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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adenohypophysis the anterior glandular lobe of the pituitary gland.
adenoid relating to or like a gland; (noun) glandular tissue at the back of the nose.
adenoidal relating to or like a gland.
adrenal relating to the adrenal system (noun) an adrenal gland
adrenocortical of, relating to, or derived from the cortex of the adrenal glands.
apocrine denoting a gland whose product is formed by the breakdown of its cells.
autocrine relating to self-stimulation.
conarial relating to the conarium, the pineal gland.
conarium (Lat.) the pineal gland.
ductless having to duct or outlet; as, a ductless gland.
eccrine of a gland, eg a sweat gland, secreting externally.
eglandular having no glands.
eglandulose having no glands.
endocrinal relating to the endocrine gland.
endocrine secreting internally; (noun) a gland that secretes directly into the blood or lymph.
endocrinic relating to the endocrine gland.
endocrinologic involving or relating to the endocrine glands or secretions or to endocrinology.
endocrinous relating to the endocrine glands.
endocritic endocrine.
exocrine relating to a gland that secretes through a duct; (noun) a gland that secretes through a duct.
galactopoietic milk-producing; (noun) a milk-producing gland.
gland a secreting organ.
glandless without glands.
glandlike like a gland.
glandular of or relating to glands.
glandularly (Adv.) GLANDULAR, of or relating to glands.
glandule a small gland or secreting vessel.
glanduliferous bearing small glands.
glandulous containing glands; pertaining to glands.
glandulously (Adv.) GLANDULOUS, containing glands.
holocrine applied to a gland whose secretion is composed of its own disintegrated cells.
hypophyseal relating to the pituitary gland.
hypophysial relating to the pituitary gland.
hypophysis the pituitary gland.
lachrymal relating to tears; (noun) a gland that produces tears.
lacrimal relating to tears; (noun) a gland that produces tears.
lymph a colourless alkaline fluid, resembling blood but lacking red cells, which bathes various tissues and organs of the body.
lymphangial relating to the lymphatic vessels.
lymphatic relating to lymph (noun) a gland pertaining to, containing, or conveying lymph
lymphatically (Adv.) LYMPHATIC, relating to lymph.
lymphoid of or resembling lymph, or relating to the lymphatic system.
lymphous having the nature of lymph.
mamilla (Lat.) the nipple of the mammary gland.
mamma (Lat.) the milk gland, the breast a child's name for mother
mammilla (Lat.) the nipple of the mammary gland.
mammogenic promoting the growth of the milk glands.
meibomian as in meibomian gland, any of the small sebaceous glands in the eyelid.
merocrine designating a gland in which cytoplasm is not lost during secretion.
neurohypophysis the portion of the pituitary gland that is composed of the infundibulum and posterior lobe and is concerned with the secretion of various hormones.
ovary one of the two female reproductive glands.
pancreas a large gland discharging into the duodenum and containing islands of endocrine gland tissue.
pancreatic of or pertaining to the pancreas.
pancreatin the pancreatic juice.
paranephros the suprarenal gland, near the kidney.
parapineal beside the pineal gland.
parathyroid near the thyroid gland, esp applied to such small glands whose hormone controls calcium content of body; (noun) such a gland.
parotid near the ear; (noun) a gland situated near the ear.
parotis (Greek) the parotid gland, near the ear.
pineal pertaining to or like a pine cone; (noun) a pineal body or gland, small glandlike process of brain cavity.
pituitary of or relating to phlegm or mucus; (noun) the pituitary gland.
prostate a gland in males at the neck of the bladder, which releases a liquid that forms part of semen.
prostatic of or pertaining to the prostate gland.
saliva a fluid secreted by the glands of the mouth.
smegma (Lat.) the matter secreted by any of the sebaceous glands.
spermarium the male germ gland.
spermary the male germ gland.
sublingual situated under the tongue; as, the sublingual gland.
submaxillary situated beneath the lower jaw, as in submaxillary gland, a salivary gland discharging beneath tongue; (noun) the submaxillary gland.
suprarenal situated above, or anterior to, the kidneys; (noun) a suprarenal gland.
thymic of or pertaining to the thymus gland.
thymocyte a lymphocyte found in the thymus.
thymus (Lat.) a ductless gland in the neck, producing white blood cells.
thyroid shield-shaped, relating to the thyroid gland or cartilage; (noun) the thyroid gland.
thyroidal relating to the thyroid gland.