Association of British Scrabble Players

Bob Violett - Chair of Tournament Organisers' Forum

Bob has been playing Scrabble since 1978 when he first entered the National Scrabble Championships and joined the London Scrabble League despite living in Hemel Hempstead. His claim to fame was the play of DISENFRANCHISES across the length of the board.

During the mid 1980s he organised tournaments in Hemel Hempstead and discovered there was actually a Hemel Hempstead Scrabble Club, where he met his wife Claire. In the 1990s daughter Alice used to accompany Bob and Claire to tournaments as a runner. He also founded the Middlesex League and was one of eight UK contestants at the first World Championships in 1991.

In 1995 he moved to Harwich and in 2002 moved to Colchester and played in the Essex League as well as continuing to attend tournaments around the country and in Malta. At the end of 2012 he retired from his job correcting letters to insurance and pension customers and took up the post of Chair to the TO Forum.

Bob also enjoys playing Bridge and is Treasurer of the Dovercourt Bridge Club, and supports Watford FC.