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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

arduous involving great labor or hardship.
arduously (Adv.) ARDUOUS, involving great labor or hardship.
backbreaking exhausting.
bejade (Obs.) to tire out.
betoil to weary with toil.
beweary to make weary.
bleareyed bleary eyed.
bonetired extremely tired.
boredom tedium.
boresome tedious.
boringly (Adv.) BORING, tedious.
burnout exhaustion due to stress.
careworn haggard.
deadbeat totally exhausted; (noun) one who is totally exhausted.
disjaskit (Scots) tired out.
ennui (Fr.) a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction; (verb) to bore, annoy.
ennuye (Fr.) affected with ennui (of a man).
ennuyee (Fr.) affected with ennui (of a woman).
epuise (Fr.) exhausted (of a male).
epuisee (Fr.) exhausted (of a female).
exhaust to use up.
exhaustedly (Adv.) EXHAUSTED.
exhauster one who, or that which, exhausts.
exhausting very tiring.
exhaustingly (Adv.) EXHAUSTING.
exhaustion the act of exhausting.
fatigability the state of being fatigable, easily tired.
fatigable easily tired.
fatigableness the state of being fatigable, easily tired.
fatigate (Obs.) to fatigue.
fatiguable easily tired.
fatiguableness the state of being fatiguable, easily tired.
fatigue weariness from bodily labor or mental exertion; (verb) to weary, tire.
fatiguingly (Adv.) FATIGUING.
flag a piece of cloth attached to a pole as an emblem or signal; (verb) to mark with a flag.
footweary weary from walking.
fordo (Arch.) to destroy, to utterly exhaust.
foredo to destroy, to utterly exhaust.
forespend to wear out physically.
foreworn worn out; wasted; used up.
forfeuchen (Scots) exhausted.
forfochen (Scots) exhausted.
forfoughen (Scots) exhausted.
forfoughten (Scots) exhausted.
forjaskit (Scots) tired out.
forjeskit (Scots) tired out.
forspend to wear out physically.
forweary (Shakesp.) to weary, exhaust.
forworn (Spenser) much worn.
goneness a state of exhaustion; faintness, esp as resulting from hunger.
gruel a thin food made by boiling oatmeal in water; (verb) to subject to any severe or exhausting experience.
gruelingly (Adv.) GRUELING.
gruellingly (Adv.) GRUELLING, exhausting.
jadedly (Adv.) JADED, tired.
jadedness the state of being jaded.
jetlag the fatigue suffered after high-speed air-travel.
kaput (Ger.) finished, done for.
kaputt (Ger.) finished, done for.
knacker someone who buys and slaughters old horses; (verb) to exhaust.
languor listlessness, weariness.
lassitude the state of being tired or weary.
lethargic showing lethargy.
lethargical showing lethargy.
lethargically (Adv.) LETHARGICAL, showing lethargy.
lethargied suffering from lethargy.
lethargise to make lethargic.
lethargize to make lethargic.
lethargy drowsiness; sluggishness.
longsome extended in length; tiresome.
longsomely (Adv.) LONGSOME, extended in length; tiresome.
longsomeness the state of being longsome, extended in length, tiresome.
longueur (Fr.) a long and tedious section of a book, play, etc.
outweary to weary out.
overfatigue a state of excessive fatigue.
overfatigued excessively fatigued.
overfatiguing excessively fatiguing.
overtire to tire to excess; to exhaust.
overweary to weary too much; to tire out.
powfagged (Dial.) exhausted.
puckerood (NZ informal) ruined; exhausted
puckerooed (Sl.) exhausted.
puggle to exhaust.
refect to refresh.
stanck (Spenser) faint, weary.
stupor (Lat.) torpor; lethargy.
stuporous in a state of stupor, drowsy.
surbate to make footsore; to harass or fatigue.
taedium (Obs.) boredom.
tedious causing weariness.
tediously (Adv.) TEDIOUS, causing weariness.
tediousness the state of being tedious.
tediousome (Scots) tedious.
tedisome (Scots) tedious.
tedium (Lat.) boredom.
tedy (Scott) tedious.
thowless (Scots) pithless, listless.
tire a metal hoop to bind a wheel; (verb) to grow tired.
tired fatigued.
tiredly (Adv.) TIRED, fatigued.
tiredness the state of being tired.
tireling a tired animal.
tiresome tedious.
toilworn worn by toil.
torpor (Lat.) dullness, apathy; lethargy.
traikit (Scots) worn out.
tucker someone who or something that tucks; food; (verb, coll.) to tire out.
unjaded not jaded.
untirable that cannot be tired.
untired not tired.
unwearied not wearied.
unweariedly (Adv.) UNWEARIED, not wearied.
unweariedness the state of being unwearied.
unweary not weary (verb) to cause weariness to cease
unwearying not growing weary.
unwearyingly (Adv.) UNWEARYING, not growing weary.
wabbit (Scots) exhausted, tired out.
wacked (Coll.) intoxicated, exhausted.
wappend (Shakesp.) fatigued, tired.
warby (Aust. sl.) worn out, decrepit.
warworn worn with military service; as, a warworn soldier.
waygone exhausted from long travels.
wayworn weary from travelling.
weariful wearisome.
wearifully (Adv.) WEARIFUL, wearisome.
wearifulness the state of being weariful.
wearily (Adv.) WEARY, tired.
weariness the state of being weary.
wearisome tiresome.
wearisomely (Adv.) WEARISOME, tiresome.
wearisomeness the state of being wearisome.
weary tired (verb) to make tired
wearyingly (Adv.) WEARYING.
yawny given to yawning.
zonk to exhaust.