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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

saag (Hindi) in Indian cooking, spinach.
sabe To savvy > SABES, SABEING, SABED.
sabs (Pl.) SAB, a saboteur.
sack Dry white wine or sherry from Spain; (verb) to dismiss > SACKS, SACKING, SACKED.
sacs (Pl.) SAC, a pouch or baglike structure.
sade (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > SADES. Also SADHE, SADI, TSADE, TSADI.
sadi (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > SADIS. Also SADE, SADHE, TSADE, TSADI.
sado (Japanese) a tea ceremony > SADOS. Also CHADO, CHANOYO, CHANOYU.
sads (3rd.) SAD, to express sadness.
safe Secure > SAFER, SAFEST; SAFELY; (verb) to make e.g. a gun safe > SAFES, SAFING, SAFED.
saft (Scots) soft > SAFTER, SAFTEST.
saga A medieval Scandinavian narrative > SAGAS.
sage A garden labiate plant (Salvia officinalis) whose grey-green leaves are used as a flavouring > SAGES; (adj.) wise > SAGER, SAGEST; SAGELY.
sago (Malay) a type of palm tree; a nutritive cereal derived from its pith > SAGOS. [Malay sagu].
sags (3rd.) SAG, to bend or hang down.
sagy Full of sage; seasoned with sage > SAGIER, SAGIEST.
saic (Turkish) a Levantine vessel like a ketch > SAICS. Also SAICK, SAIQUE.
said (Noun) a descendant of Mohammed's daughter Fatima > SAIDS. Also SAYYID, SAIYID, SAYID.
sail To move across the surface of water by the action of wind > SAILS, SAILING, SAILED.
saim (Scots) a seam > SAIMS.
sain To make the sign of the cross over > SAINS, SAINING, SAINED.
sair (Scots) sore, very > SAIRER, SAIREST; (verb) to savour > SAIRS, SAIRING, SAIRED.
sais (Pl.) SAI, the capuchin monkey.
sake A Japanese alcoholic drink made from fermented rice > SAKES. Also SAKI.
saki (Japanese) a kind of rice wine > SAKIS. Also SAKE.
sale The act or an instance of selling > SALES.
sall (Obs.) shall.
salp Any species of Salpa, or of the family Salpidae > free-swimming chordates with flattened, translucent, keg-like bodies > SALPS. Also SALPA, SALPID, SALPIAN.
sals (Pl.) SAL, a large North Indian tree.
salt Tasting of salt > SALTER, SALTEST; SALTLY; (verb) to put salt on > SALTS, SALTING, SALTED.
sama (Japanese) a title given to an exalted person > SAMAS.
same Resembling in every relevant respect > SAMES.
samp (Am. Ind.) a coarsely ground maize > SAMPS. [Narragansett].
sams (3rd.) SAM, to gather.
sand To cover with sand (a loose, granular rock material) > SANDS, SANDING, SANDED.
sane Of sound mind > SANER, SANEST; SANELY; (verb) to bless > SANES, SANING, SANED.
sang (Chinese) a Chinese organ played by mouth > SANGS.
sank (Pt.) SINK, to move to a lower level.
sans (Fr.) without; deprived or destitute of.
sant (Hindi) in Sikhism, a devout person, a saint > SANTS.
saps (3rd.) SAP, to drain.
sard A deep orange-colored kind of chalcedony > SARDS. Also SARDIUS.
sari (Hindi) a Hindu woman's chief garment, a long cloth wrapped round the waist and passed over the shoulder and head > SARIS. Also SAREE.
sark (Scots) a shirt, a chemise > SARKS.
sars (Pl.) SAR, a sea bream.
sash (Verb) to dress or adorn with a sash > SASHES, SASHING, SASHED.
sass Impudence, cheek; (verb) to cheek > SASSES, SASSING, SASSED.
sate To satiate > SATES, SATING, SATED.
sati (Sanskrit) the act of a Hindu widow willingly being cremated on the funeral pyre of her husband > SATIS. [Sanskrit sati, a true wife]. Also SUTTEE.
saul (Dial.) a soul > SAULS.
saut (Scots) salt > SAUTS.
save To rescue from danger, injury, or loss > SAVES, SAVING, SAVED.
savs (Pl.) SAV, a saveloy.
sawn (PaP.) SAW, to cut with a saw.
saws (3rd.) SAW, to cut with a saw.
saxe As in saxe blue, a light bluish-grey colour.
says (3rd.) SAY, to utter in words.
scab (Verb) to work as a blackleg > SCABS, SCABBING, SCABBED.
scad Any of numerous carangid fishes, esp. one with a row of large scales along each side; a horse-mackerel or SAUREL > SCADS.
scag (US slang) heroin. Also SKAG. (Verb) to make a tear in cloth > SCAGS, SCAGGING, SCAGGED.
scam (Sl.) a swindle; (verb) to swindle > SCAMS, SCAMMING, SCAMMED.
scan To examine closely > SCANS, SCANNING, SCANNED or SCAND.
scar To form a scar (a mark left by the healing of injured tissue) > SCARS, SCARRING, SCARRED.
