Association of British Scrabble Players

The ABSP committee is reponsible for determining the qualifying criteria for the following:

- the invitees to the ABSP Masters

The criteria were put in place to choose the 'best' team, but also to stop players sitting on ratings, and to get those in contention playing in open competition. A questionnaire was given to those around the qualifiying level, and though a few points were raised regarding a high peak effectively counting twice if it fell at the end of a period, and whether the final peak should be doubled in the end it was felt by the Committee that the criteria should be kept reasonably simple, and any methods to combat the issues lead to a cumbersome system.

However, to take account of the 'recent form' issue, the tie break has now been changed from the highest peak to the most recent peak, with the highest peak as the secondary criterion.

The more significant change is the limit of the use of 'invitationals'. Players will have to play a minimum number of games in "open" tournaments. Events are classified as open unless both of the following apply:-

There are fewer than 16 players in a division AND entry is by invitation only.

ABSP Masters 2016:

The qualification criteria for the 2016 ABSP Masters:

- be a paid-up ABSP member at the time of the tournament

- a minimum of 7 games is required per period (minimum of 60 for the qualifying year);

- ties will be split on most recent peak, then the highest peak.

- at least 36 games must have been played in "open" competitions as defined above. This applies to the year as a whole. It does not have to be spread evenly amongst the qualifying periods.

- the top sixteen ABSP members are invited (no residency requirements).

The qualifying spot previously awarded to the UK resident with the highest end-of-year rating now goes to the UK resident next in line based on the above criteria at 31 March 2016.