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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alco (Aust. sl.) a heavy drinker or alcoholic.
alewashed (Shakesp.) affected by drinking beer.
alkie (Coll.) an alcoholic.
alko (Aust. sl.) a heavy drinker or alcoholic.
alky (Coll.) an alcoholic.
antialcohol against alcohol.
arseholed (Coll.) very drunk.
babalas (Zulu) drunk.
babbelas (Zulu) drunk.
bacchanal a drunken reveller.
bacchanalian related to drinking; (noun) a drunken reveller.
barfly a drinker who frequents bars.
bibacious overly fond of drinking.
bibber a tippler.
bibulous inclined to drink; of or relating to drink or drinking.
bibulously (Adv.) BIBULOUS, inclined to drink.
blatted (slang) drunk.
blootered (Scots) drunk.
blotto (Sl.) drunk.
boose (Obs.) to drink immoderately.
booze alcoholic drink (verb) to drink immoderately
boozehound (Coll.) an alcoholic.
boozer (Sl.) a drunkard.
boozey inclined to booze, drunken.
boozily (Adv.) BOOZY, inclined to booze.
booziness the state of being boozy.
boozy inclined to booze, drunken.
borachio (Spanish) a Spanish wineskin; a drunken fellow.
bousy drunken, boozy.
bowse to drink immoderately.
brannigan (US slang) a drinking spree.
capernoited slightly intoxicated or tipsy.
cockeyed drunk.
cougan (Aust. sl.) a rowdy drunkard.
crocked drunk.
crunked krunked excited or intoxicated.
dipso (Short for) a dipsomaniac, one addicted to drink.
dipsomania an abnormal craving for alcohol.
dipsomaniac one addicted to drink.
dipsomaniacal relating to dipsomania.
dronklap (Afrikaans) a drunkard.
drucken (Scots) drunken.
druckenness the state of being drucken.
drunk intoxicated (noun) a drunkard
drunkard one who gets habitually drunk.
drunken drunk.
drunkenly (Adv.) DRUNKEN, drunk.
drunkenness the state of being drunken.
drunkish somewhat drunk.
ebriate intoxicated.
ebriated intoxicated.
ebriety intoxication.
ebriose intoxicated.
ebriosity addiction to drink; habitual drunkenness.
fap (Shakesp.) fuddled or drunk.
fou (Scots) drunk (noun) a bushel
fuddler a drunkard.
fuzzle (Dial.) to intoxicate, confuse, muddle.
habitual according to habit (noun) someone who has a habit eg a drunkard, a drug-taker
habitually (Adv.) HABITUAL, according to habit.
inebriant something that inebriates.
inebriate to make drunk.
inebriety drunkenness.
inebrious drunk; causing intoxication.
insobriety want of sobriety.
ivresse (Fr.) drunkenness.
jakey (Scots) a homeless alcoholic.
juicehead (Sl.) an alcoholic.
kaylied (Sl.) intoxicated.
krunked excited or intoxicated.
lagered (Coll.) drunk.
langered (Coll.) drunk.
legless (Coll.) drunk.
lush luxuriant (noun) an alcoholic (verb) to ply with alcohol
lusher one who overindulges in alcohol.
lushy tipsy; (noun) a drunkard
maltworm (Shakesp.) a tippler.
methysis drunkenness.
methystic intoxicating.
moppy (Obs. sl.) drunk.
mullered (Coll.) drunk.
munted drunk.
nephalism total abstinence from alcoholic drinks.
nephalist one who advocates or practices nephalism, total abstinence from alcoholic drinks.
paralytic (Sl.) very drunk.
pisshead (Sl.) a heavy drinker.
plonko (Aust. sl.) an alcoholic esp one who drinks wine.
plotzed (US sl.) drunk.
quaffer one who quaffs, or drinks largely.
rubbydub (Sl.) an alcoholic who will substitute any liquid inebriant should ethanol become unavailable, including rubbing alcohol.
rumdum an alcoholic.
rumpot an alcoholic.
scozza (Aust. sl.) a rowdy person, esp one the worse for drink.
shickered (Aust. sl.) drunk.
shikkered (Aust. sl,.) drunk.
shitfaced (Sl.) drunk.
sot a habitual drunkard; (verb) to play the sot.
sottedly (Adv.) SOTTED, drunk.
sottish foolish, befuddled.
sottishly (Adv.) SOTTISH, foolish, befuddled.
sottishness the state of being sottish.
souser a drunkard.
sozzly sozzled.
squiff (Coll.) tipsy, drunk.
squiffed (Coll.) tipsy, drunk.
squiffy (Coll.) tipsy, drunk.
stewbum a drunken bum.
stinko (Sl.) drunk.
stocious (Sl.) Irish slang for drunk, intoxicated.
stotious (Sl.) Irish slang for drunk, intoxicated.
stukkend (S. Afr.) broken or wrecked; drunk.
suiplap (S. Afr.) a drunkard.
swacked drunk.
swipey fuddled with malt liquor.
swizzler a drunkard.
temulence intoxication.
temulency intoxication.
temulent intoxicated, drunken.
temulently (Adv.) TEMULENT, intoxicated, drunken.
tiddley slightly drunk (noun) an alcoholic drink
tiddly slightly drunk (noun) an alcoholic drink
tippler one who tipples, drinks alcohol constantly in small quantities.
tipsify to make tipsy.
tipsily (Adv.) TIPSY, mildly inebriated.
tipsiness the state of being tipsy.
tipsy mildly inebriated.
toper a drunkard.
tosspot a toper, a drunkard.
turnt (US) intoxicated.
undrunk not drunk.
unsober not sober (verb) to make unregulated or unrefined in manners
unsoberly (Adv.) UNSOBER, not sober.
vinolent (Obs.) addicted to wine.
whiskeyfied intoxicated.
whiskified intoxicated.
winebibber a person who drinks a great deal of wine.
wino (Sl.) an alcoholic.
woozily (Adv.) WOOZY, slightly drunk or confused.
woozy slightly drunk or confused.