scat (Verb) to scare away > SCATS, SCATTING, SCATTED.
scaw A low cape or headland > SCAWS. Also SKAW.
scog (Scots) shadow, shelter > SCOGS. Also SKUG, SCUG, SCOUG, SCOOG.
scop (OE) an Anglo-Saxon poet and harpist > SCOPAS (but SCOPS is valid anyway as a kind of owl).
scot Money assessed or paid > SCOTS.
scow A large flat-bottomed boat, having broad, square ends; (verb) to transport by this > SCOWS, SCOWING, SCOWED.
scry To see the future e.g. via a crystal ball > SCRIES, SCRYING, SCRIED or (Spenser) SCRYDE. Also SKRY.
scud To run along quickly and lightly > SCUDS, SCUDDING, SCUDDED.
scug (Scots) shadow, shelter > SCUGS. Also SCOG, SKUG, SCOUG, SCOOG.
scul (Obs.) school > SCULS.
scum To remove the scum (impure or extraneous matter) from > SCUMS, SCUMMING, SCUMMED.
scup (Am. Ind.) a common Atlantic fish, the northern PORGY > SCUPS. [Narraganset mishcuppauog]. Also SCUPPAUG.
scur To scour, search > SCURS, SCURRING, SCURRED. Also SKER, SKIRR, SQUIRR.
scut The tail of e.g. a rabbit > SCUTS.
scye An opening for the insertion of a sleeve > SCYES.
seal To close or make secure against access, leakage, or passage > SEALS, SEALING, SEALED.
seam To join with a seam (a line formed by sewing two pieces of fabric together) > SEAMS, SEAMING, SEAMED.
sean A kind of net; to fish with such a net > SEANS, SEANING, SEANED. Also SEINE.
sear (Shakesp.) scorched, withered > SEARER, SEAREST; (verb) to burn > SEARS, SEARING, SEARED.
seas (Pl.) SEA, a great expanse of water.
seat To place on a seat (something on which one sits) > SEATS, SEATING, SEATED.
sech A hyperbolic secant > SECHS.
seco (Ital.) (of wine) dry.
secs (Pl.) SEC, a secant.
sect A group of people united by common beliefs or interests > SECTS.
seed To plant seeds (propagative plant structures) in > SEEDS, SEEDING, SEEDED.
seek To go in search of > SEEKS, SEEKING, SOUGHT.
seel To stitch up a hawk's eyes > SEELS, SEELING, SEELED.
seem To give the impression of being > SEEMS, SEEMING, SEEMED.
seen (PaP.) SEE, to perceive by the eye.
seep To pass slowly through small openings > SEEPS, SEEPING, SEEPED.
seer A prophet > SEERS.
sees (3rd.) SEE, to perceive by the eye.
sego (Am. Ind.) a liliaceous plant of Western North America, and its edible bulb > SEGOS. [Ute].
segs (Pl.) SEG, a stud in the sole of a shoe.
seif (Arabic) a long sand-dune lying parallel to the direction of the wind that forms it > SEIFS. [Arabic sayf, sword].
seik (Scots) sick > SEIKER, SEIKEST.
seil To strain > SEILS, SEILING, SEILED. Also SILE.
seir (Port.) a scombroid fish of the eastern coastal waters of India > SEIRS. Also SEER.
seis (Pl.) SEI, a rorqual.
sekt (Ger.) a sparkling wine > SEKTS.
seld Rare; uncommon; unusual. No comp! Cf. SELDSEEN, SELDSHOWN.
sele Happiness, good fashion > SELES. Also SEEL, SEIL, SEAL.
self One's own person > SELVES; (verb) to fertilize by the same individual > SELFS, SELFING, SELFED.
sell To give up to another for money or other valuable consideration > SELLS, SELLING, SOLD.
sels (Pl.) SEL, self.
seme 1. (Her.) strewn or scattered with small bearings. Also SEMEE, SEMEED. 2. A type of ornamental pattern > SEMES.
semi A semi-detached house > SEMIS.
sena (Hindi) in India, an army, esp. used of paramilitary organisations representing various castes > SENAS.
send To cause to go > SENDS, SENDING, SENT; to scend > SENDS, SENDING, SENDED.
sene (Samoan) a monetary unit of Western Samoa > SENE. No -S.
sens (Obs.) since.
sent (Verb, obs.) to scent > SENTS, SENTING, SENTED.
seps (Greek) a skink of the genus Seps with a serpentlike body > SEPSES.
sept A division of a tribe; a clan > SEPTS.
sera (Pl.) SERUM, a watery liquid, esp. that which separates from coagulating blood.
sere Scorched, withered > SERER, SEREST; (verb) to dry up, wither > SERES, SERING, SERED.
serf A person in modified slavery, esp. one bound to work on the land > SERFS.
serk A shirt > SERKS. Also SARK.
serr To press close, close the ranks of > SERRS, SERRING, SERRED. Also SERRE, SERRY.
sers (Pl.) SER, a unit of weight in India.
sese (Shakesp.) enough said. Also CAESE, CEAS, SESEY, SESSA.
