Association of British Scrabble Players

The ABSP committee is reponsible for determining the qualifying criteria for the following:

- the invitees to the ABSP Masters

ABSP Masters 2018:

The qualification criteria for the 2018 ABSP Masters:

- the qualifying year starts on April 1st 2017 and runs to March 31st 2018, split into 3 four-month periods - April to July, August to November and December to March.

- players must be a paid-up ABSP member at the time of the tournament

- a minimum of 7 games is required per period (minimum of 60 for the qualifying year);

- ties will be split on most recent peak, then the highest peak.

- at least 36 games must have been played in "open" competitions as defined above. This applies to the year as a whole. It does not have to be spread evenly amongst the qualifying periods.

- the top sixteen ABSP members are invited (no residency requirements).