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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

rabi (Urdu) the spring grain harvest in India and Pakistan > RABIS. [Arabic rabi, spring]. Cf. KHARIF.
raca (Aramaic) empty, worthless (used as term of derision in Matthew 5.22).
race To compete in a contest of speed > RACES, RACING, RACED or (obs.) RAST.
rach A dog that hunts by scent > RACHES. Also RACHE, RATCH.
rack To place in a type of framework > RACKS, RACKING, RACKED.
rade (Dial.) rode.
rads (Pl.) RAD, a unit of radiation.
raff Rubbish, refuse > RAFFS.
raft A buoyant platform of logs, planks, etc., used as a vessel or moored platform; (verb) to convey by raft > RAFTS, RAFTING, RAFTED.
raga (Sanskrit) an Indian musical form > RAGAS. [Skr. raga, colour, tone].
rage To act or speak with violent anger > RAGES, RAGING, RAGED.
ragg A rough hard stone > RAGGS. Also RAG.
ragi (Hindi) a kind of millet > RAGIS. Also RAGGEE, RAGEE, RAGGY.
rags (3rd.) RAG, to tease or ridicule.
ragu In Italian cooking, a meat and tomato source.
rahs (Pl.) RAH, to express approbation.
raia (Arabic) a non-Muslim subject of Turkey > RAIAS. Also RAYAH, RAYA.
raid To make a sudden assault on > RAIDS, RAIDING, RAIDED.
raik (Scots) a course, journey; a range, pasture; (verb) to go, to range > RAIKS, RAIKING, RAIKED.
rail To scold in abusive or insolent language > RAILS, RAILING, RAILED.
rain To fall like rain (drops of water condensed from atmospheric vapor) > RAINS, RAINING, RAINED.
rais (Pl.) RAI, a modern North African form of popular music.
rait To soak flax > RAITS, RAITING, RAITED. Also RET.
raja (Hindi) an Indian ruler > RAJAS. Also RAJAH.
rake To gather with a toothed implement > RAKES, RAKING, RAKED.
raki (Turkish) a strong spirit distilled in Turkey, Yugoslavia, etc., from grain, usually flavoured with aniseed or other aromatics > RAKIS. Also RAKEE.
raku (Japanese) a kind of earthenware made in Japan > RAKUS.
rale (Fr.) a rattling sound from a diseased lung > RALES.
rami (Malay) Rhea or China grass, a plant of the nettle family > RAMIS. Also RAMEE, RAMIE.
ramp (Verb) to provide with a ramp; to swindle, esp. by the practice of causing large, false increases in the price of shares etc. by dishonest means > RAMPS, RAMPING, RAMPED.
rams (3rd.) RAM, to push or cram down hard.
rana (Hindi) a Rajput prince > RANAS.
rand (Noun) a monetary unit of S.Africa; (verb) to rant > RANDS, RANDING, RANDED.
rang (Pt.) RING, to give forth a clear, resonant sound.
rani (Hindi) an Indian queen > RANIS. Also RANEE.
rank Coarsely luxuriant > RANKER, RANKEST; RANKLY; (verb) to arrange in order > RANKS, RANKING, RANKED.
rant To speak in a loud or vehement manner > RANTS, RANTING, RANTED.
rape To force to submit to sexual intercourse > RAPES, RAPING, RAPED.
raps (3rd.) RAP, to strike sharply.
rapt Deeply engrossed > RAPTLY.
rare Not common > RARER, RAREST; RARELY; (verb) to be enthusiastic, as in 'raring to go' > RARES, RARING, RARED.
rark (NZ) to reprimand > RARKS, RARKING, RARKED.
rase To level to the ground > RASES, RASING, RASED. Also RAZE.
rash (Adj.) over-hasty > RASHER, RASHEST; RASHLY; (verb) (obs.) to dash, rush > RASHES, RASHING, RASHED.
rasp To rub with something rough > RASPS, RASPING, RASPED.
rast (Obs.) pt. RACE.
rata (Maori) a myrtaceous New Zealand tree with hard red wood and bearing crimson flowers > RATAS.
rate To estimate the value of > RATES, RATING, RATED.