sesh (Abbr.) session > SESHES.
sess A tax, a local rate for the maintenance of soldiers > SESSES. Also CESS.
seta (Lat.) a bristle; any bristle-like organ > SETAE.
sets (3rd.) SET, to put or place in position.
sett A badger's home > SETTS. Also CETE.
sevs (Pl.) SEV, an Indian food of deep-fried strands of flour.
sewn (PaP.) SEW, to work on with a needle and thread.
sews (3rd.) SEW, to work on with a needle and thread.
sext The office of the sixth hour > SEXTS.
sexy Sexually attractive > SEXIER, SEXIEST; SEXILY.
seys (Pl.) SEY, a carcase of beef.
shad A deep-bodied herring-like marine fish, spawning in rivers > SHADS.
shag A bird allied to the cormorant; (verb) to make shaggy > SHAGS, SHAGGING, SHAGGED.
shah (Persian) (a title of) the monarch of Iran (Persia) > SHAHS.
shan (Obs. criminal sl.) a base or counterfeit coin > SHANS. Also SHAND.
shat (Pt.) SHIT, to defecate.
shaw (Verb) to show > SHAWS, SHAWING, SHAWED, SHAWN.
shay A chaise > SHAYS.
shea An African sapotaceous tree, from the seeds of which a substance resembling butter is obtained; the African butter tree > SHEAS.
shed (Verb) to house in a shed > SHEDS, SHEDDING, SHEDDED.
shen the spiritual element of a person's psyche > SHEN. No -S.
shes (Pl.) SHE, a female person.
shet (Dial.) to shut > SHETS, SHETTING, SHET.
shew (Obs.) to show > SHEWS, SHEWING, SHEWED, SHEWN.
shhh an interjection requesting quietness.
shim A thin slip of metal etc. used to fill a space or to adjust parts; (verb) to fill in or adjust with a shim > SHIMS, SHIMMING, SHIMMED.
shin To climb by gripping and pulling alternately with the hands and legs > SHINS, SHINNING, SHINNED.
ship To transport by ship (a vessel suitable for navigation in deep water) > SHIPS, SHIPPING, SHIPPED.
shir To pucker, gather; to bake eggs > SHIRS, SHIRRING, SHIRRED. Also SHIRR.
shit To defecate > SHITS, SHITTING, SHITTED or SHAT.
shiv A knife; (verb) to cut with a SHIV > SHIVS, SHIVVING, SHIVVED.
shmo (Yiddish) a stupid person > SHMOES. Also SCHMO, SCHMOE.
shod (Pt.) SHOE, to put shoes on.
shoe A stiff outer covering for the foot, not coming above the ankle > SHOES or (archaic) SHOON. (Verb) to put shoes on > SHOES, SHOEING, SHOED or SHOD, SHODDEN.
shog (Dial.) to jog, move on, go away > SHOGS, SHOGGING, SHOGGED.
shoo (Verb) to cry 'Shoo' > SHOOS, SHOOING, SHOOED.
shop To examine goods with intent to buy > SHOPS, SHOPPING, SHOPPED.
shot (Verb) to load with shot > SHOTS, SHOTTING, SHOTTED.
show To cause or permit to be seen > SHOWS, SHOWING, SHOWED, SHOWN.
shri (Sanskrit) a title of respect, sir > SHRIS. [Skr. shri, majesty]. Also SRI.
shul (Hebrew) a synagogue > SHULS or SHULN. Also SCHUL.
shut To close > SHUTS, SHUTTING, SHUT.
shwa (Ger.) a vowel sound, like "a" in alone or "e" in linen, that in English often appears unstressed > SHWAS. Also SCHWA.
sial The upper layer of the continental crust, so called because it is rich in silica and aluminum oxide > SIALS. Compare SIMA.
sibb (Scott) a blood relation, a kinsman > SIBBS. Also SIB, SYBBE.
sibs (Pl.) SIB, a blood relation, a kinsman.
sice (Arabic) a groom, a mounted attendant > SICES. Also SYCE, SAICE.
sich (Arch.) such.
sick Ill > SICKER, SICKEST; SICKLY; (verb) to incite to attack > SICKS, SICKING, SICKED.
sics (3rd.) SIC, to incite a dog to attack.
sida (Greek) any plant of the Queensland hemp genus Sida, of the mallow family > SIDAS.
side To agree with or support > SIDES, SIDING, SIDED.
sidh (Irish) fairy people. No -S. Also SIDHE.
sien (Arch.) scion > SIENS. Also CION, SIENT, SYEN.
sies (S. Afr.) expressing disgust. Also SIS.
sift To sieve > SIFTS, SIFTING, SIFTED.
sigh To let out a sigh (a deep, audible breath) > SIGHS, SIGHING, SIGHED.
sign To write one's name on > SIGNS, SIGNING, SIGNED.
sigs (Pl.) SIG, a short personalized message at the end of an email, a signature.
sijo (Korean) a Korean verse form > SIJOS.
sika (Japanese) a kind of deer, native to Japan > SIKAS.
sike A rill or small ditch > SIKES. Also SYKE.
