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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

gabs (3rd.) GAB, to chatter.
gaby (Dial.) a simpleton > GABIES.
gach to behave boastfully > GACHES, GACHING, GACHED.
gade A miner's wedge > GADES. Also GAD, GAID.
gadi (Marathi) the cushioned throne of an Indian ruler > GADIS. Also GADDI.
gads (3rd.) GAD, to wander about idly or in pursuit of pleasure.
gaed (Pt.) GAE, to go.
gaen (Pt.) GAE, to go.
gaes (3rd.) GAE, to go.
gaff A hook for catching large fish; (verb) to catch with such a hook > GAFFS, GAFFING, GAFFED.
gaga (Fr.) in senile dotage.
gage (Verb) to bind by pledge or security; to stake, wager > GAGES, GAGING, GAGED.
gags (3rd.) GAG, to silence.
gaid A miner's wedge > GAIDS. Also GAD, GADE.
gain (Adj.) near, straight; convenient > GAINER, GAINEST; GAINLY; (verb) to acquire > GAINS, GAINING, GAINED.
gair (Scots) a gore (in cloth or land) > GAIRS.
gait (Verb) to teach (a horse) its gaits > GAITS, GAITING, GAITED.
gajo (Romany) a non-gypsy > GAJOS. Also GORGIO, GADJO.
gaks (Pl.) GAK, cocaine.
gala A celebration > GALAS.
gale A strong wind > GALES.
gall An abrasively-induced skin sore; (verb) to make sore by rubbing > GALLS, GALLING, GALLED.
gals (Pl.) GAL, a girl.
gama (Spanish) a kind of pasture grass found in the Western United States > GAMAS.
gamb A beast's whole leg > GAMBS. Also GAMBE.
game Plucky > GAMER, GAMEST; GAMELY; (verb) to gamble > GAMES, GAMING, GAMED.
gamp A large, baggy umbrella > GAMPS.
gams (Pl.) GAM, a school of whales.
gamy Tasting like game, highly flavoured > GAMIER, GAMIEST; GAMILY. Also GAMEY.
gane (Pt.) GAE, to go.
gang (Verb) to associate in a gang > GANGS, GANGING, GANGED.
gans (3rd.) GAN, to go.
gant (Scots) to yawn > GANTS, GANTING, GANTED.
gaol To jail > GAOLS, GAOLING, GAOLED.
gape To stare with open mouth > GAPES, GAPING, GAPED.
gapo (Tupi) in Peru, a riverside forest periodically flooded > GAPOS. Also IGAPO.
gaps (3rd.) GAP, to make a gap in.
gapy Infested with GAPEWORMS > GAPIER, GAPIEST.
garb A fashion of dress; (verb) to clothe, array > GARBS, GARBING, GARBED.
gare (Scots) greedy, miserly.
gari (Japanese) thinly sliced pickled ginger, often served with sushi > GARIS.
gars (Pl.) GAR, a garfish.
gart (Pt.) GAR, to compel.
gash (Adj.) ghastly > GASHER, GASHEST; GASHLY; (verb) to cut > GASHES, GASHING, GASHED.
gasp To breathe convulsively > GASPS, GASPING, GASPED.
gast (Obs.) to frighten > GASTS, GASTING, GASTED.
gate To supply with a gate (a movable barrier) > GATES, GATING, GATED.
gath (Sanksrit) the second section of a RAGA > GATHS. Also GAT.
gats (Pl.) GAT, a gun.
gaud A trick or practical joke; (verb) to paint e.g. the cheeks > GAUDS, GAUDING, GAUDED.
gaum (ON) to stare vacantly or handle in a clumsy manner > GAUMS, GAUMING, GAUMED. [ON gaumr heed, attention]. Also GORM.
gaun (Scots) going.
gaup To stare and gape > GAUPS, GAUPING, GAUPED. Also GAWP, GAWK, GORP.
gaur (Hindi) a kind of wild ox, aka SELADANG > GAURS.
gaus (Pl.) GAU, a German political district.
gaws (Pl.) GAW, an imperfect rainbow or other supposed sign of coming weather.
gave (Pt.) GIVE, to transfer freely to another's possession.
gawd (Coll.) God > GAWDS.
gawk To stare and gape > GAWKS, GAWKING, GAWKED. Also GAWP, GAUP, GORP.
