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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

jaap (S. Afr.) a simpleton or country bumpkin > JAAPS.
jabs (3rd.) JAB, to poke or stab.
jack Medieval leather coat worn as armour; (verb) to raise with a type of lever > JACKS, JACKING, JACKED.
jade (Noun) a precious stone > JADES. [Spaniards who first met this stone in the 16th century believed that it had the power to cure kidney problems, so called it piedra de ijada, kidney-stone]. (Verb) to tire > JADES, JADING, JADED.
jafa (NZ) an offensive name for a person from Auckland [NZ slang from Just Another F***ing Aucklander] > JAFAS.
jaga (Malay) to guard, watch > JAGAS, JAGAING, JAGAED.
jagg To cut unevenly > JAGGS, JAGGING, JAGGED. Also JAG.
jags (3rd.) JAG, to cut unevenly.
jail To put in jail (a place of confinement) > JAILS, JAILING, JAILED.
jake (US) a country lout, a yokel > JAKES; (Aust) honest, fine.
jaks (Pl.) JAK, an East Indian tree.
jamb (Verb) to jam > JAMBS, JAMBING, JAMBED; (noun) a piece of leg armour, a greave. Also JAMBE.
jams (3rd.) JAM, to block up.
jane A small silver Genoese coin > JANES.
jann (Arabic) the least powerful order of JINN > JANNS.
jape To play a joke > JAPES, JAPING, JAPED.
japs (3rd.) JAP, to splash or spatter.
jark A seal on a document; a pass, safe-conduct > JARKS.
jarl (ON) a chief; an earl; in English history, one of the leaders in the Danish and Norse invasions > JARLS.
jarp (Dial.) to strike, smash esp the shell of an egg at Easter > JARPS, JARPING, JARPED.
jars (3rd.) JAR, to put in jars.
jasp (Spenser) = JASPER, a precious stone > JASPS. Also JASPIS.
jass (Obs.) jazz > JASSES.
jasy A wig, orig. of worsted > JASIES. Also JASEY, JAZY.
jato A jet-assisted take-off > JATOS.
jauk To dawdle > JAUKS, JAUKING, JAUKED.
jaup (Scots) to splash or spatter > JAUPS, JAUPING, JAUPED. Also JAP.
java A type of coffee > JAVAS.
jaws (3rd.) JAW, to chatter at length.
jaxy The posterior, the anus > JAXIES. Also JAXIE, JACKSIE, JACKSY.
jays (Pl.) JAY, a bird of the crow family.
jazy A wig, orig. of worsted > JAZIES. Also JASY, JASEY.
jazz Any of various styles of music with a strong rhythm, syncopation, improvisation, etc, originating in black American folk music; (verb) to play jazz music, to enliven > JAZZES, JAZZING, JAZZED.
jean A twilled cotton cloth > JEANS, JEANED.
jeat (Obs.) jet, the mineral > JEATS.
jedi A person who claims to live according to a philosophy based on that of the fictional Jedi in Star Wars > JEDIS.
jeed (Pt.) JEE, to stir or budge.
jeel (Scots) to congeal, set > JEELS, JEELING, JEELED.
jeep (Verb) to travel by jeep > JEEPS, JEEPING, JEEPED.
jeer To mock > JEERS, JEERING, JEERED.
jees (3rd.) JEE, to budge or stir.
jeez An interjection expressing consternation. Also GEEZ.
jefe (Spanish) a chief > JEFES.
jeff To gamble with printer's quadrats > JEFFS, JEFFING, JEFFED.
jehu A coachman, especially one who drives at a rattling pace > JEHUS. "The driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he driveth furiously." - 2 Kings ix. 20.
jell To set like jelly > JELLS, JELLING, JELLED.
jeon (Korean) a monetary unit of S. Korea > JEON > no -S! Also CHON.
jerk To move with a sharp, sudden motion > JERKS, JERKING, JERKED.
jess (Shakesp.) a strap of leather attached to the talons of a hawk, by which it is held on the fist; (verb) to fasten such straps > JESSES, JESSING, JESSED. Also JESSE.
jest To joke > JESTS, JESTING, JESTED.
jete A movement in dancing > JETES.
jets (3rd.) JET, to travel by jet.
jeux (Pl.) JEU, game.
jiao (Chinese) a Chinese monetary unit, one tenth of a YUAN > JIAOS. Also CHIAO.
jibb In sailing, to shift from side to side > JIBBS, JIBBING, JIBBED. Also GYBE, JIBE.
jibe In sailing, to shift from side to side > JIBES, JIBING, JIBED. Also GYBE, JIBB.
jibs (Pl.) JIB, a small triangular sail extending from the head of the foremast.
