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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accordion a musical instrument played by squeezing.
aerophone any wind instrument.
aerophore a device for playing a wind instrument.
alpenhorn alphorn a long powerful horn used by Alpine cowherds.
althorn an instrument of the saxhorn family, used exclusively in military music, often replacing the French horn.
angklung anklong anklung a musical instrument of S. Asia, composed of bamboo tubes.
antara a type of Andean panpipes. [Am. Sp. from Quechua].
apollonicon a gigantic barrel organ, partly automatic.
archlute a large double-necked bass lute.
armonica harmonica a mouth-organ; also, an instrument composed of a soundbox and hanging strips of glass or metal, struck by a hammer.
arpeggione an early 19th century bowed stringed instrument.
atabal a cylindrical double-headed bass drum of the Basque region.
aulos an ancient Greek wind instrument > AULOI.
autoharp a zither with a keyboard chord-making mechanism which mutes unwanted strings.
bagpipe a wind instrument consisting of a bag fitted with pipes, usu consisting of a chanter and some drones.
bagpiping playing the bagpipe. N.B. there is no BAGPIPED*.
balafon a musical instrument of Africa.
banjolele a four-stringed musical instrument with a neck like a ukulele and a body like a banjo.
balalaika a Russian musical instrument, like a guitar, with triangular body and three strings.
bandoleon bandoneon bandonion a kind of button accordion popular in S. America.
bandore bandora pandora pandore pandura an ancient lute.
bandura a Ukrainian twelve-stringed instrument of the lute family.
banjo a stringed musical instrument with a head and neck like a guitar and a body like a tambourine, played with the fingers or with a plectrum > BANJOS or BANJOES.
banjulele a small banjo with gut strings.
baryton a kind of SAXOPHONE.
bassoon a large woodwind instrument formed of a long jointed wooden pipe.
bazouki bousouki bouzouki buzuki a Greek long-necked lute with 3 or 4 double courses of metal strings.
beatbox a drum machine; (verb) to use a beatbox > BEATBOXED.
berimbau a Brazilian single-stringed bowed instrument, used to accompany CAPOEIRA > BERIMBAUS.
bichord of a musical instruments, having two strings, especially two strings for each note.
biniou a small high-pitched Breton bagpipe > BINIOUS.
bodhran a shallow one-side drum used in Gaelic music. The 'dh' is silent.
bombarde an alto wind instrument similar to the oboe.
bombardon a brass instrument, the lowest of the saxhorns, in tone resembling the ophicleide.
bourdon the drone bass of a bagpipe or organ.
bousouki see BAZOUKI.
bouzouki see BAZOUKI.
buccina a Roman curved trumpet > BUCCINAS.
bugle a treble instrument with or without keys, usu made of copper, similar to the trumpet, but having the bell less expanded; (verb) to play the bugle.
buglet a small bugle.
bullroarer a wooden slat attached to a thong that makes a roaring sound when the thong is whirled: used esp. by native Australians in religious rites.
buzuki see BAZOUKI.
calliope a keyboard instrument similar to an organ, driven by steam. [From Calliope, the Muse that presides over eloquence and heroic poetry; mother of Orpheus, and chief of the nine Muses].
capodastro capotastro a moveable bridge secured over the fingerboard and strings of a guitar > CAPODASTROS, CAPOTASTROS.
carillon a chime of bells diatonically tuned, played by clockwork or by finger keys; (verb) to play a chime of bells > CARILLONED/CARILLONNED.
carnyx a long war trumpet used by the Celts.
castanet either of a pair of hollow shell-shaped pieces of ivory or hard wood, bound by a band on the thumb, and struck by the finger to produce a clicking sound used as an accompaniment to Spanish dances and guitars.
celesta a keyboard with bell-like tones.
celeste a soft pedal on a piano.
cello a stringed musical instrument, in full VIOLONCELLO > CELLOS or CELLI.
cembalo a harpsichord > CEMBALOS or CEMBALI.
chalumeau an early rustic reed instrument that developed into the clarinet; now used to refer to the low register of the clarinet > CHALUMEAUX.
chanterelle the treble string of a musical instrument, such as a violin or lute.
charango a small S. American ten-stringed instrument, made from the shell of an armadillo > CHARANGOS.
chevalet the bridge of a stringed instrument.
chitarrone a large lute-like instrument with a long neck > CHITARRONI.
chordophone any instrument in which a string vibrates to produce a sound.
cimbalom a hammered dulcimer, native to Hungary.
