Association of British Scrabble Players

ABSP all-time records

All of the below are achievements which occurred during ABSP-rated matchplay tournaments, and are believed to be the best there is. If you know of any superior claims for any of the categories below then email the webmaster.

Last updated: 2017

Game scores
Highest score for one game850Weibin Toh, NI Championships 2012
Largest winning spread591Weibin Toh, NI Championships 2012
Highest combined score for one game 1173P Andronowski (808) vs. R Richland (365), BEST 2017
Highest losing score545C Beevers vs. T Brousson (554), UK Open 2011
Highest score draw522A Webb vs N Deller, Peterborough Free Challenge Event 2009

Move scores
Highest score for one single play 347 P Andronowski, ADEQUACY, BEST 2017
Highest score for a non-9x bonus 157 F Madeley, QUIZzES, Twixmas 2007
Highest score for a non-bonus play 153 B Northcott, VOUCHING, Ilford 2011
153 H Laird, EXP(OS)ERS, Forth League, February 2019
Highest opening move 122 A Shin, BEZIQUe, Ilford, February 2017
Highest outplay (last move) 227 Chris Cummins, sUBITIZE, Scottish RR 2015

Youngest ever tournament winner 12y 4m A Shin, Melton Mowbray 2002
Oldest ever tournament winner 82 C Budge, Scottish Championships 1992
Most consecutive tournament game wins 32 N Richards, Jan 2013 - Feb 2013

Please note that the records must have occurred during an ABSP-rated matchplay game. Rated league matches and BEST matches are valid.The record for the most consecutive game wins can span more than one event. Oldest and youngest tournament win claims apply to Division A only.