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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acaricidal relating to an acaricide, a substance that kills mites and ticks.
acaricide a substance that kills mites and ticks.
alachlor a type of herbicide.
aldicarb a crystalline compound used as a pesticide.
aldrin a chlorinated hydrocarbon, used as a contact insecticide.
algaecide a substance for killing algae.
algicidal having the property of killing algae.
algicide a substance for killing algae.
allethrin a light yellow viscous oily insecticide.
amitrole a kind of herbicide.
antifungal a substance used as a fungicide.
antimycin a crystalline antibiotic used as a fungicide etc.
antipesticide designating one opposed to the use of pesticides.
aphicide something that kills aphids.
aphidicide something that kills aphids.
atrazine a kind of weedkiller.
bactericide an agent that kills bacteria.
benomyl a pesticide and fungicide.
biopesticidal of or like a biopesticide.
biopesticide a biological pesticide.
captan a type of agricultural fungicide produced from mercaptan.
chlordan a highly poisonous liquid insecticide.
chlordane a highly poisonous liquid insecticide.
chlorpicrin a colourless insoluble toxic lachrymatory liquid used as a pesticide and a tear gas.
chromene a chemical compound produced by certain plants that acts as an insecticide.
cinerin a pyrethrum compound used as an insecticide.
cyclodiene a kind of organic insecticide.
cycloheximide an agricultural fungicide that inhibits protein synthesis and is obtained from a soil bacterium, Streptomyces griseus.
dalapon a herbicide used on unwanted grass.
daminozide a kind of pesticide used on apple trees.
deet an insect repellent.
demeton an insecticide.
disinfest to free of vermin.
disinfestation the act of freeing of vermin.
disinfestant an agent used to get rid of vermin.
diazinon (Tradename) an insecticide.
dibenzofuran a highly toxic chemical compound that is used in chemical synthesis and as an insecticide.
dicamba a type of weedkiller.
dichlorvos a pesticide used in fish-farming to reduce sea-lice.
dieldrin a persistent chemical pesticide.
dimethoate a kind of insecticide.
diquat a kind of herbicide.
disulfoton an organophosphorus systemic insecticide.
diuron a herbicide.
endosulfan a brownish crystalline insecticide.
endrin an insecticide.
ethion a pesticide.
fenthion an insecticide.
fenuron a herbicide.
ferbam a fungicide.
flyspray an insecticide, or the aerosol containing it.
fungicidal having the properties of a fungicide.
fungicidally (Adv.) FUNGICIDAL, having the properties of a fungicide.
fungicide an agent that kills fungi.
fungistat a substance that inhibits the growth of a fungus.
fungistatic inhibiting the growth of fungi.
fungistatically (Adv.) FUNGISTATIC, inhibiting the growth of fungi.
germicidal of or relating to a germicide.
germicide a substance that kills germs.
glyphosate a synthetic compound widely used as a herbicide.
heptachlor a very toxic pesticide.
herbicidal having the properties of a herbicide, killing grass.
herbicidally (Adv.) HERBICIDAL, having the properties of a herbicide, killing grass.
herbicide a weedkiller.
insecticide an agent that destroys insects.
larvicidal killing larvae.
larvicide an agent that kills larvae; (verb) to use such an agent > LARVICIDED, LARVICIDING.
leptophos a pesticide associated with adverse health effects for people and animals.
leucocidin a bacterial substance that destroys white blood cells.
lindane an insecticide.
linuron a herbicide.
malathion (Tradename) an insecticide.
maneb a powder for killing fungi.
menazon an insecticide.
metarchon a nontoxic substance, such as a chemical to mask pheromones, that reduces the persistence of a pest.
methoxychlor a relatively nontoxic organochlorine insecticide.
metrifonate an organophosphorus insecticide, aka trichlorfon.
milneb a fungicide.
mirex an insecticide.
miticidal relating to a miticide, an agent which kills mites.
miticide an agent which kills mites.
monuron a kind of herbicide.
naled an agricultural pesticide of low toxicity to mammals and rapidly degradable.
nematicidal of or like a nematicide.
nematicide a substance used to kill nematodes.
nematocide a substance used to kill nematodes.
paraquat (Tradename) a herbicide that kills green vegetation by interfering with photosynthesis.
parathion an extremely toxic insecticide.
permethrin a garden pesticide.
pesticidal of or like a pesticide.
pesticide a substance for killing pests.
phorate an insecticide.
picloram a herbicide.
piperazine a crystalline nitrogen compound used in medicine, insecticides etc.
pulicide a substance that destroys fleas.
raticide a substance or person who kills rats.
ratsbane rat poison; white arsenic.
ronnel an insecticide.
rotenone an insecticide and fish-poison prepared from derris and other roots.
silvex a herbicide.
simazine an organic herbicide used as a general weedkiller.
sporicidal killing spores.
sporicide a substance that kills spores.
systemic relating to a system (noun) something affecting the whole system, as a systemic pesticide
systemically (Adv.) SYSTEMIC, relating to a system.
thiram an insecticide.
toxaphene chlorinated camphene used as an insecticide.
trichlorfon a crystalline compound used esp as an insecticide.
trichlorphon a crystalline compound used as an insecticide.
trichomonacidal relating to a trichomonacide, an agent used to destroy trichomonads.
trichomonacide an agent used to destroy trichomonads.
trifluralin an herbicide used in the control of weeds.
vermicidal suitable for killing worms.
vermicide a substance that kills worms.
viricidal relating to a viricide, a substance that destroys a virus.
viricide the killing of viruses.
virucidal relating to a virucide, a substance that destroys a virus.
virucide the killing of viruses.
weedicide something that kills weeds.
weedkiller a chemical preparation or other substance for killing weeds.
zineb an organic fungicide.
ziram a white compound used as a fungicidal powder on vegetables and some fruit crops.