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baal (Hebrew) a false god > BAALS or BAALIM.
baba (Polish) a kind of cake > BABAS. [Fr., from Polish baba old woman].
babe A baby; an attractive young woman > BABES.
babu (Hindi) a native clerk who writes English; also, a Hindu title answering to Mr. or Esquire > BABUS. Also BABOO.
baby (Adj.) like a baby > BABIER, BABIEST; (verb) to treat like a baby > BABIES, BABYING, BABIED.
bach (Welsh) affectionate term of address > BACHS; (verb) to live as a bachelor > BACHES, BACHING, BACHED.
back To support > BACKS, BACKING, BACKED.
bacs (Pl.) BAC, baccalaureate.
bade (Pt.) BID, to command.
bads (Pl.) BAD, a bad thing.
baes (Pl.) BAE, a person's sweetheart or lover: often used as an affectionate term of address.
bael (Hindi) a thorny Indian tree > BAELS. Also BEL, BHEL.
baff In golf, to strike the ground with the sole of the club and so send the ball up in the air > BAFFS, BAFFING, BAFFED.
baft (Urdu) a coarse fabric, orig. Oriental > BAFTS.
bagh (Hinglish) a garden > BAGHS.
bags (3rd.) BAG, to put into a bag.
baht (Thai) the basic monetary unit of Thailand, equal to 100 SATANGS > BAHTS.
bahu (Hindi) a daughter-in-law, esp one who lives with her husband's family when married > BAHUS.
bail 1. a barrier or pole separating horses in an open stable. Also BAYLE. 2. (verb) to release on bail > BAILS, BAILING, BAILED.
bait Food put on a hook to attract fish; (verb) to set a trap etc. with food > BAITS, BAITING, BAITED.
baju (Malay) a short loose jacket worn in Malaysia and Indonesia > BAJUS.
bake To dry, harden or cook by the heat of the sun or fire > BAKES, BAKING, BAKED, BAKEN.
bald Devoid of hair > BALDER, BALDEST; BALDLY; (verb) to become bald > BALDS, BALDING, BALDED.
bale (Verb) to form into bundles > BALES, BALING, BALED.
balk To stop short, refuse a jump > BALKS, BALKING, BALKED. Also BAULK, BAUK.
ball Anything spherical or nearly so; (verb) to form into a ball > BALLS, BALLING, BALLED.
balm A fragrant resin; (verb) to embalm > BALMS, BALMING, BALMED.
bals (Pl.) BAL, a BALMORAL.
balu (Hindi) in India, a bear > BALUS. Also BALOO.
bams (Pl.) BAM, a hoax or cheat.
banc (Fr.) a bank, as at a casino > BANCS.
band A flat strip used to bind or mark anything; (verb) to mark with band > BANDS, BANDING, BANDED.
bane (Noun) an evil, a poison; (verb) to harm, poison > BANES, BANING, BANED.
bang A loud, explosive noise; (verb) to make a bang > BANGS, BANGING, BANGED.
bani (Pl.) BAN, a Romanian monetary unit.
bank An institution for the keeping of maoney; (verb) to deposit in a bank > BANKS, BANKING, BANKED.
bans (3rd.) BAN, to prohibit.
bant To diet > BANTS, BANTING, BANTED.
baos (Pl.) BAO, a steamed dumpling, usually eaten with a filling.
baps (Pl.) BAP, a large flat breakfast roll.
bapu (Hindi) a spiritual father > BAPUS.
barb A Moorish horse; a dark pigeon > BARBS; (verb) to fit with a sharp point. > BARBS, BARBING, BARBED.
bard (Welsh) a poet; a kind of armour for horses; (verb) to armour a horse > BARDS, BARDING, BARDED. Also BARDE.
bare Unclothed, uncovered > BARER, BAREST; BARELY; (verb) to make bare > BARES, BARING, BARED.
barf (Coll.) to vomit > BARFS, BARFING, BARFED.
bark To make a sound like a dog > BARKS, BARKING, BARKED.
barm The foam on malt liquors > BARMS.
barn A building for storing hay, straw etc.; (verb) to store in a barn > BARNS, BARNING, BARNED.
barp (Scots) a mound or cairn > BARPS.