sild (Norwegian) herring, esp. canned, lightly smoked herring imported from Scandinavia > SILDS.
sile To strain > SILES, SILING, SILED. Also SEIL.
silk A fibre produced by the larva of a silkworm moth; (verb) to cover or clothe with silk > SILKS, SILKING, SILKED.
sill The horizontal piece that bears the upright portion of a frame > SILLS.
silo (Verb) to put or keep in a silo > SILOS, SILOED, SILOING.
silt A fine deposit of mud, clay, etc., esp. one in a river or lake; (verb) to fill or become filled with silt > SILTS, SILTING, SILTED.
sima The oceanic crust, also the lower layer of the continental crust, so called because it is enriched in silica and magnesium oxide > SIMAS. Cf. SIAL.
simi (Swahili) in Africa, a short two-edged sword or large knife > SIMIS.
simp (Abbr.) simpleton > SIMPS.
sims (Pl.) SIM, an evangelist.
sind (Scots) to rinse, wash out > SINDS, SINDING, SINDED. Also SYND, SINE, SYNE.
sine (Scots) to rinse, wash out > SINES, SINING, SINED. Also SYND, SYNE, SIND.
sing To utter with musical inflections of the voice > SINGS, SINGING, SANG, SUNG.
sinh A hyperbolic function of an angle > SINHS.
sink To move to a lower level > SINKS, SINKING, SANK, SUNK, SUNKEN.
sins (3rd.) SIN, to commit sin.
sipe (Dial.) to soak through, seep > SIPES, SIPING, SIPED. Also SYPE.
sips (3rd.) SIP, to drink in small mouthfuls.
sire To beget > SIRES, SIRING, SIRED.
siri (Malay) the betel pepper > SIRIS. Also SIRIH.
sirs (3rd.) SIR, to address as 'sir'.
siss (Abbr.) sister > SISSES. Also SIS.
sist To stay, as judicial proceedings; to delay or suspend > SISTS, SISTING, SISTED.
site To place in position for operation > SITES, SITING, SITED.
sith (Arch.) since. Also SITHEN, SITHENCE, SITHENS.
sits (3rd.) SIT, to rest on the buttocks.
sitz As in sitz bath, a bath in which the hips and buttocks are immersed in warm water.
size To arrange according to size (physical proportions) > SIZES, SIZING, SIZED.
sizy Pertaining to SIZE, in sense of a weak glue > SIZIER, SIZIEST.
sjoe (S. Afr.) expressing surprise, admiration etc.
skag (US slang) heroin > SKAGS. Also SCAG.
skas (Pl.) SKA, Jamaican music similar to reggae.
skat A card game for three persons, resembling solo whist > SKATS.
skaw A low cape or headland > SKAWS. Also SCAW.
sked to schedule > SKEDS, SKEDDING, SKEDDED.
skee To ski > SKEES, SKEEING, SKEED.
skeg A length of keel projecting aft to protect the rudder > SKEGS. Also SKEGG.
sken (Dial.) to squint or stare > SKENS, SKENNING, SKENNED.
skeo (Orkney) a hut, a shed > SKEOES or SKEOS. Also SKIO.
skep (ON) a farm basket, especially of wicker or straw; a beehive, especially domed and made of straw; (verb) to collect into a hive > SKEPS, SKEPPING, SKEPPED. [ON skeppa bushel].
sker To scour, search; to send skimming > SKERS, SKERRING, SKERRED. Also SCUR, SKIRR, SQUIRR.
sket (Dial.) to splash water > SKETS, SKETTING, SKETTED.
skew Oblique, biase > SKEWER, SKEWEST; (verb) to make oblique > SKEWS, SKEWING, SKEWED.
skid To slide sideways as a result of a loss of traction > SKIDS, SKIDDING, SKIDDED.
skim To remove floating matter from the surface of > SKIMS, SKIMMING, SKIMMED.
skin To strip or deprive of skin (the membranous tissue covering the body of an animal) > SKINS, SKINNING, SKINNED.
skio (Orkney) a hut, a shed > SKIOES or SKIOS. Also SKEO.
skip To move with light springing steps > SKIPS, SKIPPING, SKIPPED.
skis (3rd.) SKI, to move on skis.
skit A short dramatic scene > SKITS.
skog to shelter > SKOGS, SKOGGING, SKOGGED.
skol (ON) a drinking toast; good health! Also SKOAL. (Verb) to down a drink in one go > SKOLS, SKOLLING, SKOLLED.
skry To see the future e.g. via a crystal ball > SKRIES, SKRYING, SKRIED. Also SCRY.
skua A predatory gull-like sea bird > SKUAS.
skug (Scots) shadow, shelter > SKUGS. [ON skuggi, shadow]. Also SCOG, SCUG, SCOUG, SCOOG.
skyf (S. Afr.) a cigarette or substance for smoking; (verb) to smoke > SKYFS, SKYFING, SKYFED.
skyr (ON) curds; a yogurt-like curd cheese > SKYRS.
slab (Verb) to form into slabs > SLABS, SLABBING, SLABBED.
slae (Scots) a sloe > SLAES.
