Association of British Scrabble Players

Sue Bowman - Membership Secretary

Sue has been playing Scrabble for 57 years. She was introduced to it at the tender age of 7 (do the maths) by her godmother, playing with an American set and rules, as she had been given it by a relation who commuted between London and New York on a regular basis. It was all the rage in the States then but was not widely available in the UK yet.

She and her parents had often thought "wouldn't it be nice if there was such a thing as a Scrabble Club" but it never occurred to them to initiate one. Bristol Scrabble Club was formed in 1979, and the rest as they say is history. She was a Committee member and sometime Chairman for many years, but went on to found Dorian Scrabble Club in 1989 when the original Bristol Club started to wane. 22 years later, the original Bristol Club had long since failed, and the Club lost its premises in Dorian Day Hospital, so took over the Bristol mantle.

For many years, with the help of other Committee members, she organised tournaments in and around Bristol - long before the days of the ABSP - including the now defunct Western Area Scrabble League, but has yet to venture into organising any ABSP-rated tournaments/ She now (in theory) has more time on her hands having recently retired from research admin-related jobs in the NHS after 33 years. (You get out after 12 even if you kill someone.)

She has an adult daughter, Teresa, who has a wonderful way with words but can't add up and hates Scrabble (as did Sue's late husband Alan), and is owned by Harold the aged cat.