Natasha's WYSC Report

This report appeared originally on Facebook.

If any of you peeps reading this are actually reading this then congrats and I thank you! My games will never be as good (or as interesting) as Jessica's but hey, I wanna do a report ;) One thing I love about the WYSC is you can challenge whatever you want to. I know you can do that in a normal tourney, but you feel better when you play with people your own age because they don't say something like 'Your challenging that?!?!?!' or 'You should know that!!' I've had adults say that to me and I've felt like a div -.-

Day 1:

Round 1: Me vs. Chibudom Ihejirika (Nigeria)

I didn't think I started very well as my name came out last... actually on the last table -.- I FELT HORRIBLE!!! :( Was I actually in the draw? (Yes I was btw!!) Alastair said that he was last out the bag in one of his years!! Anyway, on with the game. I felt good, new peeps, home country... felt great! :) Me to start and I started with AIA... I must've had quite a few vowels on my rack! But then next turn, I played EX/XI/EA for 52 which got me into the lead and kept me into the lead! :)

Me: EX/XI/EA - 52, SlASHING - 76

Chibudom: Za/ZA/aT - 62

Final score: 399-276 (Won by 123)

Round 2: Me vs. Visarut Ariyakajorn (Thailand)

I had played this guy last year (in Malaysia) and lost very very heavily (by 215 if any of you were wondering) so I was expecting a defeat BUT I wanted to lose by a lot less than 215! I was behind most of the way... at one point, I was 1 point infront then BAM! Down goes his bonus :( I challenged off his COTTIVE* near the end, which I felt happy about (aren't you always happy when you challenge off one of your opponents words?)


Visarut: NITERIE - 71, REBAITS - 77

Final score: 315-408 (Lost by 93) (yay! I lost by less than 215!)

Round 3: Me vs. Hayati Rassool (Sri Lanka)

Hayati played SHORTIE/LUNGES on her second move which got her into the lead and I never had the letters to get/find a bonus so I never caught up :P We were told a couple of rounds after that it was actually Hayati's birthday on this day!! So I guess her beating me was my birthday prezzie to her ;)

Me: ..... (my highest score was 39)....


Final score: 300-446 (Lost by 146)

Round 4: Me vs. Someone whom I call sis.... (You should know which country)

Was not looking forward to this. HOW COULD THE COMPUTER BE SO CRUEL?!?!?! Luckily, I had DEIORT? on my first rack so I played a word I learnt by annotating at the BMSC one year, DIOpTER. However, I knew this early lead would not last... it never does when I play Qwizzy :/ I somehow don't lose by much when I play her...

Me: DIOpTER - 68

Jess: COALIeST - 82

Final score: 352-408 (Lost by 56)

Round 5: Me vs. Matthew Wong Sang (Trinidad & Tobago)

I was a bit annoyed early on in this game as there was a TLS free to use... I was sitting there with the Q and X on my rack... but unfortunately... I didn't have an I or U so I couldn't use it both ways to score lots of points :( I just dumped the Q there for 31. Matthew took a little lead on his 4th move when he played EVADERS/GATES for 80. I was behind for the next 5 or so turns, then I bonussed with FORTIES/RYA/TEN for 92 which put me into the lead. I think I mucked up my end game a bit, which allowed him to win :(


Matthew: EVADERS/GATES - 80

Final score: 321-377 (Lost by 56) Twice in a row I've lost by 56....

Round 6: Me vs. Siriwat Suttapintu (Thailand)

I was behind almost all the way until something amazing happened. I bonussed with REMOVEd/OR for 80. Great! I'm infront by about 50 points! Then something else amazing happened... I picked up the other blank ( :) :) :) ) AND I bonussed next turn!! :) :) :) I bonussed with AUNTIEs/NU/ON/LINT/REI for 79 which put me about 100 ahead and it was quite near the end of the game so I was safe :)


Siriwat: .... (highest score was 28) ....

Final score: 388-289 (Won by 99)

Round 7: Me vs. Kenorian Smith (Trinidad & Tobago)

Nothing much I can say about this game. Pretty close until mid-game where she got her bonus down and I never caught up (well, I did get a bonus, but it was pretty lousy ;) )


Kenorian: PrINTER/NY/TUP - 78

Final score: 346 - 393 (Lost by 47)

End of Day 1: 48th, 2 wins with -176 spread.

I was a little disappointed with this as I wanted to win at least 3 games on the first day.