bars (Pl.) BAR, a unit of pressure of one million dynes per square centimeter.
base Mean > BASER, BASEST; BASELY; (verb) to place on a foundation > BASES, BASING, BASED.
bash To strike > BASHES, BASHING, BASHED.
bask To lie in the warmth or sunshine; to enjoy and take great pleasure > BASKS, BASKING, BASKED.
bass (Adj.) of a voice, deep > BASSER, BASSEST; BASSLY; (verb) to utter in a deep tone BASSES, BASSING, BASSED.
bast Phloem, the conductive material in a plant; inner bark, esp of lime > BASTS.
bate To reduce the force of > BATES, BATING, BATED.
bath Water for immersing the body; (verb) to take a bath > BATHS, BATHING, BATHED.
bats (3rd.) BAT, to strike with a bat.
batt A sheet of BATTING, cottonwool prepared in sheets for quilting > BATTS.
baud A unit of data transmission speed of one bit per second > BAUDS.
bauk To stop short, refuse a jump > BAUKS, BAUKING, BAUKED. Also BAULK, BALK.
baur (Scots) a joke, amusing incident > BAURS. Also BAWR.
bawd A procurer, now only a female one, a woman who obtains women for prostitution > BAWDS.
bawk an Atlantic seabird > BAWKS.
bawl To shout or cry very loudly > BAWLS, BAWLING, BAWLED.
bawn (Irish) in Ireland, the fortification round a house, an enclosure for cattle > BAWNS. [Ir. babhun, enclosure].
bawr (Scots) joke, amusing incident > BAWRS. Also BAUR.
baye (Spenser) to bathe > BAYES, BAYING, BAYED.
bays (3rd.) BAY, to make a noise like a hound.
bayt (Spenser) to bate, abate > BAYTS, BAYTING, BAYTED.
bazz to throw (as a stone) > BAZZES, BAZZING, BAZZED.
bead A small ball strung with others in a rosary; (verb) to provide with beads > BEADS, BEADING, BEADED.
beak A bird's bill > BEAKS, BEAKED.
beal an infected sore > BEALS.
beam A ray of light; (verb) to smile > BEAMS, BEAMING, BEAMED.
bean The name of several kinds of leguminous plants and their seeds; (verb) to strike on the head > BEANS, BEANING, BEANED.
bear To carry > BEARS, BEARING, BORE or BARE, BORNE.
beat To strike repeatedly > BEATS, BEATING, BEAT, BEATEN, YBET.
beau (Fr.) a lover; a boyfriend > BEAUS or BEAUX.
beck To beckon > BECKS, BECKING, BECKED.
bede (Obs.) a prayer > BEDES.
beds (3rd.) BED, to put to bed.
bedu A tent-dwelling nomadic Arab > BEDU > no -S. Also BEDUIN, BEDOUIN, BEDAWIN.
beef The meat of the cow > BEEFS; a steer or cow > BEEVES; (verb) to add strength to > BEEFS, BEEFING, BEEFED.
been (PaP.) BE.
beep The sound made by the horn of a car, etc; (verb) to make this sound > BEEPS, BEEPING, BEEPED.
beer An alcoholic drink made from malted barley flavoured with hops > BEERS.
bees (Pl.) BEE, any of various four-winged insects.
beet A plant of the goosefoot family, with a red or white succulent root, used as food (red) and as a source of sugar (white); (verb) to improve or mend, esp. a fire > BEETS, BEETING, BEETED.
begs (3rd.) BEG, to ask, entreat.
bein (Scots) well off, comfortable. Also BIEN.
bell (Verb) to provide with a bell > BELLS, BELLING, BELLED.
bels (Pl.) BEL, a measure of noise.
belt A band of leather or other material, esp one worn around the waist; (verb) to hit very hard > BELTS, BELTING, BELTED.
bema (Greek) a synagogue platform > BEMAS or BEMATA. Also BIMA, BIMAH.
bend To curve > BENDS, BENDING, BENT or BENDED.
bene The sesame plant > BENES. Also BENNE, BENNI, BENI.
beni (Mende) sesame > BENIS. Also BENE, BENNI, BENNE.
