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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accroides a red alcohol-soluble resin.
amber a translucent, usu. yellow, fossil resin, used for ornaments etc. and easily electrified by rubbing.
ambered embedded in amber; flavoured with AMBERGRIS.
amberous like AMBER.
ammoniac a gum resin.
anchusin a resinoid coloring matter obtained from alkanet root.
anime animi a tree resin. [Tupi wana'ni].
apiol an oily liquid derived from parsley.
arabic as in gum arabic.
asafetida asafoetida assafetida an acrid gum resin with a strong smell like that of garlic.
attar otto ottar a fragrant essential oil made from the damask rose.
balsam an oily or gummy resinous substance obtained from the exudations of various trees and used to soothe and heal; (verb) to soothe; to embalm.
balsamy like balsam > BALSAMIER, BALSAMIEST.
bdellium a fragrant gum resin from trees of the genus Commiphora.
benzoic pertaining to, or obtained from, BENZOIN.
benzoin a fragrant aromatic resin obtained from eastern Asian trees of the genus Styrax.
borneol a rare variety of CAMPHOR.
cajaput cajeput cajuput kajeput a volatile oil, distilled from the leaves of an East Indian tree.
camboge cambogia gamboge a gum resin obtained from the sap of trees of the genus Garcinia, used as a yellow pigment and as a cathartic.
camphine rectified oil of TURPENTINE, used for burning in lamps, and as a common solvent in varnishes.
camphire an old spelling of CAMPHOR.
camphol a rare variety of CAMPHOR, aka BORNEOL.
camphor a solid essential oil derived from camphor laurel. [Malay kapur].
camphoric pertaining to CAMPHOR.
cannabin a resin obtained from the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant, containing the active principle of the drug.
capsicin a red liquid or soft resin extracted from various species of CAPSICUM.
caranna carauna a resinous substance yielded by various S. American trees.
carvacrol a thick oily liquid of a strong taste and disagreeable odor, obtained from oil of caraway.
cerasin the insoluble portion of cherry-gum.
charas churrus the resinous exudation of hashish, a narcotic and intoxicant. Pl. CHARASES, CHURRUSES.
chypre a mixture of resins used in making perfume. [Fr. = Cyprus, where perh. orig. made].
conima a fragrant resin.
copaiba copaiva a transparent resin obtained from S American trees of the genus Copaifera. [Port. copaíba (whence Sp. copaiba) f. Tupi copaiba].
copal a hard resin got from tropical trees. [Sp. f. Nahuatl copalli incense.]
damar dammar a hard resin used in making varnish. [Malay damar, resin].
dextrin dextrine British gum, a gummy mixture obtained from starch.
elemi a fragrant resinous substance obtained from various tropical trees.
eucalyptol eucalyptole a volatile, terpenelike oil extracted from the eucalyptus, and consisting largely of cymene.
euphorbium the resinous gum of certain succulent plants of the genus Euphorbia, formerly used as an emetic and purgative.
frankincense a sweet-smelling resin from Arabia, used as incense; aka OLIBANUM.
frankum the hardened resin of a spruce tree.
galbanum a gum resin exuding from the stems of certain Asiatic umbelliferous plants, mostly species of Ferula. [L. from Gk. chalbane, probably an Eastern word]. Pl. GALBANUMS.
galipot the turpentine that exudes from the cluster pine.
gamboge see CAMBOGE.
gambogian gambogic pertaining to, resembling, or containing, GAMBOGE.
garjan gurjun a thin balsam or wood oil derived from an East Indian tree.
gingeley gingeli gingelli gingelly gingely gingelly gingili jinjili the sesame seed or its oil.
glyptal a kind of alkyd resin.
gurjun see GARJAN.
hasheesh hashish the leaves, shoots and resin of hemp, smoked as an intoxicant.
hing asafoetida, a fetid gum resin.
irone an aromatic oil.
jalapin a glucoside resin, one of the purgative principles of jalap.
jinjili see GINGELEY.
kajeput see CAJAPUT.
kino a red gum containing tannin, obtained from several tropical trees. Pl. KINOS.
