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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

labs (Pl.) LAB, laboratory.
lace A delicate ornamental fabric made by looping, knotting, plaiting or twisting threads into definite patterns; (verb) to fasten by means of a lace (a cord for drawing together two edges) > LACES, LACING, LACED.
lack To be without > LACKS, LACKING, LACKED.
lacs (Pl.) LAC, a dark red resin.
lacy Of or like lace > LACIER, LACIEST; LACILY. Also LACEY.
lads (Pl.) LAD, a boy or youth.
lady A woman of refinement and gentle manners > LADIES.
laer (Afrikaans) = LAAGER, a camp; (verb) to make camp > LAERS, LAERING, LAERED.
lags (3rd.) LAG, to fall behind.
lahs (Pl.) LAH, a musical note.
laic Pertaining to lay people rather than clergy; (noun) a lay person > LAICS.
laid (Scots) to load > LAIDS, LAIDING, LAIDED.
laik (Scots) to sport or play > LAIKS, LAIKING, LAIKED. Also LAKE.
lain (Pt.) LIE, to be in a horizontal position.
lair (Scots) to mire, cover with mud > LAIRS, LAIRING, LAIRED.
lake (Verb) to sport or play > LAKES, LAKING, LAKED. Also LAIK.
lakh (Hindi) a unit of counting > one hundred thousand > LAKHS.
laky Containing lakes > LAKIER, LAKIEST.
lall To articulate R as L > LALLS, LALLING, LALLED.
lama (Tibetan) a Tibetan monk or priest > LAMAS.
lamb (Verb) to give birth to a lamb > LAMBS, LAMBING, LAMBED.
lame Physically disabled > LAMER, LAMEST; LAMELY; (verb) to make lame > LAMES, LAMING, LAMED.
lamp (Verb) to illumine; to supply with lamps > LAMPS, LAMPING, LAMPED.
lams (3rd.) LAM, to beat.
lana The wood of the GENIPAP, a large West Indian tree > LANAS.
land To set down upon land (solid ground) > LANDS, LANDING, LANDED.
lane A narrow passageway > LANES.
lang (Scots) long > LANGER, LANGEST.
lank Thin, shrunken > LANKER, LANKEST; LANKLY; (verb) to make or become lean, shrunken > LANKS, LANKING, LANKED.
lant Stale urine, used in wool-scouring > LANTS.
lanx (Arch.) a platter > LANCES.
laps (3rd.) LAP, to scoop up with the tongue.
lard (Verb) to cover or smear foods with lard > LARDS, LARDING, LARDED.
lare Lore; learning > LARES.
lari A monetary unit of the Maldives, 1/100th of a RUFIYAA > LARIS. Also LAARI, LAREE.
lark To behave playfully > LARKS, LARKING, LARKED.
larn (Dial.) to learn > LARNS, LARNING, LARNED.
lars (Pl.) LAR. a tutelary deity.
lase To function as a LASER > LASES, LASING, LASED.
lash To strike with a whip > LASHES, LASHING, LASHED.
lass (Scots) a girl > LASSES. Also LASSIE.
last To continue in existence > LASTS, LASTING, LASTED.
late After the due time > LATER, LATEST; LATED; LATELY.
lath (Verb) to cover with laths > LATHS, LATHING, LATHED.
lati (Pl.) LAT, a former monetary unit of Latvia.
lats (Pl.) LAT, a former monetary unit of Latvia.
latu (Pl.) LAT, a Latvian unit of currency.
laud To praise > LAUDS, LAUDING, LAUDED.
lauf (Ger.) a run in a bobsleigh contest > LAUFS.
lava Magma that has been extruded out on to the earth's surface > LAVAS.
lave To wash, bathe > LAVES, LAVING, LAVED.
lavs (Pl.) LAV, lavatory.
lawk (Dial.) interjection expressing surprise. Also LAWKS.
lawn A fine linen or cotton fabric, used for clothing > LAWNS.
laws (3rd.) LAW, to take to court.
lays (3rd.) LAY, to place horizontally.
laze To pass time lazily > LAZES, LAZING, LAZED.