rath (Noun) a prehistoric hill fort > RATHS; (adj.) quick, ready > RATHER, RATHEST.
rato Rocket-assisted take-off > RATOS.
rats (3rd.) RAT, to hunt rats.
ratu A local chief or ruler in Indonesia or Fiji > RATUS. Also RATOO.
raun (Scott) fish-roe; female fish > RAUNS. Also RAWN.
rave To speak irrationally or incoherently > RAVES, RAVING, RAVED.
ravs (Pl.) RAV, a rabbi, esp one in authority.
rawn (Scots) fish-roe; female fish > RAWNS. Also RAUN.
raws (Pl.) RAW, a sore place.
raya (Arabic) a non-Muslim subject of Turkey > RAYAS. Also RAYAH, RAIA.
rays (3rd.) RAY, to emit rays.
raze To tear down or demolish > RAZES, RAZING, RAZED. Also RASE.
razz (Sl.) a raspberry; (verb) to blow a raspberry > RAZZES, RAZZING, RAZZED.
read To look at so as to take in the meaning of, as something written or printed > READS, READING, READ.
reak (Verb) to reckon, care for, heed > REAKS, REAKING, REAKED. Also RECK, REKE.
real Genuine > REALER, REALEST; REALLY; (noun) a monetary unit in Brazil > REALS, REALES or REIS.
ream To enlarge the bore of > REAMS, REAMING, REAMED.
rean A drainage channel > REANS. Also REEN, RHINE, RHYNE.
reap To cut for harvest > REAPS, REAPING, REAPED.
rear To lift upright > REARS, REARING, REARED.
rebs (Pl.) REB, a Confederate soldier.
reck (Verb) to heed, care > RECKED, ROUGHT, RAUGHT. Also REAK, REKE.
recs (Pl.) REC, a recreation ground.
redd (Scots) to put in order > REDDS, REDDING, REDDED.
rede (Arch.) to advise or counsel > REDES, REDING, REDED.
redo (Noun) a repeated action > REDOS; (verb) to do again > REDOES, REDOING, REDID, REDONE.
reds (3rd.) RED, to put in order.
reed A tall stiff hard-culmed marsh or water grass of various kinds; (verb) to fasten or thatch with reed > REEDS, REEDING, REEDED.
reef (Verb) to reduce the area of a sail by rolling or folding part of it > REEFS, REEFING, REEFED.
reek To emit smoke, fumes etc > REEKS, REEKING, REEKED. Also REECH.
reel A lively dance of the Scottish Highlands; (verb) to stagger > REELS, REELING, REELED.
reen A drainage channel > REENS. Also REAN, RHINE, RHYNE.
rees (Pl.) REE, a female RUFF.
refi (Short for) refinancing > REFIS.
refs (Pl.) REF, referee.
reft (Pt.) REAVE, to rob, plunder.
rego (Aus. coll) abbreviation for (motor vehicle) registration > REGOS. Also REGGO.
regs (Pl.) REG, a regulation.
rehs (Pl.) REH, an efflorescence of salts on soil in India.
reif (Shakesp.) property etc. taken by force or robbery; plunder, booty > REIFS.
reik A prank > REIKS. Also REAK.
rein To restrain > REINS, REINING, REINED.
reis Twigs or small branches > REISES.
reke (Verb) to reckon, care for, heed > REKES, REKING, REKED. Also RECK, REAK.
rely To place trust or confidence > RELIES, RELYING, RELIED or (Spenser) RELIDE.
rems (Pl.) REM, a unit of radiation damage.
rend To tear apart forcibly > RENDS, RENDING, RENDED or RENT or (obs.) YRENT.
renk (N. England) horrible, unpleasant > RENKER, RENKEST.
reno (Short for) a renovated house > RENOS.
rens (3rd.) REN, to run.
rent To obtain temporary use of in return for compensation > RENTS, RENTING, RENTED.
reny To renounce, abjure > RENIES, RENYING, RENIED. Also RENAY, RENEY.
reos (Pl.) REO, a New Zealand language.
repo (Abbr.) repossession > REPOS.
repp A kind of corded cloth > REPPS. Also REP.
