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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

almuce amice a furred hood with long ends hanging down in front.
amaut amowt amauti amautik a hood on a woman's parka for carrying a child. Also AMAUT.
anadem a wreath, fillet or band for the hair.
atigi artigi a kind of PARKA worn in Canada.
babushka a triangular headscarf tied under the chin; also, from the habit of old women of wearing one, a grandmother.
bal = BALMORAL, a round flat Scottish cap.
balaclava a knitted hat which covers the head and neck.
balibuntal (a hat made of) fine, closely-woven straw.
balmoral a flat Scottish cap.
bandana bandanna a coloured silk or cotton handkerchief or headscarf with white or yellow spots.
bandeau a narrow band or fillet; a part of a head-dress > BANDEAUS or BANDEAUX.
bangkok a straw hat. [From Bangkok in Thailand].
bannet a bonnet.
barehead having the head uncovered; as, a bareheaded girl.
barret a kind of cap formerly worn by soldiers. Also, the flat cap worn by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics, a BIRETTA.
bashlik bashlyk a Russian hood with long ends.
beanie beany a small close-fitting hat.
beaver a hat of beaver fur; (verb) to work busily at.
becap to cap.
behatted wearing a hat.
beret berret a round felt or cloth cap that lies flat on the head, covering it closely (as traditionally worn by Basque peasantry); such a cap forming part of military uniform.
beretta berretta biretta birretta a square cap worn by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics.
bicorn bicorne a hat with two points e.g. as worn by Napoleon.
biggin biggon a child's cap or hood; a nightcap; a serjeant-at-law's coif.
billycock a kind of felt hat.
biretta see BERETTA.
birretta see BERETTA.
bluebonnet a flat round blue woollen cap, worn by Scottish peasants.
boater a kind of straw-hat.
bongrace a projecting bonnet or shade to protect the complexion; also, a wide-brimmed hat.
bonnet a woman's head-covering, tied on by ribbons, etc; a man's soft cap (now Scots); (verb) to put a bonnet on.
boorka bourkha burka burkha burqa an Arab woman's head-covering.
bowler a stiff felt hat with a round crown and narrow brim.
breton a hat with rounded crown and turned up brim.
brimless having no brim; as, brimless caps.
broadbrim a broad-brimmed hat esp one worn by the Quakers in the 17th century.
bunnet a bonnet. Also BONNET.
burka see BOORKA.
burkha see BOORKA.
burqa see BOORKA.
busby a fur hat with a bag hanging on its right side, esp. as worn by hussars.
bycoket an ornamental cap with peaks at both back and front, worn in the 15th century.
calotte a Roman Catholic skullcap.
calpac calpack kalpak kalpac a triangular Turkish or Tatar felt cap.
cap a flat brimless hat, usu with a peak; (verb) to put a cap on; to finish something off; to surpass something.
capless not wearing a cap.
caplike resembling a cap.
capouch capuccio capuche a cloak hood.
capuched covered with, or as with, a hood.
chaco shacko shako the hat usually worn by members of a marching band > CHACOES or CHACOS; SHACKOES or SHACKOS; SHAKOES or SHAKOS.
chapeau a hat > CHAPEAUS or CHAPEAUX.
chapka czapka a Polish military cap, adapted from the traditional peasant cap, worn by lancers.
chaplet a circlet or wreath for the head; a short string of prayer beads. [ME chapelet, wreath; from OF, diminutive of chapel, hat, from Med. L. cappellus].
chapleted having a CHAPLET, a circlet or wreath for the head. N.B. no CHAPLETING*.
chechia a cylindrical skullcap, worn by Arabs and adopted by French troops in N. Africa. [Fr. chechia f. Maghribi pronunc. of Arab. sasiyya, f. Arab. Tashkent in Uzbekistan.]
cidaris the royal tiara or cap of state of the ancient Persians > CIDARISES. [L. from Gk. kidaris, kitaris, = Heb. keter (Persian) crown, diadem].
cloche a lady's close-fitting bell-shaped hat.
cockade a ribbon badge on a hat.
cockaded wearing a cockade.
cockscomb a jester's cap, resembling a cock's comb.
coif quoif a covering for the head, esp the close-fitting cap of white lawn or silk originally worn by serjeants-at-law; (verb) to put the hair into a coif.
coiffe to put the hair into a COIF.
commode a large high headdress formerly worn by ladies; also, a hair containing a chamber-pot.
copataine of a hat, high-crowned like a sugar loaf. N.B. this is an adjective: No —S.
coronal a circlet; a small crown or garland for the head.
coronate to crown.