lazo A lasso; (verb) to lasso > LAZOS or LAZOES, LAZOING, LAZOED.
lazy Idle > LAZIER, LAZIEST; LAZILY; (verb) to move lazily > LAZIES, LAZYING, LAZIED.
lead To cover with lead (a heavy metallic element) > LEADS, LEADING, LEADED; to guide > LEADS, LEADING, LED.
leaf A usually green, flattened organ of vascular plants > LEAVES; (verb) to turn pages rapidly > LEAFS, LEAFING, LEAFED.
leak To permit the escape of something through a breach or flaw > LEAKS, LEAKING, LEAKED.
leal (Scots) loyal > LEALER, LEALEST; LEALLY.
leam (Arch.) to gleam, glow > LEAMS, LEAMING, LEAMED. Also LEME.
lean Having little fat > LEANER, LEANEST; LEANLY; (verb) to deviate from a vertical position > LEANS, LEANING, LEANED or LEANT.
lear (Spenser) to teach > LEARS, LEARING, LEARED.
leas (Pl.) LEA, arable land left fallow or used for pasture.
leat A mill-stream > LEATS.
lech (Verb) to lust > LECHES, LECHING, LECHED.
lede the introductory section of a news story > LEDES.
leed (Pt.) LEE, to give shelter to.
leek A vegetable of the onion genus > LEEKS.
leep (Hindi) to plaster with cow-dung; to boil or scald > LEEPS, LEEPING, LEEPED.
leer To look with a sideways glance > LEERS, LEERING, LEERED.
lees The sediment that settles at the bottom of a liquid, esp. a fermented liquid such as wine; dregs.
leet (Shakesp.) a manor court > LEETS.
left Opposite to right > LEFTER, LEFTEST.
legs (3rd.) LEG, to walk briskly.
lehr A glass-annealing oven > LEHRS. Also LEAR, LEER.
leir (Spenser) to teach > LEIRS, LEIRING, LEIRED. Also LERE, LEAR, LEARE, LEER.
leis (Pl.) LEI, a garland.
leke (Spenser) leaky.
leks (Pl.) LEK, an Albanian monetary unit.
leku (Pl.) LEK, the monetary unit of Albania.
leme (Arch.) to gleam, glow > LEMES, LEMING, LEMED. Also LEAM.
lend To give the temporary use of > LENDS, LENDING, LENT.
leng (Obs.) to lengthen, tarry > LENGS, LENGING, LENGED.
leno A thin, muslin-like fabric > LENOS.
lens (Verb) to make a film of > LENSES, LENSING, LENSED.
lent (Pt.) LEND, to give the temporary use of.
leps (3rd.) LEP, to leap.
lept (Pt.) LEP, to leap.
lere (Spenser) to teach > LERES, LERING, LERED. Also LEIR, LEAR, LEARE, LEER.
lerp (Aborig.) in Australia, a scalelike, waxy, protective, edible secretion produced on the leaves of certain plant louse larvae > LERPS.
less (Noun) a smaller portion or quantity > LESSES.
lest (Spenser, verb) to listen > LESTS, LESTING, LESTED.
lets (3rd.) LET, to allow.
leud A feudal vassal > LEUDS or LEUDES.
leva (Pl.) LEV or LEW, a Bulgarian monetary unit.
leve Gladly. Also LIEF.
levo Turning towards the left. Also LAEVO.
levs (Pl.) LEV, a unit of Bulgarian currency.
levy To impose or collect by legal authority > LEVIES, LEVYING, LEVIED.
lewd Sexually suggestive > LEWDER, LEWDEST; LEWDLY.
leys (Pl.) LEY, a meadow.
liar One that speaks falsely > LIARS.
lias The lowest series of rocks of the Jurassic system > LIASES.
libs (3rd.) LIB, to geld.
lice (Pl.) LOUSE, a wingless parasitic insect.
lich (Obs.) a body, living or dead > LICHES.
lick To pass the tongue over the surface of > LICKS, LICKING, LICKED.
lido A bathing beach; an open-air swimming pool > LIDOS. [The original Lido is a beach resort near Venice, Italy. The town's name comes from the Italian word lido, shore or bank.]
