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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aahs (3rd.) AAH, to say AAH.
aals (Pl.) AAL, an E. Indian shrub.
abac A nomogram, a chart or diagram of scaled lines or curves used to assist in mathematical calculations > ABACS.
abas (Pl.) ABA, a tightly-woven camel-hair fabric or tunic, worn by Arabs.
abba (Aramaic) a Syriac or Coptic bishop > ABBAS.
abbe (Fr.) a courtesy title given in France to every one vested with the ecclesiastical habit or dress > ABBES.
abbs (Pl.) ABB, a kind of textile yarn.
abed In bed.
aber (Welsh) an estuary > ABERS.
abet To incite by encouragement and support > ABETS, ABETTING, ABETTED.
abid (Pt.) ABIDE, to stay, dwell.
able Competent > ABLER, ABLEST; ABLY; (verb) to enable > ABLES, ABLING, ABLED.
ably (Adv.) ABLE, competent.
abri (Fr.) a bomb shelter > ABRIS.
abut To be adjacent to and touching > ABUTS, ABUTTING, ABUTTED.
abye To pay the penalty for > ABYES, ABYING, ABOUGHT (not ABYED*). Also ABY.
abys (3rd.) ABY, to pay as a penalty.
acai A berry found in the Brazilian rainforest, aka palm berry > ACAIS.
acca (Aust. sl.) an academic > ACCAS. Also ACKER.
aced (Pt.) ACE, to play a winning serve in tennis.
acer (Lat.) a plant of the maple genus > ACERS. [L. acer, maple].
aces (3rd.) ACE, to play a winning serve in tennis.
ache A persistent dull pain; (verb) to be the site of this > ACHES, ACHING, ACHED.
achy Aching > ACHIER, ACHIEST.
acid Sharp, sour > ACIDER, ACIDEST; ACIDLY; (noun) an acid substance > ACIDS.
acme (Greek) a peak, summit > ACMES.
acne A skin disease caused by inflammation of the sebaceous follicles, esp on the face, neck, and shoulders > ACNES, ACNED.
acre A measure of land equivalent to 4840 sq yd > ACRES, ACRED.
acro a skiing event in which a skier performs acrobatic moves to music > ACROS.
acta (Lat.) official minutes of a proceeding.
acts (3rd.) ACT, to do in a specified way.
acyl (Denoting) carboxylic acid > ACYLS.
adaw (Spenser) to daunt, subdue > ADAWS, ADAWING, ADAWED.
adds (3rd.) ADD, to make an addition.
addy An email address > ADDIES.
adit A nearly horizontal shaft to the surface in a mine > ADITS.
ados (Pl.) ADO, fuss.
adry (Arch.) in a state of thirst or dryness.
adze A cutting tool with an arched blade set at right angles to the handle; (verb) to shape with an adze > ADZES, ADZING, ADZED.
aeon (Lat.) the largest division of geological time, composed of several ERAS > AEONS. Also EON.
aero (Relating to) aircraft or aeronautics > AEROS.
aery (Adj.) like air > AERIER, AERIEST; AERILY. (Noun) a bird of prey's nest > AERIES. Also AERIE, AIERY, EYRIE, EYRY, AYRIE.
aesc (OE) an Old English rune used for AE > AESCES.
afar (At) a great distance > AFARS.
affy To trust; to assure on one's faith > AFFIES, AFFYING, AFFIED or (Spenser) AFFYDE.
afro A hairstyle characterized by thick, bushy curls standing out from the head > AFROS.
agar (Malay) a jelly prepared from seaweeds of various kinds > AGARS.
agas (Pl.) AGA, a Turkish commander.
aged Being of a certain age; old > AGEDLY.
agee (Scots) off the straight; ajar. Also AJEE.
agen (Dial.) again. Also AGIN.
ager One that ages > AGERS.
ages (Pl.) AGE, a long time.
agha (Turkish) a Turkish commander > AGHAS. Also AGA.
agin (Dial.) again. Also AGEN.
agio (Ital.) a premium paid on foreign currency exchange > AGIOS. [Ital. agio, ease, convenience].
aglu (Inuit) a breathing hole made in ice by a seal > AGLUS. Also AGLOO.
agly (Scots) awry. Also AGLEE, AGLEY.
agma (Greek) a phonetic symbol representing the sound ng > AGMAS. Also ENG.
agog In a state of eager curiosity.
agon The dramatic conflict between the chief characters in a literary work > AGONS or AGONES.
agro a student of agricultural studies > AGROS.
ague A malarial fever > AGUES.
ahed (Pt.) AH, to say ah.
ahem A sound expressing delicate interruption. No -S.
ahis (Pl.) AHI, yellowfin tuna.