benj (Arabic) cannabis, Indian hemp, used as a weak narcotic > BENJES. Also BHANG.
bens (Pl.) BEN, mountain.
bent (Noun) a kind of grass > BENTS.
bere Barley, esp. the six-rowed barley > BERES.
berg (Afrikaans) a hill or mountain in S. Africa > BERGS.
berk A fool > BERKS. Also BURK.
berm A narrow shelf or path between the bottom of a parapet and the ditch > BERMS. Also BERME.
best (Verb) to defeat > BESTS, BESTING, BESTED.
beta (Greek) a Greek letter > BETAS.
bete To mend; to repair > BETES, BETING, BETED. Also BEET.
beth (Hebrew) the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet > BETHS.
bets (3rd.) BET, to wager.
bevy An alcoholic drink; a drinking session > BEVIES. Also BEVVY.
beys (Pl.) BEY, a Turkish governor.
bhai (Hindi) a brother-in-law > BHAIS.
bhat The basic monetary unit of Thailand, equal to 100 SATANGS > BHAT. No -S. Also BAHT.
bhel (Hindi) a thorny Indian tree > BHELS. Also BAEL, BEL.
bhut (Hindi) a small whirlwind > BHUTS. Also BHOOT.
bias To cause to incline to one side > BIASES or BIASSES, BIASING or BIASSING, BIASED or BIASSED.
bibb A mast support > BIBBS.
bibe (Irish) a type of banshee whose crying is an omen of death > BIBES.
bibs (Pl.) BIB, the POUT, a fish of the cod and haddock genus with a large chin barbel.
bice A pale blue or green paint > BICES.
bide To wait, dwell > BIDES, BIDING, BIDED or BODE, BIDDEN.
bidi (Hindi) a hand rolled cigarette > BIDIS. Also BEEDI.
bids (3rd.) BID, to make an offer.
bien (Scots) well off, comfortable. Also BEIN.
bier A coffin stand to carry a dead person to the grave > BIERS.
biff A blow; (verb) to strike hard > BIFFS, BIFFING, BIFFED.
biga (Lat.) a two-horse chariot > BIGAE.
bigg Four-rowed barley > BIGGS. Cf. BERE.
bigs (3rd.) BIG, to build.
bike (Coll.) a bicycle; (verb) to travel by bike > BIKES, BIKING, BIKED.
bile A fluid secreted by the liver > BILES.
bilk To cheat out of something valuable; to evade payment of creditors > BILKS, BILKING, BILKED.
bill A concave battle-axe with a long wooden handle; (verb) to charge someone for services > BILLS, BILLING, BILLED.
bima (Hebrew) a raised platform in a synagogue > BIMAS. Also BEMA, BIMAH.
bine The flexible shoot of climbing plant, especially hop > BINES.
bing A heap or pile; as, a bing of wood > BINGS.
bink A bench > BINKS.
bins (3rd.) BIN, to put into a bin, discard.
biog (Abbr.) biography > BIOGS. Also BIO.
bios (Pl.) BIO, biography.
bird (Verb) to catch or snare birds > BIRDS, BIRDING, BIRDED.
birk (Scots) birch > BIRKS.
birl To carouse > BIRLS, BIRLING, BIRLED. Also BYRL, BIRLE.
biro A tradename of a kind of ballpoint pen > BIROS.
birr 1. (Scots) to whir > BIRRS, BIRRING, BIRRED. 2. (Amharic) the monetary unit of Ethiopia > BIRROTCH.
bise (Fr.) a cold dry northerly wind, mainly prevalent in spring, that occurs in and near Switzerland > BISES. Also BIZE.
bish A mistake, a blunder > BISHES.
bisk A kind of rich thick soup > BISKS. Also BISQUE.
bist (Arch.) 2nd person singular of BE.
bite To seize or tear with the teeth > BITES, BITING, BIT, BITTEN.
bito A tree of dry tropical Africa and Asia > BITOS.
bits (3rd.) BIT, to curb or restrain.
bitt A post for fastening cables, etc; (verb) to secure a cable to a bitt > BITTS, BITTING, BITTED.
bize (Fr.) a cold N or NE wind prevalent at certain seasons in and near Switzerland > BIZES. Also BISE.
