Past Event Tournament Calendar

This calendar shows events that have already completed. Click on the event names to see the details for each tournament. For ABSP-rated events, there are links to the ABSP database where the results of the tournament can be viewed. If the tournament director was publishing the results on CentreStar, then links to those pages are also present on the tournament's details page.

Colour and annotation key: tournaments updated recently are highlighted ; tournaments with the wespa annotation were rated by wespa (also see the full WESPA Calendar); tournaments in pink and marked with the NSCQ annotation were qualifiers for the UK National Scrabble Championship, and tournaments with the blue background and marked with the non-ABSP annotation were not ABSP-rated, but were major world championship level events. Events that took place outside the United Kingdom may also be indicated with flags.

Further details are given, in a standard format, for most one-day tournaments; click on the event to see more.

This calendar is maintained by the webmaster, Stewart Brodie. Please direct all queries/corrections to him.