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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

each Being one of two or more distinct individuals.
eale (Shakesp.) evil > EALES.
eans (3rd.) EAN, to bring forth young.
eard (Scots) earth; (verb) to bury > EARDS, EARDING, EARDED. Also YIRD, YEARD, YIRTH.
earl A rank above viscount, below marquis > EARLS.
earn To gain or deserve for one's labor or service > EARNS, EARNING, EARNED.
ears (3rd.) EAR, to produce corn ears.
ease To give rest or relief to > EASES, EASING, EASED.
east (Verb, archaic) to move or turn east > EASTS, EASTING, EASTED.
easy Not difficult > EASIER, EASIEST; EASILY; (noun) a communication code word for the letter E; (verb) to stop rowing > EASIES, EASYING, EASIED.
eath (Obs.) easy. Also EATHE, ETHE.
eats (3rd.) EAT, to consume by mouth.
eaus (Pl.) EAU, water.
eaux (Pl.) EAU, water.
eave The lower edge of a roof > EAVES.
ebbs (3rd.) EBB, to move back from the land.
ebon Ebony > EBONS.
ecad A plant assumed to have adapted to its environment > ECADS.
ecce (Ital.) behold, here is. Also ECCO.
ecco (Ital.) behold, here is. Also ECCE.
eche (Obs.) to eke > ECHES, ECHING, ECHED. Also ECH, EECH, EIK, EKE, ICH.
echo A reflected sound > ECHOES; (verb) to reflect sound > ECHOS, ECHOING, ECHOED.
echt (Ger.) genuine, authentic.
ecod (Arch.) a mild oath. Also EGAD, EGADS, IGAD.
ecos (Pl.) ECO, ecology.
ecru (Fr.) (having) the color or appearance of unbleached stuff, as silk, linen, or the like > ECRUS.
ecus (Pl.) ECU, the European monetary unit.
eddo A kind of yam, aka TARO, DASHEEN > EDDOES.
eddy To move against the main current > EDDIES, EDDYING, EDDIED.
edge To provide with an edge (a bounding or dividing line) > EDGES, EDGING, EDGED.
edhs (Pl.) EDH, a Hebrew letter.
edit To correct and prepare for publication > EDITS, EDITING, EDITED.
eech (Obs.) to eke > EECHES, EECHING, EECHED. Also ECH, ECHE, EIK, EKE, ICH.
eels (Pl.) EEL, any of various fishes with long smooth cylindrical or ribbon-shaped bodies.
eely Like an eel > EELIER, EELIEST.
eevn (Milton) evening > EEVNS. Also EEVEN, EEVNING.
eeew an interjection used to express disgust.
effs (3rd.) EFF, euphemism for fuck.
efts (Pl.) EFT, a newt.
egad (Arch.) a mild oath. Also ECOD, EGADS, IGAD.
egal (Shakesp.) equal. 'Whose souls do bear an egal yoke of love'.
eger A bore or sudden rise of the tide > EGERS. Also EAGER, EAGRE.
eggs (3rd.) EGG, to add eggs to.
eggy Like an egg, tasting of egg > EGGIER, EGGIEST.
egis (Greek) protection, defense; patronage, sponsorship > EGISES. Also AEGIS.
egma (Shakesp.) an enigma > EGMAS.
egos (Pl.) EGO, the "I" or self.
ehed (Pt.) EH, to say 'eh'.
eide (Pl.) EIDOS, an essence.
eiks (3rd.) EIK, to eke.
eild Old age > EILDS. Also ELD.
eina (Afrikaans) expressing sudden pain.
eine (Obs.) eyes. Also EYNE, EYEN.
eish (S. Afr.) expressing surprise, dismay.
eked (Pt.) EKE, to add.
ekes (3rd.) EKE, to add.
ekka (Hindi) a small one-horse carriage > EKKAS.
elan (Fr.) ardor inspired by passion or enthusiasm > ELANS.
elds (Pl.) ELD, old age.
elfs (3rd.) ELF, to tangle hair.
elhi (US) pertaining to school grades 1 to 12. This is an adjective > no -S.
elks (Pl.) ELK, a large deer found in Canada.
ells (Pl.) ELL, an old measure of length equal to 45 inches.
elms (Pl.) ELM, a tree of genus Ulmus.
elmy Full of elm trees > ELMIER, ELMIEST.
else In a different place, time, or way.
elts (Pl.) ELT, a young sow.
emes (Pl.) EME, obs. for uncle.
emeu An emu > EMEUS.
emic Relating to a type of linguistic analysis.
emir (Arabic) an Eastern ruler > EMIRS. Also EMEER, AMIR, AMEER.
emit To send forth > EMITS, EMITTING, EMITTED.
emma Formerly, a signaller's name for the letter M > EMMAS.
emmy A gold plated statuette awarded annually for television > EMMYS.
emos (Pl.) EMO, a type of music combining traditional rock with emotional lyrics.
empt (Dial.) to empty > EMPTS, EMPTING, EMPTED.
emus (Pl.) EMU, a flightless bird.
emyd A genus of freshwater terrapin > EMYDS. Also EMYDE, EMYS.
emys A genus of freshwater terrapin > EMYDES. Also EMYD, EMYDE.
