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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

haaf (ON) in Orkney, a deep-sea fishing-ground > HAAFS. [ON haf, sea].
haar (ON) a raw sea-mist > HAARS. [ON harr, hoary].
habu (Japanese) a kind of poisonous snake > HABUS.
hack To cut or chop roughly > HACKS, HACKING, HACKED.
hade The angle between plane of a fault and vertical plane; (verb) to incline from vertical > HADES, HADING, HADED.
hadj (Arabic) a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca > HADJES. Also HAJ, HAJJ.
hads (3rd.) HAD, to hold.
haed (Pt.) HAE, to have.
haem The pigment combined with protein in haemoglobin > HAEMS.
haen (Pt.) HAE, to have.
haes (3rd.) HAE, to have.
haet (Scots) a small amount, a whit > HAETS.
haff (Ger.) a lagoon separated from sea by a long sand-bar > HAFFS. [Ger. Haff, bay].
haft (Verb) to set in a haft; to establish firmly > HAFTS, HAFTING, HAFTED.
hagg (Scots) broken ground in a moss or bog, a place from which peat has been dug > HAGGS. Also HAG.
hags (3rd.) HAG, to hack, hew.
haha A sunken fence > HAHAS.
hahs (Pl.) HAH, an interjection expressing surprise etc.
haik (Arabic) an oblong cloth worn by Arabs on head or body > HAIKS or HAIKA. Also HAICK, HAIQUE, HYKE.
hail To welcome > HAILS, HAILING, HAILED.
hain (Scots) to enclose or protect with a fence or hedge; esp. to preserve (grass) from cattle > HAINS, HAINING, HAINED. [ON hegna, to enclose, protect].
hair (Verb) to provide hair for; to free from hair > HAIRS, HAIRING, HAIRED.
haji (Arabic) a Muslim pilgrim to Mecca > HAJIS. Also HADJI, HAJJI, HADJEE.
hajj (Arabic) a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca > HAJJES. Also HAJ, HADJ.
haka (Maori) a ceremonial war-dance > HAKAS.
hake A fish of the cod family > HAKES.
haku (Maori) the kingfish > HAKUS.
hale (Verb) to haul, pull > HALES, HALING, HALED; (adj.) healthy > HALER, HALEST.
half One of two equal parts > HALVES or HALFS.
hall A room serving as an entry area in a house or building > HALLS.
halm A strawy stem > HALMS. Also HAULM.
halo A ring of light; (verb) to surround with a halo > HALOS or HALOES, HALOING, HALOED.
halt To stop > HALTS, HALTING, HALTED.
hame (Scots) home; (verb) to home > HAMES, HAMING, HAMED.
hams (3rd.) HAM, to overact.
hand To present with the hand (the end of the forearm) > HANDS, HANDING, HANDED.
hang To attach from above only > HANGS, HANGING, HANGED or HUNG.
hank A series of rings or clips for attaching a jib or staysail to a stay; (verb) to catch, as on a loop > HANKS, HANKING, HANKED.
hant To haunt > HANTS, HANTING, HANTED.
haos (Pl.) HAO, a monetary unit of Vietnam.
haps (3rd.) HAP, to happen, bechance.
hapu (Maori) a subtribe > HAPUS.
hard Not soft > HARDER, HARDEST; HARDLY.
hare (Verb) to run like hare > HARES, HARING, HARED.
harl (Scots) to drag along the ground > HARLS, HARLING, HARLED.
harm To injure > HARMS, HARMING, HARMED.
harn A coarse linen fabric > HARNS. 'Her cutty sark, o' Paisley harn'. ('Tam o'Shanter').
haro In Channel Islands, a cry announcing legal redress > HAROS. Also HARROW.
harp A musical instrument played by plucking strings stretched from a curved neck to an inclined soundboard; (verb) to play the harp > HARPS, HARPING, HARPED.
hart The male of the red deer esp. when over five years old > HARTS.
hash A mixed dish of meat and vegetables in small pieces; (verb) to make a hash > HASHES, HASHING, HASHED.
hask (Spenser) a fish-basket > HASKS.
hasp To fasten with a hasp > HASPS, HASPING, HASPED.
hass an oatmeal pudding made with sheep's gullet > HASSES.
hast (3rd pers.) HAVE.
hate To loathe > HATES, HATING, HATED.
hath (3rd. pers.) HAVE.
hats (3rd.) HAT, to provide with or cover with a hat.
haud (Scots) to hold > HAUDS, HAUDING, HUDDEN. Also HAULD.
hauf (Scots) half > HAUFS.
haul To pull with force > HAULS, HAULING, HAULED.
haun (Scots) a hand > HAUNS.
haut (Fr.) high; elevated; hence, haughty; proud. Also HAUGHT, HAULT.