slag To convert into slag (the fused residue of a smelted ore) > SLAGS, SLAGGING, SLAGGED.
slam To shut forcibly and noisily > SLAMS, SLAMMING, SLAMMED.
slap To strike with the open hand > SLAPS, SLAPPING, SLAPPED.
slat (Verb) to strike, beat > SLATS, SLATTING, SLATTED.
slaw Cabbage salad > SLAWS.
slay To amuse overwhelmingly > SLAYS, SLAYING, SLAYED; (verb) to kill violently > SLAYS, SLAYING, SLEW, SLAIN.
sleb (Slang) a celebrity > SLEBS.
sled (Verb) to travel by sled > SLEDS, SLEDDING, SLEDDED.
slee (Scots) sly > SLEER, SLEEST.
slew (Verb) to swerve violently > SLEWS, SLEWING, SLEWED.
sley A weaver's reed > SLEYS.
slid (Pt.) SLIDE, to move smoothly along a surface.
slim Slender > SLIMMER, SLIMMEST; SLIMLY; (verb) to make slim > SLIMS, SLIMMING, SLIMMED.
slit To make a slit (a long, narrow cut) in > SLITS, SLITTING, SLITTED.
slob A slovenly or boorish person > SLOBS.
sloe The fruit of the blackthorn > SLOES.
slop To spill or splash > SLOPS, SLOPPING, SLOPPED.
slot To cut a long, narrow opening in > SLOTS, SLOTTING, SLOTTED.
slow Not fast > SLOWER, SLOWEST; SLOWLY; (verb) to make slow > SLOWS, SLOWING, SLOWED.
slub To twist fibre after carding to prepare it for spinning > SLUBS, SLUBBING, SLUBBED. Also SLUBB,
slue To swing round violently > SLUES, SLUING, SLUED. Also SLEW.
slug (Verb) to strike > SLUGS, SLUGGING, SLUGGED.
slum To visit slums (squalid urban areas) > SLUMS, SLUMMING, SLUMMED.
slur To pass over lightly or carelessly > SLURS, SLURRING, SLURRED.
slut A slovenly woman > SLUTS.
smee (Dial.) a name for various ducks, smew, pochard > SMEES. Also SMEATH, SMEETH.
smew A bird, the smallest MERGANSER > SMEWS.
smit (Scots) to stain, infect > SMITS, SMITTING, SMITTED.
smog An atmospheric mixture of smoke and fog > SMOGS.
smug Complacent > SMUGGER, SMUGGEST; SMUGLY; (verb) to seize without ceremony > SMUGS, SMUGGING, SMUGGED.
smur (Scots) to drizzle > SMURS, SMURRING, SMURRED. Also SMIRR, SMIR.
smut (Verb) to soil, make smutty > SMUTS, SMUTTING, SMUTTED.
snab (Scots) a cobbler; a shoemaker's apprentice > SNABS.
snag To catch on a snag (a jagged protuberance) > SNAGS, SNAGGING, SNAGGED.
snap To make a sharp cracking sound > SNAPS, SNAPPING, SNAPPED.
snaw (Dial.) to snow > SNAWS, SNAWING, SNAWED.
sneb To reprimand > SNEBS, SNEBBING, SNEBBED. Also SNEBBE.
sned 1. the curved handle of a scythe > SNEDS. Also SNATH, SNATHE, SNEATH, SNEAD. 2. (verb) to cut, lop > SNEDS, SNEDDING, SNEDDED.
snee (Obs.) to cut > SNEES, SNEEING, SNEED.
snib (Scots) a small bolt, a catch for a window-sash; (verb) to fasten with such > SNIBS, SNIBBING, SNIBBED.
snig To chop off; to cut > SNIGS, SNIGGING, SNIGGED. Cf. SNED, SNEE.
snip To cut with a short, quick stroke > SNIPS, SNIPPING, SNIPPED.
snit A fit of rather childish temper, a tantrum > SNITS.
snob One who tends to avoid or rebuff those regarded as inferior > SNOBS.
snod (Scots) smooth, neat > SNODDER, SNODDEST; (verb) to trim, tidy > SNODS, SNODDIT or SNODDED, SNODDING.
snog (Sl.) to kiss > SNOGS, SNOGGING, SNOGGED.
snot Mucus; (verb) to blow the nose > SNOTS, SNOTTING, SNOTTED.
snow To fall as snow (precipitation in the form of ice crystals) > SNOWS, SNOWING, SNOWED.
snub To treat with contempt or neglect > SNUBS, SNUBBING, SNUBBED.
snug Cosy > SNUGGER, SNUGGEST; SNUGLY; (verb) to lie close > SNUGS, SNUGGING, SNUGGED.
snye A natural channel bypassing rapids or body of river > SNYES. Also SNY.
soak To saturate thoroughly in liquid > SOAKS, SOAKING, SOAKED, (obs.) SOAKEN.
soap To treat with soap (a cleansing agent) > SOAPS, SOAPING, SOAPED.
soar To fly at a great height > SOARS, SOARING, SOARED.
soba (Japanese) noodles made from buckwheat flour > SOBAS.
