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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aboideau aboiteau a sluicegate in a dyke.
aeradio a Canadian radio service for pilots.
airsome cold.
backhouse an outhouse, a building behind the main building esp a privy.
backliner a defenceman, especially in hockey.
backsplit a house with floors raised half a storey at the rear, having an upper and lower main floor, and an upper and lower basement.
bakeapple the fruit of the cloudberry.
bangbelly a dense cake made of cooked rice, flour, molasses, raisins, salt pork, and spices.
bargoon a bargain.
batteau a boat; esp a flat-bottomed, clumsy boat used on the Canadian lakes and rivers > BATTEAUX.
bedlamer a young harp seal.
bismarck a type of pastry.
bloquiste a supporter of autonomy for Quebec.
bluenose a nickname for a Nova Scotian.
bogan a quiet tributary or backwater, aka pokelogan.
broomball a team game played on ice with brooms and a plastic ball.
broomballer one who plays broomball.
brulot a biting fly.
bumbleberry a mixture of berries used in pie fillings and in preserves.
calabogus a Canadian drink of rum, spruce beer and molasses.
calumet an ornamented ceremonial pipe.
camboose a cabin built as living-quarters for a gang of lumbermen.
cariboo a large deer found in Canada.
caribou a large deer found in Canada.
cashspiel a bonspiel in which curlers compete for cash prizes.
catalogne a kind of weaving using rags as the weft and widely spaced threads as the warp.
chimo an Eskimo word used as greeting. No -S.
chokerman a person responsible for attaching chokers to logs.
coachroof a raised part of the cabin roof of a yacht.
coteau uplands; the higher ground of a region > COTEAUX or COTEAUS.
crokinole a board game popular in Canada in which players flick wooden discs.
crummy a lorry that carries loggers to work from their camp.
dalles a stretch of river between high rock walls, with rapids and dangerous currents.
depanneur a convenience store in French Canada.
donair sliced lamb rolled in pita bread.
droke a valley with steeply sloping sides.
eavestrough a gutter at the eaves of a building.
felquiste a member of the FLQ, a separatist paramilitary group wanting independence for Quebec.
francise francize to make or become French-speaking.
garburator an electrically operated device in the plughole of a kitchen sink that breaks up food refuse so that it can travel down the waste pipe.
ginch underpants > GINCHES.
gitch underpants > GITCHES.
gonch underpants > GONCHES.
gotch underpants > GOTCHES.
greedhead an avaricious person.
growler a small iceberg.
hellery wild or mischievous behaviour.
humidex a system of measuring discomfort showing the combined effects of humidity and temperature > HUMIDEXES or HUMIDICES.
icewine a dessert wine made from grapes frozen before harvesting.
infanteer an infantryman.
jambuster a jelly-filled doughnut.
joual a nonstandard, chiefly urban variety of French Canadian.
keener a student who is keen.
ketaine in poor taste, unfashionable.
loonie a tree with its lower branches trimmed.
lobstick lopstick a Canadian dollar coin with a loon bird on one of its faces.
mechoui a meal of meat roasted on a spit.
muckamuck food; (verb) to consume food.
muckymuck a person who is or looks very important.
multicult multicultural.
muskie a familiar name for the N. American muskellunge fish.
outharbor in Newfoundland, any city or town having a harbor other than the main city of St. John's.
outporter an inhabitant or native of a Newfoundland outport.
panzerotto a baked turnover with a folded, sealed pocket containing tomato, cheese, and sometimes other fillings > PANZEROTTOS.
parkade a building used as a car park.
parkette a small public car park.
pepsi an offensive term for a French Canadian.
pequiste a supporter of the Parti Quebecois.
plew plu plue a beaver pelt for trading.
pogey in Canada, any form of government relief.
pogy in Canada, any form of government relief.
pokelogan a bogan, a quiet tributary or backwater.
poutine a dish of chipped potatoes topped with curd cheese and a tomato-based sauce.
rappe a dish of grated potatoes and pork or chicken.
ringette a team sport played on an ice surface in which straight sticks are used to control a rubber ring.
rodney a small fishing boat.
rubaboo a type of soup.
rubbaboo a type of soup.
rubby rubbing alcohol, esp when mixed with cheap red wine.
saltchuck a body of salt water.
saltchucker a saltater angler.
saskatoon an amelanchier of western N. America; the sweet purple edible berry of this shrub.
sasquatch a large hairy manlike creature said to inhabit certain parts of Canada.
sault a waterfall or rapid in some rivers.
scruncheon scrunchion scrunchin in Newfoundland, a small crisp piece of fried pork fat.
semestering a type of educational system.
shacktown a community or section of a community composed of shacks or other temporary housing.
shiretown (in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Maine) a county seat.
siffleur an animal that makes a whistling sound.
sny a side channel of a river.
snye a side channel of a river.
spinarama an evasive move, especially in hockey, consisting of an abrupt 360-degree turn.
sportcoat a sports jacket.
stagehead the part of a fishing stage which extends over the water.
steakette a thin patty of ground beef, meant to be cooked quickly.
stormstayed isolated or unable to travel because of adverse weather conditions, esp a snowstorm.
ticklace tickleass a Canadian two-dollar coin.
toonie a Canadian two-dollar coin.
tourtiere a type of meat pie.
tuckamore a stunted tree or bush, especially a spruce or juniper, with creeping roots and interlacing branches .
tuque a knitted, cylindrical woollen cap with tapered ends that is worn with one end tucked into the other > TUQUES.
turr a Newfoundland name for the guillemot.
twonie a Canadian two-dollar coin.
twoonie a Canadian two-dollar coin.
utilidor an insulated system of pipes for use in arctic regions.
voyageur an employee of a fur company who transports goods.
wavey wavy the snow goose.
wawa to speak.