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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aerogel a highly porous solid.
asbestic of or like asbestos.
asbestiform of or like asbestos.
asbestine of or like asbestos.
asbestos (Greek) a fine fibrous form of certain minerals.
beeswax wax secreted by bees as material for their combs, used as a polish etc; (verb) to polish with beeswax.
blacktop bituminous material used for surfacing roads; (verb) to surface with this.
borsic a strong light compound of boron and silicon carbide used in the aviation industry.
bricken (Obs.) made of brick.
brize furnace refuse used in making breeze blocks.
buna a kind of artificial rubber made from butadiene.
canvaslike like canvas.
catgut the intestine of a cat, used eg for stringing violins.
cellophane (Tradename) a tough transparent wrapping material.
ceraceous resembling wax.
cereous waxy.
colophony rosin.
crystal a transparent mineral.
cutcha (Hindi) made of dried mud, makeshift.
earthen made of earth.
earthflax asbestos.
ebonite black vulcanized rubber.
electrocement cement made in an electric furnace by adding lime to molten slag.
ferroconcrete reinforced concrete.
gauzelike like gauze.
hyaline glassy, of or like glass, transparent; (noun, Milton) a glassy transparent surface.
intermetallic composed of two or more metals or of a metal and a nonmetal; (noun) an intermetallic material.
kacha (Hindi) made of dried mud, makeshift.
kachcha (Hindi) made of dried mud, makeshift.
kuchcha (Hindi) made of dried mud, makeshift.
kutcha (Hindi) made of dried mud, makeshift.
lammer (Scots) amber.
lampblack a finely divided form of almost pure carbon produced by the incomplete combustion of organic compounds; (verb) to blacken with lampblack.
leatherette (Tradename) imitation leather.
linkwork a fabric consisting of links made of metal or other material fastened together.
lino linoleum.
linoleum (Tradename) a sheet material made of hessian, jute, etc..
lithic of or pertaining to stone; as, lithic architecture.
lithoid like stone.
lithoidal like stone.
metal any of various elementary substances with particular properties; (adj.) made of metal (verb) to cover with metal
metalise to make metal.
metalize to make metal.
metalline of, like, consisting of, or mixed with, metal.
metallise to impart metallic properties to; to impregnate with a metal.
metallize to impart metallic properties to; to impregnate with a metal.
metally (Adv.) METAL, made of metal.
mylar (Tradename) a strong polyester film.
naugahyde a type of vinyl-coated fabric.
neoprene (Tradename) an oil-resisting and heat-resisting synthetic rubber.
nonrubber not made of rubber.
nonwoven not woven; (noun) a material that is not woven.
nylon a synthetic material; a stocking made from this.
oilskin cloth waterproofed with oil.
pannose like felt.
paulin (US) a sheet of waterproof material.
perspex (Tradename) any of various clear acrylic resins.
pissasphalt a semiliquid bitumen.
plasterstone gypsum.
plastery of the nature of plaster.
plasticine (Tradename) a kind of modelling material that remains soft and can be reworked, used esp by children.
polybutadiene a synthetic rubber that has a high resistance to wear and is used esp in the manufacture of tires.
prepreg reinforcing material already impregnated with a synthetic resin.
pyroceram a transparent ceramic material.
rexine (Tradename) a kind of artificial leather.
rockwool a mineral wool used for insulation.
rubbery like rubber.
shotcrete a type of concrete material commonly known as sprayed concrete, whereby layers of concrete are extruded from a gun or hose to form the required.
sialon a type of ceramic material.
silastic a flexible silicone rubber, used in the production of artificial limbs.
sorbite a fine-grained constituent of steel formed of ferrite and cementite.
sorbitic of or like sorbite, a constituent of steel.
sorbo as in sorbo rubber, a spongy form of rubber. No -S.
spandex (Tradename) a synthetic elastic fibre.
spongoid resembling sponge.
stane (Scots) stone; (verb) to stone.
stonelike like stone.
stonen (Dial.) of stone.
stonern (Dial.) of stone.
stoney of or like stone.
synroc a type of synthetic rock developed esp to fuse with radioactive waste.
tain paper-thin tin plate; tinfoil used as a backing for mirrors.
tallowish of or like tallow.
tallowy of or like tallow > TALLOWIER, TALLOWIEST.
tapen made of tape.
teflon (Tradename) a nonstick surface used in cooking utensils.
threaden (Shakesp.) made of thread.
tinfoil a thin metal sheeting.
tinselly of or like tinsel > TINSELLIER, TINSELLIEST.
tinsely like tinsel > TINSELIER, TINSELIEST.
vulcanisate a vulcanized product.
vulcanite hard rubber produced by vulcanizing with a large proportion of sulphur.
vulcanizate a vulcanized product.
waxcloth oilcloth, linoleum.
waxen made of wax; resembling wax.
waxily (Adv.) WAXY, like wax.
waxlike like wax.
waxy like wax.
wicking material for wicks.