ahoy Interjection used to hail another vessel.
aias (Pl.) AIA, same as AYAH, Indian nursemaid.
aida A finely-meshed cotton fabric used for cross-stitch embroidery > AIDAS.
aide (Fr.) a confidential assistant to a person of senior rank > AIDES.
aids (3rd.) AID, to help.
aiga (Samoan) a large family, often spanning several generations > AIGAS. Also AINGA.
ails (3rd.) AIL, to be amiss, be ill.
aims (3rd.) AIM.
aine (Fr.) elder, senior.
ains (Pl.) AIN, a Hebrew letter.
airn (Scots) iron; (verb) to iron > AIRNS, AIRNING, AIRNED.
airs (3rd.) AIR, to make known publicly.
airt (Scots) direction, quarter; (verb) to direct > AIRTS, AIRTING, AIRTED.
airy Full of air, light > AIRIER, AIRIEST; AIRILY.
aits (Pl.) AIT, small island.
aitu In Polynesia, a demigod > AITUS.
ajar Partly open.
ajee (Scots) awry. Also AGEE.
ajis (Pl.) AJI, a spicy pepper.
aked (Pt.) AKE, to ache.
akas (Pl.) AKA, a kind of New Zealand vine.
akee (Kru) a small African sapindaceous tree, now common in the W. Indies; its edible fruit, often used in Caribbean cookery > AKEES. Also ACKEE.
akes (3rd.) AKE, to ache.
akin Related by blood.
alae (Pl.) ALA, an outgrowth on a fruit.
alan A large hunting dog > ALANS. Also ALANT, ALAND.
alap (Sanskrit) in Indian music, the introductory section of a RAGA > ALAPS. Also ALAAP, ALAPA.
alar Of or pertaining to the wing or shoulder. Also ALARY.
alas An interjection expressing grief.
alay (Obs.) to allay > ALAYS, ALAYING, ALAYED. Also ALEYE.
alba A white substance found in the brain > ALBAS.
albe (Arch.) albeit. Also ALBEE.
albs (Pl.) ALB, a priest's long white vestment.
alco (Aust. sl.) a heavy drinker or alcoholic > ALCOS. Also ALKO.
alec A herring > ALECS.
alee On the lee side.
alef (Hebrew) the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet > ALEFS. Also ALEPH.
ales (Pl.) ALE, a beer fermented in an open vessel using yeasts that rise to the top of the brew.
alew (Spenser) halloo.
alfa (Arabic) a N. African esparto grass > ALFAS. Also HALFA.
alfs (Pl.) ALF, an uncultivated Australian.
alga (Lat.) a seaweed > ALGAE or ALGAS.
alif (Arabic) an Arabic letter, corresponding to Greek ALEPH > ALIFS.
alit (Pt.) ALIGHT, to come down from something.
alko (Aust. sl.) a heavy drinker or alcoholic > ALKOS. Also ALCO.
alky (Coll.) an alcoholic > ALKIES. Also ALKIE.
alls (Pl.) ALL, the whole.
ally To join by marriage, friendship, treaty etc > ALLIES, ALLYING, ALLIED.
alma (Arabic) an Egyptian dancing-girl > ALMAS. Also ALMAH, ALME, ALMEH.
alme (Arabic) an Egyptian dancing-girl > ALMES. Also ALMAH, ALMA, ALMEH.
alms Relief given out of charity to the poor.
alod An estate held in absolute ownership, without acknowledgement to a superior > ALODS. Also ALLOD, ALODIUM, ALLODIUM.
aloe Any member of a mainly S African genus Aloe, consisting mostly of trees and shrubs of the lily family > ALOES, ALOED.
aloo (Hindi) a potato > ALOOS.
alow (Scots) ablaze. Also ALOWE.
alps (Pl.) ALP, a mountain.
also In addition.
alto (Ital.) the highest adult male voice, with range above the tenor > ALTOS.
alts (Pl.) ALT, a high tone; a halt or rest.
alum A sulphate of ammonium and potassium, used as a mordant > ALUMS.
alus (Pl.) ALU, a potato.
amah (Port.) an Oriental nursemaid > AMAHS. Also AMA.
amas (Pl.) AMA, an Oriental nurse.
ambo An early Christian raised reading-desk or pulpit > AMBOS or AMBONES.
amen So be it; (verb) to say amen > AMENS, AMENING, AMENED.
ames (Pl.) AME, a soul.
amia A freshwater fish, aka BOWFIN > AMIAS.
amid A compound formed by the union of amidogen with an acid element or radical > AMIDS. Also AMIDE.
amie (Fr.) a (female) friend > AMIES.
