERIER, GINGERIEST.
glaucous sea-green; greyish-blue. [Gk. glaukos].
glaucously (adv.) GLAUCOUS, sea-green.
gold the colour of gold > GOLDER, GOLDEST.
golden having the colour of gold > GOLDENER, GOLDENEST; (verb) to become golden in colour.
goldtone gold-coloured.
gowd gold, golden > GOWDER, GOWDEST.
gray grey > GRAYER, GRAYEST; (verb) to make grey.
grayish somewhat gray.
green > GREENER, GREENEST; (verb) to make or become green.
greenish somewhat green.
greenth the state or quality of being green; verdure.
greeny somewhat green in colour > GREENIER, GREENIEST; (noun) a pound note.
grey GREYER, GREYEST; (verb) to make grey.
greyscale of or relating to a scale consisting of different shades of the colour grey; (noun) a scale consisting of different shades of grey.
gridelin a colour, pale purple and red. [Fr. gris-de-lin, flax grey].
griesie gryesie gryesy grey.
gris grise grey; (noun) a grey fur.
griseous pearl-grey or blue-grey; grizzled.
grisled grizzled. 'The grisled north/Discharges such a tempest' (Pericles). N.B. there is no verb GRISLE*.
grizzle to make or become grey or grey-haired.
grizzly somewhat gray; grizzled > GRIZZLIER, GRIZZLIEST; (noun) a grizzly bear.
hawkit streaked, white-faced. Cf. HAWKIE, a cow with a white-striped face.
hazelly of the color of the hazelnut; of a light brown. No comp!.
henna a tree or shrub; a colour, moderate to strong reddish-brown to strong brown; (verb) to colour with henna. [Arabic hinna].
hoar grey, esp. with age; (verb) to cover with hoar.
hoary grey > HOARIER, HOARIEST.
hore hoar.
hueless destitute of color.
hyacinthine of a blue or purple colour.
ianthine violet-coloured.
icterine yellowish or marked with yellow.
icteritious jaundiced; yellow.
inaurate gilded; golden.
incarnadine flesh-colored; red, esp > blood red. [L. carnis, flesh and incarnato, flesh-colored].
indigo a dark blue powder used as a vat dye, orig. obtained from certain plants but now mainly made synthetically > INDIGOS or INDIGOES.
indigoid a blue dye.
indigotic relating to INDIGO.
infuscate infuscated clouded or tinged with brown; obscured; cloudy brown colour.
isabel isabella isabelline a dingy yellowish-grey or drab.
isochroous of uniform colour.
jacinthe an orange colour.
jettiness the state of being jetty; blackness.
jetty (adj.) like jet, black > JETTIER, JETTIEST; (noun) a structure similar to a GROYNE but built to keep sand out of a harbor entrance; (verb) to project, jut out.
kermes a red cochineal-like dye made from dried bodies of certain female insects of Mediterranean; the evergreen oak on which these insects feed.
khaki dust-coloured, dull brownish. [Urdu khaki, dusty].
lateritious brick-red in color.
liard lyard lyart liart grey; dapple-grey.
livid black and blue; of an ashen colour > LIVIDER, LIVIDEST.
lovat grey-green; blue-green.
lutein a yellow xanthophyll pigment present in the leaves of plants, in egg-yolk, and in the corpus luteum.
luteolin a yellow dyestuff obtained from the foliage of the dyer's broom.
luteolous yellowish.
luteous golden-yellow; muddy. [L. lutum, mud].
lutescent yellowish.
lycopene a red pigment.
madder a red dye made from brazil wood.
magenta reddish-purple. [From its discovery about the time of the battle of Magenta in N. Italy, 1859].
mauve any of a range of dull shades of purple between lilac and maroon > MAUVER, MAUVEST.
mauvein mauveine mauvin mauvine a mauve dye
mazarine a rich blue or reddish-blue colour.
melanosity the state of being MELANOUS, swarthy.
melanous swarthy, with a black complexion.
minium vermilion; red lead > MINIUMS not MINIA*.
modena a dark purple color. [From the N. Italian city of Modena].
monochroic of one colour.
multihued with many hues.
nacarat a bright orange-red; a fabric so coloured.
nigrescence blackness; dark colouring or pigmentation.
nigricant of a blackish colour.
nigrify to blacken.
nigrosin nigrosine a blackish coal-tar colour dye.
noncolor something that is not a colour.
noncolored noncolored not coloured.
nongreen not green.
nutbrown having the colour of a nut.
oaker ochre.