have (Noun) a wealthy person > HAVES.
hawk A bird of prey; a carpenter's tool; (verb) to fly a hawk > HAWKS, HAWKING, HAWKED.
hawm (Dial.) to lounge about > HAWMS, HAWMING, HAWMED.
haws (3rd.) HAW, to make the sound haw.
hays (3rd.) HAY, to make hay.
haze To subject to a humiliating initiation > HAZES, HAZING, HAZED.
hazy Like a haze > HAZIER, HAZIEST; HAZILY.
head To be chief of > HEADS, HEADING, HEADED.
heal To make sound or whole > HEALS, HEALING, HEALED.
heap To pile up > HEAPS, HEAPING, HEAPED.
hear To perceive by the ear > HEARS, HEARING, HEARD.
heat To make hot > HEATS, HEATING, HEATED or HET.
hebe (Greek) a member of a genus of shrubby plants > HEBES. [Gk. hebe, youth].
hech An exclamation of surprise.
heck The lower part of a door, an inner door, a grating > HECKS. Also HAIK, HAKE.
heed To pay attention to > HEEDS, HEEDING, HEEDED.
heel To supply with a heel (the raised part of a shoe) > HEELS, HEELING, HEELED.
heft To lift; to feel the weight of > HEFTS, HEFTING, HEFTED.
hehs (Pl.) HEH, a Hebrew letter.
heid (Scots) head > HEIDS.
heil (Ger.) interjection > hail!; (verb) to salute > HEILS, HEILING, HEILED.
heir (Verb) to inherit > HEIRS, HEIRING, HEIRED.
held (Pt.) HOLD, to have in one's possession.
hele (Spenser) to hide, conceal > HELES, HELING, HELED.
hell (Verb) to hide, conceal > HELLS, HELLING, HELLED.
helm A helmet; (verb) to steer, manage > HELMS, HELMING, HELMED.
helo A helicopter > HELOS.
help To give assistance to > HELPS, HELPING, HELPED or HOLP, HOLPEN.
heme An iron-bearing component of hemoglobin > HEMES.
hemp A plant yielding a coarse fibre and an oil > HEMPS.
hems (3rd.) HEM, to form a hem on.
hend (Arch.) to seize, grasp > HENDS, HENDING, HENDED. Also HENT.
hens (3rd.) HEN, to challenge to a daring act.
hent (Shakesp.) to seize, take > HENTS, HENTING, HENTED. Also HEND.
heps (Pl.) HEP, a rosehip.
hept (Spenser) heaped.
herb A seed-bearing plant whose aerial parts do not persist above ground at the end of the growing season > HERBS, HERBED.
herd To bring together in a herd (a group of animals) > HERDS, HERDING, HERDED.
here This place > HERES.
herl The barb of a father > HERLS.
herm A head of Hermes on a square stone post > HERMS. Also HERMA.
hern (Dial.) heron > HERNS.
hero A brave man > HEROES; a sandwich or HOAGIE > HEROS.
hers The possessive case of the pronoun SHE.
hery (Spenser) to praise, regard as holy > HERIES, HERYING, HERIED. Also HERYE, HERRY.
hesp (Scots) to hasp > HESPS, HESPING, HESPED.
hest Command; precept; injunction > HESTS. Also HEAST, HEASTE.
hete (Spenser) to promise, command, name > HETES, HETING, HOTE. Also HIGHT.
heth (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > HETHS. Also CHETH, HET, KHET, KHETH.
hets (Pl.) HET, a Hebrew letter.
hewn (PaP.) HEW, to cut with blows.
hews (3rd.) HEW, to cut with blows.
heys (Pl.) HEY, a winding country dance.
hick A person from the country, a yokel > HICKS.
hide To conceal > HIDES, HIDING, HID, HIDDEN; to remove the hide from > HIDES, HIDING, HIDED.
hied (Pt.) HIE, to hasten.
hies (3rd.) HIE, to hasten.
high Elevated > HIGHER, HIGHEST; HIGHLY; (verb) to ascend; to raise higher > HIGHS, HIGHING, HIGHED.
hike To walk a long distance > HIKES, HIKING, HIKED.
hila (Pl.) HILUM, a mark where a seed was attached to its stalk.
hild (Spenser) held. No -S.
hili (Pl.) HILUS, an indentation in the surface of an organ.
hill (Verb) to rise into a mound > HILLS, HILLING, HILLED.
hilt (Verb) to provide with a hilt > HILTS, HILTING, HILTED.
hims (Pl.) HIM, a male.
hind The female of the red deer in or after its third year > HINDS.
hing (Hindi) asafoetida, a fetid gum resin > HINGS.
hins (Pl.) HIN, a Hebrew liquid measure.