gawp To stare and gape > GAWPS, GAWPING, GAWPED. Also GAUP, GORP, GAWK.
gays (Pl.) GAY, a homosexual.
gaze To look intently > GAZES, GAZING, GAZED.
gazy Given to gazing > GAZIER, GAZIEST.
geal (Dial.) to congeal > GEALS, GEALING, GEALED.
gean The wild cherry > GEANS.
gear To provide with gears (toothed machine parts) > GEARS, GEARING, GEARED.
geat The channel or spout through which molten metal runs into a mold in casting > GEATS.
geck (Verb) to mock, dupe > GECKS, GECKING, GECKED.
geds (Pl.) GED, a pike.
geed (Pt.) GEE, to hurry up.
geek A weirdo, a nerd > GEEKS. [Originally a carnival barker who attracted visitors to sideshows by biting the heads of live chickens or snakes].
geep A creature produced by combining DNA from a sheep and a goat > GEEPS.
gees (3rd.) GEE, to hurry up.
geez An interjection expressing consternation. Also JEEZ.
geit A child > GEITS. Also GET, GYTE, GAITT.
geld To castrate an animal, esp. a horse > GELDS, GELDING, GELDED.
gels (3rd.) GEL, to form a gelatinous substance.
gelt (Sl.) money, profit > GELTS.
gems (3rd.) GEM, to adorn with gems.
gena (Lat.) the cheek or side of the head > GENAS.
gene A hereditary unit > GENES.
gens (Lat.) an ancient Rome a clan including several families descending from a common ancestor > GENTES.
gent (Abbr.) gentleman > GENTS.
genu (Lat.) the knee > GENUA.
geos (Pl.) GEO, a gully or creek.
gere (Spenser) gear > GERES.
germ (Verb) to put forth buds, sprout > GERMS, GERMING, GERMED.
gers (Pl.) GER, a kind of felt tent, a yurt.
gert (Dial.) very big.
gest An exploit; a tale of adventure > GESTS. [L. gestus, pp. of gerere, to wage, to accomplish]. Also GESTE.
geta (Japanese) a wooden sandal with a thong between the toes > GETAS.
gets (3rd.) GET, to obtain.
geum (Lat.) a plant of the Geum genus of the rose family, aka AVENS > GEUMS.
ghat (Hindi) (in India) a mountain pass; a landing stage; a place for cremation > GHATS. Also GHAUT.
ghee (Hindi) clarified butter > GHEES. Also GHI.
ghis (Pl.) GHI, clarified butter.
gibe To scoff, mock > GIBES, GIBING, GIBED. Also JIBE,
gibs (Pl.) GIB, a wedge-shaped piece of metal.
gids (Pl.) GID, a disease of sheep.
gied (Pt.) GIE, to give.
gien (Pt.) GIE, to give.
gies (3rd.) GIE, to give.
gifs (Pl.) GIF, a type of computer image.
gift (Verb) to make a gift > GIFTS, GIFTING, GIFTED.
giga (Ital.) a lively Italian dance > GIGAS or GIGHE. Also GIGUE.
gigs (3rd.) GIG, to play a gig.
gila A large lizard native to Arizona, New Mexico, etc > GILAS.
gild To cover with a thin layer of gold > GILDS, GILDING, GILDED or GILT; also (obs.) GILDEN or GYLDEN.
gill (Verb) to catch fish by the gills > GILLS, GILLING, GILLED.
gilt A young sow that has not farrowed > GILTS.
gimp A yarn with a hard core; (verb) to make or furnish with this > GIMPS, GIMPING, GIMPED. Also GUIMP, GYMP.
ging (Obs.) a gang or company > GINGS.
gink (Sl.) a fellow > GINKS.
ginn (Pl.) DJINNI, one of a class of spirits in Muslim theology. Also DJINN, JINN.
gins (3rd.) GIN, to trap or snare.
gios (Pl.) GIO, an inlet.
gips (Pl.) GIP, a cheat, swindle.
gird To surround > GIRDS, GIRDING, GIRDED or GIRT.
girl A female child > GIRLS.
girn (Dial.) to grin, make faces > GIRNS, GIRNING, GIRNED. Also GURN.
giro A system of credit transfer between banks, post offices, etc.; spec. a system run by the British Post Office for the banking and transfer of money > GIROS.