blab To talk idly; to tell tales > BLABS, BLABBING, BLABBED.
blad (Scots) to strike, disfigure > BLADS, BLADDING, BLADDED.
blae (ON) dark blue or bluish gray; lead-colored > BLAER, BLAEST. [ON blar, livid].
blag To rob, steal > BLAGS, BLAGGING, BLAGGED.
blah Pretentious nonsense; (verb) to talk stupidly or insipidly > BLAHS, BLAHING, BLAHED.
blam The sound of a gunshot > BLAMS.
blat (Sl.) a newspaper. Also BLATT. (Verb) to cry like a sheep > BLATS, BLATTING, BLATTED.
blaw (Scots) to blow > BLAWS, BLAWING, BLAWED, BLAWN.
blay A small fish, aka BLEAK or ABLET > BLAYS. Also BLEY.
bleb A large vesicle or bulla, usually containing a serous fluid; a blister; a bubble, as in water, glass, etc > BLEBS.
bled (Pt.) BLEED, to lose blood.
blee (Scots) complexion > BLEES.
blet A form of decay in fruit which is overripe; (verb) to decay like this > BLETS, BLETTING, BLETTED.
blew (Pt.) BLOW, to produce a current of air.
bley A small fish, aka BLEAK or ABLET > BLEYS. Also BLAY.
blin (Russian) a small buckwheat pancake > BLINI, BLINIS or BLINY. Also BLINTZ, BLINTZE. (Verb) to cease from, stop > BLINS, BLINNING, BLINNED.
blip (Verb) to remove sound from a tape > BLIPS, BLIPPING, BLIPPED.
blit To transfer a large array of bits between different locations in a computer's memory > BLITS, BLITTING, BLITTED.
blob A drop or globule; (verb) to make a blob or blobs > BLOBS, BLOBBING, BLOBBED.
bloc (Fr.) a combination of States, parties, groups, or people, formed to promote a particular interest > BLOCS.
blog A journal written on-line and accessible to users of the internet > BLOGS.
blot A spot of e.g. ink; (verb) to remove excess ink etc. with blotting-paper > BLOTS, BLOTTING, BLOTTED.
blow To produce a current of air > BLOWS, BLOWING, BLEW, BLOWN, BLOWED.
blud Blood, in the sense of a close friend.
blue The colour of clear sky > BLUER, BLUEST; BLUELY; (verb) to make blue > BLUES, BLUING or BLUEING, BLUED.
blur An ill-defined spot or smear; (verb) to make a blur > BLURS, BLURRING, BLURRED.
boab (Aust.) short for BAOBAB, a tree native to Africa > BOABS.
boak (Dial.) to belch, vomit > BOAKS, BOAKING, BOAKED. Also BOKE, BOCK.
boar A male pig > BOARS.
boas (Pl.) BOA, a kind of snake.
boat A small rowing, sailing or motor vessel; loosely, a ship; (verb) to sail about in a boat > BOATS, BOATING, BOATED.
boba A contagious skin disease resembling syphilis, aka YAWS > BOBAS. Also BUBA.
bobo a well-to-do person who holds bohemian values and leads a bourgeois life > BOBOS.
bobs (3rd.) BOB, to move rapidly up and down.
bock To vomit, belch > BOCKS, BOCKING, BOCKED. Also BOKE, BOAK.
bode To foretell, be an omen of > BODES, BODING, BODED.
bods (Pl.) BOD, a person.
body (Verb) to give form to, to embody > BODIES, BODYING, BODIED.
boep (S. Afr.) a protruding belly > BOEPS.
boet (S. Afr.) brother, chum > BOETS.
boff A hearty laugh. Also BOFFO, BOFFOLA. (Verb) to hit, strike > BOFFS, BOFFING, BOFFED.
bogs (Pl.) BOG, to sink into a bog.
bogy A goblin, a bugbear, an object of special dread > BOGIES. Also BOGEY, BOOGERMAN, BOGEYMAN, BOGYMAN, BOOGEYMAN.
boho (Coll.) a Bohemian > BOHOS.
bohs (Pl.) BOH, an exclamation used to startle someone.
boil To pass rapidly from liquid into vapour with violent and copious production of bubbles > BOILS, BOILING, BOILED.