coronet a small or inferior crown, esp. one denoting noble or royal but not sovereign rank.
coroneted wearing a CORONET.
cowl a large loose hood, esp. of a kind worn by a monk; (verb) to cover with a cowl.
crown a circular head ornament, esp. as a mark of honour; the diadem or state-cap of royalty; (verb) to put a crown on.
crownet a coronet.
crownlet a small crown.
crownlike resembling a crown.
curch curchef a covering for the head, a kerchief.
czapka see CHAPKA.
deely as in deely boppers, a hairband with two bobbing antennae-like projections.
deerstalker a kind of cap.
derby a bowler hat.
diadem a crown; a fillet; (verb) to adorn with a diadem.
doek a square cloth for tying round the head, worn by African women.
drawstring a cord for drawing tight e.g. round a hood.
earflap one of two coverings for the ears, attached to a cap, to protect them from cold or injury.
earmuff one of a pair of ear coverings, joined by a band across the head, worn to protect the ears from cold or noise.
fascinator a woman's light, soft, head-covering; a person who fascinates.
fedora a brimmed felt hat dented lengthways. [From Fédora, title of a drama (1882) by Victorien Sardou].
fez a red brimless cap > FEZES or FEZZES.
fezzed wearing a FEZ.
fezzy like a FEZ, a red brimless cap.
fillet a diadem, a band for the head.
flatcap a low-crowned hat worn by London citizens in the 16th and 17th centuries.
fontange a kind of tall headdress worn in the 17th and 18th centuries. [From the Duchesse de Fontanges, a mistress of Louis XIV].
gibus an opera hat. [Maker's name].
glengarry a Highlander's cap of woollen cloth.
haick haik haique hyke an oblong cloth worn by Arabs on head or body.
haircap a hat.
hardhat a protective helmet worn by building workers.
hat any covering for the head, esp one with a crown and brim; (verb) to provide with or cover with a hat.
hatband a ribbon round a hat.
hatbrush a brush for a hat.
hatguard a string for keeping a hat from being blown away.
hatinator a small decorative hat, worn on social occasions.
hatless without a hat.
hatlessness the state of being without a hat.
hatlike like a hat.
hattock a little (esp. fairy) hat.
havelock a cloth hanging from back of soldier's cap as protection against sun. [From General Havelock].
headcloth a kerchief worn instead of a hat.
headdress a (sometimes ceremonial) covering for the head.
headgear anything worn on the head.
headguard a padded helmet worn to protect the head in contact sports > HEADGUARDS.
headpiece any covering for the head, esp. a helmet.
headring a palm-leaf ornament worn in the hair by South African men after marriage.
headscarf a scarf worn over the head > HEADSCARVES.
headsquare a square of material used as a covering for the head.
hederated crowned with a wreath of ivy.
hejab hijab a covering for a Muslim woman's head and face.
hennin a steeple-hat with a veil hanging from it, worn by French women in the 15C.
hijab see HEJAB.
homburg a man's felt hat. [From Homburg, a town near Wiesbaden, western Germany.]
hood a flexible covering for the head and back of the neck; (verb) to cover with or as with a hood.
hummle as in hummle bonnet, a type of Scottish cap.
hyke see HAIK.
incoronate incoronated crowned.
kaffiyeh keffiyeh kuffiyah kaffiyah keffiyah the cloth head gear worn by many Palestinians.
kalpac see CALPAC.
kalpak see CALPAC.
kalyptra a veil worn by Greek women.
kamelaukion a tall cylindrical hat worn by Orthodox priests > KAMELAUKIONS.
keffiyeh see KAFFIYEH.
kell a woman's headdress, a veil.
kepi a legionnaire's cap > KEPIS.
kerchief a cloth or scarf used to cover the head, esp. by a woman; (verb) to wear a kerchief > KERCHIEFS or KERCHIEVES.
khimar a type of head covering worn by Arab women.
kufi a close-fitting brimless cylindrical or round hat.
kufiyah see KEFFIYEH.
liripipe liripoop a long tail of a hood, esp. in old academic or clerical dress.
mobcap a plain cap or headdress for women or girls; especially, one tying under the chin by a very broad band, generally of the same material as the cap itself.
modius a tall cylindrical head-dress with which certain gods are represented in classical art > MODII.
montero a huntsman's cap with side flaps > MONTEROS.
mortarboard a square-topped college cap.
mutch a woman's close-fitting cap.
nightcap a cap worn in bed; a drink taken last thing at night.
nubia a woman's soft fleecy scarf for the head and neck. [L. nubes, cloud].