cithara kithara an ancient Greek musical instrument like a lyre.
cither cithern cithren cittern an instrument shaped like a lute, but strung with wire and played with a quill or plectrum.
citola citole an early form of the CITHER.
cittern see CITHER.
clairschach clarsach a Scottish folk harp.
clarabella an organ stop having a sweet fluty tone.
claribella an organ stop having a sweet fluty tone. Also CLARABELLA.
clarichord clavichord a old musical instrument, formerly in use, in the form of a spinet.
clarinet a wind instrument, blown by a single reed.
clarino a reed stop in an organ > CLARINI or CLARINOS.
clarion a musical instrument, a trumpet; (verb) to sound a note on a mediaeval trumpet.
clarionet clarinet.
clarsach see CLAIRSHEACH.
clavecin the harpsichord.
clavicembalo a harpsichord > CLAVICEMBALOS.
clavichord see CLARICHORD.
clavicytherium harpsichord-like musical instrument > CLAVICYTHERIA.
clavier klavier the keyboard of a musical instrument; a stringed keyboard instrument, esp the clavichord or the pianoforte.
claxon klaxon a loud mechanical horn.
cobza a Romanian folk instrument.
concertina a (usu hexagonal) musical instrument consisting of a pair of bellows; (verb) to fold up like a concertina.
contrabass contrabasso contrabbasso counterbase the double bass.
contrabassoon a musical instrument playing an octave below the bassoon.
contrafagotto another name for the CONTRABASSOON > CONTRAFAGOTTOS or CONTRAFAGOTTI.
cornemuse a French mouth blown bagpipe with chanter and small drone in one stock, and a separate large drone.
cornet a treble brass valve instrument, more tapering than the trumpet; also, an old woodwind instrument, in latter sense with variant CORNETT.
cornett see CORNET.
cornettino an instrument of the cornet family > CORNETTINI or CORNETTINOS.
cornetto an old woodwind instrument, now revived for performances of early music > CORNETTI or CORNETTOS.
corno the French horn > CORNOS.
cornopean an obsolete name for the cornet-a-piston.
cornpipe a musical instrument made of a stalk of oat or other cereal.
cowbell a bell hung round the neck of a cow.
cremona cremorne cromorna cromorne crumhorn krumhorn krummhorn an ancient double-reed wind instrument.
crotale a small cymbal.
crotalum a clapper or castanet used in ancient religious rites > CROTALA.
crumhorn see CREMONA.
crwth an old Celtic musical instrument. [Welsh crwth].
cuatro a small guitar-like instrument of Latin America.
curtal an early form of the BASSOON.
cymbal a musical instrument.
cymbalo the dulcimer > CYMBALOES or CYMBALOS.
cymbalom a kind of zither, used in Hungary.
daiko taiko a large Japanese drum.
decachord an old ten-stringed musical instrument.
dhol a large cylindrical drum used in Indian music.
dholak a two-headed Indian drum.
diapason a foundation-stop of an organ (open or stopped diapason) extending through its whole range; also, the whole range or compass of tones.
dichord a musical instrument with two strings. Cf. BICHORD, but BICHORD is adjectival only.
didgeridoo didjeridoo didjeridu a native Australian musical instrument.
digitorium a silent piano for practicing > DIGITORIUMS.
dital a thumb key for sharpening a lute or guitar string by a semitone.
djembe a W. African drum played by beating with the hand.
dobro a type of acoustic guitar with a metal resonator built into the body > DOBROS.
dolce a soft-toned organ stop > DOLCES.
drone the bass-pipe of a BAGPIPE.
droome (Spenser) a drum.
drum a percussion instrument, a skin stretched on a frame; (verb) to play a drum, make a sound like a drum.
drumbeat the sound of a drum.
drumhead the stretched skin or membrane of a drum.
drumlike like a drum.
drumroll a series of notes on a drum.
drumstick a stick with which a drum is beaten.
dulcet a soft-toned organ stop.
dulcian a small bassoon.
dulciana an open diapason organ stop of pleasing tone and small scale.
dulcimer dulcimore a musical instrument like a flat box, with sounding board and wires stretched across bridges.
embouchure the position and use of the lips in producing a musical tone on a wind instrument.
erhu A Chinese two-stringed musical instrument, played with a bow.
euphon a form of glass harmonica. [Gk. euphonia, from eu, well + phone, sound].
euphonium a musical instrument like a tuba but with somewhat higher pitch > EUPHONIUMS.