girr (Scots) a hoop, for a barrel or used as a child's plaything > GIRRS. Also GIRD.
girt (Verb) to gird > GIRTS, GIRTING, GIRTED.
gism (Coll.) energy, force; semen > GISMS. Also JISM, JISSOM.
gist The essence, the main point of a matter > GISTS.
gite (Fr.) in France, a farmhouse offering holiday accommodation > GITES.
gits (Pl.) GIT, a stupid person.
give To transfer freely to another's possession > GIVES, GIVING, GAVE, GIVEN; to put gyves on > GIVES, GIVING, GIVED.
gizz (Scots) a wig > GIZZES. Also JIZ.
gjus (Pl.) GJU, a fiddle.
glad Joyful > GLADDER, GLADDEST; GLADLY; (verb) to make glad > GLADS, GLADDING, GLADDED.
glam Characterised by extravagant glamour > GLAMMER, GLAMMEST; (noun) a greying, leisured, affluent married person; (verb) to glamourise > GLAMS, GLAMMING, GLAMMED.
gled The common kite > GLEDS. Also GLEDE.
glee (Scots) to squint > GLEES, GLEEING, GLEED. Also GLEY.
gleg (Scots) quick, sharp > GLEGGER, GLEGGEST; GLEGLY.
glei (Russian) a sticky clay soil > GLEIS. Also GLEY.
glen A narrow valley with a stream, often with trees > GLENS.
gley (Scots) to squint > GLEYS, GLEYING, GLEYED. Also GLEE.
glia (Greek) the supporting tissue of the brain and spinal cord > GLIAS. [Gk. glia, glue]. Also NEUROGLIA.
glib (Verb) to make glib; to castrate > GLIBS, GLIBBING, GLIBBED; (adj.) slippery, smooth > GLIBBER, GLIBBEST; GLIBLY.
glid (Scots) slippery > GLIDDER, GLIDDEST. Also GLIDDER, GLIDDERY.
glim A glimpse; a light, a lantern > GLIMS.
glit Sticky, slimy or greasy material > GLITS.
glob A roundish drop or dollop of a semi-liquid substance, esp. mucus > GLOBS.
glom (Sl.) to steal; to take a look > GLOMS, GLOMMING, GLOMMED.
glop (Verb) to stare in alarm or wonder > GLOPS, GLOPPING, GLOPPED.
glow To emit light and heat > GLOWS, GLOWING, GLOWED.
glue To fasten with glue (an adhesive substance) > GLUES, GLUING or GLUEING, GLUED.
glug To make a gurgling sound > GLUGS, GLUGGING, GLUGGED.
glum Morose > GLUMMER, GLUMMEST; GLUMLY; noun) a gloomy feeling > GLUMS.
glut To feed or fill to excess > GLUTS, GLUTTING, GLUTTED.
gnar To snarl or growl > GNARS, GNARRING, GNARRED. Also GNARR, KNAR, GNARL.
gnat Any small fly of the family Culicidae, of which the females are commonly bloodsuckers > GNATS.
gnaw To chew with the teeth > GNAWS, GNAWING, GNAWED or GNAWN.
gnow In W. Australia, the MALLEE fowl > GNOWS.
gnus (Pl.) GNU, a kind of antelope.
goad To drive animals with a goad (a pointed stick) > GOADS, GOADING, GOADED.
goaf A space in a coal-seam, into which waste is packed > GOAFS.
goal (Verb) in Rugby, to convert a try into a goal > GOALS, GOALING, GOALED.
goas (Pl.) GOA, a Tibetan gazelle.
goat A horned mammal > GOATS.
gobi (Hindi) a cauliflower.
gobo A device used to protect a camera lens from light > GOBOS or GOBOES.
gobs (3rd.) GOB, to spit.
goby Any fish of the genus Gobius with ventral fins forming a sucker > GOBIES.
gods (3rd.) GOD, to deify, treat as a god.
goel The avenger of blood among the Hebrews, the next of kin whose job it was to hunt down a murderer > GOELS.
goer One that goes > GOERS.
goes (3rd.) GO, to proceed.
goey Enterprising, go-ahead > GOIER, GOIEST.
goff (Arch.) golf; to play golf > GOFFS, GOFFING, GOFFED.
