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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alimony an allowance due to a woman from her divorced husband.
alimonied having an ALIMONY.
angaria angary the legal right of a belligerent to seize, use, or destroy the property of a neutral, provided that full compensation is made.
bailable having the right or privilege of being admitted to bail, upon bond with sureties.
birthdom birthright a right, privilege, or possession to which a person is entitled by birth.
champart the division of the produce of land, the right of the feudal lord
cloff an allowance given on buying certain goods wholesale, of 2lb in every 3cwt, after TARE and TRET have been deducted.
commonage the right of pasturing on a common.
copyright the sole right to reproduce a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work; (verb) to secure the copyright of.
copyrightable able to be copyrighted.
cornage a feudal service, being a form of rent fixed by the number of horned cattle.
corody corrody an allowance; a pension; originally the right of the lord to claim free lodging from the vassal.
corvee labor exacted in lieu of taxes by public authorities especially for highway construction or repair.
coshery the ancient right of an Irish chiefain to quarter himself on his tenants. [Irish coisir, feast].
cuddy the right of a lord to entertainment from his tenant.
curtesy the lifetime right of a husband to a deceased wife's property.
discommon to deprive of the right of common.
droit a legal right.
easement the right to use something (especially land) not one's own or to prevent its owner from making an inconvenient use of it.
estover a common right to collect firewood.
faldage the right of the lord of a manor to graze a tenant's sheep in folds on his land, in order to manure it.
farren a right of common.
fealty the vassal's obligation of loyalty to his feudal lord.
feasance the execution of a condition, obligation, feudal service, etc.
flotsam goods lost by shipwreck and found floating on the sea.
franchise the right to vote; (verb) to grant a franchise to.
frankpledge a system of sureties under Old English law by which each adult member of a tithing was held responsible for the good conduct of the others.
imprescriptible inalienable.
inalienable incapable of being withdrawn, surrendered, or transferred > INALIENABLY.
infangthief the right of taking and fining a thief within the boundaries of one's own jurisdiction > INFANGTHIEFS. Cf. OUTFANGTHIEF.
isonomic the same, or equal, in law or right.
isonomous having equal rights or privileges.
isonomy equality of people before the law.
iure jure by right or law.
jural pertaining to natural or positive right > JURALLY.
jus a law or legal right > JURA.
keelage the right of demanding a duty or toll for a ship entering a port.
lien a right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until a debt due by that person is discharged.
lienable that can be subjected to LIEN.
maritage the right of a feudal lord to arrange marriages of vassals.
merchet a fine paid to a lord for the marriage of a daughter.
novation the substitution of a new obligation for an existing one.
novate to substitute a new obligation for an existing one.
novodamus in Scots law, a charter or single document containing a clause by which certain rights, privileges etc. are granted anew; the clause itself > NOVODAMUSES.
obligant in Scots law, one who binds himself or herself to another to pay or perform something.
outfangthief the right of judging and fining thieves pursued and brought back from outside one's own jurisdiction > OUTFANGTHIEVES. [Note: INFANGTHIEFS but OUTFANGTHIEVES].
overslaugh exemption from duty in turn when otherwise employed.
owelty equality.
palimony alimony demanded by one partner when the pair have been cohabiting.
pannage the right to pasture swine.
patrial pertaining to one's native land; (noun) one with a legal right to enter and stay in the UK.
patrialise patrialize to make PATRIAL, one with a legal right to enter and stay in the UK.
patriality the condition of being a PATRIAL.
piscary fishing rights; fishery.
postliminium postliminy the right by which persons and property seized in war are restored to former status on recovery. The pl. of POSTLIMINIUM is POSTLIMINIA.
recognisance recognizance a legal obligation entered into before a magistrate to do, or not to do, some particular act.
reddendo in Scots law, service to be rendered or money to be paid by a vassal > REDDENDOS.
soc the right of holding a local court.
sorehon an ancient Irish exaction of free accommodation by a lord of a tenant.
stallage the right of erecting a stall in fairs; rent paid for a stall.
suffrage the right of voting, franchise.
tare the weight of a vessel, wrapping or container, which subtracted from the gross weight gives the net weight; an allowance made for this; (verb) to allow for this.
tret (Hist.) an allowance to purchasers of 4lb on every 104 lb for waste.
turbary the right to take peat from another's ground.
usager a person who has the USUFRUCT of something.
usufruct the legal right of using and enjoying the fruits or profits of something belonging to another; (verb) to exercise this right.
vert in forest law, every green plant having leaves that may serve as a cover for deer; the right to cut this; (verb) (coll.) to become a convert.
wayleave permission to pass over another's ground.