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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

xray In international radio communication, a code word for the letter x > XRAYS.
xyst A long covered portico or court used by ancient Greek athletes for exercises > XYSTS. Also XYSTOS, XYSTUS.
yaar (Hinglish) friend, man (as a form of address) > YAARS.
yaba (Coll.) yet another bloody acronym. No -S.
yack Persistent or idle talk; (verb) to talk persistently > YACKS, YACKING, YACKED.
yads (Pl.) YAD, a hand-held pointer used for reading the Torah.
yaff (Scots) to bark, scold, nag > YAFFS, YAFFING, YAFFED.
yage a tropical vine of the Amazon region, aka ayahuasca > YAGES.
yagi (Japanese) a type of shortwave antenna > YAGIS.
yags (Pl.) YAG, a type of synthetic garnet containing yttrium and aluminium, used in lasers and as a gem.
yahs (Pl.) YAH, an exclamation of derision.
yaks (3rd.) YAK, to talk persistently.
yald (Scots) active, nimble. No comp! Also YAULD.
yale A fabulous heraldic beast > YALES.
yams (Pl.) YAM, a large tuberous edible root like the potato, grown in tropical countries.
yang (Chinese) a species of Thai timber tree > YANGS.
yank To pull suddenly > YANKS, YANKING, YANKED.
yapp A limp leather binding > YAPPS. [From Yapp, a bookseller].
yaps (3rd.) YAP, to bark sharply or constantly.
yard (Verb) to enclose in a yard > YARDS, YARDING, YARDED.
yare (Arch.) lively; manoeuvrable > YARER, YAREST; YARELY. Also YAR.
yark (Dial.) to make ready > YARKS, YARKING, YARKED.
yarn Spun thread; (verb) to tell tales > YARNS, YARNING, YARNED.
yarr The corn spurrey > YARRS.
yate (Spenser) a gate > YATES.
yaud (Scots) a mare, jade > YAUDS.
yaup To cry hoarsely > YAUPS, YAUPING, YAUPED. Also YAWP.
yawl (Noun) a two-masted sailing vessel, rigged fore-and-aft, with a large mainmast and a small mizzenmast stepped aft of the rudderpost; (verb) to howl > YAWLS, YAWLING, YAWLED.
yawn To open the mouth wide with a deep inhalation of air > YAWNS, YAWNING, YAWNED.
yawp To cry hoarsely or harshly > YAWPS, YAWPING, YAWPED. Also YAUP.
yaws A contagious skin disease resembling syphilis.
yawy Pertaining to YAWS. No comp! Also YAWEY.
yays (Pl.) YAY, an affirmative vote, a YEA.
ybet (Obs.) pt. of BEAT.
yead (Spenser) to go, proceed > YEADS, YEADING, YOD or YODE. Also YEED, YEDE.
yeah Yes > YEAHS.
yean Esp. of a sheep, to bring forth young > YEANS, YEANING, YEANED. Also EAN.
year The time taken by the earth to orbit the sun > YEARS.
yeas (Pl.) YEA, an affirmative vote.
yebo (S. Afr.) yes, I agree.
yech An exclamation expressing disgust; (noun) something disgusting > YECHS. Also YECCH, YUCH, YUK.
yede (Spenser) to go, proceed > YEDES, YEDING, YOD or YODE. Also YEAD, YEED.
yeed (Spenser) to go, proceed > YEEDS, YEEDING, YOD or YODE. Also YEAD, YEDE.
yegg A criminal, esp. a safecracker or burglar > YEGGS.
yeld Barren, not giving milk.
yelk Yolk > YELKS.
yell To cry out loudly > YELLS, YELLING, YELLED.
yelm (Dial.) a bundle of straw laid straight for thatching; (verb) to straighten straw for thatching > YELMS, YELMING, YELMED. Also YEALM.
yelp To utter a sharp, shrill cry > YELPS, YELPING, YELPED.
yelt (Dial.) a young sow > YELTS. Also ELT.
yens (3rd.) YEN, to desire, yearn for.
yeow an interjection used to express pain or shock.
yeps (Pl.) YEP, yes.
yerd (Scots) to bury > YERDS, YERDING, YERDED. Also YIRD, YEARD, EARD.
yerk To draw tight; to bind > YERKS, YERKING, YERKED. Also YIRK.
yesk (Scots) to hiccup or belch > YESKS, YESKING, YESKED. Also YEX.
yest (Obs.) yeast > YESTS.
yeti (Tibetan) the Abominable Snowman > YETIS.
yett (Scots) a gate, door > YETTS. Also YATE.
yeuk (Dial.) to itch > YEUKS, YEUKING, YEUKED. Also YUCK, YOUK, EWK, YUKE, YUKE.