gogo A discotheque > GOGOS.
goji the vitamin-rich berry of a solanaceous plant, aka wolfberry > GOJIS.
gold A metallic element > GOLDS; (adj.) the colour of gold > GOLDER, GOLDEST.
gole (Milton) a goal > GOLES.
golf To play golf (a type of ball game) > GOLFS, GOLFING, GOLFED.
golp A purple ROUNDEL > GOLPS. Also GOLPE.
gone Departed.
gong A metal disc, usu rimmed, that sounds when struck or rubbed with a drumstick; (verb) to summon by sounding a gong > GONGS, GONGING, GONGED.
gonk A stuffed toy > GONKS.
gons (Pl.) GON, a geometrical grade.
good Having suitable qualities > BETTER, BEST; (noun) that which is morally or ethically right > GOODS.
goof (Verb) to make a blunder > GOOFS, GOOFING, GOOFED.
goog (Aust. sl.) an egg > full as a goog means drunk > GOOGS.
gook (Offensive) a native of an occupied country > GOOKS.
gool (Scots) a marigold > GOOLS. Also GOOLD, GULE.
goon A hired thug > GOONS.
goop A fool, a fatuous person > GOOPS.
goor (Hindi) an unrefined cane sugar > GOORS. Also GUR.
goos (Pl.) GOO, sticky stuff.
gora (Hinglish) a white or fair-skinned male > GORAS.
gore To pierce with a horn or tusk > GORES, GORING, GORED.
gori (Hinglish) a white or fair-skinned female > GORIS.
gorm (ON) to stare vacantly or handle in a clumsy manner > GORMS, GORMING, GORMED. [ON gaumr heed, attention]. Also GAUM.
gorp To stare and gape > GORPS, GORPING, GORPED. Also GAUP, GAWP, GAWK.
gory Like gore, covered with blood > GORIER, GORIEST; GORILY.
gors (Pl.) GOR, a seagull.
gosh A mild substitute or euphemism for God.
goss (Dial.) to spit > GOSSES, GOSSING, GOSSED.
goth A morbid style of rock music and fashion characterized by black clothes and heavy make-up > GOTHS.
gouk (Scots) a cuckoo; a fool, an April fool > GOUKS. Also GOWK.
gout A disease in which defective metabolism of uric acid characteristically causes arthritis, esp. in the smaller bones of the feet > GOUTS.
govs (Pl.) GOV, governor.
gowd (Scots) gold > GOWDS; (adj.) golden > GOWDER, GOWDEST.
gowf (Scots) to strike, cuff; to play golf > GOWFS, GOWFING, GOWFED.
gowk (Scots) a cuckoo, a fool > GOWKS. Also GOUK.
gowl (Scots) to cry or howl > GOWLS, GOWLING, GOWLED.
gown A loose flowing outer garment; (verb) to attire in a gown > GOWNS, GOWNING, GOWNED.
grab To grasp suddenly > GRABS, GRABBING, GRABBED.
grad (Coll.) a graduate > GRADS.
gram A unit of mass in the metric system, formerly that of a cubic centimetre of water at 4°C, now a thousandth part of the International Prototype Kilogram > GRAMS. Also GRAMME.
gran A grandmother > GRANS.
grat (Pt.) GREET, to weep.
grav A unit of acceleration > GRAVS.
gray Grey > GRAYER, GRAYEST; GRAYLY; (verb) to make grey > GRAYS, GRAYING, GRAYED.
gree (Verb) to agree > GREES, GREEING, GREED.
gren (Spenser) to grin > GRENS, GRENNING, GRENNED.
grew (Noun) a greyhound; (verb) to shudder, to make the flesh creep > GREWS, GREWING, GREWED. Also GRUE.
grex (Lat.) a group of plants that has arisen from the same hybrid parent > GREXES.
grey Of a mixture of black and white > GREYER, GREYEST; GREYLY; (verb) to make grey > GREYS, GREYING, GREYED.
grid A grating, network > GRIDS, GRIDDED.
grig A cricket, a grasshopper; a sand-eel; (verb) to fish for grigs (in sense of sand-eels) > GRIGS, GRIGGING, GRIGGED.
grim Forbidding > GRIMMER, GRIMMEST; GRIMLY.
grin To smile broadly > GRINS, GRINNING, GRINNED.
