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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

udal (Orkneys) allodial, without feudal superior. Also ODAL.
udon In Japanese cooking, large noodles of wheat flour > UDONS.
udos (Pl.) UDO, a kind of Japanese ARALIA.
ueys (Pl.) UEY, a U-turn.
ufos (Pl.) UFO, an unidentified flying object.
ughs (Pl.) UGH, an exclamation expression repugnance.
ugly Not beautiful > UGLIER, UGLIEST; UGLILY; (verb) to make ugly > UGLIES, UGLYING, UGLIED.
ukes (Pl.) UKE, a ukulele.
ulan (Ger.) a light cavalryman in semi-oriental uniform; a Prussian lancer > ULANS. Also UHLAN.
ules (Pl.) ULE, a Central American rubber tree.
ulex (Lat.) gorse > ULEXES.
ulna (Lat.) the inner and larger of the two bones of the forearm > ULNAS or ULNAE.
ulus (Pl.) ULU, an Eskimo knife.
ulva (Lat.) a genus of thin papery bright green seaweeds including the kinds called sea lettuce > ULVAS. [L. ulva, sedge].
umbo (Lat.) the boss of a shield > UMBOS or UMBONES.
umes (Pl.) UME, a fleshy yellow fruit, similar to an apricot but having a sour flavour, used mainly to make drinks, preserves, and sauces.
umma The body of Muslim believers considered as one community > UMMAS.
umph An interjection. Also HUMPH.
umps (3rd.) UMP, to umpire.
umpy (Aust. sl.) an umpire > UMPIES. Also UMPIE.
umra A lesser pilgrimage to Mecca made separately or at the same time as the hajj, and consisting of a number of devotional rituals performed within the city > UMRAS.
umus (Pl.) UMU, a Maori oven.
unai (Tupi) a two-toed sloth > UNAIS. Also UNAU.
unau (Tupi) a two-toed sloth > UNAUS. Also UNAI.
unbe Not to be > UNBEING, UNBEEN.
unce (Scots) an ounce > UNCES.
unci (Pl.) UNCUS, a hook or hooklike process or structure.
unco (Scots) strange; foreign; extraordinary > UNCOER, UNCOEST; (noun) a stranger, a piece of news > UNCOS or UNCOES.
unde Wavy. Also UNDEE, UNDY, OUNDY.
undo To bring to ruin > UNDOES, UNDOING, UNDID, UNDONE.
undy Wavy. Also UNDEE, UNDE, OUNDY.
unis (Pl.) UNI, university.
unit A specific quantity used as a standard of measurement > UNITS.
unto To.
upas (Malay) a tree with a poisonous drip > UPASES. [Malay upas, poison].
upby A little farther on. Also UPBYE.
updo An upswept hairdo > UPDOS.
upon On.
upsy (Noun) a carousal > UPSIES. Also UPSEY, UPSEE.
upta Of poor quality. Also UPTER.
urao (Spanish) a native hydrated double salt of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, occurring esp. as an evaporite > URAOS. Aka TRONA.
urbs (Pl.) URB, an urban area.
urde Pointed, with a pattern of points. Also URDY, URDEE.
urds (Pl.) URD, an Indian bean.
urdy Pointed, with a pattern of points. No comp! Also URDE, URDEE.
urea A substance found in mammalian urine, the chief form in which nitrogenous waste is excreted > UREAS.
ures (Pl.) URE, an extinct wild ox.
urge To force forward > URGES, URGING, URGED.
uric Of or pertaining to urine; obtained from urine; as, uric acid.
urns (3rd.) URN, to enclose in an urn.
urps (3rd.) URP, to vomit.
ursa (Lat.) a female bear > URSAE.
urus An extinct bovine mammal, aka URE or AUROCHS > URUSES.
urva (Nepali) the crab-eating mongoose of SE Asia > URVAS.
used (Pt.) USE, to put to some purpose.
user One that uses > USERS.
uses (3rd.) USE, to put to some purpose.
utas The seventh day after a festival > UTASES.
utes (Pl.) UTE, a utility vehicle.
utis (Shakesp.) riotous merriment, which accompanied the eighth day of a festival > UTISES.
utus (Pl.) UTU, the (Maori) settlement of a debt.
uvae (Pl.) UVA, a grape or grape-like berry.
uvas (Pl.) UVA, a grape or grape-like berry.
uvea The posterior pigment-bearing layer of the pupil of the eye > UVEAS.