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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

waac A member of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corp > WAACS.
waah an interjection used to express wailing.
wabs (Pl.) WAB, a web.
wack Crazy > WACKER, WACKEST; an eccentric, mad, or crazy person; a crackpot > WACKS.
wadd An earthy ore of manganese > WADDS. Also WAD, WADT.
wade To walk through water > WADES, WADING, WADED.
wadi (Arabic) the dry bed of a torrent; a river valley > WADIS. Also WADY.
wads (3rd.) WAD, to form into a wad.
wadt An earthy ore of manganese > WADTS. Also WAD, WADD.
wady (Arabic) the dry bed of a torrent; a river valley > WADIES. Also WADI.
waes (Pl.) WAE, woe.
waff To bark > WAFFS, WAFFING, WAFFED. Also WAUGH.
waft To carry lightly over air or water > WAFTS, WAFTING, WAFTED.
wage To engage in or carry on > WAGES, WAGING, WAGED.
wags (3rd.) WAG, to move from side to side.
waid (Obs.) weighed. Also WAIDE.
waif (Verb) to cast up as a waif > WAIFS, WAIFING, WAIFED.
wail To utter a long, mournful cry > WAILS, WAILING, WAILED.
wain A farm wagon; (verb, obs.) to carry, convey > WAINS, WAINING, WAINED.
wair To spend > WAIRS, WAIRING, WAIRED.
wais (Pl.) WAI, water.
wait To stay in expectation of > WAITS, WAITING, WAITED.
waka 1. (Japanese) a Japanese verse-form > WAKAS. 2. (Maori) a traditional Maori canoe, usu made of a hollowed tree trunk.
wake To rouse from sleep > WAKES, WAKING, WAKED or WOKE, WOKEN.
wakf (Arabic) the donation of land, property or money for charitable or pious purposes > WAKFS. Also WAQF.
wald (Scots) = WELD, wild mignonette > WALDS.
wale (Noun) a raised mark on the skin left by a blow. Also WEAL, WHEAL. (Verb) to choose > WALES, WALING, WALED.
wali (Turkish) a governor, esp. of a vilayet > WALIS. Also VALI.
walk To advance on foot > WALKS, WALKING, WALKED.
wall To provide with a wall (an upright structure built to enclose an area) > WALLS, WALLING, WALLED.
waly 1. (Scots) alas.
wame (Obs.) womb > WAMES, WAMED. Also WEM, WEMB, WEAMB.
wand A slender rod > WANDS.
wane To decrease in size or extent > WANES, WANING, WANED.
wang (Obs.) the cheek; a WANG tooth is a molar > WANGS.
wank To masturbate > WANKS, WANKING, WANKED.
wans (3rd.) WAN, to make wan.
want To have a desire for > WANTS, WANTING, WANTED.
wany Waning > WANIER, WANIEST. Also WANEY.
waps (3rd.) WAP, to throw off quickly.
waqf (Arabic) the donation of land, property or money for charitable or pious purposes > WAQFS. Also WAKF.
warb (Aust. sl.) a dirty or insignificant person > WARBS.
ward To turn aside > WARDS, WARDING, WARDED.
ware (Verb) to beware of > WARES, WARING, WARED.
wark (Scots) to work > WARKS, WARKING, WARKED.
warm Moderately hot > WARMER, WARMEST; WARMLY; (verb) to make warm > WARMS, WARMING, WARMED.
warn To make aware of impending or possible danger > WARNS, WARNING, WARNED.
warp To turn or twist out of shape > WARPS, WARPING, WARPED.
wars (3rd.) WAR, to make war.
wart A small hard excrescence on the skin caused by a virus > WARTS, WARTED.
wary Cautious > WARIER, WARIEST; WARILY.
wase A small bundle of hay or straw for resting one's head > WASES.
wash To cleanse by immersing in or applying a liquid > WASHES, WASHING, WASHED, (obs.) WASHEN.
wasm an obsolete belief; an out-of-fashion 'ism' > WASMS.
