Subscribing to the Tournament Calendar

Subscribing to the ABSP Tournament Calendar with your favourite calendar app is the easiest way of keeping track of the latest tournaments.

The ABSP Tournament Calendar is published in standard Internet Calendar format. Most calendaring applications can set up an automated subscription to this calendar so that up to date tournament information is available to you in your own calendar.

Choose the appropriate link from the set below. They all link to the same calendar, but selecting the one for your calendar app should mean that it recognises the link and offers to subscribe to it for you.

If none of those are suitable, then you may be able to just import the calendar from this link: Tournament calendar [ICS format]

Update frequency

Apple, Google and Microsoft's calendar systems only check for updates infrequently, so updates made to the calendar may take up to 24 hours to propagate to your device. This is not under the control of the ABSP. Other calendar applications may permit you to specify how frequently to check for updates. If so, you are welcome to use this facility to keep up to date, but we ask that you do not poll for updates more than once an hour.