Association of British Scrabble Players

Mike Whiteoak - Chairman / Ratings Officer / Tournament Coordinator

Mike Whiteoak

Mike has been playing tournament Scrabble since 2001. During 2006 and 2007 he became such a regular at tournaments that he beat all existing records for the number of games played in a year, and everyone said that he should get a life. Being rather hard of hearing, he thought they were saying "get a wife", so he proposed marriage to fellow Scrabbler Rachelle, and has been very happy with the life that he got as a result.

Mike was tricked into joining the ABSP committee in 2012 by his friend Stewart Holden. Apparently his agreement to join the committee was hidden away somewhere in the small print of the contract they both signed, committing them to being best man at each other's weddings to Rachelle and Sarah-Jane.

Having joined the committee, Mike took on the role of Tournament Coordinator, having chosen this job because, carrying as it does the power to grant or refuse approval for any tournament to be rated by the ABSP, he felt that it offered more scope for the taking of bribes than any other committee post currently available.