ends (3rd.) END, to finish or close.
enes (Pl.) ENE, evening.
enew In falconry, to drive or plunge into water > ENEWS, ENEWING, ENEWED. [OF. en + eau].
engs (Pl.) ENG, a phonetic symbol representing the sound ng.
enol A chemical compound > ENOLS.
enow (Obs.) enough.
ents (Coll.) entertainments.
enuf (Coll.) enough.
envy To be envious of > ENVIES, ENVYING, ENVIED.
eoan Of or pertaining to the dawn.
eons (Pl.) EON, a long time.
eorl (Obs.) an earl > EORLS.
epee (Fr.) a sword similar to the foil but with a larger guard and a heavier blade of triangular cross section > EPEES.
epha (Hebrew) a Hebrew dry measure of about 23 litres > EPHAS. Also EPHAH.
epic A long narrative poem > EPICS.
epos (Greek) an epic poem > EPOSES.
eras (Pl.) ERA, a main division of geological time.
ered (Pt.) ERE, to plough.
eres (3rd.) ERE, to plough.
erev (Hebrew) the day before > EREVS.
ergo (Lat.) therefore; hence; (noun) an ergometer > ERGOS.
ergs (Pl.) ERG, a unit of work measuring force of one dyne applied over one centimeter.
erhu a Chinese two-stringed musical instrument, played with a bow.
eric (Irish) a blood-fine paid by a murderer in old Irish law > ERICS. Also ERICK, ERIACH.
erks (Pl.) ERK, an aircraftman.
erne The sea-eagle > ERNES.
erns (3rd.) ERN, to earn.
eros (Greek) the sum of the self-preservative, as opposed to self-destructive, instincts > EROSES.
errs (3rd.) ERR, to make a mistake.
erst Before, formerly. Also EARST.
eruv (Hebrew) an area, circumscribed by a symbolic line, within which certain activities forbidden to Orthodox Jews on the Sabbath are permitted > ERUVS, ERUVIM or ERUVIN.
eses (Pl.) ES, the letter S.
esky A portable insulated container for keeping drinks cool > ESKIES.
esne (OE) a domestic slave in Old English times > ESNES.
espy To catch sight of > ESPIES, ESPYING, ESPIED.
esse (Lat.) actual existence, essence > ESSES. [L. esse, to be].
ests (Pl.) EST, a programme designed to develop human potential.
etas (Pl.) ETA, a letter in the Greek alphabet.
etat (Fr.) the staff of an army, including all officers above the rank of colonel > ETATS.
etch To engrave with acid > ETCHES, ETCHING, ETCHED.
eten A giant > ETENS. Also ETTIN.
ethe (Obs.) easy. Also EATH, EATHE.
eths (Pl.) ETH, a Hebrew letter.
etic Relating to a type of linguistic analysis.
etna A vessel for heating liquids > ETNAS.
etui (Fr.) a small ornamental case for holding e.g. needles > ETUIS. Also ETWEE.
euge (Greek) an interjection meaning well done.
eugh (Spenser) a yew > EUGHS.
euks (3rd.) EUK, to itch.
euoi (Greek) a cry expressing Bacchic frenzy. Also EVOHE, EVHOE, EVOE.
euro 1. (Aborig.) a WALLAROO, any of several large types of kangaroo > EUROS.
even Level, smooth > EVENER, EVENEST; EVENLY; (verb) to make even > EVENS, EVENING, EVENED.
ever At all times.
eves (Pl.) EVE, evening.
evet A newt > EVETS. Also EFT.
evil Bad > EVILER or EVILLER, EVILEST or EVILLEST; EVILLY; (noun) something bad > EVILS.
evoe (Greek) a cry expressing Bacchic frenzy. Also EVOHE, EVHOE, EUOI.
evos (Pl.) EVO, evening.
ewer A jug with a wide mouth, esp. a water-jug of the kind formerly used in bedrooms > EWERS.
ewes (Pl.) EWE, a female sheep.
ewks (3rd.) EWK, to itch.
ewts (Pl.) EWT, a newt.
exam An examination > EXAMS.
exec (Abbr.) executive > EXECS.
exed (Pt.) EX, to cross out or delete.
exes (Pl.) EX, the letter X; someone no longer in a previous relationship.
exit To go out > EXITS, EXITING, EXITED.
exon Any segment of a gene which consists of CODONS > EXONS. Cf. INTRON.
expo An exhibition or public showing > EXPOS.
exul (Spenser) exile > EXULS.
eyas A young hawk taken from the nest for training > EYASES. Also NYAS, EYASS.
eyed (Pt.) EYE, to look at carefully.
eyen (Obs.) eyes. Also EYNE, EINE.
eyer One who eyes > EYERS.
eyes (3rd.) EYE, to look at carefully.
eyne (Obs.) eyes. Also EYEN, EINE.
eyot A small island in a river > EYOTS.
eyra (Guarani) a S. American wild cat, aka JAGUARUNDI, JAGUARONDI > EYRAS.
eyre A journey in circuit of certain judges called justices in eyre > EYRES.
eyry A bird of prey's nest > EYRIES. Also AERIE, AIERY, AERY, AYRIE, EYRIE.