2001 National Scrabble Championships

Elie Dangoor on Table 1, with Peter Dean and David Webb also visible.

Malcolm Shaw.

Tony Killilea sets the clock; 35 minutes for me, 5 for my opponent!

Josef Kollar and Catherine Schwarz spread rumours about Philip Nelkon behind his back.

Nick Ball tries not to be put off by having Ev Simpson next to him.

Allan Saldanha.

Lord Gnome.

Terry Kirk prays for a miracle.

David Webb, definitely not looking in the bag!

Compere Allan Simmons introduces finalists Nyman and Kirk.

"Ladies and gentlemen... Austin SHIN!"

"With cold showers moving in from the southwest this evening...";
Andrew was so tired of Allan's auditions for BBC Weather...

Seconds later, Webb was floored by an adoring fan in search of an autograph.

Losing finalist Terry Kirk.

Newly crowned champion Mark Nyman poses for the press.