sobs (3rd.) SOB, to cry uncontrollably.
soca A variety of Caribbean calypso music > SOCAS. [From soul plus calypso]. Also SOKAH.
sock A covering for the foot and part or all of the lower leg; (verb) to strike > SOCKS, SOCKING, SOCKED.
socs (Pl.) SOC, the historical right of holding a local court.
soda Any of a number of common sodium compounds > SODAS.
sods (3rd.) SOD, to cover with sods.
sofa A long, upholstered seat > SOFAS.
soft Not hard > SOFTER, SOFTEST; SOFTLY; (verb) (Spenser) to soften > SOFTS, SOFTING, SOFTED.
sogs (3rd.) SOG, to soak.
soho A huntsman's halloo. No -S.
sohs (Pl.) SOH, a musical note.
soil Unconsolidated materials above bedrock; (verb) to make dirty > SOILS, SOILING, SOILED.
soja A dark, salty sauce made from fermented soy beans and wheat flour > SOJAS. Also SOY, SOYA.
soju (Korean) a Korean vodka distilled from rice or sweet potato > SOJUS.
soke A district under a particular jurisdiction > SOKES. Also SOC, SOKEN, SUCKEN.
sola (Hindi) a spongewood > SOLAS. Also SOLAH.
sold (Noun) (Spenser) pay, remuneration > SOLDS. Also SOLDE.
sole Alone > SOLELY; (verb) to pull by the ears > SOLES, SOLING, SOLED. Also SOWL, SOWLE, SOOLE.
soli (Pl.) SOLO, a performance by one person.
solo A performance by one person > SOLOS or SOLI. (Verb) to perform a solo > SOLOS, SOLOING, SOLOED.
sols (Pl.) SOL, a musical note.
soma (Greek) the whole axial portion of an animal, including the head, neck, trunk, and tail > SOMAS or SOMATA.
some Being an unspecified number or part.
soms (Pl.) SOM, the standard monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan.
somy (Pl.) SOM, the standard monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan.
sone A unit of loudness on a scale based on subjective or perceived loudness > SONES.
song That which is sung; a short poem or ballad suitable for singing or set to music > SONGS.
sons (Pl.) SON, a male offspring.
sook (Arabic) an Arab market-place > SOOKS. [Arabic suk]. Also SUK, SUQ, SOUK, SUKH. (Verb) to suck > SOOKS, SOOKING, SOOKED.
sool To incite (a dog) to attack > SOOLS, SOOLING, SOOLED.
soom (Scots) to swim > SOOMS, SOOMING, SOOMED.
soon In a short time > SOONER, SOONEST.
soop (Scots) to sweep > SOOPS, SOOPING, SOOPED.
soot (Verb) to besmear with soot > SOOTS, SOOTING, SOOTED.
soph (Abbr.) SOPHOMORE, one belonging to the second of the four classes in an American college > SOPHS.
sops (3rd.) SOP, to soak.
sora (Am. Ind.) a North American rail > SORAS. Also SOREE.
sorb To absorb; to adsorb > SORBS, SORBING, SORBED.
sord A flock of mallard > SORDS.
sore Sensitive to pain > SORER, SOREST; SORELY; (verb) to make sore > SORES, SORING, SORED.
sori (Pl.) SORUS, a cluster of SPORANGIA.
sorn (Scots) to impose in order to obtain hospitality, to sponge > SORNS, SORNING, SORNED.
sort To arrange according to kind, class, or size > SORTS, SORTING, SORTED.
soss To fall at once into a chair or seat; to sit lazily > SOSSES, SOSSING, SOSSED.
soth Truth > SOTHS. Also SOOTH.
sots (3rd.) SOT, to act as a sot, a habitual drunkard.
souk (Arabic) an Arab market-place > SOUKS. [Arabic suk]. Also SOOK, SUQ, SUK, SUKH. (Verb) to such > SOUKS, SOUKING, SOUKED.
soul The spiritual aspect of human beings > SOULS, SOULED.
soum (Scots) the proportion of sheep or cattle suitable for any pasture; (verb) to reckon this > SOUMS, SOUMING, SOUMED. Also SOWM.
soup Any liquid food made by stewing pieces of meat, vegetables or grains; (verb) to increase the power of > SOUPS, SOUPING, SOUPED.
sour Having an acid taste > SOURER, SOUREST; SOURLY; (verb) to make sour > SOURS, SOURING, SOURED.
sous (Pl.) SOU, a low-value French coin.
sout (Spenser) soot > SOUTS.
sovs (Pl.) SOV, a sovereign.
sowf (Scots) to whistle or hum softly > SOWFS, SOWFING, SOWFED. Also SOWFF, SOWTH.
sowl (Shakesp.) to lug, drag > SOWLS, SOWLING, SOWLED. Also SOWLE, SOOLE, SOLE.
sowm (Scots) the proportion of sheep or cattle suitable for any pasture; (verb) to reckon this > SOWMS, SOWMING, SOWMED. Also SOUM.
sown (PaP.) SOW, to scatter seed on the ground.