yeve (Obs.) to give > YEVES, YEVING, YEVEN.
yews (Pl.) YEW, any tree of the genus Taxus.
ygoe (Spenser) pt. GO.
yike An interjection expressing alarm; (verb) to quarrel, argue > YIKES, YIKING, YIKED.
yill (Scots) ale > YILLS.
yins (Pl.) YIN, one.
yipe An interjection expressing fear or surprise. Also YIPES.
yips (3rd.) YIP, to give a short cry.
yird (Scots) to bury > YIRDS, YIRDING, YIRDED. Also EARD, YEARD, YIRTH.
yirk To tie with a jerk > YIRKS, YIRKING, YIRKED. Also YERK.
yirr To snarl > YIRRS, YIRRING, YIRRED.
yite (Dial.) the yellow-hammer > YITES.
ylem A form of matter hypothesized by proponents of the big bang theory to have existed before the formation of the chemical elements > YLEMS.
ylke (Obs.) ilk > YLKES.
ympe (Spenser) to imp > YMPES, YMPING, YMPT.
ympt (Spenser) pt. YMPE, to imp.
yobs (Pl.) YOB, a lout.
yock To laugh > YOCKS, YOCKING, YOCKED. Also YOK.
yode (Pt.) YEDE, to go, proceed.
yodh (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > YODHS. Also YOD.
yods (Pl.) YOD, a Hebrew letter.
yoga (Sanskrit) a system of Hindu philosophy > YOGAS.
yogh The Middle English letter representing a velar or partial fricative > YOGHS.
yogi (Sanskrit) one who practises yoga > YOGIS. Also YOGEE, YOGIN.
yoke To fit with a yoke (a wooden frame for joining together draft animals) > YOKES, YOKING, YOKED.
yoks (3rd.) YOK, to laugh.
yold (Obs.) pt. of YIELD.
yolk The yellow portion of an egg > YOLKS, YOLKED.
yomp To march with heavy equipment over difficult terrain; to cover a certain distance in this way > YOMPS, YOMPING, YOMPED.
yond Yonder, over there. Also YONT.
yoni (Sanskrit) a representation of the female genitals > YONIS.
yont Yonder, over there. Also YOND.
yoof Youth, young people > YOOFS.
yoop An interjection representing a sobbing sound > YOOPS.
yore Long ago; (noun) a long time ago > YORES.
york To bowl a batsman with a YORKER > YORKS, YORKING, YORKED.
yorp (Dial.) to shout > YORPS, YORPING, YORPED.
youk (Dial.) to itch > YOUKS, YOUKING, YOUKED. Also YUCK, YUKE, EWK, EUK, YEUK.
your A possessive form of the pronoun you.
yous (Coll.) YOU when addressing more than one person.
yowe (Scots) ewe > YOWES. Also YOW.
yowl To howl, esp. of a wolf > YOWLS, YOWLING, YOWLED.
yows (Pl.) YOW, a ewe.
yuan (Chinese) a Chinese monetary unit > YUANS.
yuca (Carib) any plant of the genus Yucca of plants of the family Liliaceae, native to Mexico > YUCAS. Also YUCCA.
yuch An interjection expressing disgust. Also YECH, YECCH, YUK.
yuck (Dial.) to itch > YUCKS, YUCKING, YUCKED. Also YUKE, YOUK, EWK, EUK, YEUK.
yuft (Russian) a kind of Russian leather > YUFTS.
yuga (Sanskrit) one of the four Hindu ages of the world > YUGAS. Also YUG.
yugs (Pl.) YUG, one of the four Hindu ages of the world.
yuke (Dial.) to itch > YUKES, YUKING, YUKED. Also YUCK, YOUK, EWK, EUK, YEUK.
yuko (Japanese) in judo, a points penalty > YUKOS.
yuks (3rd.) YUK, an interjection expressing disgust.
yuky Itchy > YUKIER, YUKIEST. Also YUCKY.
yule Christmas or Christmastide; the feast of the Nativity of our Savior > YULES.
yump In rally-driving, to leave the ground when going over a ridge or crest > YUMPS, YUMPING, YUMPED.
yunx (Lat.) the wryneck > YUNXES. [L. iynx, from Gk. iynx or iynx]. Also JYNX.
yups (Pl.) YUP, yes.
yurt (Russian) a Mongolian tent made of felt > YURTS or YURTA. Also YOURT.
yutz (Yiddish) a socially inept person > YUTZES.
yuzu (Japanese) a type of citrus fruit > YUZUS.
ywis (Arch.) certainly. [From I wis, i.e. I know]. Also IWIS.
zack (Aust. slang) sixpence, now a five-cent piece > ZACKS.
zags (3rd.) ZAG, to change direction on a zig-zag course.
