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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

oafs (Pl.) OAF, a clumsy person.
oaks (Pl.) OAK, a genus of trees of the beech family.
oaky Oak-like > OAKIER, OAKIEST; (noun) an ice-cream > OAKIES.
oars (3rd.) OAR, to row a boat.
oary Having the form of or using oars > OARIER, OARIEST.
oast A kiln to dry hops or malt > OASTS.
oath A formal declaration or promise to fulfill a pledge > OATHS.
oats (Pl.) OAT, a genus of grasses.
oaty Like oats > OATIER, OATIEST.
obas (Pl.) OBA, a West African chief.
obes (Pl.) OBE, West Indian witchcraft.
obey To follow the commands or guidance of > OBEYS, OBEYING, OBEYED.
obia West Indian witchcraft > OBIAS. Also OBI, OBEAH.
obis (3rd.) OBI, to bewitch.
obit (Lat.) a religious office for a dead person > OBITS.
oboe A double-reed treble woodwind instrument > OBOES.
obol (Greek) a Greek coin > OBOLS. Also OBOLUS.
obos (Pl.) OBO, a vessel for carrying oil or bulk ore.
obvs (Coll.) obviously.
ocas (Pl.) OCA, a S. American wood-sorrel.
occy As in all over the OCCY, in every direction > OCCIES.
oche The throwing line in darts > OCHES.
octa A unit of cloud-cover, one-eighth sky > OCTAS. Also OKTA.
odah (Turkish) a room in a harem > ODAHS. Also ODA.
odal (Orkneys) allodial, without feudal superior; (noun) an estate so held > ODALS. Also UDAL.
odas (Pl.) ODA, a room in a harem.
odds (Pl.) ODD, in golf, an additional or allowed stroke.
odea (Pl.) ODEUM, a building for the performance of vocal and instrumental music.
odes (Pl.) ODE, an elaborate lyric addressed to someone or something.
odic Of or pertaining to an ODE.
odor Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive > ODORS, ODORED. Also ODOUR.
odso (Obs.) an interjection expressing surprise > ODSOS. Also GODSO, GADSO.
odyl = OD, the vital force > ODYLS. Also ODYLE.
offa off, off from.
offs (3rd.) OFF, to go off.
offy (Sl.) an off-licence > OFFIES.
ogam (Irish) a 6th C. Irish writing alphabet > OGAMS. Also OGHAM.
ogee A curve or molding like integral sign; arch of two curves meeting at a point > OGEES.
ogle To stare at > OGLES, OGLING, OGLED.
ogre A cannibalistic giant > OGRES.
ohed (Pt.) OH, to say OH.
ohia (Hawaiian) a Polynesian tree of the myrtle family with bright red flowers, aka LEHUA > OHIAS.
ohms (Pl.) OHM, a unit of electrical resistance.
oiks (Pl.) OIK, an inferior person, a lout.
oils (3rd.) OIL, to smear or lubricate with oil.
oily Like oil > OILIER, OILIEST; OILILY.
oink To make a noise like a pig > OINKS, OINKING, OINKED.
oint To anoint > OINTS, OINTING, OINTED.
okas (Pl.) OKA, a Turkish weight.
okay (Verb) to approve, pass as OK > OKAYS, OKAYING, OKAYED.
okeh Expressing approval > OKEHS.
okes (Pl.) OKE, a Turkish weight.
okra A tropical plant of the mallow family, with edible pods, aka GUMBO > OKRAS.
okta A unit of cloud-cover, one-eighth sky > OKTAS. Also OCTA.
olde A facetious word for old.
olds (Pl.) OLD, an old person.
oldy (Coll.) an old person or thing > OLDIES. Also OLDIE.
olea (Pl.) OLEUM, fuming sulphuric acid.
oleo (Abbr.) OLEOGRAPH, a lithographic reproduction of an oil painting > OLEOS.
oles (Pl.) OLE, a shout of approval.
olid Rank-smelling.
olio A savoury dish of meat and vegetables > OLIOS.
olla (Spanish) a jar or urn > OLLAS. [Sp. olla, pot].
olms (Pl.) OLM, a blind salamander.
olpe (Greek) a Greek jug > OLPES or OLPAE.
omas (Pl.) OMA, a grandmother.
ombu (Guarani) a S. American tree, that grows in the pampas > OMBUS.
omen (Verb) to portend > OMENS, OMENING, OMENED.
omer (Hebrew) a Hebrew dry measure, = 1/10 EPHA > OMERS.
omit To leave out > OMITS, OMITTING, OMITTED.
omov One man one vote > OMOVS.
once (Noun) one time > ONCES.
oner Something that is one of its kind > ONERS. Also WUNNER.
ones (Pl.) ONE, an individual thing or person.
onie (Scots) any. Also ONY.
only Sole, alone > ONLIEST but not ONLIER*.
onos (Pl.) ONO, a kind of fish.
onst (Dial.) once.
onto To a position upon.
onus (Lat.) a burden > ONUSES.
onyx A form of chalcedony consisting of plane layers of different colours, much used for cameos > ONYXES.
oofs (Pl.) OOF, money.
oofy Having OOF or money > OOFIER, OOFIEST.