Day 2:

Round 8: Me vs. Shrinidhi Prakash (UK)

Oh, whoopee.... I was waiting about 45 mins to start this game (I was doing my school catch-up work in the meantime) and Shrinidhi and I were ready and waiting to play about 10/15 mins before 9am (when we were supposed to start), BUT THEN, we had to do the group photo, which took about 15/20 mins. Then we Brits got a team pic done. I wasn't really looking forward to this as whoever wins is down to the letter we pick up. On my 2nd move, I played OTARINE/OXO for 70 points and I stayed in a small lead until about 5 turns later when she played ZEK/ZA/EN for 47. I was getting a bit worried as that move had given her about a 20 point lead. I think my brain told me to go fishing, so I did (for 2 turns) then I bonussed with TANgLES/SHA for 66 then that put me into a small lead of about 20. After that bonus, I picked up a terrible rack, so I played INIA for 5. End game was very very close. It was down to my last move and I needed 6 points to draw and 7 to win as I worked out (from my tracking) that she had 2 points on her rack. I honestly couldn't see much apart from RESTS for 6 which would draw the game. I considered RESTY, but chickened out and played RESTS to draw the game. I had the scores as 355 each, but I was 10 out on both sides. THEN I demanded a recount, recounted the whole game, everything correct. I learnt after I could've played TYRES around the same Y as RESTY could've been played. Realistically, I should've won that game, but I was happy with a draw.


Shrinidhi: ZEK/ZA/EN - 47

Final score: 345- 345 (Draw)

Round 9: Me vs. Josh Irvine (UK)

I was looking at who I was to play next when I heard a voice behind me 'I've got to play someone called Natasha next...' I turned around and said 'That's me!' Josh was talking to some Trinidadians. hehe, nice way to find out who you're playing ;) I started off pretty well as I bonussed on my 2nd move with NETTING/NE for 64 and was ahead for most of the game. I was considering either ROAT* or SOAT* to place my HORRORs down on the board. I tried ROAT* making HORRORs and sHIT (we had a laugh about that has Josh had played POOS earlier in the game ;) ) Josh challenged all 3 words (sHIT-just to be funny) and I had to take it off. I then changed as the letters I had as it wasn't a very nice board for those letters. My missing 2 goes allowed him to catch up. Soon enough, it was too close for comfort. It would all come down to end game. There were like 1 or 2 tiles in the bag and picked them up after I played my move for 16. One of the letters I picked up was the X. I was also sitting there with the blank I had from earlier. And then, I saw the spot... the clincher... the winning move. Near the top, there was a TLS with a U underneath it. I could use it both ways IF Josh didn't block it. Luckily, he didn't block it and I managed to play oX/XU/oDE for 52, using my blank as an O. I had no idea about Josh's ability as I had never met/played him before this tourney, even though he is in our team. I was pretty surprised at how well he actually plays.

Me: NETTING/NE - 64, oX/XU/oDE - 52

Josh: ... (highest score was 31)...

Final score: 353-316 (Won by 37)

Round 10: Me vs. Oluwadimimu Olayanju (Nigeria)

It was kinda close near the beginning, but then I clawed away and he never caught up. When I saw what he had left on his last rack (from my tracking) I knew I was taking a lot of points! His rack was GMQRTXY. He tried XUS* which I confidently challenged off. He got rid of his Q next move so I caught him with 19 points on his rack.

Me: BuILdER/OUR - 66

Oluwadimimu: ...(highest score was 33)...

Final score: 357-202 (Won by 155)

Round 11: Me vs. Hayati Rassool (Sri Lanka) (again)

I wanted to do better than last time. Lose by less than 146 or win. Hayati's opening move was OUTFLoW/Jo/AW for 76 which took her into an early lead. However, I was determined to not give up! But then, a few turns later, she bonussed with TEARIER/ET for 61... there was little to no hope, but I still tried. I managed to get SMARTIE/AWS* down which took me 30 points behind (she didn't challenge off AWS*) but a few turns later, she bonussed with DAMNERS/SMARTIES for 96. I knew I was never going to win from that point, but I was happy with my performance as I lost by less than 146, even though she got 4 bonuses to my 1!! AND I got over 400 score!! O.o

Me: SMARTIE/AWS* - 69, AX/oX/Lo - 50


Final score: 427-496 (Lost by 69)

Round 12: Me vs. Naravidh Nathapakdi (Thailand)

