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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

cartographic relating to cartography.
cartographical relating to cartography.
cartography the art and science of making maps.
chiyogami (Japanese) a kind of hand-printed patterned paper.
decoupage (Fr.) the application of paper cutouts to wood surfaces; (verb) to apply paper cutouts to wood surfaces.
flexagon a folded paper which reveals different features on folding.
flong papier-mache for stereotyping.
hachure (Fr.) a line used in shading maps to indicate steepness of slope; (verb) to shade with hachures.
kakemono (Japanese) a vertical wall-picture or inscription mounted on a roller.
kirigami (Japanese) the Japanese art of cutting and folding paper.
lincrusta thick embossed wallpaper.
makimono (Japanese) a scroll featuring pictures or calligraphy.
origami (Japanese) the art of paper-folding.
paperware articles made of paper.
psaligraphy the art of paper-cutting to make pictures.
retree in papermaking, damaged or defective sheets of paper.
tsutsumu (Japanese) the art of wrapping articles in a harmonious way.