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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ambler one who ambles.
bummel (Ger.) a stroll; a leisurely journey.
dacker (Scots) to lounge, saunter.
daiker (Scots) to lounge, saunter.
daker (Scots) to lounge, saunter.
dallier one who dallies.
dally to waste time.
dander (Dial.) to stroll, saunter.
daunder (Dial.) to stroll, saunter.
dauner (Dial.) to stroll, saunter.
dawdle to waste time.
dawdlingly (Adv.) DAWDLING.
dawner (Dial.) to stroll, saunter.
dillydally to loiter or trifle.
drumble (Dial.) to dawdle, move sluggishly.
faddle to trifle; to toy.
farnarkel (Aust. sl.) to waste time, mess about.
flane to walk idly, saunter.
flanerie (Fr.) aimless idling, dawdling.
fribble (Obs.) to trifle.
fribbler (Obs.) a trifler.
frivol to act frivolously, to trifle.
futz (Yiddish) to spend time aimlessly.
gad to wander about idly.
galavant to roam about for pleasure without any definite plan.
galivant to roam about for pleasure without any definite plan.
gallivant to roam about for pleasure without any definite plan.
hawm (Dial.) to lounge about.
jauk to dawdle.
lagger a person who lags behind.
laggingly (Adv.) LAGGING.
lallygag to spend time idly, aimlessly, or foolishly; to dawdle.
lig to lie.
linger to delay leaving.
loaf a shaped mass of bread (verb) to pass time idly
loiter to stand idly about.
loiterer one that loiters.
loiteringly (Adv.) LOITERING.
lollygag to spend time idly, aimlessly, or foolishly; to dawdle.
mosey to saunter.
otiose futile, idle.
otiosely (Adv.) OTIOSE, futile, idle.
otioseness the state of being otiose.
otiosity leisure; indolence.
overidle too idle.
poddle (Dial.) to amble.
pootle to proceed in a relaxed manner.
potterer one who potters.
putter to potter.
putterer one who putters.
quiddle (Dial.) to trifle.
saunter to walk in a leisurely manner.
saunterer one who saunters.
saunteringly (Adv.) SAUNTERING.
shamble an awkward walk (verb) to walk awkwardly
shambly shambling.
shool (Dial.) to saunter, skulk.
shoole (Dial.) to saunter, skulk.
shule (Dial.) to saunter, skulk.
slouch a loose, ungainly stooping gait (verb) to sit, stand, or move with a drooping posture
sloucher one who slouches.
slouchily (Adv.) SLOUCHY, slouching.
slouchiness the state of being slouchy.
slouching loose, ungainly.
slouchingly (Adv.) SLOUCHING.
slouchy slouching.
slummock to move slowly and awkwardly.
snail any terrestrial or air-breathing gastropod mollusc with a well-developed coiled shell (verb) to move very slowly
stravage to wander about idly.
stravaig (Scots) to wander aimlessly.
stravaiger (Scots) a wanderer, idler.
strayve (Dial.) to wander aimlessly.
stroam to wander about idly and vacantly.
stroll a leisurely walk; (verb) to walk in a leisurely manner.
stroller one who strolls.
sweer (Scots) slothful; grievous, heavy; (verb) to swear.
sweered (Scots) slothful; grievous, heavy.
sweert (Scots) slothful; grievous, heavy.
sweir (Scots) slothful; grievous, heavy (verb) to swear
sweirness (Scots) sloth.
sweirt (Scots) slothful; grievous, heavy.
tardily (Adv.) TARDY, late.
tardiness the state of being tardy.
tardy late (verb, Shakesp.) to retard
tarriance (Arch.) delay, dallying.
tarrier one who tarries.
tarry like tar (verb) to linger
toit to saunter.
toyer one who toys, a trifler.
waddler one who waddles.