lids (3rd.) LID, to provide with a lid.
lied (Ger.) a song > LIEDER.
lief (Adv.) soon; gladly > LIEFER, LIEFEST; LIEFLY; (noun) beloved > LIEFS.
lien A right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until a debt due by that person is discharged > LIENS.
lier One who lies > LIERS.
lies (3rd.) LIE, to tell a lie.
lieu (Fr.) a place or stead, esp. in the phrase in lieu of > LIEUS.
life The quality that distinguishes animals and plants from inanimate matter > LIVES or LIFES.
lift To move to a higher position > LIFTS, LIFTING, LIFTED.
ligs (3rd.) LIG, to lie about, idle.
like Similar > LIKER, LIKEST; (verb) to feel attracted to > LIKES, LIKING, LIKED.
lill (Spenser) to loll the tongue > LILLS, LILLING, LILLED.
lilo An inflatable mattress > LILOS.
lilt To have a jaunty rhythm > LILTS, LILTING, LILTED.
lily Any plant or flower of the genus Lilium > LILIES, LILIED.
lima A kind of bean > LIMAS.
limb (Verb) to dismember; to supply with limbs > LIMBS, LIMBING, LIMBED.
lime A tropical citrus tree; its small nearly globular fruit, with acid-tasting flesh; (verb) to treat with lime > LIMES, LIMING, LIMED.
limn To portray, paint or delineate > LIMNS, LIMNING, LIMNED.
limo (Abbr.) LIMOUSINE > LIMOS.
limp Lacking rigidity > LIMPER, LIMPEST; LIMPLY; (verb) to walk lamely > LIMPS, LIMPING, LIMPED.
limy Containing or tasting of lime > LIMIER, LIMIEST.
lind A lime-tree > LINDS. Also LINDEN.
line To mark with lines (slender, continuous marks) > LINES, LINING, LINED.
ling Any of various plants of the heath family, esp. Calluna vulgaris, heather > LINGS.
link To connect > LINKS, LINKING, LINKED.
linn (Scots) a waterfall > LINNS.
lino Linoleum > LINOS.
lins (Pl.) LIN, a waterfall.
lint An absorbent cotton or linen fabric with the nap raised on one side, used to dress wounds, etc; (verb) to put lint on > LINTS, LINTING, LINTED.
liny Like a line > LINIER, LINIEST. Also LINEY.
lion A large powerful cat, found in Africa and India > LIONS.
lipa A monetary unit of Croatia > LIPE.
lipe (Pl.) LIPA, a monetary unit of Croatia.
lipo (Coll.) a liposuction > LIPOS.
lips (3rd.) LIP, to touch with the lips.
lira (Ital.) an Italian unit of currency > LIRE or LIRAS; a Maltese unit of currency > LIRI; an Israeli unit of currency > LIROT or LIROTH.
lire (Pl.) LIRA, an Italian unit of currency.
liri (Pl.) LIRA, a Maltese monetary unit.
lirk (Scots) to wrinkle > LIRKS, LIRKING, LIRKED.
lisk The groin, flank > LISKS.
lisp To pronounce the letters S and Z imperfectly > LISPS, LISPING, LISPED.
list To write down in a particular order > LISTS, LISTING, LISTED.
lite (Dial.) to alight, dismount > LITES, LITING, LITED. Also LYTE.
lith (Scots) a joint; spec. the last joint or the tip of a finger > LITHS.
lits (Pl.) LIT, the former monetary unit of Lithuania.
litu (Pl.) LITAS, a former monetary unit of Lithuania.
live Having life > LIVER, LIVEST; LIVELY; (verb) to function as an animal or plant > LIVES, LIVING, LIVED.
load To place in or on a means of conveyance > LOADS, LOADING, LOADED.
loaf A shaped mass of bread > LOAVES; (verb) to pass time idly > LOAFS, LOAFING, LOAFED.
loam (Verb) to cover with loam > LOAMS, LOAMING, LOAMED.
loan To lend > LOANS, LOANING, LOANED.
lobe A rounded, projecting anatomical part; (verb) to divide into lobes > LOBES, LOBING, LOBED.