hint To suggest indirectly > HINTS, HINTING, HINTED.
hioi (Maori) a plant of the mint family > HIOIS.
hips (3rd.) HIP, to carry on the hip.
hipt (Pt.) HIP, to carry on the hip.
hire To engage the services of for payment > HIRES, HIRING, HIRED.
hish A by-form of HISS > HISHES, HISHING, HISHED.
hisn (Dial.) his.
hiss To make a sibilant sound > HISSES, HISSING, HISSED.
hist (Arch.) an expression used to attract attention; (verb) to urge or summon with such an interjection > HISTS, HISTING, HISTED.
hits (3rd.) HIT, to strike.
hive (Verb) to put into a hive > HIVES, HIVING, HIVED.
hiya (Coll.) a greeting.
hmmm an interjection expressing thoughtful consideration.
hoar Grey, esp. with age; (verb) to cover with hoar > HOARS, HOARING, HOARED. Also HORE.
hoas (Pl.) HOA, to say HOA.
hoax To deceive > HOAXES, HOAXING, HOAXED.
hobo A tramp; (verb) to travel as a hobo > HOBOS or HOBOES, HOBOING, HOBOED.
hobs (3rd.) HOB, to furnish with hobnails.
hock (Noun) a white Rhine wine; (verb) to pawn > HOCKS, HOCKING, HOCKED.
hods (3rd.) HOD, to bob or jog.
hoed (Pt.) HOE, to use a hoe.
hoer One who hoes > HOERS.
hoes (3rd.) HOE, to use a hoe.
hogg A yearling sheep > HOGGS. Also HOG, HOGGET.
hogh (Spenser) = HOE, promontory > HOGHS.
hogs (3rd.) HOG, to use selfishly.
hoha (NZ) bored, annoyed.
hohs (Pl.) HOH, an interjection calling attention, expressing surprise etc.
hoik To hitch up, to jerk upwards > HOIKS, HOIKING, HOIKED. Also HOICK.
hois (3rd.) HOI, to urge, incite.
hoka (Maori) red cod > HOKA. No -S.
hoke To overact a part in a play > HOKES, HOKING, HOKED.
hoki A food fish with white flesh > HOKIS.
hold To have in one's possession > HOLDS, HOLDING, HELD, HILD, HOLDEN.
hole To make a hole (a cavity in a solid) > HOLES, HOLING, HOLED.
holk (Scots) to dig, burrow > HOLKS, HOLKING, HOLKED. Also HOWK.
holm A river island > HOLMS.
holo (Short for) hologram > HOLOS.
holp (Obs.) helped.
hols (Coll.) holidays. N.B. no HOL*.
holt The lair or den of an animal, esp. an otter > HOLTS.
holy Perfect in a moral sense > HOLIER, HOLIEST; HOLILY; (noun) a holy object > HOLIES.
homa (Persian) a sacred plant of the ancient Persians > HOMAS. Also HOM.
home To return to one's home (place of residence) > HOMES, HOMING, HOMED.
homo (Lat.) man generically > HOMINES; (sl.) a homosexual > HOMOS.
homs (Pl.) HOM, a sacred plant of the ancient Persians.
homy Home-loving > HOMIER, HOMIEST. Also HOMEY.
hond (Obs.) hand > HONDS.
hone To sharpen > HONES, HONING, HONED.
hong (Noun) (Chinese) a Chinese warehouse or foreign mercantile house in China. (Verb) (obs) to hang > HONGS, HONGING but no HONGED*.
honk To make a sound like a horn, or as of wild geese > HONKS, HONKING, HONKED.
hons (Pl.) HON, honey.
hood A flexible covering for the head and back of the neck; (verb) to cover with or as with a hood > HOODS, HOODING, HOODED.
hoof The hard covering of animal's foot > HOOVES; (verb) to dance > HOOFS, HOOFING, HOOFED.
hook To catch with a hook (a bent piece of metal) > HOOKS, HOOKING, HOOKED.
hoon (Aust. slang) a lout, a yob > HOONS.
hoop To fasten with a hoop (a circular band of metal) > HOOPS, HOOPING, HOOPED.
hoor a Scots and Irish form of whore; a difficult or unpleasant thing > HOORS.
hoot To make a sound like an owl > HOOTS, HOOTING, HOOTED. Also HOUT, WHOOT.
hope To have a desire or expectation > HOPES, HOPING, HOPED.
hops (3rd.) HOP, to leap on one leg.
hora (Hebrew) an Israeli dance > HORAS. Also HORAH.
hore Grey, esp. with age. Also HOAR.
hork to spit > HORKS, HORKING, HORKED.
horn To form a horn (a hard, bonelike projection of the head) > HORNS, HORNING, HORNED.
hors (Fr.) out of the combat; disabled from fighting.
