Association of British Scrabble Players

Youth Scrabble

The ABSP is committed to helping young players start playing Scrabble. Not only is Scrabble great fun, but can also be so beneficial on an educational level, helping improve numeracy as well as literacy.

Children are always welcome at the many scrabble clubs run around the country for adults, and also at the adult ABSP tournaments, (details and dates under the ‘Calendar’ section of this website). However, we would love to see more tournaments and clubs run exclusively for children.

Sadly there are only a handful of children under 18 who play scrabble at a competitive level in the UK, and we think this is because Scrabble is not played at school, unlike other board games such as chess. Many schools have after school chess clubs, and we would love to see as many schools as possible across the country running a scrabble club. A number of Short Scrabble boards, designed to be used with a reduced set of tiles, (50 rather than 100), are available from Lynne Riley, ABSP Youth Officer. These are ideal to use in school clubs to play a shorter game in lunch hours or at a breakfast club. If you work in a school or a youth group and are interested in a board, then please email. We can give you advice on how to run a school club.

If you are a parent of a child who is already a keen scrabble player, and would like advice on how to get ready for tournaments, please email Lynne Riley. We can also put you in touch with local scrabble players and/or mentors.

The UK had its very first under 18 World Youth Champion in 2014- Jack Durand, who won the title in Sri Lanka, and continues to be one of the world’s top ten youth players. It would be lovely to see more children play, so more and more youth players can take part in this amazing annual championship. Read about the World Youth Scrabble Championship at

Don't forget, Scrabble players under 18 get half-price membership of ABSP - join here.

For more information on Youth Scrabble within the UK, or if you would like to help promote youth scrabble, please contact Lynne Riley at

Helpful Resources:

•   The WESPA website has information about international English language Scrabble including ratings
• this is an Australian website, and is a fantastic resource, including articles on previous World Youth Championships (known as the WYSC)
•   Online play: Mindsports Academy Internet Scrabble Club
•   Facebook is restricted to those aged over 13. There is a facility for playing Scrabble against your Facebook friends (Scrabble Mattel app). There are interest groups such as Scrabble Snippetz with posts of interest to Scrabble players. If you would like structured competition, you can join the Facebook Scrabble League. (Search FSL Scrabble League on Facebook)
•   See the WESPA website for contact details for National Scrabble Associations
•   The Scrabble Tools section of the Collins Dictionary website has several useful programs including Collins Zyzzyva and Collins Wordlist for LeXpert