bois (Pl.) BOI, a lesbian who adopts a boyish appearance or manners.
boke (Dial.) to belch, vomit > BOKES, BOKING, BOKED. Also BOCK, BOAK.
boko (Sl.) the nose > BOKOS.
boks (Pl.) BOK, a goat or antelope.
bola (Spanish) a throwing weapon > BOLAS.
bold Brave, daring > BOLDER, BOLDEST; BOLDLY; (noun) boldfaced type > BOLDS.
bole A fine earthy clay > BOLES.
boll The pod of a plant, as that of flax or cotton; (verb) to form pods > BOLLS, BOLLING, BOLLED.
bolo (Spanish) a traditional long-bladed Philippine knife > BOLOS.
bolt A bar or rod that slides into a hole or socket to fasten a door; (verb) to fasten with a bolt > BOLTS, BOLTING, BOLTED.
boma (Swahili) in Africa, a thorn enclosure > BOMAS.
bomb A hollow case containing explosive; (verb) to attack with bombs > BOMBS, BOMBING, BOMBED.
bona (Lat.) goods. No -S.
bond Something that binds; (verb) to secure with a bond > BONDS, BONDING, BONDED.
bone A hard substance forming the skeleton of the higher animals; (verb) to take the bones out of > BONES, BONING, BONED.
bong To make a deep ringing sound > BONGS, BONGING, BONGED.
bonk To hit or thump; to have sexual intercourse with > BONKS, BONKING, BONKED.
bony Like bone > BONIER, BONIEST. Also BONEY.
boob (Verb) to make a mistake > BOOBS, BOOBING, BOOBED.
book A collection of sheets of paper, etc, bound or otherwise fastened together; (verb) to reserve in advance > BOOKS, BOOKING, BOOKED.
bool (Scots) a bowl; (verb) to play bowls > BOOLS, BOOLING, BOOLED.
boom A hollow sound or roar; (verb) to make a hollow sound > BOOMS, BOOMING, BOOMED.
boon A timely benefit, a blessing > BOONS.
boor A rude person > BOORS.
boos (3rd.) BOO, to show disapproval of by a boo.
boot A covering for the foot and at least the ankle, often the calf or even higher up the leg, made of leather, rubber, etc; (verb) to kick > BOOTS, BOOTING, BOOTED.
bops (Pl.) BOP, a variety of jazz music.
bora (Ital.) a violent cold North wind that blows from the mountains (usually in the winter) towards the East coast of the Adriatic > BORAS.
bord (Spenser) board > BORDS. Also BOORD, BORDE, BOORDE.
bore To pierce, make a hole in > BORES, BORING, BORED.
bork To attack a candidate or public figure systematically, especially in the media > BORKS, BORKING, BORKED.
borm (Dial.) to smear with paint > BORMS, BORMING, BORMED.
born (Pt.) BEAR, to give birth to.
bors (Pl.) BOR, an East Anglian form of address meaning neighbour.
bort Diamond dust or fragments > BORTS. Also BOART, BORTZ.
bosh (Coll.) meaningless talk > BOSHES.
bosk A bush; a thicket > BOSKS. Also BOSQUE, BOSQUET, BOSKET.
boss Excellent > BOSSER, BOSSEST; (verb) to order about > BOSSES, BOSSING, BOSSED.
bota (Spanish) a leather bottle for wine > BOTAS.
bote Compensation for injury or damage to property > BOTES.
both The two; the one and the other.
bots A cattle disease caused by botfly larvae.
bott The maggot of a botfly > BOTTS. Also BOT.
bouk (Scots) the body; bulk > BOUKS. Also BUKE.
boun To prepare oneself > BOUNS, BOUNING, BOUNED. Also BOWNE.
bout A contest > BOUTS.
bowl To roll or trundle > BOWLS, BOWLING, BOWLED.
bowr (Spenser) a muscle > BOWRS.
bows (3rd.) BOW, to bend or incline downwards.
boxy Like a box > BOXIER, BOXIEST; BOXILY.
boyf (Sl.) a boyfriend > BOYFS.
boyg (Norwegian) a problem difficult to get to grips with > BOYGS.