sowp (Scots) a spoonful, a sip > SOWPS.
sows (3rd.) SOW, to scatter seed on the ground.
soya A dark, salty sauce made from fermented soy beans and wheat flour > SOYAS. Also SOY, SOJA.
soys (Pl.) SOY, a dark, salty sauce made from fermented beans.
spae (ON) to foretell; to divine > SPAES, SPAING, SPAED. [ON spa].
spag (Aus. sl.) an Italian person; (verb) of a cat, to scratch a person > SPAGS, SPAGGING, SPAGGED.
spam (Verb) to send out electronic junk mail > SPAMS, SPAMMING, SPAMMED.
span To extend over or across > SPANS, SPANNING, SPANNED.
spar To provide with spars (stout poles used to support rigging) > SPARS, SPARRING, SPARRED.
spas (Pl.) SPA, a mineral spring; a resort built round this.
spat (Verb) to slap, strike > SPATS, SPATTING, SPATTED.
spaw (Obs.) a spa > SPAWS.
spay To remove the ovaries from (a female animal) > SPAYS, SPAYING, SPAYED.
spec (Abbr.) specification; (verb) to specify > SPECS, SPECCING, SPECCED.
sped (Pt.) SPEED, to move swiftly.
spek Fat, bacon, blubber from a whale > SPEKS. Also SPECK.
spet To spit; to throw out > SPETS, SPETTING, SPET.
spew To vomit > SPEWS, SPEWING, SPEWED.
spie (Spenser) a spy > SPIES.
spif A postage stamp perforated with the initials of a firm to avoid theft by employees > SPIFS.
spim Spam received via an instant messaging system > SPIMS.
spin To draw out and twist into threads > SPINS, SPINNING, SPUN or SPAN.
spit To emit saliva > SPITS, SPITTING, SPAT; to pierce with a spit > SPiTS, SPITTING, SPITTED, SPITTEN.
spiv One who lives by his wits without regular employment; a slacker > SPIVS.
spod A boring, unattractive or over-studious person > SPODS.
spot To mark with spots (small, roundish discolorations) > SPOTS, SPOTTING, SPOTTED.
spry Smart, dapper > SPRIER or SPRYER, SPRIEST or SPRYEST; SPRYLY.
spud A small narrow digging tool with a spadelike blade; (verb) to dig with a spud > SPUDS, SPUDDING, SPUDDED.
spue To spew > SPUES, SPUING, SPUED.
spug (Coll.) a house sparrow > SPUGS. Also SPUGGY.
spun (Pt.) SPIN, to draw out and twist into threads.
spur A goading instrument on a horse rider's heel; (verb) to apply the spur to > SPURS, SPURRING, SPURRED.
sris (Pl.) SRI, a Hindu title of respect.
stab To pierce with a pointed weapon > STABS, STABBING, STABBED.
stag To deal as a stag (on the stock-market) > STAGS, STAGGING, STAGGED.
stap (Scots) to stuff, thrust, cram > STAPS, STAPPING, STAPPED.
star To perform as a star > STARS, STARRING, STARRED.
stat (Abbr.) statistic > STATS.
staw (Scots) to stall > STAWS, STAWING, STAWED.
stay To continue in a place or condition > STAYS, STAYING, STAYED or STAID.
sted (Spenser) to stead > STEDS, STEDING, STEDED. Also STEDE, STEDD, STEDDE, STEED.
stem To staunch, stop > STEMS, STEMMING, STEMMED.
sten To stride vigorously > STENS, STENNING, STENNED. Also STEND.
step To move by lifting the foot and setting it down in another place > STEPS, STEPPING, STEPPED or (obs.) STEPT.
stet (Lat.) to restore after marking for deletion > STETS, STETTING, STETTED.
stew A dish of food, esp. meat with vegetables, cooked in water or a stock > STEWS, STEWING, STEWED.
stey (Scots) steep > STEYER, STEYEST.
stie (Obs.) sty; (verb) to keep in a sty > STIES, STYING, STIED.
stim (Irish) a very small amount > STIMS.
stir To pass an implement through in circular motions > STIRS, STIRRING, STIRRED.
stoa (Greek) a covered walk with colonnade(s) > STOAS, STOAE, STOAI.
stob A stake, a stump; (verb) to stab > STOBS, STOBBING, STOBBED.
stop To discontinue the progress or motion of > STOPS, STOPPING, STOPPED or (obs.) STOPT.
stot A bullock, a steer; (verb) to bound, to walk with a springy step > STOTS, STOTTING, STOTTED. Also STOTT.
stow To pack > STOWS, STOWING, STOWED.
stub To strike accidentally against a projecting object > STUBS, STUBBING, STUBBED.
stud To set thickly with small projections > STUDS, STUDDING, STUDDED.
stum Unfermented or partly fermented grape-juice, must; esp. must in which the fermentation has been prevented or arrested by fumigation with sulphur; (verb) to doctor with stum > STUMS, STUMMING, STUMMED.
stun To render senseless or incapable of action > STUNS, STUNNING, STUNNED.
stye A sore place on the eye > STYES.