lobi (Pl.) LOBUS, a lobe.
lobo (US) a timber wolf > LOBOS.
lobs (3rd.) LOB, to throw gently.
loca (Pl.) LOCUS, a place, a locality.
loch A lake > LOCHS.
loci (Pl.) LOCUS, a place, a locality.
lock To secure by means of a mechanical fastening device > LOCKS, LOCKING, LOCKED.
loco (Noun) a locomotive; (verb) to poison with locoweed > LOCOS or LOCOES, LOCOING, LOCOED.
lode A deposit of valuable ore occurring between definite limits in the surrounding rock > LODES.
lods (Pl.) LOD, a statistic relating to the odds of an event.
loft (Verb) to strike a ball so it rises > LOFTS, LOFTING, LOFTED.
loge (Fr.) a small enclosure or box in a theatre or opera house > LOGES.
logo A small design used as the symbol of an organisation etc > LOGOS.
logs (3rd.) LOG, to enter into a record.
logy Heavy or dull in respect to motion or thought; as, a LOGY horse > LOGIER, LOGIEST; LOGILY. Also LOGGY.
loid (Sl.) celluloid; (verb) to open a lock with a strip of celluloid > LOIDS, LOIDING, LOIDED.
loin The part of the lower back between the pelvis and the ribs > LOINS.
loir (Fr.) a large European species of dormouse > LOIRS.
loke A short narrow lane; a grass-covered track > LOKES.
loll To lounge > LOLLS, LOLLING, LOLLED.
lolz (Slang) amusement derived from mischievous or provocative behaviour on the Internet.
loma (Lat.) a membranous fringe or flap > LOMAS or LOMATA.
lome To cover with LOAM > LOMES, LOMING, LOMED.
lone Having no companions > LONELY.
long Extending for a considerable distance > LONGER, LONGEST; (verb) to desire strongly > LONGS, LONGING, LONGED.
loof (Scots) the palm of the hand > LOOFS.
look To use one's eyes in seeing > LOOKS, LOOKING, LOOKED.
loom To appear in an enlarged and indistinct form > LOOMS, LOOMING, LOOMED.
loon A simple-minded person.
loop To form loops (circular or oval openings) > LOOPS, LOOPING, LOOPED.
loor (Scots) comparative of LIEF, glad.
loos (3rd.) LOO, to love.
loot To plunder > LOOTS, LOOTING, LOOTED.
lope To run with a steady, easy gait > LOPES, LOPING, LOPED.
lops (3rd.) LOP, to cut off unnecessary parts.
lord (Verb) to act as a lord > LORDS, LORDING, LORDED.
lore On a bird, the area between the eye and the bill > LORES.
lorn Lost, abandoned.
lory (Malay) a kind of small parrot > LORIES. [Malay lori]. Also LOWRY, LOWRIE.
lose To come to be without and be unable to find > LOSES, LOSING, LOST.
losh (Scots) (interjection) Lord.
loss The act of one that loses > LOSSES.
lost (Pt.) LOSE, to mislay.
lota (Hindi) in India, a small brass or copper pot > LOTAS. Also LOTAH.
lote (Arch.) lotus > LOTES.
loth Reluctant > LOTHER, LOTHEST.
loti (Sesotho) a monetary unit of Lesotho > MALOTI. No -S.
loto A game played by covering on a card each number drawn till a line of numbers is completed > LOTOS. Also LOTTO.
lots (3rd.) LOT, to allot.
loud Strongly audible > LOUDER, LOUDEST; LOUDLY.
loun (Scots) sheltered, calm, quiet; (verb) to calm > LOUNS, LOUNING, LOUNED. Also LOWN, LOON, LOWND, LOWNE, LOUND.
loup (Scots) to leap > LOUPS, LOUPING, LOUPIT, LOUPEN. Also LOWP.
lour To look sullen or threatening > LOURS, LOURING, LOURED. Also LOWER.
lous (3rd.) LOU, to love.
lout (Verb, archaic) to bow, stoop > LOUTS, LOUTING, LOUTED.
love To feel great affection for > LOVES, LOVING, LOVED.