boyo (Welsh slang) a boy, a young man > BOYOS.
boys (3rd.) BOY, to play a female part as a boy.
bozo (US slang) a man, a fellow > BOZOS.
brad (ON) a thin, flat, small-headed nail; (verb) to fasten with a brad > BRADS, BRADDING, BRADDED. [ON broddr spike].
brae (Scots) a steep bank beside a river valley; a hillside > BRAES.
brag (Verb) to boast > BRAGS, BRAGGING, BRAGGED; (adj.) first-rate > BRAGGER, BRAGGEST; BRAGLY.
brak (S. Afr.) brackish, salty; (noun) a mongrel dog > BRAKS.
bran The husks of grain sifted from the flour; (verb) to soak in water mixed with bran > BRANS, BRANNING, BRANNED.
brap an exclamation used to imitate the sound of a burst of gunfire from an automatic weapon.
bras (Spenser) brass.
brat A contemptuous name for a child > BRATS.
braw (Scots) fine, brave > BRAWER, BRAWEST; BRAWLY.
bray To cry like a donkey > BRAYS, BRAYING, BRAYED.
bred (Pt.) BREED, to cause to give birth; (noun) a person who lives in a small remote place > BREDS.
bree (Scots) the liquor in which anything has been boiled > BREES. Also BRIE, BROO.
brei (S. Afr.) to speak with uvular r, especially in Afrikaans > BREIS, BREIING, BREID. Also BREY.
bren (Arch.) to burn > BRENS, BRENNING, BRENT (not BRENNED*).
brer (Southern US dial.) brother > BRERS.
brew To prepare by infusion > BREWS, BREWING, BREWED.
brey (S. Afr.) to speak with uvular r, especially in Afrikaans > BREYS, BREYING, BREYED. Also BREI.
brie (Scots) the liquor in which anything has been boiled > BRIES. Also BREE, BROO.
brig A two-masted, square-rigged vessel > BRIGS.
brik (Arabic) a Tunisian deep fried spicy pastry filled with fish or meat and sometimes an egg > BRIKS.
brim The upper edge of a vessel; (verb) to fill to the brim > BRIMS, BRIMMING, BRIMMED.
brin The rib of a fan > BRINS.
brio (Ital.) liveliness, enthusiastic vigour, as in con brio > BRIOS.
bris (Hebrew) a Jewish circumcision rite > BRISSES. Also BRISS, BRITH.
brit A young herring, sprat or other fish > BRITS. Also BRITT.
brod (Dial.) a goad, a spike; (verb) to prod > BRODS, BRODDING, BRODDED.
brog (Scots) an awl; (verb) to prick with an awl > BROGS, BROGGING, BROGGED.
broo (Scots) unemployment benefit; the office at which people receive it > BROOS. Also BUROO.
bros (Pl.) BRO, a place for which one feels a strong affinity.
brow The eyebrow; the ridge over the eyes > BROWS, BROWED.
brrr An interjection expressing a feeling of cold. Also BRR.
brus (Pl.) BRU, a friend.
brut (Fr.) of wines, unsweetened, dry; (noun) a very dry champagne. > BRUTS.
brux To grind the teeth > BRUXES, BRUXING, BRUXED.
buat (Scots) a lantern > BUATS. Also BOWAT, BOWET.
buba A contagious skin disease resembling syphilis, aka YAWS > BUBAS. Also BOBA.
bubo (Lat.) an inflammation, with enlargement, of a lymphatic gland, esp. in the groin, as in syphilis > BUBOES, BUBOED.
bubs (Pl.) BUB, a strong drink.
bubu A long flowing garment worn by men and women in Mali > BUBUS. Also BOUBOU.
buck The male of e.g. the deer; (verb) (of a horse, etc) to jump repeatedly into the air > BUCKS, BUCKING, BUCKED.
buda (Hinglish) derogatory for an old man > BUDAS.
budi (Hinglish) derogatory for an old woman > BUDIS.
budo (Japanese) the system or philosophy of the martial arts > BUDOS.
buds (Pl.) BUD, to produce buds.
buff Dull yellow > BUFFER, BUFFEST; (verb) to polish with a buff > BUFFS, BUFFING, BUFFED.