amin A compound derived from ammonia > AMINS. Also AMINE, AMMINE.
amir (Arabic) an Eastern ruler > AMIRS. Also AMEER, EMIR, EMEER.
amis (Spenser) a strip of linen worn by priests round the shoulders > AMISES. Also AMICE, ALMUCE.
amla An E. Indian tree, aka EMBLIC > AMLAS.
ammo (Abbr.) ammunition > AMMOS.
amok (Malay) in a murderous rage; frenzied; (noun) a murderous rage > AMOKS. Also AMUCK.
amps (Pl.) AMP, an AMPERE, a unit of electrical current.
amus (Pl.) AMU, a unit of mass.
amyl A univalent radical > AMYLS.
anal Relating to the anus > ANALLY.
anan = ANON in sense of (to a person calling for attention) in a moment! coming!
anas (Pl.) ANA. a collection of someone's table-talk.
ance (Dial.) once.
ands (Pl.) AND, the symbol ampersand.
anes (Pl.) ANE, one.
anew Afresh, again.
anga (Sanskrit) a yoga practice > ANGAS.
anil (Arabic) indigo, the plant or dye > ANILS.
anis (Pl.) ANI, a tropical American bird.
ankh (Arabic) an Egyptian symbol of life, resembling a looped cross, later adapted by Coptic Christians as their cross > ANKHS.
anna (Hindi) a coppery Indian/Pakistani coin > ANNAS.
anno (Lat.) in the year of the Christian era.
anns (Pl.) ANN, in Scotland, payment to a parish minister's widow.
anoa (Indonesian) a wild ox of the Celebes > ANOAS.
anon At once; immediately. Also ANAN.
anow (Milton) enough. Also ENOW.
ansa (Lat.) part of Saturn's rings > ANSAE.
anta 1. (Lat.) a square pilaster at either side of a doorway > ANTAE. 2. a tapir > ANTAS.
ante To put a fixed stake in the pot > ANTES, ANTEING, ANTED or ANTEED.
anti (Noun) one who is against > ANTIS.
ants (Pl.) ANT, a small industrious insect.
anus (Lat.) the opening at the end of the alimentary canal by which undigested residues are excreted > ANUSES. [L. anus, ring].
apay (Arch.) to satisfy; to repay > APAYS, APAYING, APAID or APAYD. Also APPAY.
aped (Pt.) APE, to imitate.
aper One that apes > APERS.
apes (3rd.) APE, to imitate.
apex (Lat.) the summit or peak > APEXES or APICES.
apod An animal without feet or ventral fins > APODS. Also APODE.
apos (Pl.) APO, a type of protein.
apps (Pl.) APP, short for application program.
apse A rounded extension at the end of a building, especially at the east end of a church > APSES.
apso (Tibetan) a Tibetan terrier > APSOS.
apts (3rd.) APT, to fit, adapt.
aqua (Lat.) water > AQUAE or AQUAS.
arak (Arabic) a spirit made from TODDY > ARAKS. Also ARRACK.
arar The SANDARAC tree > ARARS. [Moroccan name].
arba (Arabic) a heavy screened wagon used by Tatars and others > ARBAS. Also AROBA, ARABA.
arbs (Pl.) ARB, an ARBITRAGEUR, one who makes profit by dealing on the stock exchange.
arch Sly, mischievous > ARCHER, ARCHEST; ARCHLY; (verb) to bend > ARCHES, ARCHING, ARCHED.
arco (Ital.) with the bow.
arcs (Pl.) ARC, a type of curve.
ards (Pl.) ARD, a primitive form of plough.
area (Lat.) a particular tract of the earth's (or another planet's) surface; a region > AREAS or AREAE.
ared (Spenser) pt. of AREAD, to counsel. Also AREDD.
areg (Pl.) ERG, a Saharan area of shifting sands.
ares (Pl.) ARE, 100 sq. metres.
aret (Spenser) to entrust, commit > ARETS, ARETTING, ARETTED.
arew (Obs.) in a row. Also AROW.
arfs (Pl.) ARF, a barking sound.
argh an interjection expressing pain or dismay.
aria (Ital.) an elaborate melody for a single voice > ARIAS.
arid Very dry > ARIDER, ARIDEST; ARIDLY.
aril An additional envelope, often fleshy, developed around the seed in certain plants (e.g. yew) > ARILS, ARILED. Also ARILLUS.
aris (Cockney slang) arse > ARISES. [From Aristotle > bottle > bottle and glass].
arks (3rd.) ARK, to put in an ark.
arle To give earnest-money > ARLES, ARLING, ARLED.
arms (3rd.) ARM, to provide with weapons.
army A large body of people armed for war and under military command > ARMIES.