lowe (Scots) to blaze > LOWES, LOWING, LOWED.
lown (Scots) sheltered, calm, quiet; (verb) to calm, become calm > LOWNS, LOWNING, LOWNED. Also LOWNE, LOWND, LOUN, LOUND.
lowp (Scots) to leap > LOWPS, LOWPING, LOWPED. Also LOUP.
lows (3rd.) LOW, to make a noise like a cow.
lowt To bow, stoop > LOWTS, LOWTING, LOWTED. Also LOUT.
loys (Pl.) LOY, a long narrow spade.
luau (Hawaiian) a Hawaiian dish made of coconut, octopus etc > LUAUS.
lube A lubricant; (verb) to lubricate > LUBES, LUBING, LUBED.
luce (Shakesp.) the pike or jack, a fresh-water fish > LUCES.
luck (Verb) to succeed by chance or good fortune > LUCKS, LUCKING, LUCKED.
lude A type of sedative pill > LUDES.
ludo A simple board game played with dice and counters in which the aim is to be the first to reach a destination > LUDOS.
luds (Pl.) LUD, a lord, judge.
lues (Lat.) disease, especially of a contagious kind > LUES.
luff To turn a ship towards the wind > LUFFS, LUFFING, LUFFED.
luge A light toboggan; (verb) to ride on this > LUGES, LUGEING or LUGING, LUGED.
lugs (3rd.) LUG, to pull or drag with difficulty.
luit (Scots) pt. LET.
luke Moderately warm; not hot; tepid. Also LUKEWARM.
lull To cause to sleep or rest > LULLS, LULLING, LULLED.
lulu An outstandingly bad or impressive person or thing > LULUS.
lulz (Slang) amusement derived from mischievous or provocative behaviour on the Internet.
luma A monetary unit of Armenia > LUMAS.
lump A shapeless mass; (verb) to make into lumps > LUMPS, LUMPING, LUMPED.
lums (Pl.) LUM, chimney.
luna (Lat.) a North American moth with crescent-shaped markings > LUNAS. [L. luna, moon].
lune Anything shaped like a half-moon > LUNES.
lung A respiratory organ > LUNGS.
lunk A stupid person > LUNKS.
luns (Pl.) LUN, a lee.
lunt (Scots) a slow match; a sudden flame; (verb) to kindle > LUNTS, LUNTING, LUNTED.
luny Loony > LUNIER, LUNIEST; (noun) a loony person > LUNIES.
lure To attract with something desirable > LURES, LURING, LURED.
lurk To wait in concealment > LURKS, LURKING, LURKED.
lurs (Pl.) LUR, a Bronze Age trumpet.
lush Luxuriant > LUSHER, LUSHEST; LUSHLY; (verb) to ply with alcohol > LUSHES, LUSHING, LUSHED.
lusk To lie about lazily > LUSKS, LUSKING, LUSKED.
lust To have an intense desire > LUSTS, LUSTING, LUSTED.
lute (Verb) to coat with lute (in sense of a protective covering) > LUTES, LUTING, LUTED.
lutz A jump in figure-skating > LUTZES. [From Gustav Lussi, Swiss figure-skater who introduced it].
luvs (Pl.) LUV, term of endearment.
luxe (Fr.) luxury, as in de luxe.
lwei A monetary unit of Angola > LWEIS.
lyam A kind of bloodhound > LYAMS. Also LYME, LYM.
lych A corpse > LYCHES.
lyes (Pl.) LYE, any solution obtained by leaching.
lyme A kind of bloodhound > LYMES. Also LYAM, LYM.
lyms (Pl.) LYM, a leash, a slow hound.
lyne (Spenser) linen > LYNES.
lynx An animal of the Lynx genus of wild cats > LYNXES.
lyra As in lyra viol, a lutelike instrument forerunner of the mandolin. No -S.
lyre A musical instrument like the harp, used esp in ancient Greece as an accompaniment to poetry > LYRES.
lyse To undergo lysis, disintegration or destruction of cells > LYSES, LYSING, LYSED.
lyte (Obs.) to alight > LYTES, LYTING, LYTED. Also LITE.