oohs (3rd.) OOH, to say OOH.
ooms (Pl.) OOM, uncle.
oons An oath, God's wounds.
oont (Hindi) a camel > OONTS.
oops (3rd.) OOP, to bind with thread, join.
oose (Scots) fluff, nap > OOSES.
oosy (Scots) fluffy > OOSIER, OOSIEST.
oots (Pl.) OOT, out.
ooze To flow or leak out slowly > OOZES, OOZING, OOZED.
opah A large sea-fish with laterally flattened body > OPAHS. Aka SUNFISH, KINGFISH.
opal An amorphous variety of SILICA > OPALS, OPALED.
opas (Pl.) OPA, a grandfather.
oped (Pt.) OPE, to open.
open Affording unobstructed access, passage, or view > OPENER, OPENEST; OPENLY; (verb) to cause to become open > OPENS, OPENING, OPENED.
opes (3rd.) OPE, to open.
oppo One's opposite number > a partner or opponent > OPPOS.
opts (3rd.) OPT, to decide or choose.
opus (Lat.) work, esp. an artistic or literary work > OPUSES or OPERA.
orad Towards the mouth.
oral Relating to the mouth; uttered by the mouth > ORALLY; (noun) an oral examination > ORALS.
orbs (3rd.) ORB, to surround, to form into an orb.
orby Orbed > ORBIER, ORBIEST.
orca The killer whale > ORCAS. Also ORC.
orcs (Pl.) ORC, a killer whale.
ordo An annual religious calendar with instructions for Mass and office for each day > ORDINES or ORDOS.
ords (Pl.) ORD, a point e.g. of a weapon.
ores (Pl.) ORE, a solid mineral aggregate.
orfe (Ger.) a kind of carp > ORFES.
orfs (Pl.) ORF, a viral infection of sheep.
orgs (Pl.) ORG, an organization.
orgy A party marked by unrestrained sexual indulgence > ORGIES.
orle A border within a shield at a short distance from the edge > ORLES.
orra (Scots) odd, not matched. An ORRA MAN is a farmworker kept to do any odd job that may arise.
orts (Pl.) ORT, a morsel left at a meal.
oryx A kind of antelope > ORYXES.
orzo (Ital.) pasta in the form of small pieces like barley > ORZOS.
osar (Pl.) OS, an esker.
oses (Pl.) OSE, an esker.
ossa (Pl.) OS, bone.
otic Pertaining to the ear.
otto (Persian) a fragrant essential oil made from the damask rose > OTTOS. Also OTTAR, ATTAR.
ouch An interjection expressing pain; (noun) a socket in which a precious stone is set; (verb) to set a precious stone in a socket > OUCHES, OUCHING, OUCHED.
ouds (Pl.) OUD, an African lute.
ouks (Pl.) OUK, Scots for week.
ould (Irish) old > OULDER, OULDEST.
oulk (Scots) week > OULKS. Also OUK.
ouma (Afrikaans) a grandmother > OUMAS.
oupa (Afrikaans) a grandfather > OUPAS.
ouph (Shakesp.) an oaf > OUPHS. Also OUPHE.
oups (3rd.) OUP, to bind with thread.
ourn (Dial.) ours.
ours A possessive form of the pronoun WE.
oust To expel or remove from a position or place > OUSTS, OUSTING, OUSTED.
outa an informal contraction of out of.
outs (3rd.) OUT, to put or throw out.
ouzo (Mod. Gr.) an aniseed-flavored Greek liqueur > OUZOS.
oval Egg-shaped > OVALLY; (noun) an oval (egg-shaped) figure or object > OVALS.
ovel (Hebrew) a mourner esp during the first seven days after a death > OVELS. Also AVEL.
oven An enclosed compartment in which substances are heated; (verb) to cook in an oven > OVENS, OVENING, OVENED.
over (Verb) to go, leap or vault over > OVERS, OVERING, OVERED.
ovum The female reproductive cell > OVA.
owed (Pt.) OWE, to be in debt for.
ower (Scots) over.
owes (3rd.) OWE, to be in debt for.
owie An injry that is not serious > OWIES.
owls (3rd.) OWL, to smuggle esp. wool.
owly Owlish > OWLIER, OWLIEST.
owns (3rd.) OWN, to possess.
owre (Spenser) ore > OWRES.
owse (Scots) an ox > OWSEN.
owts (Pl.) OWT, anything.
oxen (Pl.) OX.
oxer In foxhunting, an ox-fence > OXERS.
oxes (Pl.) OX, in sense of a clumsy person.
oxic denoting a process involving oxygen.
oxid A compound containing oxygen. Also OXIDE.
oxim Any of a number of compounds obtained by the action of hydroxylamine on aldehydes or ketones that contain a bivalent group (=NOH) attached to a carbon atom > OXIMS. Also OXIME.
oyer A hearing or an inspection, as of a deed, bond, etc., as when a defendant in court prays oyer of a writing > OYERS.
oyes The call of a public crier for attention before making a proclamation > OYESES or OYESSES. Also OYEZ.
oyez The call of a public crier for attention before making a proclamation. Pl. OYEZES. Also OYES.