ocher ochre a native pigment composed of fine earth and an iron oxide; (verb) to colour with ochre.
ocherous ochrous ochraceous ochreous ochroid ochry ochery ochrey ocherish containing or resembling OCHRE.
ochroleucous yellowish white.
olivaceous olive-coloured.
orangey orangy somewhat ORANGE > ORANGIER, ORANGIEST.
orangish somewhat ORANGE.
orcein a reddish brown amorphous dyestuff, obtained from ORCIN and forming the essential coloring matter of CUDBEAR and ARCHIL. It is closely related to litmus.
orchel orchella orchil orseille a dye obtained from certain lichens. Cf. ARCHIL.
orpin a yellow pigment of various degrees of intensity, approaching also to red.
outred outredden to surpass in redness.
overdye to dye with excess of color; to put one color over (another).
overred to smear with red.
oxblood a dark reddish-brown colour.
palish somewhat pale or wan.
pallid pale; wan > PALLIDER, PALLIDEST.
pallidity pallidness; paleness.
pallor paleness e.g. of the complexion.
paly pale in colour > PALIER, PALIEST.
particolored particoloured having many colours.
peachblow a delicate purplish-pink colour, used as a glaze on porcelain.
phaeic dusky. [Gk. phaios, dusky].
philamot philomot dead-leaf colour; dull brown. Cf. FILEMOT.
pigmental of or pertaining to pigments; furnished with pigments.
pink PINKER, PINKEST; (verb) to prick, wound slightly.
pinken to become pink.
pinkiness the state of being PINKY.
pinkish somewhat pink.
pinky somewhat pink > PINKIER, PINKIEST; (noun) a little finger.
pistache a shade of green.
pleochroic polychroic displaying different colours when seen from different directions.
plumbeous leaden; lead-coloured.
polychrome many-coloured; (noun) a work of art using lots of colours; (verb) to colour in many colours.
ponceau a poppy-coloured red dye > PONCEAUS or PONCEAUX.
porphyrous purple.
porporate clad in purple.
porraceous leek-green.
primrose pale yellow; (verb) to gather primroses.
primuline a yellow coal-tar dye.
prussian As in prussian blue, ferric ferrocyanide, a colour pigment, discovered in Berlin.
puce brownish-purple; purplish-pink > PUCER, PUCEST.
purple > PURPLE, PURPLEST; (verb) to make purple.
purpleness the state of being PURPLE.
purplish somewhat purple.
purply somewhat purple > PURPLIER, PURPLIEST.
purpureal purple.
pyrrhous reddish; ruddy.
raddle reddle ruddle red ochre; (verb) to redden with this.
red a primary colour > REDDER, REDDEST; (verb) to tidy up, also REDD.
redden to make red
reddishly rEDDISH, somewhat red.
reddy reddish > REDDIER, REDDIEST.
redye to dye again.
regreen to make green again.
rosanilin a reddish-brown derivative of ANILIN used as a dye.
rose (verb) to redden.
rosy rose-coloured > ROSIER, ROSIEST; (verb) to redden.
roucou a bright orange colouring matter, aka ANNATTO. [Fr. ro(u)cou f. Galibi rucu var. of Tupi urucú].
rubefy rubify to redden.
rubescent growing red; blushing.
rubicund inclining to redness; ruddy; red.
rubiginose rubiginous rust-coloured.
rubineous ruby-red.
rubious ruby red; rusty.
ruby red like a ruby > RUBIER, RUBIEST; (verb) to redden.
rud redness of complexion; (verb) to redden > RUDDED, RUDDING.
ruddy reddish > RUDDIER, RUDDIEST; to redden.
rufescence the state of being RUFESCENT, inclined to redness.
rufescent inclining to redness.
rufous reddish or brownish-red > RUFOUSES.
russet reddish brown; (verb) to make or become russet in colour.
russety of a russet color > RUSSETIER, RUSSETIEST.
sable black > SABLER, SABLEST.
saffrony having a color somewhat like saffron; yellowish.
safranin safranine the yellow colouring matter in saffron; a coal tar derivative which dyes yellowish red.
sallow of an unhealthy pale or yellowish colour > SALLOWER, SALLOWEST; (verb) to make sallow.
sallowish somewhat sallow.
sallowy somewhat sallow > SALLOWIER, SALLOWIEST.
sapphired coloured with sapphire blue.
saxe as in saxe blue, a light bluish-grey colour.
scarlet (verb) to redden > SCARLETED, SCARLETING.
