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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acedia (Greek) sloth, torpor.
bedpresser (Shakesp.) a heavy, lazy fellow.
dawdler one who dawdles.
drone an idler; a continuous low sound (verb) to make a continuous low sound
dronish like a drone; idle.
dronishly (Adv.) DRONISH, like a drone, idle.
drony like a drone; lazy.
faineance (Fr.) doing nothing, being a mere puppet.
faineancy doing nothing, being a mere puppet.
faineant (Fr.) given to do nothing, idle, lazy; (noun) an idle person.
faineantise (Fr.) do-nothing-ness; an indisposition to do anything.
hallian (Scots) a lout or lazy rascal.
hallion (Scots) a lout or lazy rascal.
hallyon (Scots) a lout or lazy rascal.
idle unoccupied (verb) to be unoccupied
idlehood (Arch.) idleness.
idler one that idles.
idlesse idleness.
indolent lazy, lethargic.
indolently (Adv.) INDOLENT, lazy, lethargic.
laggard lagging behind (noun) one who lags behind
laggardly like a laggard.
laggardness the state of being a laggard, one who lags behind.
layabout a lazy person, a loafer.
laze to pass time lazily.
laziness the state of being lazy.
lazy idle (verb) to move lazily
lazybones a lazy person.
lazyish somewhat lazy.
loafer a lazy person; a shoe like a moccasin for casual wear.
loaferish like a loafer, an idle person.
lurdan (Arch.) a dull or sluggish person.
lurdane (Arch.) a dull or sluggish person.
lurden (Arch.) a dull or sluggish person.
lusk (Obs.) to lie about lazily.
luskish (Obs.) inclined to be lazy.
luskishness (Obs.) the state of being luskish, inclined to be lazy.
schlumpy moving in a lazy way.
scrimshank to evade work or duty.
scrimshanker a shirker.
shirker one who shirks.
skivy evading work or duty.
skrimshank to evade work or duty.
skrimshanker one who evades work or duty.
slacker a shirker.
slattery (Dial.) slovenly.
sleepyhead a sleepy person.
sloth idleness; (verb) to spend time slothfully.
slothful sluggish.
slothfully (Adv.) SLOTHFUL, sluggish.
slothfulness the state of being slothful.
sloven an untidy, dirty person.
slovenlike like a sloven.
slovenly like a sloven, habitually untidy or unclean.
slowback (Obs.) a lazy person.
slowcoach a slow or sluggish person.
slowpoke a slow person.
slugabed one who indulges in lying abed.
sluggabed (Shakesp.) one who indulges in lying abed; a sluggard.
sluggard an habitually lazy person.
sluggardise (Shakesp.) to make lazy.
sluggardize (Shakesp.) to make lazy.
sluggardliness the state of being sluggardly.
sluggardly like a sluggard, an habitually lazy person.
sluggardness the state of being sluggard.
sluggish displaying little movement or activity.
sluggishly (Adv.) SLUGGISH, displaying little movement or activity.
sluggishness the state of being sluggish.
sweetman in the Caribbean, a man kept by a woman.
workshy hating or avoiding work; lazy.