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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aglet aiglet aiguillette the tag covering the end of a lace.
alpargata a light sandal with a hemp or rope sole.
arctic a waterproof overshoe.
baboosh babouche babuche pabouche an Oriental heelless slipper.
balmoral a kind of boot lacing (also a kind of bonnet and a kind of petticoat).
barefit barefoot.
barefoot without footwear.
bauchle a loose, down-at-heel shoe; (verb) to make shapeless, to bungle.
blucher a leather half-boot. [From L. von Blücher (1742-1819), Prussian general].
boot a covering for the foot and at least the ankle, often the calf or even higher up the leg, made of leather, rubber, etc; (verb) to kick.
bootee bootie a woman's short lined boot; an infant's boot of wool etc.
bootikin a little boot, legging, or gaiter.
bootlace a lace for a BOOT.
bottine a small boot; a surgical boot for correcting deformity.
brodekin brodkin a BUSKIN or half-boot.
brogan brogue a strong and tough working shoe.
buskin a thick-soled boot (aka COTHURNUS) worn by actors in ancient Greek tragedy.
buskined wearing buskins.
calceamentum a red silk embroidered sandal forming part of the insignia of the Holy Roman Empire. Pl. CALCEAMENTA.
calceate to shoe.
calced wearing shoes, esp. of religious orders, as opposed to DISCALCED.
chappal a type of open SANDAL worn in India.
chaussure a foot covering of any kind.
chopin chopine a high CLOG or PATTEN introduced into England from Venice during the reign of Elizabeth I. [Sp. chapin].
cleat a strip attached to the sole of a shoe to strengthen it; (verb) to strengthen with a cleat.
clinker a nail used as a protective stud in footwear, esp in climbing boots; (verb) to form fused residue in burning.
clog a wooden shoe; a shoe with a wooden sole; (verb) to choke with an impediment.
cothurn cothurnus a BUSKIN anciently used by tragic actors on the stage. The pl. of COTHURNUS is COTHURNI.
cothurnal like a COTHURNUS.
cracowe a long-toed boot of the fourteenth century. [From Kraków (Cracow), a city in southern Poland.]
crampon an attachment for a climbing boot to give a grip on ice etc.
creps am informal name for training shoes.
crowboot a type of Inuit boot made of fur and leather.
dap (dial.) a gym shoe; (verb) to bounce, to drop lightly on water.
discalceate unshod; (noun) one who is unshod.
discalced unshod, esp. of religious orders, as in discalced friars.
espadrille a SANDAL with rope bottom and canvas top.
fieldboot a knee-length boot.
finnesko finnsko finsko a reindeer-skin BOOT with the hair on. No —S.
flatform a thick level sole on a shoe.
flatty a light flat shoe.
flipflop a type of rubber sandal.
footbed the insole in a boot or shoe.
footgear anything worn on the feet.
footmuff a muff for keeping the feet warm.
footwear anything worn on the feet.
galage galoche galosh golosh goloshe an overshoe. GALOSH and GOLOSH can be used as verbs: to put an overshoe on.
geta a Japanese wooden sandal with a thong between the toes.
golosh see GALAGE.
goloshe see GALAGE.
goloshoes goloshes. N.B. no GOLOSHOE*.
gumboot a rubberised footwear.
heelless without heels.
heelpiece a piece of armour protecting the heel.
heelplate a reinforcing piece of metal for a shoe.
hosiery hose collectively; the goods in which a hosier deals.
huarache huaracho guaracha guarache guarachi a flat-heeled sandal. The pl. of HUARACHO is HUARACHOS.
innersole insole the inner sole of a shoe or boot.
jackboot a kind of high boot; (verb) to behave in a brutally authoritarian way.
jemima an elastic-sided boot.
kamik a knee-length sealskin boot.
kiltie kilty a shoe with a long slashed tongue that folds over the instep.
klett kletterschuh a lightweight climbing boot with a canvas or suede upper and Vibram > KLETTS, KLETTERSCHUHE.
larrigan larigan a long boot made of oiled leather, made by lumbermen etc.
latchet a leather thong fastening a sandal on the foot.
loafer a shoe like a moccasin for casual wear.
midsole a layer in a shoe, between INSOLE and OUTSOLE.