fagotto a bassoon > FAGOTTI or FAGOTTOS.
fallboard a cover for a piano keyboard.
fiddlestick a violin bow; (interj.) nonsense.
fife a high-pitched flute; (verb) to play a fife.
fingerboard the part of a violin, etc against which the strings are stopped by the fingers.
fingerhole a hole in a wind instrument for putting the fingers in to modify the pitch.
fipple a plug in the mouthpiece of a wind instrument.
flageolet a small flute or recorder with two thumb holes; a kind of bean.
fluegelhorn a musical instrument.
fluework the flue pipes collectively.
flugel a grand piano or a harpsichord, both being wing-shaped.
flugelhorn a bugle with valves.
flute a wind instrument, esp either of two types consisting of a wooden or metal tube with holes stopped by the fingertips or by keys; (verb) to play the flute.
flutelike like a flute.
flutina a kind of accordion.
fluty like a flute in tone > FLUTIER, FLUTIEST.
flutey like a flute in tone > FLUTEYER, FLUTEYEST.
fortepiano the 18C name for an early type of piano.
fretboard a fingerboard with frets on a stringed musical instrument.
fretless of a musical instrument, without frets.
fuzzbox an electronic device used to distort the sound of eg an electric guitar.
fuzztone a device for distorting the sound of an electric guitar.
gamba (abbrev. of) viola da gamba; also, an organ-stop of stringlike quality.
gaita a Spanish bagpipe.
gamelan an instrument resembling a xylophone.
gazoo gazooka kazoo a musical instrument consisting of a tube that makes a humming sound when breathed into.
gedact gedeckt a flutelike organ stop.
gemshorn a chamois horn; an early wind instrument.
gittarone an acoustic bass guitar > GITTARONES.
gittern an early plucked gut-stringed musical instrument of the guitar kind; (verb) to play on the GITTERN.
gju gu gue a kind of violin formerly used in the Shetlands. [ON gigja].
glockenspiel a musical instrument, a set of bells. [G. Glocken, bells, + Spiel, play].
gong a metal disc, usu rimmed, that sounds when struck or rubbed with a drumstick; (verb) to summon by sounding a gong.
gonglike like a gong.
gu see GJU.
gue see GJU.
guqin qin a kind of Chinese zither with silken strings.
guimbard a Jew's-harp.
guiro a notched gourd used as a percussion instrument in Latin America > GUIROS.
guitar a fretted musical instrument, usu six-stringed with a waisted body and a flat back.
gusla gusle gusli a one-stringed Balkan musical instrument.
gutbucket a home-made bass fiddle with a single string.
handbell a bell held in the hand and played by shaking.
harmonica see ARMONICA.
harmonicon a small, flat, wind instrument, in which the notes are produced by the vibration of free metallic reeds.
harmoniphon harmoniphone a keyboard wind instrument with reeds.
harmonium a keyboard instrument in which reeds are made to vibrate by air from a pedal-operated bellows.
harp a musical instrument played by plucking strings stretched from a curved neck to an inclined soundboard; (verb) to play the harp.
harpsichord a musical instrument.
hautboy an archaic name for OBOE. (Also a large kind of strawberry, with variant HAUTBOIS or HAUBOIS).
heckelphone an instrument of the OBOE family.
helicon a large circular brass tuba that fits around the player's shoulder.
humbucker a twin-coil guitar pickup.
humstrum a hurdy-gurdy or other musical instrument.
idiophone a percussion instrument made of naturally resonant material.
idiophonic relating to an IDIOPHONE, a percussion instrument, such as a cymbal or xylophone, made of naturally sonorous material.
joanna a PIANO.
kalimba a musical instrument played with the thumbs, consisting of metal strips along a small hollow piece of wood.
kantela kantele a kind of zither.
kaval a kind of flute played in the Balkans.
kazoo see GAZOO.
kettledrum a drum made of thin copper in the form of a hemispherical kettle, with parchment stretched over the mouth of it.
keybugle a bugle with keys.
kit a small pocket violin.
kithara see CITHARA.
klavier see CLAVIER.
klaxon see CLAXON.
kora a West African musical instrument.
koto a kind of musical instrument > KOTOS.
krumhorn see CREMONA.
krummhorn see CREMONA.
lagerphone a percussion instrument using the tops of beer bottles to make a jingling noise when struck or shaken.
langspel langspiel langspil an old Shetland cithern.
lituus a J-shaped Roman trumpet > LITUUSES.
lur a Bronze Age trumpet.