wasp Any of a large number of insects belonging to the order Hymenoptera > WASPS.
wast (Obs.) waste > WASTS.
wate (Scots) 3rd pers. of WIT, to know.
wats (Pl.) WAT, a Buddhist temple.
watt The SI unit of power, equal to a rate of working of one joule per second > WATTS.
wauk To full (cloth) > WAUKS, WAUKING, WAUKED. Also WAULK.
waul To cry like a cat > WAULS, WAULING, WAULED. Also WAWL.
waur (Scots) to defeat, to worst > WAURS, WAURING, WAURED.
wave To move freely back and forth or up and down > WAVES, WAVING, WAVED.
wavy Wave-shaped > WAVIER, WAVIEST; WAVILY; (noun) (Am. Ind) the snow-goose > WAVIES. [Cree]. Also WAVEY.
wawa (Am. Ind.) to speak > WAWAS, WAWAING, WAWAED. [Chinook].
wawe (Spenser) a wave > WAWES.
wawl To cry like a cat > WAWLS, WAWLING, WAWLED. Also WAUL.
waws (Pl.) WAW, a Hebrew letter.
waxy Like wax > WAXIER, WAXIEST; WAXILY.
ways (3rd.) WAY, to weigh, esteem.
wazz (Dial.) to urinate > WAZZES, WAZZING, WAZZED.
weal A ridge on the skin formed by a blow > WEALS. Also WALE, WHEAL.
wean To withhold mother's milk from and substitute other nourishment > WEANS, WEANING, WEANED.
wear To turn a ship's stern to windward to alter its course > WEARS, WEARING, WEARED; to put on clothes > WEARS, WEARING, WORE, WORN.
webs (3rd.) WEB, to envelop with a web.
weds (3rd.) WED, to marry.
weed To remove weeds (undesirable plants) > WEEDS, WEEDING, WEEDED.
week A period of seven days > WEEKS.
weel A whirlpool; a fish-trap > WEELS. Also WEIL, WIEL.
weem (Gaelic) a subterranean dwelling > WEEMS. [Gaelic uaim, cave].
ween To think; to imagine > WEENS, WEENING, WEENED.
weep To express sorrow by shedding tears > WEEPS, WEEPING, WEPT.
weer (Comp.) WEE, small.
wees (3rd.) WEE, to urinate.
weet (Verb) to know > WOT, WOTS, WOTTETH, WEETING, WEETED. Also WEETE, WYTE, WIT. (Adj.) wet > WEETER, WEETEST.
weft (Verb) to form a weft > WEFTS, WEFTING, WEFTED.
weid (Scots) any sudden illness, cold or relapse with febrile symptoms > WEIDS.
weil A whirlpool > WEILS. Also WEEL, WIEL.
weir A low dam that is built across a river to raise the water level, divert the water, or control its flow; (verb) to wear > WEIRS, WEIRING, WEIRED.
weka (Maori) a flightless rail of New Zealand > WEKAS.
weld A scentless species of MIGNONETTE, yielding a yellow dye. Also WALD. (Verb) to join two pieces of metal by fusing > WELDS, WELDING, WELDED.
welk (Obs.) to wither or shrivel > WELKS, WELKING, WELKED.
well To rise to the surface and flow forth > WELLS, WELLING, WELLED.
wels Ger.) a large fish, the American giant catfish, introduced into European rivers, aka sheatfish > WELS.
welt (Verb) to lash, beat > WELTS, WELTING, WELTED.
wemb (Obs.) womb > WEMBS. Also WEM, WAME, WEAMB.
wems (Pl.) WEM, womb.
wena (S. Afr.) you.
wend To turn, to betake oneself > WENDS, WENDING, WENDED.
wens (Pl.) WEN, a sebaceous cyst.
went (Noun) (Spenser) a path, a journey > WENTS.
wept (Pt.) WEEP, to shed tears.
were (Pt.) BE.
wero (Maori) a challenge made by an armed Maori warrior to a visitor to a MARAE > WEROS.
