Association of British Scrabble Players

Online Tournament Calendar

This calendar lists the upcoming online events being run by the ABSP for its members during the current pandemic.

All these tournaments are being played on the Internet Scrabble Club and are free of charge. These games are not rated - your ABSP rating will not be affected by playing online.

They are open to ABSP members only. New players are especially welcome. You can join or renew your membership online.

If you have a Facebook account, request to join the members-only ABSP Discussion group on Facebook, if you have not already joined it. The easiest way to keep track of events is to join the Facebook group.

You can set up a Facebook account with minimal information if you are concerned about privacy issues. If you would prefer not to join Facebook, please e-mail Chris Harrison for more information about how to play.

These tournaments are proving a great way of keeping our community together during this time when we can't meet in person. We would love to see you there.

As with the main tournament calendar, information highlighted in yellow has been recently modified or added.

Date Time Event Rounds
Tues 12th May19:30-22:30 6C Tuesday Night Scrabble Club 6
Sat 16th May13:00-17:30 10 Eurovision Scrabble Contest 8
Sun 17th May13:30-18:00 11 Multi-Divisional Event with Open 5pp 8
Tues 19th May19:30-22:30 6D Tuesday Night Scrabble Club 6
Mon 25th May13:00-18:00 12 Springboard to Success 9
Tues 26th May19:30-22:30 6E Tuesday Night Scrabble Club 6
Sat 30th May10:00-18:30 13 Groups & Knockouts TBC

Unless specified otherwise, the details for the tournaments assume the following:

  • Games will take place on the Internet Scrabble Club
  • Positions are determined on wins and then spread (winning margins)
  • Entries are at the sole discretion of the Tournament Organiser
  • Please be online 15 minutes before the specified start time