It was close for about the first 5 turns and then Naravidh bonuses with MERLOTS/SOY for 67. I wasn't worried though as I was close to a bonus and I did bonus 2 moves later with ReADOPt/ANNA for 76 which drew the scores close together for a bit. About 3 turns later I had another bonus on my rack which I got down. ATONERS/AE for 66, which got me about 100 infront. But then he bonussed with SEEDING/BETS for 86 which left me with about a 20 point lead. He scored 60 points in his next 2 moves which drew the scores about level. I noticed (from my tracking) that the Q was still to come, I scanned the board and noticed that there was only 1 place for it. I had to block it. I think there was a few tiles in the bag, but even if I picked up the Q, I had 2 I's so I should've been OK. There were no I's or U's remaining. I didn't pick up the Q when I blocked the place for it with TIE/eE for 4. It didn't matter how much it scored as I was going to catch him with the Q. He then played OVENS/ITS for 30 which took him into a small lead. I tried my best to score as much as possible, making sure I didn't put an I into the open for him to play QI! I didn't put an I into the open. He played of his W, leaving him with just the unplayable Q.

Me: ReADOPt/ANNA - 76, ATONERS/AE - 66

Naravidh: MERLOTS/SOY - 67, SEEDING/BETS - 86

Final score: 401-369 (Won by 32)

Round 13: (Unlucky for some and was unlucky for me) Me vs. Shrinidhi (UK) (again) :(

I was behind all the way.


Shrinidhi: SODAInE/JARLS - 83

Final score: 363-396 (Lost by 33)

Round 14: Me vs. Siriwat Suttapintu (Thailand) (again) (I love playing people more than once ;) )

I was quietly confident going into this game as I had beaten this guy previously in the tourney. One of my early moves I bonussed with RETAILS/NUBS for 81 which put me into a comfortable 60 point lead. After a while, he had managed to bring the scores close together, but then I bonussed again with RECOIlS/OMS for 71. I managed to keep my lead until the end.


Siriwat: ...(highest score was 37)...

Final score: 422-307 (Won by 115)

Round 15: Me vs. Visarut Ariyakajam (Thailand) (I love playing people I've played already!!)

I didn't come into this game with much hope. I knew I was going to lose.


Visarut: ANISOLE/EA - 61, ZEP/EL/PEA - 72, BOTTLEs/KINE - 85

Final score: 344-459 (Lost by 115) (I just won by 115!!)

Round 16: Me vs. Lambhotharan Yogan (Sri Lanka)

Jess had played this guy earlier on in the tourney and told me that he tries words. I didn't really know what to expect but I was behind all the way. AND all the words I challenged were there!!! He didn't miss a go!!

Me: OX/IO/AX - 52

Lambhotharan: InErTIA/IN - 62, AVOWS/InErTIAS - 51, QUINO/QIN/UTE - 72

Final score: 288-437 (Lost by 149)

Round 17: Me vs. Chibudom Ihejirika (Nigeria) (Seriously now... a bit of variation with the players please?)

I went into this game very confidently as I played him in the first game of the tourney and I won by 123! I had no reason to be worried as I was leading all the way.


Chibudom: ...(highest score was 24)...

Final score: 386-209 (Won by 177)

End of Day 2: 41st, 7.5 wins with -26 spread.

I was pretty OK with this as my goal was 10 wins and I only needed to win 3 games on the last day.

Day 3:

Round 18: Me vs. Shrinidhi Prakash (UK) (Yes, that's right, again!!) :P

Horrible way to start the day (hey, that rhymes!) I didn't want to play Shrinidhi, not AGAIN! Oh well, it would be the last time I would have to play her in this tourney (you can play

someone a max. of 3 times). I don't think I was actually in this game at all. Shrinidhi had both blanks which she played them in 2 different bonuses.

Me: ROASTER/DE/ER - 69, QAID/OD - 54

Shrinidhi: AIrIEST/COXA - 84, UNErRING - 70

Final score: 380-428 (Lost by 48)

Round 19: Me vs. Hayati Rassool (Yes, again!) :P

'I think it's my turn to win this one!' I say as I sit down against Hayati. 'Only if you give me that' She says as she points to my Lego rack 'Ooooh... no!' 'Okay then, I'll win then' Lovely way to start the game. I knew I was going to lose (she started with a bonus as well!!) but it was a VERY friendly game. At some point in the game she randomly asked me: 'What's your favourite colour?' I said 'Purple, what's your favourite colour?' 'Red' she replied. Then I asked 'What's your favourite animal?' She said 'Dolphin, you?' 'Duck' Then she asked me what my favourite song was. I said 'It'd be better if I told you my favourite artist.' 'Ok, who's your favourite artist?' 'Taylor Swift' 'Oh I like her too. What's your favourite song by her?' 'Girl At Home' 'That's from her new album Red' 'Yeah, the deluxe one.' It was so epically random and even though I lost, I had made a good friend! :) :) :)