labdanum a gum resin gathered from certain Oriental species of Cistus. Also LADANUM.
lac a dark red resin.
ladanum a gum resin gathered from certain Oriental species of Cistus. Also LABDANUM.
mastic mastich mastiche mastix a pale yellow gum resin from certain Mediterranean trees, used for varnish.
menthol a camphor obtained from oil of peppermint.
montan as in montan wax, a hard wax obtained from peat and lignites, and used in polishes.
myrrh a bitter aromatic resinous exudate from the stem of various Arabian and African trees.
myrrhic of, pertaining to, or obtained from, MYRRH.
myrrhol the volatile oil of MYRRH.
myrrhy like myrrh > MYRRHIER, MYRRHIEST.
neroli an oil distilled from orange flowers > NEROLIS.
oleoresin a solution of a resin in an oil.
olibanum an aromatic gum from a N. African tree, formerly used in medicine but now chiefly as incense.
opobalsam balm of Gilead.
opopanax an aromatic gum resin formerly used in medicine; now used in perfume and some incenses. [Gk. opos, juice + panax, a panacea].
ottar see ATTAR.
otto see ATTAR.
podophyllin podophylin a cathartic resin obtained from the rhizomes of a fern .
poonac a kind of oil cake prepared from the coconut, and fed to cattle. [Tamil punnakku].
propolis the resin of tree buds collected by bees. Pl. PROPOLISES.
resin any of a number of substances or products obtained from the sap of certain plants and trees; (verb) to impregnate with resin.
resiniferous bearing resin.
resinify to make or become a resin.
resinise resinize to treat with resin. Also RESINISE.
resinoid like or containing resin.
resinous having a luster resembling that of natural resin.
resinously by means, or in the manner, of resin.
resiny full of resin > RESINIER, RESINIEST
roset rosit rozet rozit (Scots) rosin; (verb) to rosin.
rosetty rosety (Scots) like rosin.
rosin a resin obtained when turpentine is prepared from dead pine wood; (verb) to treat with rosin.
rosinate to apply ROSIN to.
rosinol rosin oil.
rosinous of or like ROSIN.
rosiny like ROSIN, or having its qualities > ROSINIER, ROSINIEST
rosit see ROSET.
rozet see ROSET.
rozit see ROZET.
safrol safrole a colourless oily liquid obtained from SASSAFRAS and used in perfumes, soaps etc.
sagapenum a gum resin, the juice of Ferula persica, formerly used to stimulate menstruation and as an antispasmodic.
sandarac sandarach the resin of a tropical tree, powdered to form pounce and used in making varnish. [L. sandaraca, from Gk. sandarake, -che].
santalol sandalwood oil.
saran a thermoplastic resin.
sarcocolla a Persian gum from Astragalus or other plants, reputed to heal wounds. [Gr sarkokolla, from sarx, sarkos, flesh, and kolla, glue].
spikenard an aromatic oil or balsam yielded by an Indian valerianaceous herb.
stacte a sweet-smelling spice, liquid myrrh, used in incense by the ancient Hebrews. [Gk. staktos, dropping].
storax any of several fragrant resinous exudations from certain trees such as the STYRAX and LIQUIDAMBAR.
styrax an aromatic gum, aka STORAX; the tree yielding this.
tacamahac tacmahack takamaka a gum resin yielded by various tropical trees.
tallol a resinous liquid.
thus frankincense. Pl. THUSES.
tolu a fragrant balsam said to have been first brought from Santiago de Tolu, in New Granada.
tragacanth a kind of gum procured from a spiny leguminous shrub (Astragalus gummifer) of Western Asia, and other species of Astragalus. It comes in hard whitish or yellowish flakes or filaments.
turpentine a viscous resin, orig. that of the TEREBINTH tree, now generally of conifers; (verb) to treat or smear with turpentine.
turps (short for) TURPENTINE >TURPSES.
urushiol a poisonous and irritant oily liquid present in poison ivy and the lacquer tree. [Japanese urushi, lacquer + ol].
vetivert the essential oil of the VETIVER, an East Indian grass.