bufo (Lat.) a black tincture in alchemy > BUFOS. [L. bufo, toad].
bugs (3rd.) BUG, to trouble, annoy.
buhl A form of marquetry with e.g. gold and silver inlaid in tortoiseshell > BUHLS. [From Charles André Boulle (1642-1732), a cabinetmaker in the service of Louis XIV]. Also BOULLE, BOULE, BUHLWORK.
buhr A cellular, flinty rock, used for mill stones > BUHRS. Also BUHRSTONE, BURRSTONE, BURSTONE.
buik (Scots) a book > BUIKS. Also BUKE.
buke (Scots) a book > BUKES. Also BUIK.
bulb (Verb) to form bulbs > BULBS, BULBING, BULBED.
bulk Volume or size; (verb) to have bulk; to fill out > BULKS, BULKING, BULKED.
bull (Verb) to copulate with a cow > BULLS, BULLING, BULLED.
bumf Toilet paper; also, worthless paperwork, literature, or junk mail > BUMFS. Also BUMPH.
bump To make a heavy or loud noise; to knock dully > BUMPS, BUMPING, BUMPED.
bums (3rd.) BUM, to hum like a bee.
buna A kind of artifical rubber made from BUTADIENE > BUNAS.
bund 1. a league; a confederacy; esp. the confederation of German states. 2. in India, a man-made embankment or dam; (verb) to embank > BUNDS, BUNDING, BUNDED.
bung The stopper of the hole in a barrel; (verb) to stop up or enclose with a bung > BUNGS, BUNGING, BUNGED.
bunk A box or recess in a ship's cabin; (verb) to occupy a bunk > BUNKS, BUNKING, BUNKED.
bunn A kind of sweet roll or cake > BUNNS. Also BUN.
buns (Pl.) BUN, a kind of sweet roll or cake.
bunt (Verb) to knock > BUNTS, BUNTING, BUNTED.
buoy (Verb) to mark with buoys > BUOYS, BUOYING, BUOYED.
bura (Russian) in central Asia, a blizzard blowing from the North, or a summer wind from the North that causes dust storms > BURAS. Also BURAN.
burb (Abbr.) suburb > BURBS.
burd (Scots) a bird > BURDS. Also BURDIE.
burg A fortified town > BURGS.
burk (Coll.) a fool > BURKS. Also BERK.
burl A small knot in thread; a knot in wood; (verb) to finish cloth by removing burls > BURLS, BURLING, BURLED.
burn To consume or injure by fire or great heat > BURNS, BURNING, BURNED or BURNT or (obs.) YBRENT.
burp To belch > BURPS, BURPING, BURPED.
burr (Verb) to remove a rough edge from > BURRS, BURRING, BURRED.
burs (Pl.) BUR, a prickly seed-case.
bury To hide in the ground; to cover > BURIES, BURYING, BURIED.
bush (Verb) to cover or protect with bushes > BUSHES, BUSHING, BUSHED.
busk To entertain by singing and dancing; to prepare > BUSKS, BUSKING, BUSKED.
buss A kiss, esp. a rude or playful kiss; (verb) to kiss > BUSSES, BUSSING, BUSSED.
bust To break, shatter > BUSTS, BUSTING, BUSTED.
busy Occupied > BUSIER, BUSIEST; BUSILY; (verb) to occupy oneself > BUSIES, BUSYING, BUSIED.
bute (Sl.) a capsule of phenybutazone > BUTES.
buts (3rd.) BUT, to put forward as an objection.
butt To strike with the head, as a goat etc > BUTTS, BUTTING, BUTTED.
buys (3rd.) BUY, to purchase.
buzz To make a noise like that of insects' wings > BUZZES, BUZZING, BUZZED.
byde (Scots) to bide > BYDES, BYDING, BYDED.
byes (Pl.) BYE, a pass to the next round (of a competition, etc.).
byke (Scots) a nest of wasps or wild bees; a swarm, throng; (verb) to swarm > BYKES, BYKING, BYKED.
byre A cow barn > BYRES.
byrl To carouse > BYRLS, BYRLING, BYRLED. Also BIRL, BIRLE.
byte A set of usu. eight binary digits (bits) considered as a unit > BYTES.