arna (Hindi) the Indian water-buffalo > ARNAS.
arow (Obs.) in a row. Also AREW.
arpa A site concerned with internet infrastructure > ARPAS.
arse (Sl.) the backside > ARSES; (verb) to bother with > ARSES, ARSING, ARSED.
arsy (Sl.) aggressive, irritable or argumentative > ARSIER, ARSIEST. Also ARSEY.
arti (Hindu) a ritual performed in homes and temples in which incense and light is offered to a deity > ARTIS. Also AARTI.
arts (Pl.) ART, the creation of works of beauty.
arty Artistic > ARTIER, ARTIEST; ARTILY; (noun) an arty person > ARTIES.
arum A large-spathed plant, aka 'cuckoo-pint' or 'lords and ladies' > ARUMS.
arvo (Aus. sl.) afternoon > ARVOS.
aryl Any aromatic univalent hydrocarbon radical > ARYLS.
asar (Pl.) AS, a kame or esker.
asci (Pl.) ASCUS, a spore sac.
asea At sea.
ashy Resembling ash > ASHIER, ASHIEST.
asks (3rd.) ASK, to make a request of.
asps (Pl.) ASP, a venomous snake.
atap (Malay) the NIPA palm > ATAPS. [Malay atap, roof, thatch]. Also ATTAP.
ates (Pl.) ATE, reckless ambition.
atma (Sanskrit) the individual soul > ATMAS. Also ATMAN.
atoc (Peruvian) a species of skunk > ATOCS. Also ATOK.
atok (Peruvian) a species of skunk > ATOKS. Also ATOC.
atom The smallest particle in an element which can take part in a chemical reaction > ATOMS.
atop On top of.
atua (Maori) a spirit or demon > ATUAS.
auas (Pl.) AUA, the yellow-eyed mullet.
aufs (Pl.) AUF, an elf's child.
augh an interjection expressing despair or frustration.
auks (Pl.) AUK, a northern sea bird.
aula (Lat.) a hall > AULAS.
auld (Scots) old > AULDER, AULDEST.
aune (Fr.) an ell; a French measure of cloth > AUNES.
aunt A father's or mother's sister, or an uncle's wife > AUNTS.
aura (Lat.) a supposed subtle emanation from living things > AURAE or AURAS.
auto (Verb) to travel by car > AUTOS, AUTOING, AUTOED.
aval Pertaining to a grandparent.
avas (Pl.) AVA, a narcotic drink prepared from Polynesian plant.
avel (Hebrew) a mourner esp during the first seven days after a death > AVELS. Also OVEL.
aver To declare positively > AVERS, AVERRING, AVERRED.
aves (Pl.) AVE, a prayer to the Virgin Mary.
avos (Pl.) AVO, a monetary unit of Macao.
avow To declare, to maintain > AVOWS, AVOWING, AVOWED.
away (Noun) an away match > AWAYS.
awdl (Welsh) a Welsh ode > AWDLS.
awed (Pt.) AWE, to strike with AWE.
awee Awhile.
awes (3rd.) AWE, to strike with AWE.
awfy (Scots) awfully, extremely.
awks (Pl.) AWK, a computer language used for data-pprocessing.
awls (Pl.) AWL, a tool for boring holes.
awns (Pl.) AWN, the beard of barley.
awny Having awns; bearded > AWNIER, AWNIEST.
awol An absentee without leave > AWOLS.
awry Twisted to one side; crooked; amiss.
axal Of the axis. Also AXIAL, AXILE.
axed (Pt.) AXE, to strike with an axe.
axel In figure-skating, a jump from one skate to the other > AXELS.
axes (Pl.) AXE, a tool for cutting or chopping.
axil The upper angle formed where the leaf meets the stem > AXILS.
axis 1. (Lat.) the imaginary straight line about which a body such as the earth rotates > AXES, AXISED. 2. the white-spotted deer of India > AXISES.
axle The pin or rod in the nave of a wheel on or by means of which the wheel turns > AXLES, AXLED.
axon (Greek) a nerve fibre > AXONS. [Gk. axon, axis]. Also AXONE.
ayah (Hindi) an Indian nursemaid > AYAHS. Also AIA.
ayes (Pl.) AYE, a vote in the affirmative.
ayin (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > AYINS. Also AIN.
ayre (Obs.) = AIR, esp. in sense of tune > AYRES.
ayus (Pl.) AYU, a small edible Japanese fish.
azan (Arabic) the Muslim call to prayer, made five times a day by a MUEZZIN > AZANS. Also ADHAN.
azon A radio-controlled aerial bomb > AZONS.
azym Unleavened bread; Passover cake > AZYMS. Also AZYME.