reps (Pl.) REP, a commercial representative.
resh (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > RESHES.
rest To refresh oneself by ceasing work or activity > RESTS, RESTING, RESTED.
rete A network, esp. of blood-vessels or nerves > RETES or RETIA.
rets (3rd.) RET, to expose to moisture (flax, hemp, etc.).
revs (3rd.) REV, to increase the speed of revolution.
rews (Pl.) REW, a row.
rhea An ostrich-like bird > RHEAS.
rhos (Pl.) RHO, a letter of the Greek alphabet.
rhus (Lat.) a genus of shrubs and small trees > RHUSES.
riad (Arabic) a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden > RIADS.
rial The unit of currency in Iran, Oman and Saudi Arabia, aka RIYAL > RIALS. Also, an old English gold coin, aka RYAL.
rias (Pl.) RIA, a drowned valley.
riba (Arabic) interest or usury, as forbidden by the Koran > RIBAS.
ribs (3rd.) RIB, to tease.
rice (Verb) to form soft food, esp. potatoes, into strands by passing through a RICER, sieve etc > RICES, RICING, RICED.
rich Wealthy > RICHER, RICHEST; RICHLY; (verb) obs. to grow rich > RICHES, RICHING, RICHED.
rick To pile hay in stacks > RICKS, RICKING, RICKED.
ricy Containing rice > RICIER, RICIEST. Also RICEY.
ride To sit on, control, and be conveyed by an animal or machine > RIDES, RIDING, RODE or (obs.) RADE, RIDDEN.
rids (3rd.) RID, to free or clear.
riel The basic monetary unit of Kampuchea > RIELS.
riem (Afrikaans) a raw-hide thong > RIEMS.
rife Abundant, prevalent > RIFER, RIFEST; RIFELY.
riff (In jazz) a short rhythmic phrase repeated constantly; (verb) to play such a phrase > RIFFS, RIFFING, RIFFED.
rifs (3rd.) RIF, to dismiss from employment.
rift (Verb) to make a rift in > RIFTS, RIFTING, RIFTED.
rigg The dogfish > RIGGS.
rigs (3rd.) RIG, to fit with sails.
rile To anger > RILES, RILING, RILED.
rill (Verb) to flow in a rill or rills > RILLS, RILLING, RILLED.
rima (Lat.) in full rima glottidis > the passage in the glottis between the vocal cords > RIMAE.
rime Hoar-frost; (verb) to cover with rime > RIMES, RIMING, RIMED.
rims (3rd.) RIM, to provide with a rim.
rimu (Maori) a coniferous New Zealand tree > RIMUS.
rimy Covered with rime > RIMIER, RIMIEST.
rind (Verb) to bark, encrust > RINDS, RINDING, RINDED.
rine (Spenser) rind > RINES.
ring To form a ring (a circular band) around > RINGS, RINGING, RINGED; to give forth a clear, resonant sound > RINGS, RINGING, RANG, RUNG.
rink A place for ice-skating; (verb) to skate on a rink > RINKS, RINKING, RINKED.
rins (3rd.) RIN, to run.
riot To take part in a violent public disturbance > RIOTS, RIOTING, RIOTED.
ripe Ready for harvest > RIPER, RIPEST; RIPELY; (verb) to ripen, also to grope, search, ransack > RIPES, RIPING, RIPED.
ripp (Scots) a plucked handful e.g. of grass, corn > RIPPS.
rips (3rd.) RIP, to tear open or apart.
ript (Obs.) pt. RIP.
rise To move upward > RISES, RISING, ROSE, RISEN.
risk To expose to a risk (a chance of injury or loss) > RISKS, RISKING, RISKED.
risp (Scots) to rasp, grate > RISPS, RISPING, RISPED.
rite A ceremonial act or procedure > RITES.
rits (3rd.) RIT, to scratch.
ritt (Scots) to scratch > RITTS, RITTING, RITTED. Also RIT.
ritz A pretentious display > RITZES.
riva (ON) in Shetland, a cleft in rock. [ON rifa].
rive To rend, tear apart > RIVES, RIVING, RIVED, RIVEN, RIFTE, YRIVD.