moc a moccasin.
mocassin moccasin a heelless shoe of deerskin or other soft leather.
moccies moccasins.
moonboots thickly padded boots with a fabric outer covering.
muckluck mucluc mukluk a type of sealskin boot.
muil mule a backless slipper.
mukluk see MUCKLUCK.
outsole the outside sole of a boot or shoe.
overboot a protective boot worn over an ordinary boot or shoe.
overshoe a shoe, esp. of waterproof material, worn over one's shoes to protect them.
oxford a low-heeled laced shoe.
pabouche see BABOOSH.
pac a MOCCASIN or soft shoe to be worn inside a boot.
pampootie a rawhide slipper worn by men in the Aran Islands.
pantable pantoffle pantofle pantoufle a slipper, an overshoe.
panton a slipper.
pantoufle see PANTABLE.
patten a wooden shoe; a clog; (verb) to go on pattens.
pedorthic of footwear, designed to alleviate foot problems.
peeptoe denoting a shoe or sandal in which the toe is not covered.
platform a shoe with a thick heavy sole.
plimsoll plimsole plimsoll a rubber-soled canvas shoe.
poulaine a pointy toed shoe as worn by jesters.
rivlin a shoe moulded from untanned hide.
rullion a rawhide shoe. [OE rifeling].
sabaton a foot-covering as part of suit of armour.
sabot a wooden shoe; a clog.
saboted wearing sabots.
sabotier a wearer of wooden shoes.
sandal a type of footwear with an openwork upper, or consisting of a sole bound to the foot by straps; (verb) to put sandals on the feet > SANDALED/SANDALLED.
sandshoe a shoe for the beach.
sannie a SANDSHOE.
scarpetto a climbing shoe with a hemp sole. Pl. SCARPETTI.
scuffer a type of sandal > SCUFFERS.
seaboot a sailor's boot.
seg a stud in the sole of a shoe; a callus on the finger. [ON sigg, hard skin, a callus].
shodden pt. of SHOE.
shoe a stiff outer covering for the foot, not coming above the ankle > SHOES or (archaic) SHOON. (Verb) to put shoes on > SHOED or SHOD, SHODDEN.
shoelace a lace for a shoe.
shoeless without shoes.
shoepac shoepack a waterproof BOOT.
shoetree a piece of wood put into a shoe to keep it in shape.
shoon see SHOE.
shootie a fashionable shoe that covers the ankle.
slingback a shoe without a covering for the heel, supported by a strap round the heel.
slipper a shoe easily slipped onto the foot, esp. a loose indoor shoe; (verb) to beat with a slipper.
slipshod wearing shoes or slippers down at the heel.
slipsole a thin insole.
sneaker a PLIMSOLL.
sneakered wearing SNEAKERS.
snowboot a boot or overshoe for walking in snow.
snowshoe a wooden or metal frame, broad at the front and tapering at the back, with a network of thongs, strapped to the foot for walking on snow; (verb) to travel by snowshoe.
soleless without a sole.
soleret solleret a metallic shoe with pointy toes worn by knights.
takky a tennis shoe or plimsoll.
tackies tennis shoes or plimsolls.
tegua an ankle-high MOCCASIN worn by Mexican and Indians.
toecap a (usu. steel) cap covering the toe of a shoe or boot.
toepiece the toe end of a shoe.
toeplate a metal tab attached to the end of a shoe.
toeshoe a dance SLIPPER without a heel.
topsider (US) a light canvas shoe.
trabs training shoes. No TRAB*.
trainer a soft running shoe, usu laced, with a thick sole, used in training or for general casual wear.
unsandalled not wearing sandals.
unshod without shoes.
upper the part of a shoe or boot above the sole.
veldschoen veldskoen velskoen a shoe made of rawhide.
vibs shoes with Vibram soles. N.B. no VIB*.
wafflestomper a hiking boot with a lug sole.
wedgie a wedge-heeled shoe.
weejuns moccasin-style shoes for casual wearf.
wellie welly a wellington boot.
wellington a type of waterproof boot.
workboot a sturdy boot for workers.
zori a Japanese sandal consisting of a flat sole with a thong between the toes. Pl. ZORIS.