wert (Pt.) BE.
west (Verb) to move towards the west > WESTS, WESTING, WESTED.
weta (Maori) a large New Zealand grasshopper > WETAS.
wets (3rd.) WET, to make wet.
wexe (Obs.) = WEX, waxed, grew.
weys (Pl.) WEY, a measure of dry goods.
whae (Scots) who. Also WHA.
wham To crash or bang into > WHAMS, WHAMMING, WHAMMED.
what The true nature of something > WHATS.
whee An expression of delight. No -S.
when The time in which something is done or occurs > WHENS.
whet To sharpen by friction > WHETS, WHETTING, WHETTED.
whew (Verb) to say whew > WHEWS, WHEWING, WHEWED.
whey The watery part of milk which remains after the formation of curds > WHEYS.
whid (Scots) to move quickly, whiz > WHIDS, WHIDDING, WHIDDED. Cf. WHIDDER.
whig (Scots) to jog along > WHIGS, WHIGGING, WHIGGED.
whim (Verb) to be whimsical; to turn > WHIMS, WHIMMING, WHIMMED.
whin Gorse, furze > WHINS.
whio (Maori) a New Zealand mountain duck with blue plumage > WHIO. No -S.
whip To beat with a whip > WHIPS, WHIPPING, WHIPPED or WHIPT.
whir To make a continuous rapid buzzing or softly clicking sound > WHIRS, WHIRRING, WHIRRED. Also WHIRR.
whit The smallest particle imaginable > WHITS.
whiz To fly through the air with or as if with a whistling noise > WHIZZES, WHIZZING, WHIZZED.
whoa Stop, esp. to a horse.
whom The objective case of WHO.
whot (Spenser) hot.
whow (Scots) interjection expressing deploration.
whup (Coll.) to defeat totally > WHUPS, WHUPPING, WHUPPED.
whys (Pl.) WHY, the reason or cause of something.
wice (Scots) wise.
wich A tree with pliant branches, as in wych elm > WICHES. Also WYCH.
wick A bundle of loosely twisted fibers in a candle or oil lamp > WICKS.
wide Broad > WIDER, WIDEST; WIDELY; (noun) a wide ball in cricket > WIDES.
wiel A whirlpool > WIELS. Also WEIL, WEEL.
wife (Verb) to take to wife > WIFES, WIFING, WIFED.
wigs (3rd.) WIG, to scold.
wiki A collaborative web site that allows users to add, edit, and delete the site's content > WIKIS.
wild Not tame > WILDER, WILDEST; WILDLY; (verb) obs. form of WIELD > WILDS, WILDING, WILDED.
wile (Verb) to beguile, inveigle > WILES, WILING, WILED. Also WYLE.
wili In the ballet Giselle, the spirit of a girl who dies before her wedding day > WILIS.
will To decide upon > WILLS, WILLING; WILLED; used as an auxiliary followed by a simple infinitive to express futurity, inclination, likelihood, or requirement > past sing. 2nd person WOULD, WOULDEST, or WOULDST.
wilt To become limp > WILTS, WILTING, WILTED.
wimp An ineffectual or pusillanimous person; (verb) to behave like a wimp > WIMPS, WIMPING, WIMPED.
wind To pass around an object or fixed center > WINDS, WINDING, WINDED or WOUND.
wine An alcoholic drink produced by the fermentation of grapes with water and sugar; (verb) to take wine > WINES, WINING, WINED.
wing To travel by means of wings (organs of flight) > WINGS, WINGING, WINGED.
wink To close and open one eye quickly > WINKS, WINKING, WINKED.
winn (Sl.) a penny > WINNS.
wino (Sl.) an alcoholic > WINOS or WINOES.
wins (3rd.) WIN, to gain.
winy Like or tasting of wine > WINIER, WINIEST. Also WINEY.
wipe To rub lightly in order to clean or dry > WIPES, WIPING, WIPED.
wire To fasten with wire (a slender rod, strand, or thread of ductile metal) > WIRES, WIRING, WIRED.