grip To take hold of > GRIPS, GRIPPING, GRIPPED, GRIPT or GRYPT.
grit (Verb) to spread with grit > GRITS, GRITTING, GRITTED; (adj.) (Scots) great > GRITTER, GRITTEST.
griz a grizzly bear > GRIZ.
grog Diluted spirit, usually rum, as an alcoholic drink; (verb) to extract the spirit from the wood of casks by soaking it in hot water > GROGS, GROGGING, GROGGED.
grok (Coll.) to understand thoroughly and intuitively > GROKS, GROKKING, GROKKED.
grot A grotto > GROTS.
grow To cultivate > GROWS, GROWING, GREW, GROWN.
grrl as in riot grrl, a young woman who plays or enjoys an aggressively feminist style of punk rock music > GRRLS.
grub (Verb) to dig > GRUBS, GRUBBING, GRUBBED.
grue Horror; (verb) to shudder, to feel the flesh creep > GRUES, GRUING, GRUED. Also GREW.
grum Glum, morose > GRUMMER, GRUMMEST; GRUMLY.
guan (Spanish) a large noisy American arboreal game bird > GUANS.
guar (Hindi) a legume grown for forage and its seeds which yield guar gum > GUARS.
gubs (Pl.) GUB, a white man.
guck Slimy, gooey muck > GUCKS. Also GUNK.
gude (Scots) good. Also GUID.
gues (Pl.) GUE, kind of violin formerly used in the Shetlands.
guff Nonsense, humbug > GUFFS.
guga (Gaelic) a young gannet, eaten as a delicacy in the Hebrides > GUGAS.
guid (Scots) good. Also GUDE.
gula (Lat.) the upper part of the throat > GULAS. [L. gula, throat].
gule (Scots) a marigold > GULES. Also GOOL, GOOLD.
gulf (Verb) to engulf > GULFS, GULFING, GULFED.
gull (Verb) to dupe, deceive > GULLS, GULLING, GULLED.
gulp To swallow rapidly > GULPS, GULPING, GULPED.
guls (Pl.) GUL, an Oriental carpet design.
guly Of colour GULES (heraldic red). No comp!
gump (Noun) a complete nitwit; (verb) to catch fish with the bare hands, to GUDDLE > GUMPS, GUMPING, GUMPED.
gums (3rd.) GUM, to stick with gum.
gung As in gung ho.
gunk Any unpleasant, dirty, sticky material (orig. the trademark of a grease solvent) > GUNKS.
guns (3rd.) GUN, to shoot.
gups (Pl.) GUP, gossip or prattle.
gurl (Scots) to growl > GURLS, GURLING, GURLED.
gurn (Dial.) to grin, make faces > GURNS, GURNING, GURNED. Also GIRN.
gurs (Pl.) GUR, an unrefined cane sugar.
guru (Hindi) a Hindu teacher > GURUS. Also GOOROO.
gush To flow forth forcefully > GUSHES, GUSHING, GUSHED.
gust A sudden blast of wind; (verb) to blow in gusts > GUSTS, GUSTING, GUSTED.
guts (Verb) to eat greedily > GUTSES, GUTSING, GUTSED.
guvs (Pl.) GUV, governor.
guys (3rd.) GUY, to make fun of, ridicule by innuendo.
gyal (Hindi) an Indian domesticated ox > GYALS. Also GAYAL.
gyan (Hindi) knowledge.
gybe In sailing, to shift from side to side > GYBES, GYBING, GYBED. Also JIBB, JIBE.
gymp A yarn with a hard core; (verb) to make or furnish with this > GYMPS, GYMPING, GYMPED. Also GIMP, GUIMP.
gyms (Pl.) GYM, gymnasium.
gyno (Short for) a gynoecologist > GYNOS.
gyny (Coll.) gynaecology > GYNIES. Also GYNAE, GYNIE.
gypo a small-time logging operator > GYPOS.
gyps (3rd.) GYP, to cheat.
gyre To move in a circle or spiral > GYRES, GYRING, GYRED.
gyri (Pl.) GYRUS, a convoluted ridge between two grooves.
gyro A gyrocompass; a gyroscope > GYROS.
gyte (Scots) a child, a brat > GYTES.
gyve A fetter; (verb) to put fetters on > GYVES, GYVING, GYVED. Also GIVE.