zany (Noun) a clown; (adj.) comical > ZANIER, ZANIEST; ZANILY; (verb) to play the zany to > ZANIES, ZANYING, ZANIED. [Ital. zanni, a nickname for Giovanni].
zaps (3rd.) ZAP, to destroy.
zarf (Arabic) an ornamental metal holder for a handleless coffee cup > ZARFS. Also ZURF.
zari (Urdu) a type of thread made of fine gold or silver wire used in traditional Indian and Pakistani garments > ZARIS.
zati The bonnet-monkey > ZATIS.
zeal Enthusiastic devotion > ZEALS.
zeas (Pl.) ZEA, part of a cereal plant, once used as a diuretic.
zebu (Fr.) a humped domestic ox > ZEBUS.
zeda (Yiddish) a grandfather > ZEDAS.
zeds (Pl.) ZED, the letter Z.
zees (Pl.) ZEE, the letter Z.
zein A protein found in Indian corn > ZEINS.
zeks (Pl.) ZEK, an inmate of a Russian prison-camp.
zels (Pl.) ZEL, an Oriental cymbal.
zens (Pl.) ZEN, a state of calm attentiveness.
zeps (Pl.) ZEP, a long sandwich.
zerk A fitting on a bearing, axle, etc., by which lubricant can be introduced under pressure > ZERKS.
zero (Fr.) the sign for nothing > ZEROS or ZEROES; (verb) to set at or adjust to zero > ZEROS, ZEROING, ZEROED.
zest (Verb) to give zest to > ZESTS, ZESTING, ZESTED.
zeta (Greek) a Greek letter > ZETAS.
zeze (Bantu) a stringed musical instrument of Africa > ZEZES.
zhos (Pl.) ZHO, a kind of yak.
ziff (Aust. sl.) a beard, a goatee > ZIFFS.
zigs (3rd.) ZIG, to change direction on a zig-zag course.
zila (Hindi) an administrative district in India > ZILAS. Also ZILLAH, ZILLA.
zill One of a pair of finger cymbals > ZILLS.
zimb (Amharic) an Ethiopian dipterous insect > ZIMBS. [Amharic, a fly]. Also ZEBUB.
zinc (Verb) to coat with zinc > ZINCS, ZINCING or ZINCKING, ZINCED or ZINCKED.
zine (Sl.) a specialist magazine > ZINES.
zing To move very swiftly, esp. with a high-pitched hum > ZINGS, ZINGING, ZINGED.
zins (Pl.) ZIN, a type of wine.
zips (3rd.) ZIP, to fasten with a zip.
zite (Ital.) a type of pasta like large macaroni. No -S. Also ZITI.
ziti (Ital.) a type of pasta like large macaroni > ZITIS. N.B. is really a plural, but does take an -S, unlike ZITE. Also ZITE.
zits (Pl.) ZIT, a pimple.
zizz A snooze, sleep; (verb) to snooze > ZIZZES, ZIZZING, ZIZZED.
zobo (Tibetan) a male ZO > ZOBOS. Also DSOBO, ZOBU.
zobu (Tibetan) a male ZO > ZOBUS. Also DSOBO, ZOBO.
zoea (Lat.) a larval stage in certain crustaceans, esp. decapods > ZOEAE or ZOEAS. Also ZOOEA.
zoic Pertaining to animals; containing evidence of life.
zols (Pl.) ZOL, a cannabis cigarette.
zona (Lat.) a girdle or belt; a zone > ZONAE.
zone (Verb) to divide into zones > ZONES, ZONING, ZONED.
zonk To exhaust > ZONKS, ZONKING, ZONKED.
zoom To move with a loud humming sound > ZOOMS, ZOOMING, ZOOMED.
zoon An animal which is the sole product of a single egg, as opposed to ZOOID > ZOONS or ZOA; (verb) to zoom > ZOONS, ZOONING, ZOONED.
zoos (Pl.) ZOO, a garden or park where animals are kept.
zoot As in zoot suit, a man's suit consisting of baggy trousers with tapered bottoms and a long jacket with wide padded shoulders.
zori (Japanese) a Japanese sandal consisting of a flat sole with a thong between the toes > ZORIS.
zouk A style of Caribbean dance music > ZOUKS.
zulu A type of two-masted fishing vessel formerly used in Scotland > ZULUS.
zupa (Serbian) in early Serbia, a confederation of villages, governed by a ZUPAN > ZUPAS.
zurf (Arabic) an ornamental metal holder for a handleless coffee cup > ZURFS. Also ZARF.
zyga (Pl.) ZYGON, a fissure in the brain.
zyme A ferment; a disease germ > ZYMES.
zzzs An informal noun meaning sleep: to catch a few ZZZS.