lutelike like a lute.
lyra as in lyra viol, a lutelike instrument forerunner of the mandolin. No —S.
lyre a musical instrument like the harp, used esp in ancient Greece as an accompaniment to poetry.
lyricon an electronic wind instrument like a large obverse flute.
mandola mandora an ancient lute, a large MANDOLINE.
mandolin mandoline a musical instrument of the lute kind.
mandora see MANDOLA.
manzello a musical instrument like the soprano saxophone > MANZELLOS.
maraca a kind of gourd, used as a musical instrument.
marimba an instrument resembling a xylophone. [African origin].
mbira an African musical instrument played with the thumbs.
mellophone a brass wind instrument resembling the French horn.
mellotron an electronic keyboard instrument programmed to produce the tape-recorder sounds of orchestral insruments.
melodeon melodion a small reed organ.
melodia a type of organ stop.
melodica a small wind instrument with a mouthpiece at one end and a keyboard. [Portmanteau of MELODEON + HARMONICA].
melodion see MELODEON.
metallophone an instrument like a xylophone with metal bars, the hammers being operated by hand or by means of a keyboard.
metronome a mechanical device which indicates the exact tempo of a piece of music by producing a clicking sound from a pendulum with an adjustable period of swing.
mirliton a musical instrument resembling a kazoo; any instrument in which a sound is given a nasal quality by means of a vibrating membrane.
monochord a musical instrument having only one string.
montre the visible pipes of an organ, usu. the open diapason.
mortbell a funeral bell.
mridamgam mridang mridanga mridangam a two-headed Indian drum, one head being larger than the other.
musette a small bagpipe formerly in use, having a soft and sweet tone.
naker a kettle-drum.
nasard an organ mutation stop.
nebel a Hebrew instrument, apparently a harp.
ngoma a type of drum.
oboe a double-reed treble woodwind instrument.
ocarina an egg-shaped flute-like wind instrument. [Ital. ocarina, dim. of oca, goose].
octachord an instrument of eight strings; a system of eight tones.
oompahpah imitating the sound of a tuba.
ophicleide a bass bugle-like keyed brass musical instrument.
orchestrina orchestrion a name given to various keyboard or barrel organ instruments designed to imitate an orchestra.
organistrum an early musical instrument resembling the hurdy-gurdy.
orpharion orphareon a large lute-like stringed instrument with six to nine metal strings. [From Orpheus and Arion, mythical musicians].
ottavino the PICCOLO > OTTAVINOS.
oud a stringed instrument of Northern Africa, akin to the lute.
pandora see BANDORA.
pandore see BANDORA.
pandura see BANDORA.
panharmonicon a mechanical musical instrument mimicking an orchestra.
panpipe a musical instrument.
pantaleon a kind of large dulcimer with one or two hundred strings of metal and gut.
pavillon the bell of a wind instrument. [Fr. pavillon, pavilion].
pedalier a pedal-board attached to a piano for the base strings.
pegbox the part of some stringed instruments that holds the tuning pegs.
pennywhistle a cheap toy whistle orig. sold for a penny.
pentachord an ancient musical instrument with five strings.
phonofiddle a one-stringed musical instrument which emits sounds through a metal amplifying horn.
phorminx a kind of lyre used by the Greeks > PHORMINGES.
photophone an apparatus for the production of sound by the action of rays of light.
photophony the art or practice of using the PHOTOPHONE.
pianette a small upright piano.
pianino a small piano, a PIANETTE > PIANINOS.
pianoforte a large keyboard musical instrument having metal strings struck by hammers and stopped by dampers, with two or three pedals to regulate the volume or length of the notes. [Ital. piano, soft, + forte, loud].
pianola a type of piano player.
pianoless lacking a piano.
piccolo a small, shrill flute, the pitch of which is an octave higher than the ordinary flute > PICCOLOS.
piffero a type of oboe, a SHAWM; also, a bagpipe with an inflated sheepskin for the reservoir > PIFFEROS.
pitchbend a device that enables a player to bend the pitch of a note on a synthesiser.
pitchpipe a small pipe used to pitch the voice or tune strings.
plectre plectron plectrum a pick for stringed instruments. The pl. of PLECTRUM is PLECTRA or PLECTRUMS.
plinky Of a high pitched sound from a stringed instrument when plucked > PLINKIER, PLINKIEST.
ponticello the bridge of a stringed instrument.
poogye the nose flute of the Hindus. [Hindi pugi].
portative a portable organ.
posaune the trombone.