wiry Thin and tough > WIRIER, WIRIEST; WIRILY.
wise Intelligent > WISER, WISEST; WISELY; (Scots) to guide in a certain direction > WISES, WISING, WISED. Also WEISE, WEIZE.
wish To feel an impulse toward attainment or possession of something > WISHES, WISHING, WISHED.
wisp (Verb) to make into a wisp > WISPS, WISPING, WISPED.
wist (Arch.) to know > WISTS, WISTING, WISTED.
wite (Scots) to blame, lay the blame on > WITES, WITING, WITED. Also WIGHT, WYTE.
with In the company of; (noun) a partition between chimney flues > WITHS.
wits (3rd.) WIT, to know.
wive To take for a wife; to become the wife of > WIVES, WIVING, WIVED.
woad A broad-leafed plant yielding a blue dye > WOADS, WOADED.
woah a call to stop, esp. to a horse.
wock (Chinese) a pan used in Chinese cookery > WOCKS. [Cantonese wohk, pan]. Also WOK.
woes (Pl.) WOE, grief, sadness.
wofs (Pl.) WOF, a fool, idiot.
woke (Pt.) WAKE, to rouse from sleep.
woks (Pl.) WOK, a pan used in Chinese cookery.
wold An open tract of country > WOLDS.
wolf A predatory canine mammal, Canis lupus > WOLVES; (verb) to eat greedily > WOLFS, WOLFING, WOLFED.
womb (Shakesp.) to enclose > WOMBS, WOMBING, WOMBED.
wonk An expert who studies a subject or issue thoroughly and excessively > WONKS.
wons (3rd.) WON, to abide, dwell.
wont To be accustomed to > WONTS, WONTING, WONTED.
wood (Verb) to cover with woods or trees > WOODS, WOODING, WOODED.
woof (Verb) to bark > WOOFS, WOOFING, WOOFED.
wool The dense, soft hair forming the coat of certain mammals > WOOLS, WOOLED, WOOLLED.
woon (Spenser) to dwell > WOONS, WOONING, WOONED. Cf. WON.
woos (3rd.) WOO, to court.
woot (Shakesp.) wilt (thou).
wops (3rd.) WOP, to beat, whop.
word To express in words (speech sounds that communicate meaning) > WORDS, WORDING, WORDED.
wore (Pt.) WEAR, to turn a ship's stern to windward to alter its course.
work To exert one's powers of body or mind for some purpose > WORKS, WORKING, WORKED or WROUGHT.
worm To rid of worms (small, limbless invertebrates) > WORMS, WORMING, WORMED.
worn Affected by wear or use.
wort Any herb or vegetable; an infusion of malt before fermentation > WORTS.
wost (Arch.) 2nd. pers. sing. pres. of WIT, to know.
wots (3rd.) WOT, to know.
wove (Pt.) WEAVE, to form by interlacing threads.
wowf (Scots) crazy > WOWFER, WOWFEST.
wows (3rd.) WOW, to impress.
wrap To enclose in something wound or folded about > WRAPS, WRAPPING, WRAPPED or WRAPT.
wren A small songbird > WRENS.
writ A legal or financial document > WRITS.
wuds (Pl.) WUD, wood.
wudu (Arabic) ritual washing before the daily prayer > WUDUS.
wull (Spenser) to will > WULLS, WULLING, WULLED.
wuss A wimp > WUSSES. Also WOOSE.
wych A tree with pliant branches, as in wych elm > WYCHES. Also WICH.
wyes (Pl.) WYE, the letter Y, or anything shaped like it.
wyle To beguile > WYLES, WYLING, WYLED. Also WILE.
wynd A narrow street or lane > WYNDS.
wynn A rune having the value of modern English W > WYNNS. Also WYN.
wyns (Pl.) WYN, a rune, having the value of modern English W.
wyte (Scots) to blame, lay the blame on > WYTES, WYTING, WYTED. Also WITE, WIGHT.