jiff (Coll.) an instant > JIFFS. Also JIFFY.
jigs (3rd.) JIG, to dance a jig.
jill A female hare > JILLS.
jilt To reject a lover > JILTS, JILTING, JILTED.
jimp (Scots) slender > JIMPER, JIMPEST; JIMPLY. Also JIMPY.
jink To move suddenly, from side to side > JINKS, JINKING, JINKED.
jinn (Pl.) DJINNI, one of a class of spirits in Muslim theology. Also DJINN, GINN.
jins (Pl.) JIN, a supernatural being in Muslim mythology.
jinx A person or thing that brings bad luck; an unlucky influence; (verb) to bring bad luck to, or put an unlucky spell on > JINXES, JINXING, JINXED.
jird (Berber) a kind of N. African GERBIL > JIRDS.
jism (Coll.) energy, force; semen > JISMS. Also JISSOM, GISM.
jive To dance to jazz or swing music > JIVES, JIVING, JIVED.
jivy Jazzy, lively > JIVIER, JIVIEST. Also JIVEY.
jizz The characteristic movement of a bird > JIZZES.
jobe To reprimand tediously > JOBES, JOBING, JOBED.
jobs (3rd.) JOB, to work at jobs.
jock (US slang) keen sportsman > JOCKS.
joco (Scots) cheerfully complacent.
joes (Pl.) JOE, sweetheart.
joey An old threepenny bit > JOEYS.
jogs (3rd.) JOG, to run at a slow, steady pace.
john (Sl.) a toilet > JOHNS.
join To unite > JOINS, JOINING, JOINED.
joke To say something amusing > JOKES, JOKING, JOKED.
joky Full of jokes > JOKIER, JOKIEST; JOKILY. Also JOKEY.
jole (Dial.) to bump, knock > JOLES, JOLING, JOLED. Also JOWL, JOLL, JOULE.
joll (Dial.) to bump, knock > JOLLS, JOLLING, JOLLED. Also JOWL, JOLE, JOULE.
jols (3rd.) JOL, to have a good time.
jolt To jar or shake roughly > JOLTS, JOLTING, JOLTED.
jomo (Tibetan) the female of the ZO > JOMOS. Also DSOMO, ZHOMO.
jong (Afrikaans) a friend, often used in direct address > JONGS.
jook (Scots) to duck or dodge > JOOKS, JOOKING, JOOKED. Also JOUK.
jors (Pl.) JOR, the second movement of a RAGA.
josh To tease > JOSHES, JOSHING, JOSHED.
joss (Chinese) a Chinese figure of a god, an idol > JOSSES.
jota (Spanish) a Spanish dance in triple time > JOTAS.
jots (3rd.) JOT, to note down.
jouk (Scots) to duck or dodge > JOUKS, JOUKING, JOUKED. Also JOOK.
jour (Fr.) a day, as in jour de feste > JOURS.
jowl (Dial.) to bump, knock > JOWLS, JOWLING, JOWLED. Also JOLL, JOLE, JOULE.
jows (3rd.) JOW, to ring, toll.
joys (3rd.) JOY, to rejoice, to be glad.
juba A Negro rustic dance > JUBAS.
jube (Lat.) a rood-loft, or screen and gallery > JUBES. [L. imperative of jubere, to command].
juco (US) junior college; an athlete at a junior college > JUCOS.
judo (Japanese) a Japanese form of unarmed combat > JUDOS.
juds (Pl.) JUD, a mass of coal.
judy (Sl.) a girl, a girl-friend > JUDIES.
juga (Pl.) JUGUM, a pair of leaflets in a pinnate leaf.
jugs (3rd.) JUG, to put in a jug.
juju A fetish, a supernatural power > JUJUS.
juke To dance > JUKES, JUKING, JUKED.
juku (Japanese) a Japanese school that prepares students for entrance exams e.g. to university > JUKUS.
jump To spring off the ground > JUMPS, JUMPING, JUMPED.
junk To discard as trash > JUNKS, JUNKING, JUNKED.
jupe A woman's jacket > JUPES.
jura (Pl.) JUS, a legal right.
jure (Lat.) by right or law. Also IURE.
jury (Verb) to select material for an exhibition > JURIES, JURYING, JURIED.
just Fair, equitable > JUSTER, JUSTEST; JUSTLY; (verb) to tilt with lances > JUSTS, JUSTING, JUSTED. Also JOUST, GIUST.
jute A fibre obtained from the phloem of two plants of the linden family, used for making ropes > JUTES.
juts (3rd.) JUT, to project.
juve (Abbr.) juvenile > JUVES.
jynx (Lat.) the wryneck > JYNXES. [L. iynx, from Gk. iynx or iynx]. Also YUNX.