suba (Hindi) a province in India > SUBAS. Also SUBAH.
subs (3rd.) SUB, to subedit (copy).
such Of that kind.
suck To draw in by establishing a partial vacuum > SUCKS, SUCKING, SUCKED.
sudd (Arabic) a mass of vegetation floating on water in NE Africa > SUDDS.
suds (Verb) to foam up, to lather > SUDSES, SUDSING, SUDSED.
sued (Pt.) SUE, to prosecute at law.
suer One who sues; a suitor > SUERS.
sues (3rd.) SUE, to prosecute at law.
suet The hard, fatty tissue around the kidneys of cattle and sheep > SUETS.
sugh To make a sigh that sounds like the wind > SUGHS, SUGHING, SUGHED. Also SOUGH.
sugo An Italian meat sauce > SUGOS.
sugs (3rd.) SUG, to attempt to sell a product while purporting to be engaged in market research.
suid Any member of the pig family Suidae, including wild pigs, warthogs and the domestic pig > SUIDS.
suit To be appropriate to > SUITS, SUITING, SUITED.
sukh (Arabic) an Arab market-place > SUKHS. [Arabic suk]. Also SOOK, SUQ, SUK, SOUK.
suks (Pl.) SUK, an Arab market-place.
sulk To be sulky > SULKS, SULKING, SULKED.
sulu (Fijian) in Fiji, a cloth worn as a sarong > SULUS.
sumi (Japanese) a type of black Japanese ink > SUMIS.
sumo (Japanese) a form of wrestling > SUMOS.
sump A pit or depression into which liquid drains > SUMPS.
sums (3rd.) SUM, to add, make up the total of.
sumy (Pl.) SUM, the monetary unit of Uzbekistan.
sung (Pp.) SING, to utter with musical inflections of the voice.
suni A small S. African antelope > SUNIS.
sunk (Noun) a turf seat > SUNKS.
sunn (Hindi) an E. Indian plant with tough fibre used in cordage > SUNNS.
suns (3rd.) SUN, to expose to the sun's rays.
supe (Abbr.) superintendent > SUPES.
sups (3rd.) SUP, to take liquid into the mouth.
suqs (Pl.) SUQ, an Arab market-place.
sura (Arabic) a chapter of the Koran > SURAS. Also SURAH.
surd A sum containing roots; a voiceless sound in speech > SURDS.
sure Certain > SURER, SUREST; SURELY; (verb) to provide with sewers > SURES, SURING, SURED.
surf Surging water or waves rushing up a sloping beach; sea foam; (verb) to bathe in or ride on surf > SURFS, SURFING, SURFED.
suss To arrest for suspicious behaviour > SUSSES, SUSSING, SUSSED.
susu (Caribbean) an arrangement made among friends whereby each person makes regular contributions to a fund, the money being drawn out periodically by each individual in turn > SUSUS.
swab (Verb) to absorb or mop with a swab > SWABS, SWABBING, SWABBED. Also SWOB.
swad (Dial.) a country lout, a soldier > SWADS.
swag To sway, to sag > SWAGS, SWAGGING, SWAGGED.
swam (Pt.) SWIM, to propel oneself in water by natural means.
swan A large aquatic bird; (verb) to move like a swan > SWANS, SWANNING, SWANNED.
swat To hit sharply > SWATS, SWATTING, SWATTED.
sway To move slowly back and forth > SWAYS, SWAYING, SWAYED.
swee To sway, swing > SWEES, SWEEING, SWEED.
swey (Scots) to sway, swing > SWEYS, SWEYING, SWEYED.
swig To drink deeply or rapidly > SWIGS, SWIGGING, SWIGGED.
swim To propel oneself in water by natural means > SWIMS, SWIMMING, SWAM, SWUM.
swiz A swindle; (verb) to deceive > SWIZZES, SWIZZING, SWIZZED. Also SWIZZ.
swob (Verb) to absorb or mop with a swob > SWOBS, SWOBBING, SWOBBED. Also SWAB.
swop To barter, give in exchange > SWOPS, SWOPPING, SWOPPED or SWOPT. Also SWAP.
swot To study hard > SWOTS, SWOTTING, SWOTTED.
swum (PaP.) SWIM, to propel oneself in water by natural means.
sybo (Scots) a CIBOL, a spring onion > SYBOES. Also SYBOE, SYBOW.
syce (Arabic) a stableman or groom, esp. in India > SYCES. Also SICE, SAICE.
syed (Pt.) SYE, to sieve.
syen (Arch.) scion > SYENS. Also SIEN, SIENT.
syes (3rd.) SYE, to sieve.
syke A rill or small ditch > SYKES. Also SIKE.
syli A former monetary unit of Guinea > SYLIS.
sync (Abbr.) synchronised. Also SYNCH.
synd (Scots) to rinse, wash out > SYNDS, SYNDING, SYNDED. Also SIND.
syne (Scots) to rinse > SYNES, SYNING, SYNED. Also SYND, SIND.
sype (Dial.) to soak through, seep > SYPES, SYPING, SYPED. Also SIPE.
syph (Abbr.) syphilis > SYPHS.