rivo (Shakesp.) a drinking-cry > RIVOS.
riza (Russian) an ornamental silver plate covering a Russian icon > RIZAS.
road An open way for public passage > ROADS.
roam To move about without purpose or plan > ROAMS, ROAMING, ROAMED.
roan (Scots) a roof-gutter > ROANS. Also RONE, RHONE.
roar To utter a loud, deep sound > ROARS, ROARING, ROARED.
robe A gown or loose outer garment; a gown or dress of office, rank or state; (verb) to dress in a robe > ROBES, ROBING, ROBED.
robs (3rd.) ROB, to steal.
roch The little auk > ROCHES. Also ROTCHIE, ROTCH, ROTCHE.
rock To move back and forth > ROCKS, ROCKING, ROCKED.
rocs (Pl.) ROC, a fabulous bird.
rode (Verb) of a woodcock, to make an evening flight > RODES, RODING, RODED.
rods (3rd.) ROD, to push a rod through e.g. a drain to clear it.
roed Filled with roe.
roes (Pl.) ROE, a mass of fish eggs.
rohe (Maori) the territory controlled by a Maori tribal group > ROHES.
roid as in roid rage, angry and aggressive behaviour caused by the use of anabolic steroids.
roil To make muddy by stirring or to disturb sediment > ROILS, ROILING, ROILED.
roin (Spenser) to growl, roar > ROINS, ROINING, ROINED. Also ROYNE.
roji (Japanese) a form of Japanese garden design > ROJIS.
roke (Dial.) steam, vapour; (verb) to steam, smoke > ROKES, ROKING, ROKED.
roks (Pl.) ROK, a mythical bird.
roky (Dial.) misty; foggy; cloudy > ROKIER, ROKIEST.
role A part played by an actor > ROLES.
rolf To practise massage > ROLFS, ROLFING, ROLFED.
roll To move along by repeatedly turning over > ROLLS, ROLLING, ROLLED.
roma (Pl.) ROM, a gypsy man.
romp To play boisterously > ROMPS, ROMPING, ROMPED.
roms (Pl.) ROM, a gypsy man or boy.
rone (Scots) a roof-gutter > RONES. Also RHONE, ROAN.
rong (Obs.) pt. of RING.
ront (Spenser) a runt > RONTS. Also RONTE.
ronz (Acronym) the rest of New Zealand.
rood A cross or crucifix at the entrance to a church chancel > ROODS.
roof To provide with a roof (the external upper covering of a building) > ROOFS, ROOFING, ROOFED.
rook (Verb) to swindle > ROOKS, ROOKING, ROOKED.
room A walled space within a building; (verb) to occupy a room > ROOMS, ROOMING, ROOMED.
roon (Scots) a strip of cloth, a selvage > ROONS. Also RUND, ROYNE.
roop (Scots) to make a hoarse sound > ROOPS, ROOPING, ROOPED.
roos (Pl.) ROO, kangaroo.
root To put forth a root (an underground portion of a plant) > ROOTS, ROOTING, ROOTED.
rope To bind with a rope (a thick line of twisted fibers) > ROPES, ROPING, ROPED.
ropy Of a liquid or bread > forming viscid or slimy threads; sticky and stringy > ROPIER, ROPIEST; ROPILY. Also ROPEY.
rore (Shakesp.) a roar > RORES.
rort To commit fraud, falsify accounts > RORTS, RORTING, RORTED.
rory (Scots) noisy, garish > RORIER, RORIEST. Also ROARY, ROARIE, RORIE.
rose (Verb) to redden > ROSES, ROSING, ROSED.
rost (Obs.) to roast > ROSTS, ROSTING, ROSTED.
rosy Rose-coloured > ROSIER, ROSIEST; ROSILY; (verb) to redden > ROSIES, ROSYING, ROSIED.
rota (Lat.) a roster; a tribunal in the Roman Catholic church > ROTAS.
rote (Verb) to fix by rote > ROTES, ROTING, ROTED.
roti (Hindi) a cake of unleavened bread > ROTIS.
rotl (Arabic) a variable Levantine weight > ARTAL or ROTLS.
roto (Abbr. of) ROTOGRAVURE, a type of printing process > ROTOS.