positif a feature on older organs, manually controlling soft stops.
psaltery psaltry an ancient stringed musical instrument.
pulsatile pulsative of musical instruments, played by percussion.
pulsatively (adv.) PULSATIVE, of musical instruments, played by percussion.
pyramidon an organ-stop with pipes like inverted pyramids.
pyrophone an organ producing interference-tones by pairs of flames in tubes.
qin see GUQIN.
quena a type of bamboo flute from the Andes.
quint a five-stringed tenor viol.
rackett an old wind instrument of the double bassoon kind, having VENTAGES but not keys.
rainstick a musical instrument consisting of a tube filled with sand or pebbles, which is inverted to produce a sound.
rastrum a music-pen.
rebec rebeck a medieval musical instrument like a mandolin or viol.
reedstop an organ stop that is made up of or that controls a rank of reed pipes.
regal a small portable organ.
requintoTD> a type of small guitar.
rhombos a bull-roarer > RHOMBOI.
ribibe ribible a small three-stringed viol; a REBEC. A RIBIBE can also mean 'an old crone'.
rimshot the deliberate simultaneous striking of skin and rim of drum.
rotte a mediaeval stringed instrument.
sacbut sackbut sagbut a mediaeval music instrument.
salicet salicional an organ stop with a tone like a willow pipe.
sambuca sambuke an ancient triangular stringed instrument.
samisen shamisen a banjo-like Japanese 3-stringed instrument.
sancho sanko a West African guitar > SANCHOS, SANKOS.
sang a Chinese organ played by mouth.
sanko see SANCHO.
sansa zanza zanze an African musical instrument, aka MBIRA.
santir santour santur santoor an Eastern dulcimer.
sarangi an Indian stringed insrument, played like a fiddle.
sarod sarode an Indian instrument like a cello.
sarrusophone a double-reeded musical instrument resembling the bassoon.
saxhorn a brass wind instrument with a long winding tube and a bell opening. [From Antoine or Adolphe Sax].
saxophone a jazz and dance band instrument with a reed, an S-shaped (properly metal) tube, and about twenty finger-keys.
saxtuba a large bass SAXHORN.
saz a stringed instrument of Turkey and the Middle East > SAZES or SAZZES.
seraphine a kind of small reed organ or harmonium.
serinette a small barrel-organ for training songbirds.
sesquialter a mixture stop on an organ.
shakuhachi a Japanese bamboo flute.
shalm shawm an ancient oboe-like musical instrument.
shamisen see SAMISEN.
shawm see SHALM.
shehnai shenai a double-reed wind instrument of India.
shofar shophar a ram's horn trumpet used in Jewish ceremonies > SHOFARS or SHOFROTH; SHOPHARS or SHOPHROTH.
sistrum a kind of rattle, consisting of a wooden or metal frame fitted with loose strips of metal and disks which jingled when moved > SISTRA or SISTRUMS.
sitar sittar an Indian musical instrument. [Urdu sitar, f. sih three + tar string].
sonometer a musical instrument having only one string, aka MONOCHORD.
sordine sordino sourdine a mute or damper. The plural of SORDINO is SORDINI.
soundpost a small post on guitars, violins etc. that joins the front surface to the back.
sourdeline a small bagpipe.
sousaphone a musical instrument similar to a tuba.
spinet spinette spinnet a musical instrument like a small harpsichord.
squiffer a concertina.
sticcado sticcato an instrument like a xylophone > STICCADOS or STICCADOES; STICCATOS or STICCATOES.
stockhorn a primitive Scottish musical instrument made of a cow's horn, a sheep's thigh bone or elder pipe, with stops and a single reed.
strad a violin made by Stradivarius.
stylophone a type of battery-powered electronic instrument played with a steel-tipped penlike stylus.
subbass a pedal stop producing the lowest note on an organ.
surbahar an Indian stringed instrument, larger than a sitar.
swazzle swozzle an instrument consisting of two convex pieces of metal, placed in the mouth to make the voice of Mr Punch.
symbole a cymbal.
symphonion a combination of piano and harmonium.
taber tabor tabour a light medieval drum buckled onto the player's chest; (verb) to play on this.
tabla an Indian percussion instrument, a pair of small drums.
taborin taborine , tabourin a small drum longer in body than the TABOR.
tabour see TABER.
tabourin see TABORIN.
taiko see DAIKO.
tambour a drum of various types; a circular embroidery frame; (verb) to embroider on a tambour.
