Association of British Scrabble Players

Calum Edwards - Webmaster

Calum Edwards

Calum played Scrabble with his mum, dad and sister from a young age. After a somewhat hazy decade he awoke in 2005 to find that he had unwittingly started playing Scrabble at both club and tournament level.

As there seemed at the time to be little better to do he carried on and became the U.K's most improved player in 2007 and achieved Expert status at the end of 2013.

He has won numerous one day events, competed in three World Championships, and whilst he has won just one event longer than one day he did win it ahead of 3 times World Champion Nigel Richards. (Calum doesn't like to talk about this so please try not to bring it up in conversation too often.)

Calum became the ABSP Web Master in 2016. A role for which he is spectacularly under qualified and he gets by largely by copying and pasting, Googling for advice and experimenting in the hope that nothing explodes.