rots (3rd.) ROT, to decay.
roue (Fr.) a debauched man; a lecher > ROUES.
roul (Obs.) a roll > ROULS. Also ROULE.
roum (Obs.) a room > ROUMS.
roup (Scots) to sell by auction > ROUPS, ROUPING, ROUPED.
rout To defeat overwhelmingly > ROUTS, ROUTING, ROUTED.
roux (Fr.) a thickening made of equal quantities of butter and flour mixed together > ROUX.
rove To roam > ROVES, ROVING, ROVED.
rows (3rd.) ROW, to propel through water with oars.
rowt (Obs.) to rout > ROWTS, ROWTING, ROWTED.
rube (US slang) a bumpkin, easy mark > RUBES.
rubs (3rd.) RUB, to rob.
ruby A pure transparent red corundum; (verb) to redden > RUBIES, RUBYING, RUBIED; (adj.) red like a ruby > RUBIER, RUBIEST.
ruck To crease, pucker > RUCKS, RUCKING, RUCKED.
rucs (Pl.) RUC, a fabulous bird.
rudd A fish related to the roach > RUDDS.
rude Boorish > RUDER, RUDEST; RUDELY; (noun) a rude boy > RUDES.
rudi (In Jamaica) a member of a group of lower- or working-class teenagers in the 1960s, noted for listening to ska music and for juvenile delinquency > RUDIS.
ruds (Pl.) RUD, redness of complexion.
rudy (In Jamaica) a member of a group of lower- or working-class teenagers in the 1960s, noted for listening to ska music and for juvenile delinquency > RUDIES.
rued (Pt.) RUE, to regret.
ruer One who rues > RUERS.
rues (Pl.) RUE, a plant with medicinal leaves.
ruff (At bridge) to play a trump card when one cannot follow through > RUFFS, RUFFING, RUFFED.
ruga (Lat.) an anatomical fold or wrinkle > RUGAE.
rugs (3rd.) RUG, to pull roughly.
ruin To destroy > RUINS, RUINING, RUINED.
rukh (Persian) a fabulous bird > RUKHS. Also ROK, ROC, RUC.
rule To exercise control over > RULES, RULING, RULED.
ruly Obedient, orderly > RULIER, RULIEST.
rume (Shakesp.) rheum > RUMES.
rump (Verb) to turn one's back upon > RUMPS, RUMPING, RUMPED.
rums (Pl.) RUM, spirit made from sugar cane.
rund (Scots) a strip of cloth, a selvage > RUNDS. Also ROON, ROYNE.
rune A letter of an ancient alphabet > RUNES, RUNED.
rung A crosspiece forming a step of a ladder > RUNGS.
runs (3rd.) RUN, to move quickly.
runt Anything undersized > RUNTS, RUNTED. Also RONT, RONTE.
rurp A small hook-like piton used in mountaineering > RURPS.
ruru (Maori) the BOOBOOK owl > RURUS.
rusa 1. (Malay) a large Indian deer of the genus RUSA, esp. the SAMBAR. 2. (Hindi) a kind of East Indian grass from which an aromatic oil is distilled > RUSAS. Also ROOSA.
ruse A deception > RUSES.
rush To move swiftly > RUSHES, RUSHING, RUSHED.
rusk A light, soft-textured sweetened biscuit; sweet raised bread dried and browned in an oven > RUSKS.
rust To form rust (a reddish coating that forms on iron) > RUSTS, RUSTING, RUSTED.
ruth Compassion, pity > RUTHS.
ruts (3rd.) RUT, to make a furrow with a wheel.
ryal An old English gold coin worth about ten shillings > RYALS. Also RIAL.
ryas (Pl.) RYA, a type of Scandinavian rug.
ryes (Pl.) RYE, a cereal grass.
ryfe (Spenser) rife.
ryke (Scots) to reach > RYKES, RYKING, RYKED.
rynd A fitting to support a millstone > RYNDS.
ryot (Hindi) an Indian peasant > RYOTS. Also RAIYAT.
rype (Danish) a ptarmigan > RYPER.
ryus (Pl.) RYU, a school of Japanese martial arts.