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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bumf toilet paper; also, worthless paperwork, literature, or junk mail.
bumph toilet paper; also, worthless paperwork, literature, or junk mail.
cack faeces, rubbish; (verb) to defecate.
crap faeces, rubbish; (verb) to defecate.
crappy rubbishy.
draff lees, dregs.
draffish rubbishy, worthless.
draffy rubbishy, worthless.
dreck (Yiddish) inferior merchandise, rubbish.
dreckish like dreck, rubbish.
drecky rubbishy.
drek (Yiddish) inferior merchandise, rubbish.
drekkish like drek, rubbish.
drekky rubbishy.
excrementum (Lat.) waste material or rubbish.
horseshit horse droppings; rubbish
junk trash, rubbish; (verb) to discard as trash
junkiness the quality of being junk.
kack faeces, rubbish.
kak (S. Afr.) faeces, rubbish.
litter rubbish; (verb) to scatter rubbish about
raff (Arch.) rubbish, refuse.
rubbish worthless, unwanted matter; (verb) to criticise
rubbishly like rubbish.
sculch rubbish.
scultch rubbish.
shlock (Yiddish) of inferior quality; (noun) something of inferior quality.
shlocky of poor quality.
slag the fused residue of a smelted ore > SLAGGY; (verb) to convert into slag.
slaggy like slag.
slagheap a heap of slag refuse.
trash worthless or waste matter; (verb) to turn into trash
trasher one who trashes.
trashery trash, rubbish.
trashily (Adv.) TRASHY, rubbishy.
trashiness the state of being trashy.
trashtrie (Scots) trash.
trashy rubbishy.
trouch (Dial.) rubbish, junk.