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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

beknot to tie in knots.
bowknot a knot in which a portion of the string is drawn through in the form of a loop or bow, so as to be readily untied.
bowline a simple knot which makes a loop that will not slip at the end of a rope.
burl a small knot in thread; a knot in wood; (verb) to finish cloth by removing burls.
carrick as in carrick bend, a type of knot. No -S.
detangle to remove knots or tangles from.
hitch to fasten with a knot or hook HITCHY.
interknot to knot together.
keckle to protect by binding with rope.
knotless free from knots.
knotter one who knots.
magnus as in magnus hitch, a knot similar to a clove hitch.
reknot to knot again.
sheepshank a hitch by which a rope may be temporarily shortened.
slipknot a knot that adjusts tightness by slipping along a rope.
slipnoose a noose made with a slipknot, that tightens when pulled.
unknot to free from knots; to untie.
witchknot a knot in hair supposedly tied by witches.