hose Stockings or socks > HOSEN; (verb) to spray with water > HOSES, HOSING, HOSED.
hoss (Sl.) horse > HOSSES.
host To entertain socially > HOSTS, HOSTING, HOSTED.
hote (Spenser) pt. of HIGHT, to command or call.
hots (Sl.) sexual desire.
houf (Scots) a place where one is often found, a haunt; (verb) to go to such a place > HOUFS, HOUFING, HOUFED. 'The corby left her houf in the rock' (James Hogg, 'Kilmeny'). Also HOWFF, HOUFF, HOWF.
hour Sixty minutes > HOURS. Also HOWRE.
hout To make a sound like an owl > HOUTS, HOUTING, HOUTED. Also HOOT, WHOOT.
hove (Spenser) to hover, loiter > HOVES, HOVING, HOVED.
howe A hill, a burial-mound > HOWES.
howf (Scots) a place where one is often found, a haunt; (verb) to haunt, frequent > HOWFS, HOWFING, HOWFED. Also HOWFF, HOUF, HOUFF.
howk (Scots) to dig, burrow > HOWKS, HOWKING, HOWKED. Also HOLK.
howl To cry like a dog > HOWLS, HOWLING, HOWLED.
hows (Pl.) HOW, a method of doing something.
hoya A plant of genus Hoya, the wax-plant > HOYAS.
hoys (Pl.) HOY, a small fishing vessel.
hubs (Pl.) HUB, the centre of a wheel > HUBS.
huck A durable fabric > HUCKS.
hued Having a HUE.
huer A lookout man in pilchard fishing > HUERS.
hues (Pl.) HUE, colour.
huff To breathe heavily > HUFFS, HUFFING, HUFFED.
huge Very large > HUGER, HUGEST; HUGELY.
hugs (3rd.) HUG, to embrace.
hugy Huge, vast. No comp!
huhu (Maori) a New Zealand beetle > HUHUS.
huia (Maori) a New Zealand bird akin to a crow > HUIAS.
huic An interjection to encourage hounds.
huis (Pl.) HUI, a Maori gathering.
hula (Hawaiian) a sinuous Polynesian dance with rhythmic hip movements > HULAS.
hule (Nahuatl) a Central American rubber tree > HULES. Also ULE.
hulk (Verb) to appear impressively large > HULKS, HULKING, HULKED.
hull (Shakesp.) to drift on the sea like a wrecked ship > HULLS, HULLING, HULLED.
huma (Urdu) a mythical bird similar to the phoenix, supposed to bring luck to any person over whom it hovers on its restless flights > HUMAS. [Pers. & Urdu huma, phoenix.]
humf (Scots) to carry something heavy or awkward > HUMFS, HUMFING, HUMFED. Also HUMPH.
hump To arch into a hump (a rounded protuberance) > HUMPS, HUMPING, HUMPED.
hums (3rd.) HUM, to make a sound like bees.
hung (Pp.) HANG, to attach from above only.
hunh An interjection requesting repeating of an utterance.
hunk A large piece > HUNKS.
huns (Pl.) HUN, a barbarous and destructive person.
hunt To pursue for food or sport > HUNTS, HUNTING, HUNTED.
hups (3rd.) HUP, to shout 'hup'.
hurl To throw with great force > HURLS, HURLING, HURLED.
hurt To injure > HURTS, HURTING, HURT.
hush To quiet > HUSHES, HUSHING, HUSHED.
husk To remove the husk (the outer covering) from > HUSKS, HUSKING, HUSKED.
huso (Ger.) the great sturgeon > HUSOS. [OHG huso].
huss A kind of dogfish > HUSSES.
huts (3rd.) HUT, to quarter (troops) in a hut.
hwan A monetary unit of S. Korea > HWAN. No -S.
hwyl (Welsh) divine inspiration in oratory > HWYLS.
hyed (Pt.) HYE, to hie, hurry.
hyen (Shakesp.) a hyena > HYENS.
hyes (3rd.) HYE, to hie.
hyke (Arabic) an oblong cloth worn by Arabs on head or body > HYKES. Also HAIK, HAIQUE, HAICK.
hyla A kind of tree-frog > HYLAS. [NL, from Gk. hule, wood].
hyle (Greek) wood; matter > HYLES. [Gk. hyle].
hymn A song of praise, esp to God, but also to a nation, etc.; (verb) to sing a hymn > HYMNS, HYMNING, HYMNED.
hype Exaggeration, build-up; (verb) to exaggerate > HYPES, HYPING, HYPED.
hypo (Coll.) to inject with a hypodermic needle > HYPOS, HYPOED, HYPOING.
hyps (3rd.) HYP, to render melancholy.
hyte (Scots) insane. Also GYTE.