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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

arrivisme the state of being an ARRIVISTE, an upstart, a parvenu.
arriviste one who is bent on arriving; i.e. on making a good position for himself in the world; a pushy or ambitious person
blaguer blagueur one who BLAGUES, talks humbug.
buckeen (Irish) a poor man who acts as if wealthy.
buppie buppy a black YUPPIE.
charlatan someone who pretends to have special knowledge or ability, esp one who claims to have medical knowledge.
chichi pretentious, fussy > CHICHIS, CHICHIER, CHICHIEST.
grammaticaster a pretentious grammatical pedant.
hokey overdone, contrived, bogus > HOKIER, HOKIEST; HOKILY.
hokeyness hokiness being HOKEY, overdone, contrived, bogus.
labellist one who wears only clothes with fashionable labels.
medicaster a medical quack.
minnick minnock an affected person; (verb) to be over dainty.
mockney a person who affects a cockney accent.
mountebank a person who sells quack medicines from a platform; a boastful unscrupulous pretender. [Ital. montimbanco, from montare in banco, to mount on a bench].
parvenu one that has suddenly risen to an unaccustomed position of wealth or power and has not yet gained the manner associated with it > PARVENUS.
parvenue a female PARVENU > PARVENUES.
philosophaster an amateur or superficial philosopher.
poetaster a poetical dabbler.
politicaster a petty politician; a pretender in politics.
poseur one (male) who adopts a pretentious pose.
poseuse one (female) who adopts a pretentious pose.
posturer posturist one who postures, strikes attitudes.
preppy vaguely denoting the style and looks of those who attend or wish to seem as if they have attended a prep school > PREPPIER, PREPPIEST; PREPPILY.
pseud pseudo a pretentious, false person.
pseudery falseness, pretension.
pseudish somewhat pseud.
pseudo see PSEUD.
quack a medical charlatan; (verb) to make a noise like a duck.
quackery charlatanism.
quackish like a quack; boasting; characterized by quackery.
quackism quackery.
quacksalver a quack. [From obsolete Dutch (now kwakzalver), from quack (boast) + salve (ointment).]
saltimbanco a mountebank, a quack > SALTIMBANCOS.
sham to feign, pretend.
shammer one who shams; an impostor.
silvertail a wealthy socialite, a social climber.
smatterer one who has only a slight, superficial knowledge; a sciolist.
smoothie smoothy a suave and elegant person.
snob one who tends to avoid or rebuff those regarded as inferior.
snobbish characteristic of a SNOB > SNOBBISHLY.
snobbishness the state of being SNOBBISH.
snobling a little snob.
socialite a person having a place in fashionable society.
sophomoric like a SOPHOMORE; conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature.
starmonger a fortune teller; an astrologer; -- used in contempt.
tartufe tartuffe a hypocrite, esp. one who affects religious piety.
tinhorn a contemptible person, esp. one who is pretentious or flashy > TINHORNS.
trendoid a trendy person.
upstart one with social pretensions; (verb) to start or spring up suddenly.
wanksta a person who acts and dresses like a gangster but is not involved in crime.
wannabe wannabee someone who tries to be associated with an admired person or set of people.
wondermonger one who promises miracles.
yappie yappy a young aspiring professional > YAPPIES.
yumpie a young upwardly mobile person.
yuppie yuppy a young urban professional.
yuppiedom yuppydom the state of being a YUPPIE.
yuppieish like a YUPPIE.
yuppify to make appealing to yuppies; to infuse with the qualities or values of yuppies.
yuppy see YUPPIE.