sepia a brown pigment, obtained from the ink of the cuttlefish.
sepic of or pertaining to SEPIA; done in sepia; as, a sepic drawing.
sienna a fine pigment made from ferruginous ochreous earth, browny-yellow when raw, reddish-brown when burnt. [From the town of Siena].
silvery like silver > SILVERIER, SILVERIEST.
smalt a deep-blue pigment.
smaragdine emerald green.
soare sore sorrel, reddish brown.
solferino a moderate purplish-red (after the town of Solferino) > SOLFERINOS.
sorel sorell sorrel (of) a reddish-brown or light chestnut colour.
spadiceous chestnut-coloured.
subfusc subfusk subfuscous duskish; moderately dark; brownish; tawny.
swart black, dusky.
swarthily sWARTHY, dark-complexioned, blackish.
swarthy black > SWARTHIER, SWARTHIEST.
swartness the quality or state of being SWART.
swarty swarthy; tawny > SWARTIER, SWARTIEST
tan of a brown colour > TANNER, TANNEST; (verb) TANS, TANNING, TANNED.
tannish somewhat tan.
taupe a brownish-gray to dark yellowish-brown colour.
tawniness the quality or state of being tawny.
tawny yellowish-brown > TAWNIER, TAWNIEST
thionin thionine a violet dye.
tinct to stain, dye.
tinctorial of or relating to dyeing; giving colour.
tincture a colouring matter, a dye, a pigment; spec. one used as a cosmetic; (verb) to colour with a tincture.
tinter a person or thing that tints.
tintiness the state of being tinted.
tintless without tint.
tinty unevenly tinted > TINTIER, TINTIEST.
titian red-gold or reddish-brown; (noun) this colour.
tricolour tricolor having three colours; (noun) a flag of three colours; esp. the French national flag of blue, white, and red vertical stripes.
tropeolin a type of dye.
trypan as in trypan dye, a blue dye obtained from tolidine.
turacin a red or crimson pigment obtained from certain feathers of several species of TURACOU; whence the name.
ultramarine beyond the sea; (of) greenish- blue color or pigment.
umber brownish red; (verb) to colour brownish red.
umbery of or pertaining to umber; like umber; as, umbery gold > UMBERIER, UMBERIEST.
uncolored not colored.
undertint a tint underlying another tint.
ungreen not green > UNGREENER, UNGREENEST.
unicolor unicolour having one colour
unicolored having one colour
unpigmented not pigmented.
unwhite not white.
varicolored of different colours.
verdancy the quality of being verdant.
verdant green, esp. of growth.
verdure greenness; health and vigour.
verdured clad with VERDURE, greenness.
vermeil bright red; scarlet; vermilion; (verb) to make crimson > VERMEILED/VERMEILLED. Cf. VERMIL, VERMEILLE.
vermeille bright red; scarlet; vermilion; (verb) to make crimson. Cf. VERMIL, VERMEIL.
vermell = VERMEIL, bright red.
vermil bright red; scarlet; vermilion; (verb) to make crimson > VERMILLED/VERMILLING. Cf. VERMEIL, VERMEILLE.
vermilion bright red; (verb) to make vermilion.
vermillion bright red.
vermily vermilion. Cf. VERMIL, VERMELL.
versicolor versicolour of variable or various colours. Also VERSICOLOR.
vinaceous of the colour of wine, dark-red. Used esp. for the unique dark-red coloring of some birds, like the vinaceous amazon or vinaceous rosefinch.
virent green; not withered.
virescent becoming or slightly green.
virid bright green.
viridian chrome green.
viridity greenness; freshness.
wan of a pale colour > WANNER, WANNEST; (verb) to make wan > WANS, WANNING, WANNED.
wanness the quality or state of being wan.
wannish somewhat wan; of a pale hue.
wheaten the golden colour of ripe wheat.
white WHITER, WHITEST; (verb) to make white.
whitish somewhat white.
whity whiteish > WHITIER, WHITIEST; (noun) a white person. Also WHITEY.
willowish of the colour of willow leaves.
woaded colored or stained with woad.
woald a yellow pigment.
woodtone a colour matching that of wood > WOODTONES.
xanthein a soluble yellow colouring matter present in flowers.
xanthic yellow; yellowish.
xanthous yellow- or red-haired; yellow-skinned.
yellow YELLOWER, YELLOWEST; (verb) to make yellow
yellowy somewhat yellow > YELLOWIER, YELLOWIEST.
zaffar zaffer zaffir zaffre a blue ceramic colouring.