Hayati: BLENdED - 74, LUSTERs/HAGS - 74 Final score: 341-428 (Lost by 87)

Round 20: Me vs. Josh Irvine (UK)

I had waited AGES (and when I say ages I mean like more than half an hour) for Josh to finish his game with fellow Brit, Zara as Zara had a 24 point move which Josh didn't have. They had to track back and figure out where the 24 had come from. It took them a while as they didn't write the words down. Meanwhile, I was watching the game next to me (I watched it from beginning to end!) Josh and I then had to play like speed demons to catch up with the rest of the group. About half way through, the next round had been put up!! It was still a good game, even though we tried to play quick.


Josh: ...(highest score was 35)...

Final score: 389-283 (Won by 106)

Round 21: Me vs. Kenorian Smith (Trinidad & Tobago)

Straight after I finished my game with Josh, Amy Bryne (TD) came up to me and said 'Natasha, your opponent's been waiting, do you want a break or are you happy to go straight into the game?' I said 'I'll go straight in.' I was to play Kenorian. I felt in the zone as I played the last game quickly and my mind was feeling scrabbly! I had a feeling it would be a close game, but it wasn't. I was leading all the way. Kenorian just didn't have the letters! She showed me one of her racks near the end of the game. It was all consonants!!

Me: LANkIEST - 64

Kenorian: ...(highest score was 46)...

Final Score: 434-251 (Won by 183)

Round 22: Me vs. Meagan Thorpe (Trinidad & Tobago)

I don't know why, but I had a feeling that she was going to take revenge on what I did to her teammate in the previous game, however, I'd say this was a pretty close game. The lead was changing sides A LOT! The board had become pretty blocked with the only lane open was on the left hand side where you needed to put something infront of the word ENE. I had a G, N and a blank on my rack. I needed to keep them if I had any chance of doing something with that open lane and making GENE (it was the only letter I knew that went infront of ENE). A turn or two later, I was sitting there with FGNORU? And I was considering FOURiNG* for a while. I decided against it and wanted to get rid of FUR, so I put it to the left side of my rack in that order. I couldn't see any place for it and as I looked back at my rack (which was in the order of FUR?ONG) I was like 'Oh, my god! This is a word!' and I placed down FURlONG/GENE for 69. It was challenged, but it stayed on! :) I was very pleased with this move. I think it was my word of the tourney! :) :) (FURLONG... not GENE - lol). It was the move that secured me the win as it took me about 50 points infront and there were not very many places to score a lot.


Meagan: JuPE - 60

Final score: 380-358 (Won by 22)

Round 23: Me vs. Sumbal Siddiqui (Pakistan)

I didn't really know what to expect from this game but I had a feeling it would be close... and it kinda was. I was ahead for most of the start until she put down her GRaTINE/aCID for 72 and I was behind until mid-game. Mid-game, I was sitting there with HINSSU? And there was a G on square A8 and I wanted to bonus with something ending in ING so I could reach the top-left TWS. I was thinking for a while and I decided to try SHUShING for 86. It was challenged and to my surprise, it is a word! :) It put me about 60 infront. I was leading all

the way from that point. I accidently overscored one of my moves. VOWELS I scored as 52... but the actual score was 48!! Whoops! :P

Me: SHUShING - 86

Sumbal: GRaTINE/Acid - 72

Final score: 403-346 (Won by 57)

Round 24: Me vs. Poh Ying Ming (Singapore)

I didn't really care if I won this game or not because I had reached 11.5 wins and I was very happy with that. A good thing too as I was never in this game!!!

Me: ....(highest score was 34)...

Poh: ...(highest score was 48)...

Final score: 276-344 (Lost by 68)

End of Day 3: 37th, 11.5 wins with +139 spread

I was extremely happy with this as I exceeded my goal of 10 wins. Even though I got 13 wins and came 34th last year in Malaysia, I must say the field DEFINITELY gets tougher every year! 13 wins this year would've put me at least 24th, but I don't mind, 3 places down from last year isn't bad! And anyway, this is my last year playing scrabble as I am giving up due to school work and to focus on my GCSEs.

I hope you enjoyed reading this report as it is my first report I've done! (and it probably will be the last report I do!)

Natasha Pratesi :)