pagri puggaree pugaree puggree pugree puggery puggry a turban, a light scarf worn round a hat to keep out the sun.
panama a lightweight plaited man's hat. [Named after Panama, but actually originating in Ecuador].
parka parkee parki a fur shirt or coat with a hood.
patka a scarf worn as a head-covering by Sikh men in place of a turban.
petasos petasus the winged cap of Mercury; also, a broad-brimmed, low-crowned hat worn by Greeks and Romans > PETASOSES, PETASUSES. [L. f. Gk petasos].
pileus a Roman felt cap; the umbrella-shaped portion of a mushroom > PILEI.
pillbox a small round brimless hat.
pinner a kind of headdress with lappets flying loose.
pirnie a striped nightcap.
porkpie a felt, straw, or cloth hat with a low telescoped crown, flat top, and brim turned up all around or up in back and down in front.
potae a hat.
pschent the crown of the Egyptian Pharaohs.
pugaree see PAGRI.
puggaree see PAGRI.
puggery see PAGRI.
puggree see PAGRI.
puggry see PAGRI.
pugree see PAGRI.
quoif see COIF.
ramilie ramillie a kind of cocked hat; also a wig > REBOZOS.
rebozo a long scarf covering the head and shoulders, worn by women in Latin America > REBOZOS.
recrown to crown again.
romal rumal a kind of headcloth.
shacko see CHACO.
shako see CHACO.
shtreimel (Yiddish) a round, broad-brimmed hat edged with fur worn by some Hasidic Jews.
skidlid a crash helmet.
skullcap a small close-fitting peakless cap, usu. of a soft material, as silk or velvet.
smokehood a protective hood for a firefighter that prevents the wearer from inhaling smoke.
sombrero a Mexican hat > SOMBREROS.
songkok an oval brimless hat.
southwester a waterproof hat.
sphendone a headband or fillet worn by women in ancient Greece. [Gk. sphendone, a sling].
stephane an ancient Greek headdress like a diadem.
stetson a type of cowboy hat.
stovepipe a man's tall cylindrical (usu. silk) hat.
sunbonnet a bonnet worn by women as a protection against the sun.
taj a tall, conical cap worn by Muslims as a headdress of distinction > TAJES. [Arabic taj, crown].
tam tammie tammy a Tam o' Shanter, a cap with a broad flat top.
tarboosh tarboush tarbush tarbouche a fez, a hat worn by Muslim men.
terai a wide-brimmed ventilated hat. [From the Tarai, India].
tiar tiara a three-tiered crown.
tiaraed wearing a TIARA.
tignon a piece of cloth worn as a headdress in Louisiana.
titfer a hat (cockney rhyming slang from tit fer tat, a quid pro quo).
topee topi a tropical pith helmet.
topper a top hat.
toque toquet a kind of cap worn in the 16th century.
torsade an ornament on a hat like a twisted cord; any twisted cord.
trenchard at St Andrews University, a trencher cap.
tricorn tricorne a hat with three points such as was worn by American revolutionaries.
trilby a soft felt hat with a deeply creased crown > TRILBYS or TRILBIES. [From Trilby, by Geo. du Maurier].
trilbied wearing a TRILBY.
tulban tulipant turban turband turbant turbond turribant a man's head-dress, consisting of a length of cotton or silk wrapped round the head or a cap, worn esp. by Muslims and Sikhs.
tuque a knitted, cylindrical woollen cap with tapered ends that is worn with one end tucked into the other, mainly worn by French Canadians.
turban see TULBAN.
turband see TULBAN.
turbaned turbanned wearing a turban.
turbant see TULBAN.
turbond see TULBAN.
turribant see TULBAN.
unbeavered without a BEAVER or hat.
unbonnet to remove the bonnet from.
uncap to remove the cap from.
uncowl to take off a cowl.
underbrim a facing on the underside of a hat brim.
unhat to take off a hat.
volet a short veil worn at the back of the head.
warbonnet a headdress worn by members of certain N. American Indian tribes.
whimple wimple a cloth covering for head and neck worn by nuns; (verb) to wrap in a whimple.
wideawake a low wide-brimmed soft felt hat.
wimple see WHIMPLE.
yamalka yamulka yarmulka yarmelke yarmulke the skullcap worn by Jewish males, esp. during prayers or ceremonial occasions. [Yiddish, from Pol yarmulka small cap]
zucchetto zuchetta zuchetto a round skullcap worn by Catholic clergy to indicate rank > ZUCCHETTOS, ZUCHETTAS, ZUCHETTOS. [Ital. zuccha, gourd].