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Emotions: Surprise

Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abash to make ashamed or embarrassed.
amaze to overwhelm with surprise or wonder.
amazedly (Adv.) AMAZED, overwhelmed with surprise or wonder.
amazedness the state of being amazed.
amazement the state of being amazed.
amazing causing wonder.
amazingly (Adv.) AMAZING, causing wonder.
astone (Obs.) to stun; to astonish.
astonish to fill with sudden wonder or surprise.
astonishing filling with sudden wonder or surprise.
astonishingly (Adv.) ASTONISHING.
astony (Obs.) to stun; to astonish.
astound to amaze.
astounding amazing.
astoundingly (Adv.) ASTOUNDING.
astoundment (Arch.) surprise.
astun (Obs.) to stun, astonish.
awhape (Spenser) to confound, amaze.
bemazed (Arch.) stupefied, bewildered.
bemuddle (Arch.) to muddle, confuse.
boggle to baffle, overwhelm mentally.
dumbfound to strike dumb; to confuse with astonishment.
dumbfounder to strike dumb; to confuse with astonishment.
dumfound to strike dumb; to confuse with astonishment.
dumfounder to strike dumb; to confuse with astonishment.
eyeopener something surprising.
eyepopper something that excites, astonishes or attracts the eye.
gauper one who gaups, gapes in astonishment.
gobsmacked (Coll.) taken aback, speechless.
marveler one who marvels.
marvellous astonishing, very pleasing.
mazedly (Adv.) MAZED, bewildered.
mazement bewilderment.
mither to confuse, stupefy.
moider to confuse, stupefy.
moither to confuse, stupefy.
nonplus to take aback; to put into a quandary.
rouser a person or thing that rouses.
startle a sudden movement of surprise or fear (verb) to frighten or surprise suddenly
startlement the state of being startled.
startler one who startles.
startlingly (Adv.) STARTLING.
stonily (Adv.) STONY, like stone.
stonish to astonish.
stony of or like stone (verb, obs.) aphetic for astony, to astonish
stoun (Spenser) to stun, astound.
stupefier something that stupefies.
stupefy to dull the senses of.
stupefying amazing.
stupefyingly (Adv.) STUPEFYING.
stupendous causing astonishment or wonder.
stupendously (Adv.) STUPENDOUS, causing astonishment or wonder.
stupent astounded; dumbfounded.
surprisal an act of surprising.
surprise something unexpected; (verb) to come upon unexpectedly.
surprisedly (Adv.) SURPRISED.
surpriser one who surprises.
surprisingly (Adv.) SURPRISING.
surprize (US) surprise; (verb) to surprise.
unamazed not amazed.
wonderment a cause of or occasion for wonder.
wonderstruck struck with wonder.

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