tamboura tambur tambura an Eastern stringed instrument, used to produce a drone.
tambourin a long, narrow, Provencal drum; a two-beat dance style, accompanied by a tambourin.
tambourine a shallow single-headed drum with jingles fitted round its rim, played on by beating or tapping with the hand.
tambur see TAMBOURA.
tambura see TAMBOURA.
tamburin (Spenser) a tambourine.
tassa a large Indian kettledrum worn hanging round the neck.
tenoroon an obsolete tenor bassoon.
theorbo a double-necked lute > THEORBOS. [Ital. tiorba].
theremin an electronic musical instrument. [From Léon Thérémin (b. 1896), Russian engineer, its inventor].
thumbpiece a piece that is pressed by the thumb or receives the thumb.
timbale tymbal a kind of kettledrum.
timbrel a kind of drum, tabor, or tabret, in use from the highest antiquity.
timpano tympano a kettledrum; -- chiefly used in the plural TIMPANI or TYMPANI to denote the kettledrums of an orchestra.
timps = TIMPANI, small drums. N.B. no TIMP*.
tirasse a pedal-coupler in an organ.
tonette a kind of simple flute.
trem a lever on an electric guitar for producing a tremolo.
triangle a musical instrument of percussion, formed of a steel rod bent in a triangle form.
trichord an instrument, as a lyre or harp, having three strings.
trombone a brass musical wind instrument, consisting of a tube bent twice on itself, with a slide.
trumpet an orchestral, military and signalling wind instrument of powerful and brilliant tone; (verb) to make a sound of or as of a trumpet.
trumpetlike resembling a trumpet.
tuba an ancient trumpet > TUBAS or TUBAE.
tundun turndun an Australian bull-roarer, an oblong slip of wood, whirled at the end of a string to give a loud whirring noise.
tymbal see TIMBAL.
tympan any drum-like instrument; a TYMPANUM.
tympano see TIMPANO.
uillean uilleann as in uillean pipes, a kind of bagpipes developed in Ireland and operated by squeezing bellows under the arm.
uke ukelele ukulele a small four-stringed guitar originating in Hawaii but developed from an earlier Portuguese instrument. [Hawaiian 'jumping flea'].
veena vina an Indian stringed instrument.
ventage ventige a finger-hole, as in a flute.
ventil a valve for giving sounds intermediate between the open harmonics in wind instruments.
vibraharp vibraphone an instrument having metal bars under which are electrically-operated resonators, played by striking the bars with small hammers.
victrola a type of gramophone.
vielle a French name for the Hurdy Gurdy, a mechanical development of the violin (also once known as a Vielle) with the strings vibrated by a wheel, and keys stopping the strings.
vihuela an old Spanish musical instrument related to the guitar.
vina see VEENA.
viol any member of a class of stringed instruments, forerunners of the violin class.
viola a tenor fiddle, slightly bigger than the violin, tuned a fifth lower.
violin the smallest of the modern stringed instruments with four strings tuned in fifths, held under the chin and played with a bow.
violoncello a musical instrument, aka CELLO > VIOLONCELLI or VIOLONCELLOS.
violone a double-bass viol > VIOLONES.
virginal a small, legless, 16th and 17th C. harp; (verb) to play on the virginal.
vocalion a musical instrument resembling a harmonium.
vuvuzela a South African instrument blown by football fans.
waldflute an organ flute stop of 4 feet in length.
waldhorn a French valveless hunting horn.
windbell a light bell made to be sounded by the wind.
wippen the part of a piano hammer raised when a note is played.
wokka as in wokka board, a piece of fibreboard used as a musical instrument.
woodwind any orchestral wind instrument other than the brass instruments.
xylophone a musical percussion instrument consisting of a graduated series of wooden bars, usu. played by striking with two small round-ended hammers.
xylorimba a combination of xylophone and marimba.
yidaki a long wooden wind instrument played by the Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land > YIDAKIS.
zambomba a Spanish musical instrument consisting of parchment over a jar.
zampogna an Italian bagpipe with 2 drones and 2 conical chanters, all in one stock.
zanza see SANSA.
zanze see SANSA.
zel an Oriental cymbal.
zeze a stringed musical instrument of Africa.
zill one of a pair of finger cymbals.
zinke an old wind instrument, like a cornet.
zither zithern a musical instrument of strings stretched over a horizontal sounding board and plucked with a plectrum.
zuffolo zufolo a small flute used to train songbirds > ZUFFOLI, ZUFOLI or ZUFOLOS.